Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 7.

During the night, at some point Iris lost her mask. She didn’t really notice it, not until later, but at that point it was too late. She was corrupted by the half-breed, doing whatever he wanted with her. She loved every bit of it.

Her shines have way to her desire. Iris was getting accustomed to the half-breed’s antics rather quickly. Only a week has passed and he already seduced her and made her join a threesome. Perhaps it was her inexperience that made her listen to him or perhaps the feelings she had for the troll man made her want to obey him. She didn’t know, but she didn’t care, she wanted to do what the man told her. Her sleep was peaceful and her dreams exciting.

In the morning, Amaran was the first to wake up. It was early, too early for others, but just the right time for a gladiator. He began his day with exercise.

Ever since he woke up, the half troll was stronger, faster, smarter than before. Each day he only became closer to perfection. Now his exercise were very hard, something out of a fairy tail. Right now he was doing push ups, only his legs weren’t touching the floor, instead being help perpendicular to the floor, going up and down with him. Twenty, fifty, hundred, he felt he could go on forever. He didn’t know, but his muscles turning crystalline, it made them more durable and dense than usual, as well as provided more strength.

The same effect showed with sit ups, pull ups or any other exercise he imagined. He didn’t seem to gain any more strength, simply because he no longer got tired during the mourning routine and never had his muscles ache. But he continued doing them, not willing to give up a good habit. Perhaps he needed to somehow increase difficulty.

His strength was great, but it wasn’t on par with monsters like Grum or other giant men. It was more for the fact that his muscles could directly use mana to repair and improve. This was why he barely felt any strain.

Having done it for about an hour, he decided it was time to wake others. He went into the bathroom on the floor, which was bigger, unlike his private one on the floor above. He filled it with warm water and added ointments and aromas, to make it more pleasant. When it was ready, he walked back to Rose’s room and woke the girls up by making some noise. Iris looked at the troll man with sleepy eyes and he didn’t let her wake up fully, instead picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder and carrying her to the bath. He threw her in, making water splash around the place. He jumps in and Rose followed soon after.

The trio washed themselves, while making all of the sleep leave their bodies, enjoying the nice sensation of warm water and oils on the skin. It helped them clean their skin and made it look glossy, adding a slight erotic look.

This was their last day in the mansion, in afternoon they would return to the pits and train. But for now, they could relax just a little bit longer. Well, Rose were staying in the house, but Amaran, Iris and Zyte would be going to go to the arena. They need to earn money after all.

The bath was nice, making girls laugh and talk cheerfully, they felt refreshed and ready to take on the world. Not caring much about time, they spent a whole hour just soaking in water. When they were done, they dried themselves off and left each to their own room. Iris had to put on normal clothes, leaving the dress Amaran bought her in the house. The plan was to go to the restaurant, have a fancy meal and then leave for the arena.

Hamorok didn’t want to go. Ever since he lost his limbs, he barely went outside. It was good that Tirit was there to help him, but it wasn’t very healthy. But the man had pride and he had dignity, he didn’t want anybody to see his crippled body. He told Tirit to go and enjoy herself, but she refused to leave him alone for too long. The wolf man was bitter, but the feline didn’t care. She liked the wolf man.

Zyte woke up sometime during the commotion and she had a scornful expression, but she said nothing, still trying to win the war of silence. She didn’t speak with her master and didn’t feel like speaking with any of the girls, thinking bad things about them. She had a quick wash and dressed up. Amaran told her through Rose that she was also invited to the restaurant, so she didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have a good meal and visit a dance place, even if she disliked the company.

Everyone got dressed and was ready soon. The clothes they wore were casual. The four of them walking of the house, they went towards a medium price range restaurant. Nobles often liked to dine outside of their homes, wishing to show off their status and share the table with other nobles. Because of it, there were enough various places open all day, welcoming customers for a good breakfast or lunch.

This particular restaurant was catering to the broader crowd, with their prices low enough to be affordable but the meals delicious and juicy. It was a very popular place, called “Gerda’s Garden”, named so after the owners wife.

Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a queue now and Amaran had reserved the place prior to this day. He wanted to treat his ladies for their excellent work and companionship and he wouldn’t stop even if Zyte was an infuriating bitch.

They were seated and had a nice meal, everybody ordering something they wanted. For Iris and Rose, this wasn’t too amazing, seeing how there were nobles or closed to royalty before, but Zyte was happy that she had to enjoy such a meal. Amaran too had a good time, especially since his taste buds told him a whole lot more than they used to. His dish was heavenly, prepared with great skill, it made him doubt his sanity at how good it was.

Seeing how this kind of place had such good tasting food, the half troll was scared of ever eat at the royal palace or in some very good place. He had good food at arena master’s place, but he was more thinking about what he would say, so he didn’t spend too much time thinking about the taste of the food he ate.

After the four ate, they took a carriage and drove first to the house, where they parted with Rose and then they went to the arena. Iris thought that for a man who wanted to keep his status hidden, Amaran seemed to be doing too many fancy things. It was like he wanted to be discovered. She had no idea what he was really thinking.

Once they were back to their room in the pits, Amaran ordered them to rest for another, letting them digest the food and the to get changed for combat training. Iris hadn’t done much this weekend but train her aura and even that was mostly done by Zyte. Good thing she could at least turn off her aura, concealing her nature.

While they were preparing for training, Amaran got his swords and went to the training are by himself. He didn’t feel he needed to rest after earring, his stomach digested everything very quickly. Lately he rarely needed to go to the bathroom either. His body was changing and he really wanted for it to end soon, he wanted to know how strong he would become.

Standing against the practice dummy, he began to unleash one strike after the next. In these couple of days, thanks to constant stimulation and extra mana granted by Zyte, he became even stronger than before. He could feel time dilate and begin to move slower, his swords swinging slow enough for him to follow them with his eyes. He tried to make his body move faster, but that was the difficult part. While his brain was quick, his body still had limitations. So, he would try and break those limits.

One of the training exercises was a contraption, build by somebody at the time when the arena was being constructed. It has been here for ever, but few people used it. In the corner of the training room, there were a number of tubes coming out of the wall. Somebody needed to pour water in the tank above and from time to time, droplets of water would come out at certain intervals. This was done to improve precision and dexterity, but could also be used for other things if adjusted properly.

One of the settings was to be used for learning to strike multiple droplets at once. In a quick succession two or more droplets would fall and the man had to hit both at the same time. What Amaran did was slightly different. Instead of hitting them both at once, he was hitting each one separately, which required great speed. He set it to be pumping as many as six droplets at once and in the short time they had before reaching the floor, Amaran had to strike six times, three with each sword.

At first it was hard. He could hit three, maybe four at once, but any more and his body was too slow. He could see the droplets fall in slow motion, but his muscles, his body moved too slowly. So, he pushed it. flexing stronger, moving more rapidly, trying to overcome the limit, he was pushing against his limit, trying to break it.

This kind of feat was impressive in of itself, very few people could keep up with such speed and accuracy. Hitting a droplet with a sword was hard enough, hitting many at once was nearly impossible. The difficulty of this exercise was what deterred others from doing it. And here was the half troll, who was moving extremely quickly, striking at the droplets tirelessly for many minutes. Each strike would send a spray of water, droplets falling apart cut by the blades. But people were amused by the troll who wanted to be even faster. Surely nobody could be so fast.

After half an hour, Amaran felt it. The limit of his body. He felt the point at which his body would begin breaking, his muscles would begin to tear. He knew it, but he didn’t push himself that far just yet. He needed something before he did that. So, until the girls came, he stayed at the top speed, but not going further.

When Zyte and Iris came, Amaran called them over and spoke to the cherub, remembering to keep his promise to the mana fiend. He stopped his swings, turning to them and showing how his skin glistened from the sweat.

“Girls, we have a battle this week. It won’t believe the usual ones where we would be pitted against one another. I talked with arena master and he is going to get us a real monster, a giant snake. We will have to defeat it with just the three of us.”

“A giant snake? How could we kill such a thing? I don’t even know if I can hit something, I mean, I will hurt it…”

“You won’t need to fight it, only to survive. I will do most of the fighting. For this fight we will be allowed to use magic. If we succeed, we will get a lot of money and fame and this new attraction will be available to all. With each next fight it I’ll get harder and harder.

What I want you to do is to train your defensive moves. Parry, dodge, block anything that can help you live. And you will need to learn your awareness. Right now I want you to spar with Zyte, trying to receive as little damage as possible. If you get hurt, you can heal yourself, but son’t counter attack or use charm.”

Without turning to Zyte, he continued talking to Iris.

“I want Zyte to learn to drain you without kissing you. Touching you or even better from the distance will do the trick. Meanwhile, I will be doing training which will lead to injuries and I want you to heal me. If I am slowed down in the fight, I can die. If you are hit while fighting, we both can die. So, you have tasks of defending yourself, while healing me. Got it?”


Iris answered enthusiastically, showing her readiness to fight. Zyte did a ’tsk’ and showed dissatisfied expression, but there was nothing she could do, she didn’t want to admit defeat. And she did need to learn better drain if she wanted to be a good fighter and to have her revenge. Drain was a powerful skill, strong enough to even kill of she was proficient in its use…

So, they began their training. First, Amaran watched how the girls fought together. Iris was trying to avoid strikes from Zyte, blocking or dodging out of the way. She wasn’t great, but she was good enough not to get badly hurt. If she got hit by the dull training sword, she would heal herself.

Zyte was trying to grasp the mana of the moving target. She knew she could do it with a simple touch, her kiss wasn’t necessary, it just made it easier. In fact, why did she even kiss the troll bastard, she thought to herself that it was just to drain more from him. She was still denying her sympathy for the man.

The fact that Zyte divided her attention made it easier for Iris to defend herself. Satisfied with the pair, Amaran turned towards the droplets, refilled the water tank and resumed his practice.

It didn’t take long for him to reach the point where he felt the limit. He felt it vividly, the limit of his body. He didn’t know that the limit was there because his muscles had normal structure with crystals imbedded in it, instead of having fully crystalline muscles. But he was on the right track, tearing his muscles and letting them regenerate was the solution, although very painful.

Once he was at that point, he told Iris to watch out and to keep him up and running, not letting him to get too injured. With her affirmative reply, he began. He felt how around him time slowed beyond capabilities of his body and he felt how slow his body was. With a command from the brain, he pushed himself to go on further, to tear his flesh. His Boyd began to break the limit. In short bursts, his arms would move faster for a fraction of a second, allowing him to do just a bit more. Each such burst was accompanied with pain shooting through his being.

He painted heavily, feeling his muscles break under the pressure. If he trained by normal mans, he could build up muscle mass and become stronger. But becoming faster was difficult, the man who trained his whole life to become fast was at the peak of the capabilities of a normal mortal body. Anything beyond required either magic or a body which wasn’t normal. Magic wasn’t really a possibility for Amaran right now, so he pushed his body.

When pain was a little too much to bear, his brain shouting at him about the agony he felt, his improved natural pathways gave him increased feedback from his extreme exercise, he let out a grunt. Low, angry sound, making Iris immediately begin her chant.

Her spell was woven quickly, her improved manic core allowed her better control over the spell work. Her spell was much more potent than before, once it was released, it hit Amaran and began mending his breaks. But this time, instead of normal repairs, there were improvement, the muscle and the crystals coming together, creating new fibers and new muscles. If some scientists from the future watched this, they would talk about nanotechnology or synthetic muscles, but here and now, it was just a miracle of healing and mending the broken muscles of the new type.

With the very first spell, the half-breed felt his pain fade away and his muscles beginning to move and greater speeds, only feeling a fire burning where the new tissue has been formed. The spell was amazing, having a much greater effect than before. Amaran said his thanks and pushed on.

With each strike he tore a different part of his muscle, readying it to be reassembled in a new way. Iris didn’t want to leave Amaran in pain, so she would cast her heal spell periodically. With her mana fluctuating inside her body wildly, Zyte was able to feel it better and to almost grasp it. It was hard, but life is not always easy.

Amaran kept going, pushing himself further and further, his muscles breaking and mending. After almost an hour, his arms were completely set on fire after every part of them was torn. All along his arms, even some muscles in his back that were used to move his body, each one was recreated, making his arms something amazing. The speed of his upper body now caught up with his improved perception of time. It was amazing, his arms were nothing but a blur, his blades creating just a shadow, impossible to see their shape or their place at any time.

He knew that he couldn’t improve his upper body muscles any further, so he decided to change it up. He sheathed his swords and began kicking the droplets. In this, he had much less practice and legs had worse control to them than arms. He would be lucky to hit three droplets at a time. He couldn’t switch his legs for each droplets, so he stuck to using only his weaker left leg. He struck and struck, time after time, trying to reach the point where his limit was.

Not having done this before, it was taking him a lot of time. Understanding he wouldn’t be able to do it immediately, he settled for just improving control over his legs. He switched to his other leg and continued.

Seeing how Amaran didn’t use his legs for fighting often, only for running around and jumping, he had a lot of strength in his legs, but they couldn’t move too fast. He would need to train more to reach the limit. But he did a good job enhancing his arms. Seeing how he didn’t need to be healed any more, he thanked Iris and continued swinging his blades.

For some reason, seeing the pink haired bitch get flustered over the half troll’s thanks made Zyte mad. For a moment, she forgot that she was trying to grasp her hold on the girls mana and instead unleashed a flurry of attacks on her. She wasn’t completely useless, but she was unprepared for such a barrage, so a few strikes drew blood, although it was nothing serious.

Hearing the girl’s surprised yelp from the attacks, Zyte stopped and played it off as a part of the exercise, continuing to try and drain the girl from the distance, but still hopelessly. Iris was forced to use her heal on herself, which made mana inside her fluctuate wildly, first from draining and then from receiving the drained mana back. This was the exact thing needed for the mana fiend to grab onto the cherubs mana. Having established a firm hold on it, she began draining her, quickly making her exhausted. With mana leaving her body, the girl fell to her knees.

Zyte was exhilarated, she unconsciously turned towards the half-breed, hoping to her praise from him, only to get confused, both, from her own reaction and also from the look of indifference on the man’s face. She suddenly got angry, turning red. She came close to the man and slapped him, then screamed at him.

“Fine, you bastard you win! Say something already! I can’t keep this up anymore!”

Amaran rubbed his check with his hand. He saw the strike from miles away, but he let it happen. The girl needed it.

“Good job. Now, we may even survive the fight and live another day.”

Zyte suddenly stopped, looking at him with wide eyes. She didn’t know what it was, but it made her feel confused. Was it the praise? Was it the sudden change? Was it the meaning of what he said? She didn’t know it, but suddenly she felt like crying. She dropped the training sword on the ground and ran away crying. She didn’t go to her room, instead she went to her own spot.

Amaran approached Iris and picked her up. Perhaps it was enough for tonight for her. She looked sleepy and even slightly in pain. Maybe the blue haired girl overdid it slightly.

He carried the girl to their room and put her in the bed, letting her rest. There wasn’t really a private bath for the girl to take and besides, she didn’t really seem to care at the moment. Het thoughts were preoccupied with sleeping.

Amaran covered the girl with a blanket and went back to training. He continued using his legs, not feeling the fatigue or exhaustion, his tissue consuming mana to replenish the energy needed for movement. You could call it manaerobic respiration.

He pushed himself, trying to get to the braking point, hoping to become faster. His arms were fast, extremely fast, but his legs were still within mortal realm. He needed them to move as fast as he could. If he was to survive, he needed to be faster, stronger, smarter. He needed to be more perfect, more inhuman, more monstrous. He needed to transform as much as possible. He still had no idea what was happening to him, but he knew sundering had something to do with it.

He was training when it already turned dark. He didn’t need to be anywhere, so he could sacrifice some sleep. He noticed how he needed
less of it, his body was using mana to elevate some of the mental fatigue that accumulated. Having plenty of extra mental capacity, his brain was using the unoccupied parts to help itself keep going for longer. It was almost like with dolphins, where the one hemisphere slept, while other was awake. Some parts of the Amaran’s brain processed information, while others works on his everyday life. He could use both parts if he needed to improve his perception or to think at much greater speeds, but while his legs moved slowly, he didn’t need to speed up his perception.

He kept going, hoping to improve as much as possible. He knew whatever he proposed was a suicide, even against a giant snake the three of them would be just a trip of morsels to eat. It was good that Zyte was able to learn to drain from distance, it would give them an advantage, but it was not enough. He was the only really capable fighter amongst them and he needed to be even more capable if he wanted them all to survive. For the girls, he needed to work harder.

While the man trained more, Zyte had spent her time pouring her heart out to the wall in some place within the arena. She was confused, still trying to ignore her feelings. She had admiration for the man, his determination and power pushed him on, but she was too afraid to trust another man. She was also afraid of relying on him and to fight with him, but she now understood, something – Amaran was relying on her. What he said earlier, about their survival, he was serious. His face didn’t show his usual smile and he didn’t laugh at it. Their lives will be in grave danger.

She understood that her master was willing to risk himself for them. He was training, becoming stronger for their sake and he wanted them to do the same and Zyte was throwing tantrums, wishing for her freedom and revenge. To her it was clear, there was a risk they wouldn’t survive this week. And if she continued like she was going now, she wouldn’t get a chance at attaining freedom.

Having cried for the first time in a long time, she was now calm and relaxed, her mind being free of most of the conflicts. She felt at peace somewhat. And she understood that she needed to work if she wanted to survive and to get out.

It was clear that she needed to train. Amaran said that her drain was useful, perhaps it was crucial to their survival. She would learn to do it.

Wiping away the last of her tears, she got up and walked back towards her room. Looking inside, she saw that the man wasn’t there. He was still training. She walked to the apt raining area, only to see the green man kicking the droplets out of the air at impressive speeds. He was doing this for hours now, without rest and pause, he just kicked and kicked. When she came it, Amaran gazed at her and continued.

She felt bad, both for her behavior and his indifference. He treated her like nothing. She didn’t know what she wanted to be treated as, but surely not this. She came to him, hoping to change something.

“I want to help.”

Her master stopped and looked at her. This time his eye showed some warmth as if he felt grateful for her change. He came closer to her and grabbed her shoulders, holding them firmly.

Fear inside her was shaking, whispering for her to push him away, to slap away his hands. But admiration inside her hoped for a different outcome, for the one she feared most. She was confused, her emotions conflicting and trying to outdo one another.

But in the end it didn’t happen. He didn’t get closer and he didn’t kiss her. They did not interlocked their lips and they did not embrace one another.

Instead, Amaran looked the girl in the eyes and told her.

“I want you to drain me and then I want you to give whatever you drained back. I want you to pass the mana back and forth between us, preferably without touching. I prove your skill over mana.”

Zyte felt both, relieved and disappointed. Somewhere deep inside she hoped for something else. It was confusing to be her.

But she obeyed her master. The man was just that to her, her lord and savior, her master and her God at the moment. Whatever he said, goes. And she understood it. Without his words being a command, she obeyed them, doing what he said.

She drew a tiny amount from him and held onto the connection between them and stepped away. Still keeping them connected, she began draining more, until she had a nice amount of mana. She than began moving it back into him. It was hard, harder than with Iris, but she moved it through the air, slowly but surely and soon the mana returned to its rightful owner. The girl however didn’t break the connection and repeated the process.

Seeing the usually defiant girl at work, doing what he asked, Amaran returned to his training. He felt each time his body was robbed of mana, but it was to a lesser extent than before, no longer feeling like ants were crawling under his skin, it was just slight irritation. Maybe the girl didn’t take as much or maybe she was gentler. He didn’t know. He however felt it when she pumped mana back into him, making him feel hot.

Unknowingly, this was speeding up the process of Amaran’s transformation. The crystals in his body grew quicker and denser, each time absorbing some of the mana passing through the he body. It stimulates the growth and also allowed for faster transfer of mana. Overall it was to Amaran,s benefit.

So, Zyte was training, feeling foreign mana better, making sure to grab just a little more each time, to move it a tad faster. She repeated the process many times over the hour, slowly improving with each draw.

At some point she felt uncomfortable, the mana she was drawing was a little too much for her body to handle at the moment, so she didn’t want to endure it again. Instead, she did something else. Instead of taking mana into her body, she would diffuse it into the surroundings and then infuse it back into Amaran once she would push it back.

This allowed her two different channels for the transfer of mana, first into her and another into the environment. This made transfer harder but faster. This was evident to Amaran, as the irritation increased, but so did the the hot sensation what the mana was pushed back inside him.

Like that, the two were training, passing mana back and forth. Constantly feeling her master’s mana, Zyte began feeling some familiarity with him, she was getting a feeling that she knew him for a long time and that he was her friend. Of course it was a lie, but sharing mana like that, it was similar to bonding, their souls seemed to touch from time to time. It wasn’t anything serious, but it really improved their familiarity and how they perceived one another.

Amaran also felt it, how the girl was growing on him, making him think as a friend about her. He seemed to be getting tiny snippets of information, like her favorite color or her loveliest day. They weren’t fully formed conscious thoughts, but just ideas, which turned up in his head and made him think they were true. Of course he was affected more than the girl, she wasn’t receiving such information. This was all thanks to how well Amaran could absorb mana,

But the two trained like that, they spirits becoming kindred, like they were very close. Amaran began to understand what was happening in her head. It was very slight, but he seemed to be able to gaze into her soul. He felt the same confusion and the same admiration and fear. He was beginning to unravel the mystery that was Zyte. He knew he would need to help her one day, but not right now. He knew that he needed to train more.

After a few hours of this back and forth training, Zyte was exhausted. She was getting tired quickly, having done a difficult exercise and having learned a lot. She needed rest but she wanted to push herself. Sadly, she wasn’t a monster like Amaran, so he sent her to sleep. She promised she would train harder the next day and her master smiled at her eagerness.

She felt slightly happy from his reaction, but she stopped the thought before it became fully known to her. But the thought reached Amaran, making the mystery slightly easier to uncover. He felt her admiration for himself, even if they were no longer exchanging mana. He knew it was weird, but he didn’t have time to think too much. He needed to prepare. With Zyte gone to bed, he was still training. He had many hours of the night before anybody would disturb him here. He would use them well.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 49.

This time I wake up to somebody hitting me. I open my eyes, trying to remember what happened, only to get a feeling of pure terror. I don’t know why, but right now I feel like curling up in a fetal position and dying.

Another slap to the face snaps me out of it. Felmier is sitting near me, trying to shake me free. He regained consciousness and seems to be ok. I look to the side and see Flaer, unconscious, but healed. Her form is nude, her clothes have been burned away. She is still a little kid essentially, so I find some of my clothes I stashed away before and put them on her. My cloak should do fine job protecting her for the moment. Good thing I put it in my backpack.

While I’m moving around, Felmier looks a little panicky. His face shows fear and he gestures me to be quiet. I nod to him and he points his finger up, out of the crater. I wanted to mention the anomalies, but strangely there are only a few. About twenty meters up, there are many of them, each crackling with energy, ready to strike at us, but nearby all of them were gone. I come closer to the elf and whisper to him.

“Hey, what happened?”

“When I woke up, you were shaking, screaming silently in pain. You were in agony and I couldn’t do anything. The anomalies were unraveling around us, turning into the darkness and going into your abdomen. It glowed blue for some reason and around us more space opened up. Sadly, now many monsters are around us, trying to get to us. One of the smaller ones got through already, but I put it down.”

Elf pointed a finger at a fish monster. It looked like a morlock, it’s eyes big and blind, skin pale. It had fins instead of ears and on its back and had webbed fingers and toes.

I peak out of the crater and see that behind the anomalies surrounding us, there are various monsters. Some of them look like the morlock that was lying nearby, others look like dogs or cats. There is one big monster, which is basically a giant brain with a single eye and many tentacles hanging down. I think they are often called beholders. It looks at me and I feel shiver running down my spine, the single eye unnerving me. I feel like panicking.

I quickly duck back down. I can’to let it look at me. Quickly going her Flaer, I check her condition. She is breathing, although somewhat shallow. Her pulse is stable, her wounds healed from my blood. Good thing she is unconscious, I wouldn’t be able to handle her otherwise, not in this place.

I sit down and try turning into a fox. The sphere in my stomach seems to be stopping me. I look at it and it has changed a little. The fleshy parts are now light blue color, like my blood instead of red. In there I feel energy swirling. The darkness it absorbed turned into power for me. I concentrate and absorb it, leaving not a drop behind. Emptied, it stays the same color, but stops glowing. Now I can turn into other forms.

With my senses enhanced, I can feel my surrounding. A meter from the edge of the crater everything is safe, but going out, the anomalies create a maze of some sort. I try to map it out and it looks fine to get out, but I won’t be able to see the edges of each danger, so I will have to use something. Without the lamia, dust and stones are as good as anything. And I do have my tail.

I get close to the elf and speak to him quietly.

“Do you know the monsters out there?”

“I only seen a couple of them. What did you see?”

“There were the morlocks, dog monsters and big cats. All of them looked strong, but they were not attacking each other. There was also a big brain with tentacles.”

“Damn it. The brain is bad, everything else is cannon fodder. It controls them to attack others or does a direct mind attack. Without long range weapons we are as good as toast against it. It will control us to eat us later.”

“I don’t know about that. It looked at me, but I felt nothing.”

“It can’t get through the anomalies. Once we are out, it will take us.”

“I am sure I am immune. But for you and Flaer it will be dangerous. Let’s see. You will take Flaer and carry her, I will go at the front. When we are about to get out, you will stay within the anomalies until I dispose of the brain monster, then you follow me and we walk back to the camp. It was still intact last I saw it.”

Elf doesn’t say anything, just silently nods. Good, I don’t need to convince him of doing anything. I pick up Flaer, make sure the cloak covers her completely and hand her over. Then we start making our way out. Throwing around pebbles would be too slow, so I extend my tail in front of me and use it to judge where the danger is. Most of the time I can feel it without actually poking an anomaly, but sometimes I have to stick it in and get shocked or pulled. Good think these ones have been weakened by me sucking out their energy in my delirium.

We make our way through and the monsters outside become restless. They are on the opposite end of the field, trying to get to us. The brain become ballsy and sends his posse after us. Some of them immediately get ripped apart, but others make it through. About half run around the crater, trying to catch us on the other end of the field. Their monster senses are suited for living in this environment, they must have some detectors, they are already at the center, where the crater is. This is bad, if they catch Felmier, I won’t be able to help much.

We walk and crawl, trying to get through. After few minutes we come to a place with a few meter wide open area. I let the elf rest while making my way back slightly. There I start feeding the anomalies with darkness, making them grow, closing the way to us. This should stall the monsters. I walk out of those anomalies and come back to where Felmier is.

We continue our way out of the anomalies. The field is giant, perhaps hundreds of meters, but further you walk from the crater, fewer anomalies there are. It seems that we were the target of the release, the darkness trying to retaliate for me breaking the anomaly. Or perhaps it wanted to see me. I remember the sensation before I passed out the first time. Something looked at me…

The thought makes me twitch, making me feel very uneasy. Now is not the time. We get far enough from the crater that anomalies are far enough from one another to not be create tight corridors. Some distance away the monsters that were running around the center. Here that can easily catch us. We need to get rid of the beholder. I lead on, hoping to create some distance, but it is of no use. Those monsters are better suited for this environment.

I find a pocket of tightly packed weak anomalies and lead Felmier there. I give him Feldrazil and tell him to guard himself. He should be able to fight, seeing how there is little space for monsters to maneuver.

I walk out if it and look for the brain monster. He is using some of the morlocks as the way to bypass the anomalies, leading them in front of him. He is about twenty meters away. I should be able to kill him quickly.

I get ready for the confrontation, it shouldn’t take long for me to kill him, but as I am waiting, I hear elf shouting at me.

“Master Zern, help me. Please help.”

I turn around and see that Flaer is being pulled into the anomaly. Oh god, what happened? I can’t let Flaer die. I won’t forgive myself. I dash towards them, trying to avoid the anomalies and get close. The elf is fighting against the dangerous entity trying to pull the dragon girl into the center. I get there in time and pull her out, but she falls outside of our little safety pocket. Felmier is on the ground, the sword is beside him. I make sure Flaer is ok and turn to the elf. He seems ok, just tired from all this nonsense. I understand him.

I stand up but someone hits my back very hard. In my back a couple of claws are buried. I spin around, trying to counter attack, but it’s Flaer, her eyes closed. The brain monster must have gotten to her. Damnit. I have to kill him.

I try to pin her down, but she dashes out of the way and towards the elf. It wouldn’t be hard if I wanted to kill her, but I am trying to not harm her. She was about to kill the elf, but stops just short of him. It seems the control doesn’t reach that far, the brain can’t make her kill him. Instead, she grabs the sword and turns towards me.

Without the runes it is just a sword, shouldn’t be too hard for me. In fact, I don’t have to fight her at all, I need to kill the brain. But I can’t just charge at him, it won’t have much problem sending the girl into the swirling death around us. I need her safe first.

I charge at her, my arms and tail ready to grab her. I doubt she can do serious damage to me, the wound she inflicted almost healed already. Just to make it easier, I change into my wolf form, utilizing the extra speed. I get close to her, but she swings the sword, trying to cut me. I dodge it and go in, but she ducks down, dodging my arms.

She then uses her own tail to try and pierce me. Her power is impressive, the transformation made her much stronger. I grab her tail with my own, stopping it completely. Holding onto her tail, I drag her closer to me. Not able to escape, she begins her own attack, swinging the sword around. I try to stop it, hoping to catch her wrist, but she makes it hard.

Standing very close, we do this back and forth fighting with me trying to disarm her. I can’t hurt her, she has already been through enough. Damn, why can’t I use magic, it would make it so easy.

Deciding to use an old trick, I use my forearm to take the hit from the sword. This time my bones are harder than the last time, stopping the sword before it cuts through. Loosing the weapon, I quickly hit her wrist which holds the sword, making her release her grasp on it. With a move of my arm, I throw the sword aside and pick up Flaer, bringing her to the elf. I drop her beside him, making the brain monster loose his grasp on her.

Damn thing gave me a hard time. I am angry and I want to rip the stupid brain apart. I walk out of the safety pocket and run towards the brain. It applies its mind magic on me, tickling my brain, but it is powerless against me. It then sends some of its puppets against me, hoping to stall me. I decimate them with a few swipes of my claws, dropping the bodies around me. Within few seconds I kill off the monsters that were with the brain and get close enough to grab it.

I push my arm into the tentacles, hoping to grab onto something. Any tentacle would be fine, but I actually reach the spine of the monster. It must have been something else before becoming this monstrosity.

I pick it up, ignoring any attempts of escape. Engulfing myself in black fire I walk towards a nearby anomaly. It panics, trying to get out of my grasp, wiggling its tentacles. Ah, scared now you shit.

When I walk into an anomaly, it ignored me, but begins working on the monster. This is a different one from the last time, instead of pulling towards the center, it begins spinning the air around. The tentacles of the monster are being sucked towards the left as it is slightly off the center. The power is very strong, the filthy appendages actually ripping off of it. I hold it like that for a while, feeding my black flames to it. The anomaly grows in strength, making it more extreme.

After a few minutes, the brain seems close to death, bleeding dark red blood. I release it to spin in the middle of the scary thing. After a few seconds, the forces on the body are so extreme front, it rips apart, pieces of flesh flying off.

I don’t stay any longer. I quickly walk out of the dangerous twister, scared to make it fold into an artifact. I don’t want to risk another release just yet.

The two I left in the pocket seem fine. I get to them and see if there are any injuries. Thankfully they are both uninjured. I breath a sigh of relief. Thinking of taking a short break, my thoughts stop once I see some bright flashes off to the side. Within an anomaly, whatever remains of Feldrazil is fighting against the damned thing. Damn it. I must have flung it too hard.

The blade is all crunched up, the runes are glowing, trying to protect the blade. The anomaly sends electricity and flames at the metal, trying to defeat it. King Robert said something about the blade being the best one under the skies or something. Such a pity it was crushed in a stupid anomaly.

Looking at it, I am thinking about taking it out, but before I can do anything, the vortex of energy folds into another artifact, with lightning and fire and the blade all inside it. Resulting stone is very deformed, transparent but beautiful. It looks like lightning and fire have been frozen in amber. Crunched up Feldrazil is also inside it. It’s a weird stone. I pick it up and bring it with us.

I pick up Flaer and carry her forward. The monsters have been killed, it should be safe now. The elf walks behind me, exhausted but happy to be alive. He follows my every step, making sure not to get sucked in by any of the dangerous things around us.

After twenty minutes we get far enough that anomalies become rare. There are at least a few meters between each one and even Felmier can detect them like that. We walk on towards the camp. After another ten minutes we come across what seems to be the remains of the ward. A bonfire and some tents, with a magic formation and a crystal. I can’t activate it and neither can the elf. We walk on.

When we get about hundred meters away, somebody runs out of the bush towards us. Three people come running. There aren’t any anomalies between us, so they get to us safely.

The three people are ones of the five mages who were here previously. Once the release happened, they hid after monsters attacked. Two of them died, but these ones survived.

Amongst them was a young dragon boy, an anthropomorphic cat and an orc. Each one wears some kind of robes and has a staff or wand. Good at magic, but can’t fight monsters without back up. I don’t bother talking, only motioning them to follow.

We walk silently, witnessing the devastation and the death that came here. Without the ward, the darkness has seeped further, letting monsters and anomalies to appear here. The camp was defending itself against them, but they were able to secure the area.

When we walk close to the camp, I see Meriden walking around with a sword, covered in blood and having a couple of cuts on her. Mercissa is also there, with claws on her hands, ready to fight. I get close and they try talking to me but I just walk past them into the camp. I get everyone to the healer, hoping to get everyone treated. Flaer and the elf, as well as the group we picked up are all left there and I walk away.

Silently I walk toward my tent, trying to get away. Out of danger, I feel very unnerved, their eyes looking at me. I need to rest, my mind is too exhausted. With all the danger, the worry for others and the hallucinations, my mind is very tired, slowly going numb. This is hard. I plop onto some furs and close my eyes, hoping to forget this day.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 48.

Darkness didn’t have hold on me for too long. I wake up, my body in pain, my mind on fire. I feel that nothing good has happened, but opening my eyes, I see that it might be an understatement.

The very first thing I notice is that we are all covered in fine layer of blood and that Giaz is missing. Looking above, I see that few meters up and all around the edges of the crater, there are many swirling, glowing and twisting anomalies, trying to reach us and to consume us.

Next, I look over everyone. I notice that Meriden and Mercissa are fine, my dark flame protected them. They are unconscious, but fine otherwise. Next I see the lamia, Nerliss, who has a black mark on her shoulder. It seems to be decaying, but it also spreads the darkness through her skin. Not a good sigh.

While I am looking around, the minotaur lifts his head and opens his eyes. Where before there were more or less normal eyes, there are now two black holes, voids into somewhere far away. He shows a feral scowl and his teeth has all changed, turning into razor sharp fangs. Around his body coils the darkness, turning him slowly.

I don’t hesitate, I flex my tail and pierce the monsters face, going through his skull. I doubt I could help him. But I can help the others still.

The elf seems mostly fine, only slight grey discoloration on the skin, the darkness has missed him. Good.

I turn around to check on Flaer. My breath is cut short as I see a black gash in her stomach. Fuck. Shit. I pick up the little girl and cradle her in my arms. She is trill breathing, but barely. This is bad. I have to get her out of here. I have to help her.

I try and engulf myself in my dark flames, hoping to purge the darkness from inside her, but as soon as they two dark elements touch, Flaer’s face distorts in pain. No, this is not good. Stop. Think.

For a few moments I think about what to do. I check if the anomalies still ignore the dark element using my tail. It passes through them. Good. I can get two of my wives out of here. I am thinking about picking everyone up, but I remember that my darkness doesn’t engulf the others, not on the inside. The anomalies will be able to feel them. Right, first things first.

I pick up Meriden and Mercissa and create the large flame around me. Then I quickly ascend, flying towards the camp. Everywhere is destruction, darkness consuming everything around us. Anomalies, monsters, death everywhere. By flight it takes me about ten minutes to reach the camp. It is still intact, but is overrun by monsters, trying to kill anybody in there. There were no mages on the way, the ward must have been breached.

I descend in the middle of the camp. Someone runs to me, thinking I am a monster but Regios gets to me first. I put the girls down onto some cloth and turn to the dragon. He sees me and his eyes open up wide. Looking at myself, I see a black hole in my stomach. It goes right through me, opening in my back. I shouldn’t be alive, much less moving about. I notice that I am in my demon form, it must have activated to save me, demons are hard to kill.

Regios wants to say something, but I stop him.

“Not now, Flaer is in danger.”

Hearing it his eyes show fear but he doesn’t stop me. I spread my wings and fly towards where the crater was. All this time I have to be covered with my black flame as anomalies are over abundant, surrounding the crater completely. I descend and see that the lamia has been turned as well, becoming like a giant snake, her mouth opening and trying to swallow the elf whole. I kill her, hoping to save the elf. He is still alive.

Now I have to get out. I can’t carry them like I did with my two fiancées. There must be another way. Should I gave them my blood? But I don’t know how it will affect them if even my darkness makes Flaer flinch in pain unconsciously. This is hard.

I look around, hoping to find some way out. I try digging the earth, but all around us, even the earth has something in it. In one place some acid begins oozing out, which made flesh come off my bone immediately. I don’t feel pain, must be all the adrenaline and my inhumane physique at work. Still, I need an escape plan.

I try to search for something around us, but there is nothing useful, just ruined equipment, the shredded clothes, the sphere from before. Wait, that can be useful. I pick it up and study it, hoping to learn the properties. It doesn’t seem to react to my touch at all. I think about how to activate it and try to feel the darkness inside. It is there and I seem to be able to manipulate it, but I am afraid I can unfold the anomaly and kill the two who are still alive. I drop it for now.

Wait, I can draw the darkness out of them. If I can weaken this vile darkness enough, adding my own should help save them. I try it with the elf first, feeling for the dark element inside him, hoping to reach it with my power. I feel some specks of it, rather tiny, but they are present in his body. Drawing them out, he starts convulsing slightly, his muscles spamming involuntarily. He doesn’t show any signs of pain, but it is still disturbing to look at his unconscious body thrashing about like that. Soon the darkness reaches the skin and comes out. I can’t let it float about, if anomalies absorb it they will grow and consume us. I take it in.

When the darkness touches my skin, I feel immense amount of pain. It is like myriads of needles piercing my skin all at once, trying to dissect my body. I feel both on fire and frozen, my nervous system goes into shock. Not even adrenaline can help me here. All the darkness has left Felmier, his body returning to normal color, but my body is now being assaulted by the foreign darkness. It is trying to overtake me, going straight for my soul. It converges on the blue light inside me and the two forces clash, sending agony through my being.

I drop on the floor, rolling around, bleeding. Having a hole in my stomach doesn’t help. For a moment I feel ok, pain receding and I am able to stand up, only to fall over again on my back. For a few seconds the pain makes me writhe around and then it lessens quickly. I take a few breaths, trying to calm myself down. My heart is beating like crazy, pumping the blood around my exhausted body.

I can feel the foreign darkness concentrating around my stomach, which I don’t have right now. Is it trying to recreate it?

I look at the gaping hole in my midsection and see that the sphere is in there, absorbing the darkness. It also drinks in my blood and sprouts some fleshy tendrils, hooking into my body. This time there is no pain, I don’t feel my flesh ripping apart or being repurposed.

I wait for a minute, trying to regain my strength. The attack on my soul was draining. After the little break I look at the sphere again. It seems to have mended the hole and grew into my body, becoming one with it. The new change to it is that it begins glowing with blue light, like my demon soul. I try to understand what it does and it seems to be collecting the darkness and purifying it. I don’t know how it does it, but it’s not important right now. I need to save Flaer.

Looking at her, I see her wounds growing, trying to if next her, she was hit by a considerable force, but she is a dragon and she is strong. I will have to suck in all the darkness from within her. Whatever little bit was in Felmier, it was just residual leftover from the strike I received, Flaer has the actual darkness from that entity. Just thinking of it make me shiver, the power and the size of it, it is beyond me, beyond any of us. I am afraid of it. But, this is not the time, I have to save Flaer.

I get myself ready and begin channeling the darkness out of her, firstly, any darkness that has spread from her wound returns to it and then it begins flowing from it towards my stomach. I direct it there, hoping that whatever the sphere does can save me. For now the darkness doesn’t seem to cause any pain to me, so when it all leaves Flaer’s body, I try to heal her using my blood. I bite my hand and let her drink it. She is unconscious, but it seems to be enough to trigger transformation. Her body is engulfed in black fire and lighting, transforming to become like me and Mercissa. She goes through it, still out of it, not regaining consciousness. I will have to hope she wakes up soon.

There was a considerable amount of the darkness and it was very concentrated. It seems to be so powerful, it darkened the blue glow coming from the sphere. I try to feel what is happening and I find that the darkness almost reached the centre of the sphere, where the glow originates. The foul power touches that point and the pain assaults me. Right, my demon power must be there.

I fall on the ground again, trying to withstand the agony, but before the pain reaches unimaginable heights, I pass out.

Now I am in a vision. I know this feeling, but it is different from when I was the dark God Gargoyle, there I was watching through his eyes, but now I am free to move around and to think for myself.

Around me, there is darkness. Above, on all sides, it’s just empty, endless void. Below me is also darkness, but it seems to be gelatinous and glossy, although there is no light sources here.

I look for anything else but find nothing. Not having anything better to do, I spread my wings and fly up. I fly very high, there doesn’t seem to be a limit. Out there is nothing, just the same darkness without end. I stop and look around me, and it seems to be the same, until I look down. At large distance away from me, down below the blackness ends and turns into pinkish white color. It makes a circular shape, the black circle being extremely big, miles and miles across. It almost looks like a… Pupil?

This is freaky. Did I just walk on something’s pupil? And what must be this big, to have eyes of that size? The situations unnerves me. Hoping to prove myself wrong, I fly higher and higher up, trying to see what it really is. As I ascend, I see that it really was a giant eye, the black pupil and the white of the eye. The higher so fly, the more obvious it is. The size of the thing makes me feel very nervous, but the next though sends me into panic.

It is focused on me. I am right in the center of the damn thing. I try to fly left, but the more I fly, the thing doesn’t seem to move, or it moves, but stays the same relative to me. It is centered on me. Fuck. This thing, just what is it?

Flying even further away, I can see that the eye is bloodshot, veins of different colors showing on the surface of the white parts. I don’t know how high I’ve been flying, but this thing seems to be as large as a planet. I must be a couple kilometers up and I still can’t see anything but this freaky eye.

I fly around, but being constantly follow makes me feel worried. This thing watches me. It knows I am here, it looks at me, it studies me. I can’t escape it. There must be a way. I dash towards the side again, hoping to make it stop looking at me. I follow the curvature of the eye, wishing to find the place where it will be stopped by the eyelid. My nerves are at their limit. This is too much.

I fly, fly and fly. I don’t know how long, minutes, hours or years, but suddenly I notice it. The eye is disappearing, the edge of the eye being covered in darkness. I look at it using my enhances senses and as I come closer I realize that its body is made of darkness, that is its eye lid. I did it, soon I will be able to hide from its gaze.

As I fly closer, I realize something else. The body of this thing is of slightly different color than the darkness around me. I can hardly tell the difference, but it is there. I push my senses to the limits, bringing out my fox power. And then it hits me. All around me there are two colors of blackness. The empty void and the darkness of this thing. The tendrils are coiling around me, parting to let me fly through and reforming behind me. Everywhere I look, there is this dark cloud. It’s like a dark nebula, an endless collection of black smoke, concentrated around this eye. The closer the pupil gets to the dark eyelid, the more I hope it will finally stop looking at me. I have to escape it. The stare. The massive eye. It’s too much.

When I can almost feel my victory, when the pupil is almost covered, leaving me to myself, the darkness of the body parts, once again revealing the pupil to me. I can’t take it. I scream, letting out my fearful, hopeless cry. This is too much for me. This void, where there is nothing but darkness, no sounds, no light, no people. The eye is looking at me, gazing at my puny form. I can’t run.

Seeing my display of weakness, the darkness all around me starts shuddering slightly, in rhythmic movements. It is laughing at me. It thinks I am funny. It thinks it is so much more powerful than me. But I will show it. In my stomach there is something that can consume you. I will consume you.

I dive towards it, flying down, gaining speed as much as I can. I feel the darkness and I pull it towards me, but there is so much that it is I who is being pulled. No matter, it is perfect. I will eat you, I will stop you from looking at me.

My speed is enormous, flying downwards like an arrow, I soon reach the surface and dive into it, making the eye dissolve into the darkness, parting the dark clouds, making them swirl around me. I begin draining all of it, making sure it will never be able to look at me.

Yes, it works, the black mist flows towards me, being sucked into my stomach. I take it all in, not caring for the pain. My body spasms from all the vile energy that I consume, but I continue, draining the energy, making sure to never see that eye again. I can feel victorious, my triumph is evident. I smile and finally relax, myself being alone in the darkness.

But I am not. The black mist around me shudders again, laughing. I scowl at it and suddenly I feel it. The gaze, at the back of my head. I turn to face it, but there is nothing. I growl at the darkness and once again I feel the sensation of being watched. I turn towards the new location, but there is only black smoke. Again and again, I feel the stare, but when I look there is nothing.

I eat all the darkness, my body long dead from the pain, completely covered in the vile smoke. I don’t know how am I still moving, but I continue onwards. After hours of this torture I give up and scream at my powerlessness. I can’t win. When the darkness hears me, it laughs again.

There, in the distance, too far for me to ever reach a giant eye forms. On my right, something moves. An eye is formed. Below me, too far for me to reach, another one. All around me, the darkness twists and turns into countless eyes. Looking at me, staring, watching me. I can’t win.

I scream and cry, shout and thrash about. I consume all the darkness, but there is always more. I slowly dissolve in the darkness, watched by the eyes, my consciousness seems to be fading. I don’t understand anything, only seeing the eyes wherever I turn. There is no escape. There is no triumph. There is no peace. Only the eyes. I can see the eyes, all that there is are the eyes. I myself dissolve into the darkness, my body slowly turning into the black smoke. I feel it consuming me, turning me, reforming me. I can feel my new circular body, floating in the darkness, looking. I am an eye…

Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 6

Waking up in the morning was icky. You should always have a quick wash after sex, because if you don’t everything will dry out while you sleep. This could have been an important life lesson for Iris, but Amaran spared her such knowledge, waking up earlier than her and carefully carrying her to bath. She was still glowing with her pink aura, a halo with a heart above her head and a pair of wings behind her. Whatever she did with Zyte, it kicked her magic core into gear. Angels who practice magic can become powerful enough that their aura is always active. This is along the lines of what happened to Iris.

She woke up, submerged into warm water, Amaran hugging her from behind and washing her slowly. It felt nice, unlike she imagined. She thought that she would wake up alone, having to have a walk of shame or something along those lines. The poor girl didn’t really have a good idea about relationships and about men in general.

Amaran was trying to soothe the first experience for the girl, doing the right things to make it better for her. His first time wasn’t so romantic, it was mostly some panting and grunting and then awkward talking about it being good and awesome. In truth it was the opposite. He didn’t know, but the girl treasured the memory of their first time, him being her one and only lover. It would probably devastate him to know of the girl’s true feelings from back then. Good thing he doesn’t.

Iris felt something inside her stirring at the touch of the man who was now her master. His hands were strong, the power within them could be witnessed by her everyday, through training and through his fight. But now, there was tenderness, his fingers gently tracing the curves of her body, him slowly washing the girl.

In truth, the aura of the girl was giving Amaran a lot of love to share, the romantic and emotional kind. He felt good when he was touched by it before, but using the effects on some other women didn’t felt as good as it felt now. He wasn’t going to go monogamous any time soon and then both knew it, but for now they both indulged into that little fantasy.

Amaran kissed the back of the cherub’s neck, bit her ear gently, touched her breasts. He was getting her excited, hoping to have another go before they joined the others. She wasn’t opposed to the idea, but being inexperienced, she didn’t know if it was a good idea to answer him or not. She was a lady, ladies don’t do those things. Ladies are pure and innocent and…

“Iris, if you like it, you don’t have to hold back. If you are afraid I will judge you, don’t be. I am the last person to judge an angel like you.”


With a turn of her head she asks him a question, looking into his eyes for a smirk or contempt, but his just shine with joy, having experienced an amazing night and giving the best fight night a girl could have to the cherub. She liked it and she wanted to return the favor. Turning to him, she puts her hands on his face gently and comes close for a kiss. First, it’s just the light touch of the lips. The innocent kiss of the first time lovers.

While she explores this side of sexuality, the half-breed explores the curves of his partner’s body, moving his hands down her back and grabbing the firm cheeks of her butt. She likes the sensation, feeling strong yet tender hands on herself, she moans. The way he tries to limit his power when his grip grabs her flesh, it’s both cute and loving.

She parts for just a second, taking a shallow breath and then resumes the kissing, but this time trying to do what Amaran did last night, using her tongue. An inexperienced little attack by the cherub. She tries imitating him and he replies, readily counter-attacking her. His tongue wrestles with hers, their saliva mixing. This is more erotic than their previous kiss.

His hand slowly descends down to her lower lips, beginning to slowly massage them, arousing the girl. The sensation is still new to her, being sexually active for just one day, she enjoyed the sensation. When he touches her little bud, it sends electricity up her spine, making her moan into his mouth.

Cherub appreciated everything that the troll man does to her. He priorities her pleasure over his desire, taking it slow. Their play is deliberately slow.

When he thinks that the girl is ready, he lifts her up and positions himself near the entrance to her slit. She is ready, slightly afraid that the pain from before will appear, but also wishing to feel everything she felt last night. When he lowers her onto himself, she assists slightly with her own movement. Feeling the man inside her feels amazing. The shy girl doesn’t realize that her moans can be heard.

As they begin to move together, their bodies cling to one another, her arms around his neck and his around her waist. They want to be close, they move in unison and they kiss in unison, their tongues and their hips moving to some unseen rhythm known to only them. Through their bodies wave after wave of pleasures surges, reaching the very top of their heads.

Iris felt extremely good, but Amaran felt better. His while being has absorbed vast amount of mana in the last two days, plus the girls aura and amazing stimulation he had with her, it all makes crystals in his body grow and improve it. In his brain and in his spine, the neurons have been transforming, becoming better at conducting electricity and other kinds of energy. The thickness of neural pathways also improves, allowing him to both feel more and deeper sensations.

And now, he feels deeply, the pleasure ripping him apart, making him want to loose control. But he resists, wanting to pleasure his partner. This is what making love is, it is not wild fucking for your own sake, it is sharing of mutual desire and enjoyment. The girl deserves this much.

Their movements are not swift, more like waves going up and down, but they are enough to make them both feel good.

The two move in unison, until the girl reaches the peak and shock runs through her body, making her shudder in orgasm. She tightens around Amaran and this time, he doesn’t resist and let’s go of himself, jumping into the sea of pleasure he was experiencing, drowning in the feeling.

They both arrive at their destination and stop for a moment, catching their breaths. After a minute, they both want to continue, so Iris, trying to be assertive, she begins moving again. Amaran would usually need another minute or too, but his new and improved body is ready quickly for another round.

The two change position, the girl now out of the tub and Amaran only having his legs in there, they continue their bonding. She wraps her legs around him, hoping to invite him in further. He pushes on further, reaching deepest parts of her. They continue going in the new position until she receives another few climaxes. After Amaran feels that the girl starts slipping, he catches another wave of pleasure sweeping through her body and dives along with it, releasing himself inside her.

Now relaxed and slightly tired, they both slide back into the tub, still embracing one another. They can’t move much, but they can kiss.

After few minutes, their strength returns and they start washing one another, trying to wash away the smell of sex that clung to their bodies. Touching one another, they showed their appreciation towards each other.

After fifteen minutes in the cooling water, they get out, him carrying the little pink cherub out. He places her feet on the floor and let’s her stand, then he takes a towel and dries her off, making sure to work on every inch of her body. Once she gets dry, she picks up another towel and does the same for Amaran. The two do things for one another as continuation of their shoe of affection.

Once they are both dry, they get out of the bathroom and enter the bedroom, where their clothes are. But the half-breed wants her to wear something else, something nicer. He calls for Rose and asks her to bring a dress amongst the ones he purchased yesterday which all were downstairs. He did it on a whim, just deciding that it might have been a good idea to buy something for her. And turns out it was.

The dress was a perfect fit. Amaran’s senses were true, he easily remembered all the dimensions of the girls body. Now, on her skin was a pink dress, making the girl look like a noble. The skirt of the dress was white and pink, while the corset was white, with pink cloth covering the girls bosom. It made her remember how she was in her past life, before all this. She shed a lone tear in remembrance of her past, but she wiped it away and smiled at Amaran, her master and her lover. She might have lost something, but she also gained good things.

“I thought it would look good on you. You do have an aura of a noble woman.”

Iris smiled at his words, but it didn’t last long. She looked at him and replied to his words.

“I am not a noble now. What am I? Master, what am I to you?”

“Master? You never called me that, why don’t you just call me Amaran?” To that question girl gained a slight blush, showing her shame. “Ok, what do you call me in your head?”

“A troll man?”

Amaran smiled at her reply.

“Aha, not the worst I heard. You can call me whatever you like, troll man, master or Amaran, I don’t mind. Nothing bad though, I beg of you. And as for your question, you are a woman. My woman to be exact. I won’t let that pigheaded man hurt you as long as you stay by my side.”

The girl felt good at his words, but the shade of uncertainty remained.

“Am I your only woman?”

“That I cannot promise. I don’t know what you feel for me, but I tell you that I don’t feel the same for you. I like you, you are a pretty girl and I appreciate our companionship. I promise that I will car for you and protect you, but I can’t give all of myself to you.”

Hearing those words girl gets saddened and pouts. Seeing this, the half-breed comes closer, places his hand on her cheek and kisses her.

“I doubt you would be able to handle me by yourself anyway. But if you ever want me to be close, just come and find me. You are my first priority as I am responsible for you.”

He gives her a reassuring hug, trying to show his support. The girl felt bad by such reply, she felt something beautiful blooming for the man, but she couldn’t fault anyone but herself. The man never promised her anything that he wasn’t willing to give. Thoughts of love? Only the girl had them and she wanted to believe them, but it was foolish. Knowing that Amaran did nothing wrong, she affirms his gesture and hugs him back.

“Ok. Amaran.”

“Good. I am looking after you, Iris.”

With that the two part and head out of the room. The half troll had simple trousers and shirt on, but the girl looked magnificent. Rose complimented her and Tirit has a slight look of envy, but it was mostly showing her admiration on how good the dress looked on her. She didn’t have any bad thoughts on the part.

Zyte however was sleeping with poison.

“So, when does master wants it to be my turn? It’s good fucking your slaves who can’t resist. And here you were talking about how you don’t force girls into doing things for you.”

“Hey, Amaran didn’t force me to do anything. I came to him…”

“Ah, so you are the whore and not him? I thought that nobles had honor and self-respect, but turns out you are nothing but a filthy slut. God, nobody here had any dignity.”

Amaran looked at the display of defiance with slight anger. Zyte was confused by her feelings, but she didn’t want to show that she had admiration for the troll man, so she showed the opposite.

“Zyte, if you have any problems with me, tell me. Don’t involve the others in your personal little drama.”

“Ok, problems? I have a problem with my master pretending to be a decent man, while in reality he fucks everything that moves. Why don’t you fuck me already and let me go? That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

The girl sounded bitter, more bitter than she should have. Amaran was a womanizer, but he wasn’t an expert on female psyche, he didn’t know what bothered her exactly. Behind all that poison she spewed, he couldn’t see the real reason, the fear of trusting another man.

He had two choices, to forcefully take her and make her obey or to free her and let her go. Neither of those choices was good for him or the mana fiend, so he decided to compromise.

“Fine Zyte, if you hate me so much, you don’t have go anywhere near me. Don’t speak to me, don’t look at me don’t think about me. You are a maid, do your duty and if you want to fight, see the boss when we are back. And if you need somebody to drain, find them yourself. Are you happy now? The pig of a man won’t be near you at all.”

At these words Zyte should have felt happy, but she only felt bitter. Her lips distorted in a painful expression, showing her displeasure.

“If you want, call me what you want, pig, filth, whatever makes you feel better. But don’t you call any of them anything vile again. I hear you do that, I will beat you.”

Amaran showed his displeasure at hearing the blue haired girl call others some bad names. It made him feel uneasy. He won’t let the defiant little girl spout her bile at them.

Amaran decided that he had enough of the girl and turned away, going to the bottom floor. Rose had prepared breakfast for all of them, which would be a good continuation of his good morning, if not for the blue haired bitchy girl. The morning was ruined and everyone knew it.

The half-breed quickly swallowed his share of food and left for the day, leaving the girls free to do whatever they wanted for the day. Zyte was pissed from their exchanged, so she stayed in her room, practicing magic. Iris walked around with Rose, trying to help her. She was bad at doing the chores, but with the help of the maid she was able to do some good. Tirit tended to her master, looking after Hamorok.

The day before, Amaran spoke with Hamorok before spying on the girls. They spoke about how he was doing, how Tirit was nice to him, about manly things. One thing they talked about was their get-rich scheme they came up while they were slaves. Right now it seemed that they can do it, since Amaran is still a gladiator. All he needs to do now is convince the arena master to let him fight.

Now, Amaran was going to speak with his boss and the arena master, hoping to entice the old man into allowing the fights with big monsters using magic. He quickly made his way to a grand mansion, much bigger than his own house. At the entrance to the area his old master was waiting for him, dressed in some fancy clothes. Seeing the half troll, he sighed at his simple attire.

The two of them made their way inside, guards not stopping them at any point. When they got to the door, a maid opened it and invited them inside. She took the boss’s coat and then led them in. They walked through the exquisitely furnished house until they reached a dining room. There, at the head of the table sat an old man. He was the owner of the arena and the uncle of the boss.


“Nephew! How have you been?”

“Splendid uncle, some minor hiccups here and there, but otherwise it is great working in your arena. This here is the man I was talking to you about.”

The old man turned and studied the green-skinned man who was near his nephew. The arena master was wrinkly man with grey hair, dressed in very good quality clothes. He seemed ancient, but his demeanor was lighthearted and fun. He wore a bright smile on his face, although his eye showed his suspicion of the half troll.

“So, you are the young man who has been freed recently? I can’t remember the last time a man survived the fight with one of the royal champion. You must be a rather lucky fella.”

“Oh, sir, believe I am. My name is Amaran.”

He extended his hand and shook the frail old hand.

“Ah, nice to meet you. I’ve been told you have an idea that could bring more money to my enterprise. Why don’t we discuss it over the meal?”

With a gesture, the old man invited the two others to join him at the table. His nephew say on his right hand side and the half-breed sat on the left hand side. When they were sat, arena master clapped his hands and the servants began bringing in some dishes. There were about a dozen of different things to eat, each one smelling better than the last. The servants began tending to the guests, giving them whatever they wanted. Using such opportunity, Amaran decided to try a bit of everything.

For a few minutes they ate, enjoying the tastes of exotic cuisine and then the old man began.

“So, young fella, what is your idea that you told my nephew about. Something about fighting large monsters?”

“Yes. I’ve heard from other slaves and adventurers, that in foreign arenas there are new types of battles. Strong men and women all come together and fight against huge monsters. And not the weak ones like giant crabs or spiders, but the real monsters, chimeras, basilisks and the such.”

“Ho ho, but young man, we have such battles. One of the men has fought a baby basilisk just two days ago. It was a good show.”

“Yes, I saw that. But the man was a monster in his own right. He is twice as big as any normal man, has only one eye and a huge horn on his head. Even civilized, the cyclops don’t seem like a normal person and his win isn’t as exciting as say mine. But what if I were to fight against a full grown basilisk? What if a woman of my size was right beside me, battling against the monster many times her size, only to come out unscathed? I would imagine that the crowd would love to see some more ordinary people fight, instead of the giant muscle heads that they usually see.”

“You, against a full grown basilisk? You know that catching one is hard, killing one is almost impossible. We would need at least one dragon slayer to kill a full grown basilisk.”

“But imagine, that instead of a dragon slayer it is me killing such beast. Wouldn’t it excite many people and make them pay gold to watch such a show. I don’t believe I have enough strength to kill basilisk with a well placed hit like those people, but what if over a period of time I was able to kill it. Say over the length of an hour, I constantly put myself in danger, trying to dodge the tail and the claws of the beast, only to come close enough for a fatal strike. Wouldn’t you imagine it to be exciting to watch.”

“Yeah, I can imagine it to be somewhat interesting. But why would you be stupid enough to risk your life like that?”

“Well, what if I had something that can tip the odds in my favor? Something that could improve my chances and help me fight such a beast?”

“What would that something be, boy?” The old man looked at the half-breed with a squint in his eye.


“Oh, get outta here boy! Magic is for pansies and little girls! Are you either one?”

“No sir, I am not. But, I do have two very pretty girls who are able to wield magic. I would imagine seeing them in combat would be very enticing. The pink haired girl, in right uniform, glowing pink and throwing around pink colored magic would be very alluring to many men.”

“Boy, just get them to fight with their hands, not with their frilly tricks. Magic is for show only.”

“One of them trains with me and she will be able to fight one on one with others, but the other… She is a cherub. I think you should know that angels don’t have too strong of bodies? They specialty is magic. I am afraid I will have to be fighting alongside her to keep her safe and then people would be looking at me and not at her. This is not good, seeing how there are many more men in the audience.”

The old man nods in understanding, but he still doesn’t like the idea.

“Let me put it this way. Many other arenas have allowed the use of magic long ago. Their battles became more fun to watch, seeing the fire and lighting clash against one another, seeing how mages fight with swordsman. Of course there is some disparity in power and mages mostly win, because of their cheap tricks. But we don’t have to pit the against our fighters, let them fight monsters.

What’s more, don’t you think fighting deserves a little feminine beauty? All the fighters, both men and women fight using swords and fists. But isn’t that the way of the brawn, pushing on until your opponent he falls over and dies, it’s manly and powerful, but it’s not all that good looking. You get blood and gore, but that’s about it. Magic though, well magic has beauty. The feminine beauty that only the prettiest of men and women deserve.

Wouldn’t you give the chance to pansies? They also want to fight, but they are weak in the body. Why can’t they also risk their lives and be slaughtered for not being good enough? Why must it always be us, the fighters laying down our lives for the entertainment of others, while so called pansies, whom you despise all go on and have grand old time at home and drink some tea while hugging a woman, that could have gone to a fighter instead?”

The old man listened whatever the half-breed had to say with a slight smile. He didn’t like magic and he didn’t like those who use it.

“Boy, do you know why I hate magic?”

“No sir, I do not.”

“My sister, this one’s mother, she was a rare beauty. One day she met a promising wizard who promised her the stars, the moon the fucking bollocks of the unicorn… I will spare you the details, splint story short, the wizard disappears, flying off into sunset and leaves my sister with this bastard. I hate mages and I hate their magics, it is unnatural and ungodly.”

Amaran felt that he failed, his heart stopping for a moment. If personal affairs are involved, no amount of logics can persuade the other party. This was all a bust.

“But, I hear what you have to say. I wanted to deny those pansies the chance to get glory, but you say, let them get gored and bled to death, let them taste their blood on their teeth and their shit in their pants. I like the idea.”

And with that, Amaran felt that he hit the jackpot. Perhaps that was exactly what he needed to hear, how the mages will suffer if this was allowed.

“You saying that the fights will be hard. How hard?”

“As hard as can be. We start with something small, say a swamp wyvern or dead wood treant. Big but slow. After that the power ramps up each time. I think defeating a basilisk or a drake will be an almost certain death.”

“Yes, that’s good. How do you propose, mixed teams, maximum limit for the members and such?”

“I think leave that to the team. If teams are too large, crowds won’t pay much and the team will have to divide the winnings, leaving them with less. It should get them to cut down on members quickly. What I was thinking, make bets on what team composition survives the encounter. The money of the people who lost is divided between the winners and the arena evenly. Should make a pretty coin from that.”

“Aye, I like the idea boy.”

The old man fell silent for a moment, deep in thought. The nephew, who didn’t speak at all, was looking at the half-breed with a little surprise, seeing how he was able to convince him to allow magic. This was a premise to allow mages to fight and get killed, without showing how they can triumph over fighters easily. Just the perfect use for them.

“Say boy, your girls. Are you fucking them?”

Amaran wasn’t totally expecting such a question, but it didn’t phase him much.

“One of them sir. The cherub. Her pink aura just makes it so much better.”

“What about the other one?”

“She is a snake who hates men. She is on her last strike, one more mistake and she gets a beating.”

“Yes, I see. You treat them how they deserve, I like you boy. Tell you what, next week we will have a trial battle using magic. How does a fight against a giant snake sounds?”

“Little easy, but considering I have a team of newbies, should be just hard enough. We got little magic for now, but we will get better once the fighting begins.”

“Great. That’s settled then.”

Amaran’s plan paid off. He got himself a trial battle against a big monster. Further details will be announced later, but for now, he can spend time training. Dealing with Zyte will be a problem, but he will think about it when the time comes.

For the rest of the day, the men talked about various topics. Amaran shared his experiences in the arena, prompting the others to give their feedback. His experience with Minas, the half feline who rendered him coreless made the old man feel some familiarity. Both of them were hurt by the mages, so they were kindred spirits.

The men has some drinks, laughed at the anecdotes and sang a song or two. Amaran wasn’t too drunk, his new bodies seemed to metabolize alcohol quickly, but he didn’t show it. He went along with the antics of the tow other men and had some fun.

Closer to the evening he departed, leaving nephew with his uncle. He didn’t go straight home, instead making his way to a certain shop, which contained certain items to enhance the experiences of lovers. He had an idea he wanted to make a reality. Thankfully, whatever he wanted, he was able to find it there.

When he came home, he was greeted with a glowing cherub and a three coarse meal. Iris was happy that she helped Rose make some of the food. Sot of the helping was in form of encouragement, but that was still good.

During the day, Rose asked Iris to stop her glow, as the newly reformed core gave off a very strong aura, capable of affecting even her. So, while Amaran wasn’t present, the cherub turned off her aura, but once he appeared, she turned pink again. Rose sighed slightly and smiled at that. She knew a girl in love when she saw one.

Zyte was quiet and didn’t speak, so while she was present, Amaran told Iris to pass onto the mana fiend his command to train her drain through touch, not kiss. This angered the blue haired girl, but she said nothing, only walked away. She was furious, but there was really nothing she could do but curse at the man. And she didn’t want to be the one to start the conversation.

When it was time to go to bed, Amaran was about to go to his room, when he was approached by Iris. She had a shy look, but asked to joined him quietly, fighting the shame she felt. He would have said yes immediately, but he turned Iris towards Rose, who had a frown on her face. The plant girl wanted to continue what she and the half-breed starting a week prior.

Iris was a little confused, not knowing what Rose wanted. Amaran understood that she was still inexperienced, so he helped her out just a bit.

“Iris, are you willing to trust me and do what I say?”

“Yes.” The cherub was even more confused.

“This girl doesn’t want to sleep alone. You don’t want to sleep alone. I don’t want to sleep alone. What do you say we all stay together for tonight?”

The girl blushed when the realization hit her. Rose wanted to spend time with the troll man the same way she wanted. And Amaran wanted to spend time with them both. This was something she didn’t expect at all. Ashamed, she shook her head, not wanting to be facing this situation.

“So, you want to stay with just me tonight?”

Knowing what he meant, she wanted to nod, but she felt bad for Rose. The maid has helped her throughout the day and she seemed eager to be with Amaran, looking at cherub with hopeful eyes. She shook her head once again.

“Are you just ashamed of this situation?”

Iris nodded her head quickly. She was very-very ashamed.

“Ok let’s do this. Rose, you go to your room and prepare. We will be with you soon.”

Rose went to her room. When she was gone, Amaran dragged Iris into her own room and gave her a package.

“Put this on.”

The cherub unfolded the package and in there was a mask, two fluffy long fingerless gloves, two fluffy braces for ankles and a pink silk cape. Looking at the items, she first studied each one closely and then looked at the troll man with questioning gaze.

“Iris, tonight you will be transforming. This is half of your battle attire, but it is all you need for tonight. Now, you will put these items on and you will stop being Iris Delaveur and instead you will be Cupid, the warrior of Love and Passion.”

The girl still looked at the insane man, who had a wide grin on his face.

“Oh come on, just try it. This will help you get over your shame. It won’t be you who will be doing any of those things. You said you were gonna do what I tell you?”

Still unsure, the girl takes the mask and puts it on. It is pink, silky looking and covers half of her face. With her pink aura it makes her look different somehow. Iris didn’t recognize herself in the mirror. Trying to be Cupid, she made a battle pose which was more cute than ferocious. Amaran laughed at the girl lightheartedly and kissed her neck. She closed her eyes and gave in to his demand. Perhaps this could work, she thought.

Amaran undressed the girl, taking off her pink dress and her undergarments. Once she had nothing but a mask on, he put a short cape on her, it barely reaching the top of girls butt. The braces and gloves were all put in place as well. With all the gear in place, Iris looked very funny, but in this context she also looked very sexy. Having her breasts grabbed, it didn’t make her want to laugh, but moan instead. She turned around and kisses Amaran. She wanted to keep going, but he stopped her and pulled her with him out of the room.

The corridors were all dark, sun was long gone, leaving no light in the world. Tirit has retired with Hamorok and Zyte was angry in her room. Nobody to disturb them. They walked to Rose’s room and entered. In there the maid was undressed, only her corset and her fishnet stockings remaining. She wanted to impress him and unknowingly she wore something that contrasted whatever the angel was wearing. The cute sexy pink against the lustful sexy green.

The girls looked at one another and smiled. For some reason it was easier for Iris once she was looking at the world through her mask, like it really wasn’t her anymore. She came closer to Rose and tried kissing her, like she did with Zyte. But if with Zyte it was only lips, in order to transfer mana, now she used her tongue like with Amaran. The two girls kissed much to the pleasant surprise of the half troll.

He grinned at them and once they parted their lips, they also smiled at him, inviting him in. He didn’t hesitate, quickly taking his clothes off, he joined the girls. Firstly he took Iris, whom Rose helped to feel better. Witnessing all the nymph did, Iris was red, but it felt so good. Then they switched. Iris tried copying Rose and she did spectacularly. Both girls were eager to make each other feel good. But they also wanted to pleasure the man who was with them, sharing him together, kissing him and making love to him.

That night the cherub was corrupted further. She learned the meaning of fellatio, cunnilingus, pose sixty nine and some knowledge that accompanied these terms. The angel was like putty in the half-breeds hands and she loved it. Her aura shone brighter that night, affecting both her partners. Having twice the girls to please, Amaran worked twice as hard and made sure to give them his all. In the two days that he absorbed a lot of mana, his stamina, speed, strength, all grew considerably, which was good in situation like this. His skin seemed to glow just a tiny bit, but the girls were too lost in their passion to notice.

The trio didn’t hold anything back. They left their insecurities and inhibitions behind the doors that night, being loud and passionate. Zyte was angry, but she remained silent. Tirit had her own little thing with Hamorok, which couldn’t be called passionate, but it was something.

Beast fiend. Chapter 47.

It was finally time to do something useful. For almost three months since the end of local equivalent of may we partied. This could be called an awesome summer, only I wasn’t in school or college, but in some world full of magic and monsters. I have a sweet life, can’t complain about it, but I should be more productive. I mean Elaya is the leader of our tribes and she is only fifteen now. Eleanor is the Queen of the kingdom and she does a great job. Aedim uncovered secrets of teleportation and other magics by using only bits and pieces I gave her. And I am here, spending a week of my time drinking with dragons.

When we were able to sober up, I told Regios that we should go to visit the Zone. Seeing how he was surrounded by three girls, he took my excuse to get away for a moment. So, we packed up whatever little belonging we had and quickly left the party. Mercissa also came with us, although I didn’t really want her to accompany me into the zone, she wanted to go with her future husband to wherever he would go. And honestly, out of all of us, she was the second strongest after me. If anything, I should be scared of Meriden getting hurt.

The Zone was few hours away. We landed in a large camp where there were a lot of monsters and some Val men. Looking around, their equipment is a little damaged and their supplies are not running out yet, but they would need some reinforcements soon. Regios already has the stargate in his city, but the ones that will be coming here are still being made, although they should be ready at any moment.

I talked to the men and they were glad to see me. I was a legend amongst Val people, my power was beyond any of them. My new transformation prompted some questions and I told them as much as I could, but didn’t say anything about my ability to transform others yet. It should be told by the elders later on when they work out any problems that might arise.

They were grateful for the elixirs that Nrogara creates, it saved many lives out here, although they were running low on them. Next shipment should be arriving within weeks, but they already have to ration it, treating only the gravest of injuries. There was the possibility of giving them blood from Meriden and Mercissa, as it too gained a healing factor, but I didn’t want anybody touching what’s mine. I am already here to help, they should be glad because of just that.

Giving my blood wasn’t an option. While I could seal the power to turn others in my Bloodborn, the seal was useless on me. I couldn’t stop people from transforming after drinking my blood, so it was out of the question.

Thankfully only Meriden was here out of all my girls, so people didn’t know about the transformations and they saw Mercissa for the first time too. The similarities between us were attributed to magic. Too easy.

We were given a large space to set up our tent. It was very big, bigger than most others, capable of fitting a dozen people. It was only four people at the moment, but while I was here the other girls might come to visit. They liked spending time with me.

While I was here I decided to help these people and used the port stone to teleport to Lilith, who was in the House of Bloodlust with Nrogara. I got a few boxes of the elixir and ported back to Meriden. Magic is wonderful.

The few extra boxes would allow to explore the Zone further. It was a good thing to explore it as there were many items that had miraculous properties and would help counter the effects of the darkness from within the Zone. Some of them acted like force barriers, preventing projectile attacks or some gave elemental resistance, weakening certain magics. Weaker ones had no drawbacks, but the stronger ones were seeping out the darkness, making their prolonged use somewhat problematic. I now had my own black flames, so it should be ok for me to use the strongest ones. I will speak to them about it later. It’s actually funny how here instead of radiation it’s darkness that does all the bad things.

Firstly, we are going to have a ’guest walk’ as people call it. Our little group with get a couple of veterans with them and walk around, trying to get used to the anomalies and monsters. At the close proximity to the boarders it is rather safe to walk around.

The group that accompanied us were two Val men, a short man named Giaz of Val’Hoona and an elf named Felmier of Val’Eris, a Minotaur and a Lamia. The group of four was one of the best in exploring the Zone and while they rested, they said it would be an honor to accompany me on our first entry. I didn’t protest, although I felt like I would be just fine, seeing as how I was the one who gave them most tips. They all had some gear to resist mind magics, as most intelligent monsters deeper in used it to attack.

We left most unnecessary things in our tent and kept the weapons on us. I had the sword, Feldrazil, and Meriden had a sword and a bow. Mercissa didn’t need anything, seeing as she was a dragon. Flaer also came along, she didn’t listen to my request to stay at the camp, but she wasn’t gonna fight.

From the main camp to the border of the Zone, it took us about a fifteen minutes walk. There we met a small group of magicians who were keeping up a ward spell, keeping the darkness behind a barrier. Such checkpoints were spaced out about one kilometer away from each other and it astonished me how monsters had this many magicians. It didn’t surprise me to learn that some of them were dragons.

Past the barrier the Zone started. The changes were swift, from the lush jungle it turned into a wasteland. Everywhere was dry ground, covered in black ash-like substance. The sky turned from clear blue to grey, with heavy clouds hanging overhead. The plants were mostly dead and the few plants that were alive looked to be dangerous. We walked amongst this dead land for a while, just studying the dangers of the periphery. Meriden was surprised to see this kind of place. She knew that I read fiction about it in the past and she wondered what kind of person would want to imagine such a desolate place. She totally didn’t get the whole idea of adventure and romance of your life hanging by the thread. It’s too early for her to understand it.

As we walked on, we saw the first monster. It was a boar, a big fat boar. Its tusks and snout were large, larger than normal. What made it truly bizarre were its legs. It had six insectoid legs, made out of three portions each. They had sharp spikes and edges, made for cutting into flesh and ripping people apart. It saw us and let out a loud shriek, showing its fury.

The four people with us prepared to fight, but I stopped them. It is time to show what Zern is made of. I take off my cloak and shirt, only leaving my stretchy pants on. They look good and fancy, but in truth they can accommodate my beast forms, so I always have such pants on, just in case. It was a gift from elves after they were impressed with Aedim.

I turn into my half drake and half bear form, combining both defense and brute strength. I look weird, being both a mammal and reptile, but I don’t care now. My form which combines all six powers is even worse.

I wait for the pig monster to charge me. It releases another angry shriek and starts running at me, two front legs ready to strike. It ran closer, bringing two legs up above and behind it, bringing them down once it’s close enough. I take it head on, trying to compare my strength, but the force is pathetically weak. I don’t know what I expected, I can fight a dragon, why would some pigbug pose a threat to me?

The monster tries hurting me, striking me with its legs, but I easily ignore the hits. They don’t even tickle me. Disappointing. I catch the legs and with a quick move remove them from their sockets. I throw away the two limbs and take the next two, also ripping them out. The beast falls onto the ground, only two of its rear appendages remaining. It tries to crawl away awkwardly, bit I use my tail and pierce its body. It twitches for few seconds and then goes limp. The legs are still twitching, reminding me of spiders.

“Well damn. I knew ye be strong, but not this strong.” The Giaz spoke with a heavy accent, akin to the dwarves. I had a slight feeling he was a half dwarf, as he was rather short but stout and muscly.

“Aha, I got a slight strength boost since my last Rite. I think walking in the zone should be ok now?”

“Well, ye ripped the poor thing apart. But these ‘nes are easiest around ‘ere, they’re the bottom of the food chain. Only barrel maggots are below them.”

“Barrel maggots?”

“Aye lass, big fat yellow maggots that everybody ‘ere feeds on.”

Meriden didn’t like what she imagined. She wasn’t squeamish, but insects were not a thing she liked a lot. She hoped she wouldn’t have to meet one.

We left the remains of the monster and walked on. After few minutes I felt a foreign presence and walked toward it. In the place where I felt this foreign thing there was nothing, but I clearly felt something there.

“Aye, master found an anomaly. Tis a young one, only appearing after the last Release.”

“What’s a release?”

“Release is what happens from time to time, a massive wave o darkness washes over the place, makes new ‘nes of these and creates bunch of artifacts.”

“Yeah, it’s really good to enter the Zone right after one, there are plenty of good things we can get some bonuses for.” The elf with a fox tail adds to what his friend said.

“Aye, last time we got a good stone which repels the darkness. They are rare but they help a lot. We got a nice bonus from Regios for it.” Giaz laughs while making a drinking gesture.

“So, what you guys use to scout it out? Pebbles?”

“What would we use pebbles for? We use magic! Aye, Nerliss, show ’em.”

The lamia doesn’t say anything, but she takes out some grass from a pouch and sets it on fire, making a lot of smoke. Using some air magic, she guides it towards the anomaly, showing the edges. Once the smoke reaches the edge, it is sucked in and concentrated at the center. After a few seconds, a wave of air was unleashed from that point, releasing all the smoke.

“The crusher reacts stronger if ye put more stuff in. Throw in a corpse and ye get a fine bloody mist all around the place.”

This thing appeared after the Release, so it is formed by the darkness. What if I put more darkness inside?

“Guys, everyone step back. I have an idea.”

“What be master thinking?”

“Just give me a moment to try this out.”

I release the black flame and concentrate it all around my right hand. The I point it toward the anomaly and shoot it out. It’s like a flamethrower but with a tiny range of about a meter. The anomaly greedily eats all the darkness, making it disappear. My flame-clad hand doesn’t feel any changes, but the rest of my body begins to feel a pull towards the anomaly. I create the flame all over my body, releasing myself from its effect.

The others look at what I am doing and Nerliss is tracking the range of the thing using smoke. Slowly it grows and soon reaches me, but it ignores me. It seems to ignore anything with the darkness element, or perhaps the element is immune to it.

Soon it gets big enough to completely swallow me and get close to the group. They take steps back and retreat. Meriden shouts for me to stop but I won’t stop until I get the result I want. I can still walk away probably, but I need to know if I am right.

“Master Zern, ye making it too big! I never seen one this big.”

The sounds that make it into the anomaly are all distorted, probably the after effect of the thing.

“Hah, that’s what she said!”

Seeing me not caring about the situation, Giaz smirks at my remark and Mercissa turns red. Damn it woman, I didn’t talk about you.

The anomaly is still keeps sucking in my energy, but I have plenty of it. Now that my whole body is inside it, I don’t really need to concentrate it near my hand, I can just make the dark flames all over my body very strong.

A couple of minutes pass and the group is a few meters away now, trying to shout something at me, but the sounds are too messed up, so I can’t understand what they are saying. Suddenly the anomaly starts shuddering, from the center of it the pulsing waves come crashing forward. They go past me, ignoring me but they seem to keep going once they reach the edges. They are not something to be worried about but they push the group back even more.

For a few moments the waves keep appearing, faster and faster, the delay between each one getting shorter. After few seconds there is no noticeable delay, the anomaly is trying to push everything away constantly. It still eats the darkness, but it looks like it’s about to collapse in on itself.

And it does. I only see it because of my inhuman senses but within fractions of a second the whole thing stops consuming my flames, cracks appear in the fabric of space, like the black lighting, but unmoving and unchanging and then it all comes together into the center, creating a perfect sphere. It is half transparent and cloudy, made of fleshy colored red material, with black threads inside. I can feel the darkness emanating from it. It seems harmless to me, but I don’t know about others. Does it even make a difference if my darkness was used for it? But regardless, my theory is correct. Anomalies create artifacts.

“I knew it!”

“Boy, did you just make that artifact? What is this magic?”

“Mages talked about how anomalies and artifacts seem to have a common origin, but for one to create the other… The idea was laughed at before.” Felmier is knowledgable on the topic.

“Well, now we know the truth. For some reason I think if I consume the darkness from the inside, it will unfold and create an anomaly.”

“Don’t ye be doing it now. We should keep going…”

Giaz didn’t get to finish his sentence. The sky suddenly began to darken and turned dark red, looking very evil. I had a bad feeling about it.

“Release! We gotta run!”

“We won’t get out of here in time! We need to find shelter!”

“There is nowhere to hide. We are dead men!”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen until next week!”

The group began screaming at one another. The air was filled with a loud sound, like a very powerful wind somewhere far away. Not having any better idea, I jump up in the air and make my wings appear. With a powerful flap, I send myself downwards at the ground, creating a crater. I shout for everyone to get inside and to try and dig themselves in. Using my tail, my wings, my hands I do everything to make it deeper. We can’t hear one another even when we are only few inches away. The sound gets too loud and I feel the foul energy coming towards us. I am sure I will be fine, but the others…

Once I feel we have no more time, I unfold my wings and cover everyone, trying to shield them. I make the flames appear, making them as big as possible and trying to engulf others with them. My two girls who had my blood easily catch on fire, getting covered by the black fire, but other five people don’t get it. Unless I want to hurt them, I can’t cover them completely. Let’s hope this will be enough.

Shielding others, I receive the full force of the wave. The low grumbling that was heard before quickly turns into high-pitched whistling, making my ears hurt. Then the darkness comes, engulfing everything, making the space distort around us. This seems to be a huge amount, something like this being on the periphery, surely it’s out of the ordinary. Here it should be very weak.

I can feel my senses screaming at me, telling me of the dangers that surround me. If before around us was mostly empty space and dead plants, now it felt like I was being crushed by something vile, some entity of great proportions trying to swallow me whole. After few seconds I suddenly feel emptiness above me, not the normal open air or the dangerous skies above the Zone but something like vacuum, an empty void with nothing in it. And from deep within the void I feel a single massive eye looking at me, trying to study me. The pressure is too much, it only lasts a second but it’s enough. I slip and loose consciousness, falling into the darkness that was around us all. I only hope that I am not the only one who will survive this.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 46.

Regios knew I was coming to visit, I warned him through the whisper stone that he had on him. When Flaer and Mercissa landed, Regios was standing outside of town with a metal box in his hands. Looking at Mercissa’s new dragon form he only whispered to himself.

“I see.”

He walked to me still atop Flaer and threw me the box. When I caught it, Regios unfolded his wings and took off. I knew where he was going so all three dragons flew towards a large rock in the middle of the desert. After a couple of hours we landed in the den of the earth dragons, plenty of those winged lizards around the area.

When we landed, two girls returned to their normal forms, Regios remaining in his dragon form. Flaer was good at transformation magic, even better than Mercissa, so she could even look like a normal human child, but she chose to keep the features that Mercissa had in her human form, the horns, the tail and wings. Flaer still looked like an earth dragon, her golden horns and dirty blond hair with some golden streaks, unlike Mercissa who looked like me now. They couldn’t really change their color scheme, like Aedim could.

We silently followed Regios, who didn’t bother to talk to us yet, and went inside the cave. In there were dozens of dragons, flying around, napping or looking at us. Regios walked to the big dragon slumbering in the middle of the large cave and tried waking him up. Up until now everything looked like some royal procession, majestic and grand. That is until Regios began punching the bigger dragon.

“Huh? What is it? Son, why are you waking me up now, it’s been only what ten years?”

“Three years dad! You slept for three years. The girls have returned and they have a surprise for us.”

The big dragon looked at our group. We were standing together, myself carrying the metal box and locking my right arm with Mercissa. On my left side stood Flaer, smiling and looking at her grandfather happily. Meriden stood slightly behind me, understanding that her presence is now required and that she is an odd one out. She didn’t want to attract attention to herself.

He studied the girls with his big eyes, the vertical pupils becoming very thin black needles, piercing our whole beings. His gaze was powerful and overwhelming, the pressure extruded by him was massive. After a couple of minutes of studying, his form turns into sand, crumbling away and creating a small sandstorm. When the sand settles, a tall middle-aged man is revealed. His appearance is good, but ordinary, like that of a human. His bod radiates a noble aura of a king and he holds himself up with dignity. His clothes are very fine silk robes with some good quality shirt and pants, very much like what I was wearing.

He comes close, his eyes still going back and forth between the girls and me, studying every little detail. His face is stern, unreadable, making me think whether he likes the news or not. Not even a whisper of drowsiness can be seen remaining after his three year nap. His muscles tense and I can see him getting ready for some action. Is he going to punch me or pick Mercissa up and spin her around? This is too damn hard.

With a quick move, he sweeps Flaer off the floor and starts spinning her in a circle while hugging her tightly. And there he goes…

“Oh, I am so happy for you, my niece has found a man! This is great news, I will surely send for your mother to come and see you!”

Flaer giggles happily, hugs the men and then slaps him right in the face.

“Stop it grandpa. It’s Mercissa who is getting married no me. What I and. Zern have is more causal, just some mounting, nothing that serious.”

And there she goes. God, why does it have to be dragons?

“Huh? Ah ok.” He places Flaer on the floor and comes to Mercissa. She has a slight smile, knowing the antics of her father. For a second he tenses and I think that he is trying to restrain himself from picking her up and… Nope he casually picks her up by the waste and starts spinning her in a circle.

“Oh, I am so happy for you, my daughter has found a man! This is great news, I will surely send for your mother to come and see you!”

He just says the same thing he said to Flaer.

“Dad, I am very happy too. Zern is so good, he loves me just like I love him. We made such passionate love, I thought I was gonna break. For a whole day I was getting filled by the love of my future husband…”

The man just stops suddenly, his smile fading and the same stern expression from before turns to me. It’s scary how unreadable he is. What is he gonna ask? When are we getting kids? Why did we fornicate before being wed? Or is it…

“How was she? Did she make you feel good?”

Yup. The old man is a pervert. The whole dragon family is.

“Yup, she was great. We were a bloody mess.”

No sense denying it, I am part of the family now. And it seems I am becoming just as eccentric.

“I am glad to hear. Her mother was wild in a sack, I hoped that it was hereditary. So, when are you taking Flaer?”

“Haha Zil my man, only in about two hundred years! Little Flaer has some growing up to do.”

“Hey, that’s not what you say when you mount me!”

“Heh, and that’s all I do.”

“Now, gentlemen. I believe it is time for the main event.”

Regios speaks in a serious tone, so the old man puts Mercissa down and comes over to me as does Regios. They take the box from y hands and start fiddling with it. I thought they would just simply open it and take out what’s inside, but they spend a good five minutes on it.

“Hey, what are you doing, guys?”

“This is damn puzzle. I can’t solve it.”

“Yeah, it’s difficult. I can’ tweet to get it.”

What puzzle? Why would you have a puzzle on a box? What’s inside of it? Wait, don’t tell me…

“Is that Godsend Heavenbrew? You didn’t joke when you talked about the seals and the puzzle?”

“Of course not, why would I joke about that? It took me two weeks that you were flying here to get rid of all the seals.”

“Damn it guys, pass it here.”

I take the box out of their hands and try to solve it. Damn it is really hard! We all try to work this out. It’s a simple moving tiles puzzle where we got to make the picture, but it’s hard for some reason. I can see Meriden face palming at the the corner of my eye. Flaer comes close and picks it out of my hands and solves it in twenty seconds, giving us an opened box.

“Well, that was easy.”

Regios takes the box and throws it away, keeping in his hands a metal flask. It looks very beautiful with an ornate ornament. Regios places one hand atop the lid and pours mana into it. With a pop, the lid falls off. The Dragon King waves a hand and six shot glasses appear, forged from sand and turned into glass.

Regios pours the emerald liquid into each shot, giving it to each of the people present. I worry about Flaer and Meriden, but seeing my questions gaze, the Dragon King just winks at me. If he thinks it’s a good idea then I won’t question him.

“This drink is the strongest in the realm. I acquired it by questionable means and now we are going to drink it to celebrate a not so questionable occasion. My daughter has found a man, a great man to spend her life with for all eternity. Let’s raise our glasses for the Union of two souls.”

The man raises the glass and swallows the content. We all do the same. In moments I can feel the effects, my body feeling hot and covered in sweat. I don’t know about dragons, but both me and Meriden go woozy very quickly, our legs giving out. I set my alcohol tolerance to average, so I am affected about as much as Meriden.

The Dragon King continues talking, but I am not listening anymore. With one hand I grab Mercissa’s behind and with my tail I bring Meriden closer, grabbing her butt as well. This drink is gorgeous and it makes appreciate beauty more. Regios looks a little sad, seeing,e with his sister, but what can he do. Well, he challenged me to the arm wrestle that we didn’t finish last time.

I let go of both girls and face my opponent. With a wave of a hand more magic happens and a boulder surfaces from below the ground. We use it to gouge our strength. Putting our hands together, we begin the wrestle. I am considerably drunk now, but it seems so it Regios. Godsend Heavenbrew affects dragons like it affects mortals.

Regios starts applying pressure to try and defeat me and it is considerable force to fight against, but it is not enough anymore. I cam stronger now. I begin my own assault and slowly but surely, the hands begin to move into the position where Regios will be defeated. He looks at me with anger and tries pushing ever harder, but it is useless.

Yes! I am stronger than a dragon! I do a victory dance and smile at Regios. He is saddened by his defeat but doesn’t relent. He wants to go another round, but Dragon King stops him. He creates more shots, plenty for many people and pours the liquid from the bottle inside each one. The bottle seems endless. The dragons, some in pairs and some solo all descend towards us. We drink in the name of love and happiness and begin cheering.

We spent two months having parties back in great forest and now we are partying amongst dragons. Good times. The second portion sends my brain in shock, quite literally turning it off. I don’t remember much, just some vague memories. There was a little of kissing involved.

I wake up with two of my girls somewhere deep into the cave system, our clothes all over the place. Thank the gods there were no other dragons with us, just the three of us. Mercissa wakes up fine but Meriden is passed out for good. We dress ourselves, with me putting some of Meridens clothes on her. It isn’t as bad as I thought, clothes are not for only taking them off. This feels nice somehow.

Well, the big surprise is that Regios wakes up with three other dragons. He doesn’t know what happened. He has a black eye as well. Mercissa was able to clarify things a bit. Regios tried getting a small kiss from her last night, so I punched him in the face and we fought a bit. Then he drunk some more, going wild and forcefully taking three girls with him. Well, I say forcefully, but he is a handsome young dragon prince, the girls loved him for that.

It seems the crisis with Regios got resolved after all. He finally gets a woman and not just one but three! When he stuttered about it being a mistake, his father looked at him with the same stern expression he had before, but there was a lot of killing intent seeping through. I just had images of Regios’ mutilated body appear in my mind. Regios gave up and with a sigh said that he is going to be caring for the three girls.

With that the Dragon King rejoiced and we continued partying. He produced some other alcohol and we drank more. Meriden regained her consciousness at some point, but she didn’t get any thinking done as her brain was attacked with more alcohol. We continued partying as it was a joyous occasion, both the son and daughter of the Dragon King found their better halves. I was a little sorry for him, but it made my life easier.

This whole time with the dragons, Meriden as the only sane person would face palm a lot, when she was sober enough to realize what happened. She was the weakest of all of us, but I made sure she was ok. This celebration lasted for a week until everybody calmed down. The alcohol ran out by that time and we relaxed. Now I could stop wasting time and actually get something done for once. Why am I not as productive as my girls?

Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 5

The next week was like Hell for Iris. Physical training in the morning and then pouring your soul into some magic, emptying your mana reserves each day only for them to recharge each time with a slight boost. Amaran didn’t kid when he said that he would pour his frustrations into her training. He made her do exercise when she woke up, running around, doing push ups and sit ups.

When she wasn’t exercising, she was getting a beating from Amaran, blocking and dodging his strikes. With each day the force of his swings grew, making Iris flinch in pain more and more. But, she hated to admit it, but she quickly felt herself becoming fitter, faster. Even if changes were slight, each day she could push herself just a tiny bit further, resist just a tiny bit more.

The body of the cherub was changing to accommodate her new lifestyle, her muscles growing in density and her skin becoming elastic and flexible, able to withstand more punishment. This would be too fast for a normal reality, but in the world where magic is abundant, mana facilitated these changes, allowing Iris to adapt quicker. This was especially true since she was doing her aura exercises as well.

She didn’t think about it at first, but casting spells on herself was a valid option. She first did it just to elevate some of her pain, mending the tears in her muscles but when Amaran saw her do it, his face showed a wide joyous grin. Iris knew she messed up. She shouldn’t have shown Amaran this trick.

Now, she had to cast spells on herself while trying to defend or attack Amaran. He didn’t break her bones or dislocated her shoulders, her magic wasn’t powerful enough for that. But there were now a lot of bruises and cuts appearing on her pristine skin, making her look like a leopard. Amaran would be beating her and not letting her rest, until she uses some spells on herself, at which point the beating would continue. This allowed them a few extra hours of training, until Iris was exhausted, her mana running out. Only after that would the half-breed let her rest and regenerate mana, while manifesting her aura.

Hell on earth. Why would the loveliest angel of them all, a cherub, get into such a situation was unknown to Iris, but she knew that it was for the best. When she thought nobody was looking, she would quietly cry, letting out her frustrations. Her pain because of the betrayal by her stepfather and ignorance of her mother, her anger at the stupid troll man who beat her senseless and the indifference of the blue haired girl who looked after her. But when the tears would end, she would be thankful that the green-skinned man gave her an opportunity to defend herself and to become stronger.

The half troll himself was positively giddy each morning. It seemed that he was recuperating from training and from fights very quickly. In the very first week he had four fights, which is twice the normal amount of battles per week. Both his bloodlust and his love for fornication grown considerably. Firstly, he hadn’t spent a single night in his room, each day having a new woman to take him in. Iris was a little sad by the fact, she began to enjoy his stupid gestures of affection and his silly faces he made at her. His grin was dumb, but it made her laugh each time unless it made her very embarrassed, which also made her feel good.

But secondly, he seemed to not care about any injuries at all. Once he fought so reckless, he broke both his arms and had to strangle the monster he was up against with his legs. It was dumb and dangerous, but when he came back from the pit, he only asked Jaina to set the bones in place and told Iris to repeatedly cast magic on him until her mana pool was empty. She was sure it was insufficient, but the combination of her magic and his superior regeneration did the trick. About half way through exhausting all of her mana she saw that he was already fine, but she didn’t say anything and Amaran didn’t stop her from casting. She enjoyed being in close proximity with him, touching his toned body and feeling his gaze on her body.

Iris learned to enjoy her time with him, watching him in baths, his nude figure being embodiment of manliness, both muscly and powerful but agile and dexterous. She would sneak a peek at him, hoping to not get noticed. The innocent little angel was getting corrupted by the half troll, her thoughts becoming impure. Four days into her confinement she allowed herself to think, what it would feel like to be with a man like Amaran?

Regardless of such ideas, she knew what kind of man he was, a promiscuous and unfaithful kind. He slept around more than the whores in the whore house. His lust was unmatched by anybody since he woke up, sometimes approaching numerous women during the same day. It was a bizarre display of sexuality from a man and even more bizarre the fact that women went along with it.

After a week, Iris began to think, perhaps it is no so bad that he sleeps around. She allowed herself to imagine the scene where he makes love to her and she didn’t know if she could satiate such a beast. However, as quickly as the image came, it was dispelled, lady could not let a monster lay his hands on her…

Iris was curious where he got all the energy from. Surely, even if her aura of a cherub affected him slightly, it couldn’t give him so much strength and stamina. She was even drained every night by Zyte, which was a mystery in of itself. A grown man would need a couple of days to recharge and he would be bedridden for the whole time, but Amaran got better after a couple of spells from Iris. It was like he directly absorbed the mana from her spells, which was somewhat ridiculous of a notion.

In fact, lacking a magic core, Amaran should’t feel any effects at all, his body being capable of only storing ambient mana from the environment, but he clearly showed discomfort after being drained. If this was true, Zyte wouldn’t be able to gather any mana at all after the first drain until weeks later. It was as if Amaran stored every bit of mana Iris poured into him, only to let Zyte drain most of it.

What’s more, Zyte was becoming stronger at a very rapid pace, both her magic and her strength growing rapidly. Such growth required a lot of mana, meaning that she drained a lot from Amaran each day, which simply shouldn’t be happening. She was even reluctant to do it last couple of days, it seemed her body and her core couldn’t accommodate such amounts of mana, even with a mana fiend traits, her core was not limitless, still needing time to form more crystals around it.

Many pieces of a puzzle that she couldn’t solve. Iris was toying with this information but kept it to herself, not wanting to give the half-breed any more ’genius’ ideas. He would come up with some new way to make the training harder and faster by using some unorthodox idea. Which, in truth, is exactly what happened by the end of the week.

After the week ended, Amaran said that he is taking a two day rest, making all three of them pack up and leave to the mansion in the city. It was a three story house, where Amaran lived with another ex gladiator, Hamorok.

Iris didn’t know much about the crippled fighter, only hearing rumors about him before. She was surprised to see a man without arms or legs, being tended by a half feline girl. She seemed to like the wolf man, trying to make his life easier. He had sadness in his eyes, missing the fights and being incapable of lifting the sword. But seeing his friend and the girls with him, he smiles trying to act friendly.

The girl were each given a room at the top floor, while Amaran took one on the second. Hamorok lived on the first floor, so he wouldn’t need to go up and down the stairs.

A little surprise for the half troll was the presence of another girl in his house. A half nymph was cleaning the house, the same one which was present when Amaran woke up. He was pleasantly surprised at this development.

The princess, while allowing him to do whatever he wanted, still wanted to keep tabs on Amaran, so instead of sending guards or butlers, she sent a maid. And which maid would do the best job, other than the one who already knew the half-breed.

The girl had a red flush on her face, indicating that she had some sort of experience with Amaran, making Iris envious of her. What was more surprising, the troll man didn’t know her name!

The girl introduced herself as Rose Mary Lightbud, a member of the servant family to the royal family. The half troll only snickered at the girl and told her to get comfortable around the house. He wanted to go for a walk, so he gave the two slave girls a free time and let them do whatever they wished and promptly ran outside.

Iris having nothing better to do, decided to talk with the two servant girls. Tirit turned out to be an ex fighter who fought in the pits with Amaran and Hamorok, and who admired the wolf man greatly. When he was crippled she asked Amaran to purchase her to tend to her favorite wolf. So, she has been staying with him, helping him with his daily life.

Rose on the other hand has been princess’s maid since her childhood, along many others. She also accompanied her to this city, when princess visited the arena a month ago. She was there when Amaran woke up and they had a ’situation’, memory of which made the girl turn bright red. No matter how much Iris pressed on about the situation, Rose never gave her any details. Zyte just scoffed at it, calling her master a pig.

The girls bonded, talking about their lives. Zyte talked very little, still refraining from getting too close to anybody, but others were glad to share their stories.

Tirit’s mother was from a tribe of desert cats, felines living alongside Dune’eld, the sand elves. They were a small tribe, living together until the goblins attacked them. Her mother was taken and she was given to one of the warriors of the goblins, who had many children with her. Tirit was one of them, until she was taken as a slave at the age of four. She eventually found her way to the pits, where her former master bought her and trained her. She knew Amaran and Hamorok well, so she was like a friend with them. She was glad to be out of the pits and helping Hamorok.

Rose on the other hand was rather fortune, ’until now’ as Iris thought, throughout her life. She is from a lower noble servant family who tend to the royals. They have privileges, but all children apart from first born are turned into maids and servants. This is apparently a great honor to serve under the king and queen, so there is a whole big process into training and preparing them as well as a large pool of candidates to choose from. Rose was fortunate to work for princess Floria, it was said her brothers were something else entirely and the king was the worst. Not that she complained, that would be treasonous thoughts.

The girls talked about their stories until the began to talk about the recent events. Zyte who stayed quiet until now, showed her displeasure on the revelation her master given her. And he was telling the truth too, Zyte wouldn’t have escaped if she killed any of her previous masters.

“But it’s logical if you think about it. Wouldn’t killing your master be the best option otherwise? I heard that in foreign countries slaves are branded to their face, so once you are marked, your freedom is forfeit forever and you have no right until you die.” Rose as a noble was aware of the problem, but she believed it to be fair.

“I think Zyte is mostly displeased that all her efforts until now were for naught. She tried killing so many masters before that her price dropped a lot, moving from hand to hand. She always thought she was close to freedom which made her keep going, but she was wrong.” Iris couldn’t help but add a little poison to her words.

“I don’t care what you people think, at least I have my dignity. I am not drooling over that bastard of a master.”

“Please, Zyte, you are jumping on every opportunity to drain the man. I saw how uncomfortable you look with all the excess mana you have. You are forcing yourself to kiss him each time.”

“Oh, fuck off. I am doing this to get stronger. One day I will be strong enough to defeat the man so I can go free.”

“Uh-uh. You won’t be strong if you die from mana poisoning.”

“Wait, what do you mean you drain him? Amaran doesn’t have a core, how can you get anything out of him?” Rose was curious now. She had some basic magic skills and she knew that whatever the girls talked about should not be possible.

“I don’t know. Master has a lot of mana inside, even I can’t drain all of it. I tried doing it each day for a week, but he doesn’t seem bothered at all. Just a couple heal spells and he is fine.”

“I don’t know how, but I think he absorbs the mana from my spells and then gives it to her.”

“Yes, each time Iris heals the master, he immediately gets better.”

“What do you mean, he gets better?”

“I should be able to drain him of ambient mana his body collects, seeing he doesn’t has a core now, which is a tiny amount but won’t have any effect on him. However, instead I gain a huge amount of energy and master gets uncomfortable all over the body.”

“Yeah, I noticed that too. It feels like Amaran replenishes his mana from the spell I cast at him. I mean, in theory without a core the mana from my spells can just stay in his body instead of being repelled by the aura, but it would be a small amount.”

The girls fell silent, each thinking about the puzzle they have before them. They understood that this was all unnatural, something out of the norm, bit each had too little to understand the truth of the situation.

“But it kinda gets annoying how you train to drain Amaran of all his energy. You are going to get mana poisoning soon.”

“It’s none of your business. You are just jealous that you can’t suck his face like that. I am doing this out of necessity.”

Iris went red at her words, embarrassed and angry.

“No, what I am jealous is of your massive amount of mana, I have to be training, casting spells each day until I run dry, while you just kiss him and wave your hands around.”

“Hey, why don’t you kiss her instead and let her have some of your mana, since you are so uncomfortable with all you get from me?” A male voice joined the discussion.

Everybody freezes at the appearance of the new person who shamelessly joined the girl talk. Amaran has found his way home a while ago and was walking around the house until he stumbled onto the girls talking about him and magic. While he barely understood anything about himself, magic talk was interesting and made him come up with a new idea.

“What?” Both, Iris and Zyte were surprised by the idea and the other two girls just looked at the half-breed curiously.

“Well, I mean mana is like water. Iris collects it form the environment, gives it to me, I give it to Zyte. Now she has too much of it, so much in fact that her reservoir is full and can’t grow quickly enough to accommodate such amount. So why don’t she give some of it back?”

“I heard you right the first time. But what?”

“You get bigger capacity for mana by emptying and refilling it all the time. Why don’t you two constantly pass mana around between you two? This will be much easier than casting spells every day and waiting for mana to regenerate.”

“This actually makes sense.” Rose, who understood magic rather well was somewhat impressed by Amaran, who came up with the idea having only basic knowledge on magic. It was a simple idea and wouldn’t work otherwise, but here they had a missing key to this problem. “Cam mana fiends even give mana back to the victims?”

“I don’t see why not. Mana drain is a simple manipulation of mana, a basic skill for us. But… I don’t like the underlying premise for it.” Zyte looked at Amaran who had a shameless smile on his face. She knew exactly what Amaran wanted.

Iris also looked at the troll man and she turned red seeing his expression. He wanted them to kiss, there was nothing else. Mana sharing was just an excuse to see tho beautiful girls kiss. To Iris this was clear, it was the only reason Amaran could think of this. Yes.

Although… The cherub didn’t hate it. In fact, being an angel of love, something inside her trembled at the though of kissing another, even if it was a girl. It wouldn’t be a man, so her honor would remain untouched. Surely that’s how it works.

Iris tried justifying to herself the possibility of going through with this idea. And it worked, she was not opposed to ’sharing mana’. It would also give her a power boost if it worked.

“I would do it.”

Amaran smiled at the cherub even wider.

“I knew you would. A wise choice. And you Zyte?”

The blue haired girl looked at the man with anger, but it was clear she was contemplating it. Even though she tried draining him a lot, he was fine as usual, but she was full of mana, so full, it made it almost painful. She couldn’t even sleep properly at the moment. Getting rid of some would be good for her.

“Fine, I’ll do it. But this is just for training and not for your pig urges.”

“Aha, I don’t have pig urges, only normal male sexy desires.”

The reply to Amaran’s quip was a silent “tsk” and a turning of the head. Zyte disliked man still, even if the one she had as master one was semi-decent. He was still her master and she his slave.

“Let me guess, ’master’ wants to watch his two little slaves kiss so he can get off?”

“No, your master wants to see if this works and if there are any other ways to use this. So, would you please?”

Zyte looks at Amaran with anger in her eyes, but sighs and closes her eyes. Even if he is perverted pig of a man, whatever he proposes has some merit for her. This could do good to both Iris and her.

The mana fiend turns her head to the cherub and looks at her. The pink haired girl is red in the face and has a complicated expression of both shyness and excitement. Zyte sighs once again and comes close to her. Taking her face on her hands, she locks their lips together and begins to feel their mana.

Iris doesn’t know what she is supposed to feel, but she is very hot and begins to sweat quickly. This new and foreign feeling feels good, but it seems a little wrong. Something is not exactly there, like a small part missing. She wondered if she was just kissing the wrong person or if it is because there are no feelings involved…

The mana fiend on the was focused on the task at hand. This wasn’t her first time kissing another girl, masters in her life tried different things before she got a chance to drain them. Now, it didn’t bother her, this was her trying to cultivate her unique talent, to use it for her benefit and the benefit of her current teammate.

Feeling the mana, Zyte begins trying to move it around. Usually she takes mana from people, this will be the first time she will be willingly giving it. Finding the core of the other person, she tries to move the excess mana inside her into Iris. The process is slow at first, but then the flow begins, the mana going into the girl Zyte kisses.

Iris felt when the mana began flowing into her. If she felt hot before, now she was in a volcano, her blood turning into molten lava, carrying massive amounts of life essence. Her body quickly gets covered in sweat, water escaping the molten prison of cherub’s body.

The core inside Iris vibrates, greedily absorbing all the mana it receives. Unknown to the people present, the cherub has a rather large core, the size of a big strawberry, but it was unused for the longest time, girl only barely casting magic, making her crystal fragile and hollow.

Amaran had a large crystal in his heart and it was powerful, filled to the brim. Every time Amaran fought, every time he got injured, every time he healed, mana would be there, pushing him on. Even if it was unknown to him, each of his feats made his mana core stronger, resulting in a great amount of mana accumulating.

But Iris, she was a noble daughter, protected and cares for, she didn’t need to struggle or to work, her hands soft and frail. Her core was large ever since birth, but because her life was easy, the core grew thin, the crystals withering away, leaving only the overall shape. Even though she was trying to use magic, her crystal allowed her minimal control over mana, making her weak.

But now, Zyte pushed mana into Iris. Inside the mana fiend, mana was of such concentration, it almost began to liquefy, forming a noxious poison. Instead of that, the mana was now flowing to the cherub, letting her core absorb it. Having mana pumped into it, the core reforms itself, quickly turning immaterial energy into crystals. This is not a natural occurrence, people don’t just get juiced up by mana to improve their magic quickly.

Both girls feel what’s happening, Iris absorbing a lot of mana. Her center is hot, her core radiating energy into the body, having been restored to its full potential. Zyte actually had to put a little more mana than she wanted at first, letting go of her own energy. She was not only free of excess mana she began feeling the hunger that mana fiends get when they are capable of draining.

When the girls part their lips, a trickle of spit remains between them. Zyte is captivated by the process that happened, charging another person like a battery. Not that she knew what a battery was, but this was fascinating. Over the duration of fifteen minutes, Zyte was able to greatly increase the magical capabilities of another, by allowing her reform her crystal core like is should be.

Iris is now wet, in more ways than one. Having her core stimulated like that, it sent pulses all the way through her body. Saying that this wasn’t pleasurable would be a lie. She felt energized, her body full of magical energy, ready to be used for anything. She felt her core influencing the flow of mana around her, the aura of the cherub becoming denser and more powerful.

With a slight thought her aura manifests. Her spectral wings are larger than before and her whole aura is brighter than what it used to be. The power behind her can be felt now. Without thinking, Iris casts a spell at Amaran. And which spell would she cast in this situation other than her charm spell.

Having her control over mana improved, the spell is created quickly, the lines of the floating symbol clearer and brighter than usual, packed with more energy. It transforms into a symmetrical heart shape and flies towards the half-breed.

Amaran was smiling throughout the whole time, seeing two beautiful girls kissing was a pretty picture. He had an idea what to do next, but before he could say anything, he was assaulted by the image of the cherub. His senses exploded, making him focus entirely on the pink haired girl.

He could smell her arousing aroma, her skin, wet from sweat carrying her womanly smell across. He smelt her smell of arousal, the girl have been plenty stimulated by the experience, both the novelty of kissing a girl and having her core charged up. He sees how the girl has her eyes half closed, slightly exhausted by the experience, a dreamy look on her face.

He doesn’t think, just comes over and kisses her while pushing her down to the floor. They both end up lying down on the wooden floor, him holding her neck with his left hand and kissing her, while his right hand reaches the girl’s nether region. She is too excited too resist and too envious to pass up such chance. Wrapping her arms around him, she invited him in.

Two fingers enter the girl and she moans sweetly into the mouth of the troll man. His fingers assaulting her from below, his tongue assaulting her from above, her body is being taken by storm. At this moment she doesn’t care that she was a noble or that this was a forbidden topic, all she wanted was to enjoy the touch of this man.

For fifteen seconds they indulge into their bonding session, him stimulating her lower lips and the little button that turns women on while moving his left hand moving down from the neck to her breasts, bypassing the shirt and the bra, reaching the girl’s nipple.

Suddenly the half-breed stops for a moment, trying to move away, but Iris follows after him with her own lips, trying to bring him back. Her hand stops his from withdrawing and before she knows what is happening, she herself is trying to make him continue.

“Iris, if this is how you really feel, I will gladly continue with you later tonight, but now we have some more things to do.”

The girl stops, realizing exactly what she was trying to do and what is happening, she quickly pulls away from the man, jumps up and runs out of the room, crying the tears of embarrassment. Throughout the whole thing, her aura never stopped shining, reflecting her inner joy of the occasion and still shining while she retreated.

Tirit looks at the two with a smile, not seeing anything particularly wrong. Zyte looks at the man with disgust, seeing his true nature and how he attacked the poor cherub, it’s obvious just how despicable the man is. And the maid is red, having seen such an unsightly display right in front of her, the shameless actions that were done.

Amaran gets up and wipes his hand on a cloth that was lying around. It is a waste, but he wants his hands clean, and licking them would seem like a wrong move right now.

“Zyte, I want you to drain these two and then give everything you get from them to me.” Amaran points at the two other girls in the room.

“Hey, wait, how can you tell her to do this? I didn’t agree to this!”

“You are a maid, working here by the order of the princess. You don’t need your magic now, neither does Tirit. And I want to know if I can really absorb the magic others give me.”

Girls don’t have anything to reply with, other than a “pig” from Zyte. But she complies with his command after a slight breather, still riding the wave which compelled her to start this mess.

Interlocking her lips with Rose, she drains her for five minutes, gently sucking up as much mana as the girl can afford to live without. Once she is practically empty, when drawing out would damage the structure of her core, Zyte stops and moves on to Tirit. Kissing the feline girl, she once again drains her, although the furry one has much less mana than the fruity girl.

After she is done draining them, Zyte once again feels slight discomfort at having too much mana in her body. It’s not quiet as much as before when she drained Amaran for a week straight, but it’s a considerable amount.

Mana fiend walks over to the half-breed and kisses him, sending all the excess mana into his body. To her surprise, all of it is absorbed immediately, leaving nothing behind. If she didn’t control the process, she would have been emptied completely, the body of the half troll would have sucked up every bit of energy Zyte had.

For a moment his body shone, the crystals in his flesh absorbing the magical energy. For a slight fraction of a second, there was a fluctuation, a manifestation of what could be an aura. This fluctuation shocks everyone present, making them look at the half troll with wide eyes. If his aura manifests, it will be massive. Nobody knows what happened, but it is huge. Something big has happened.

The troll felt amazing. His whole body buzzing with energy, his muscles and his skin feeling like they are tougher and stronger than they just were. This feels surreal, his senses improving quickly, allowing him to perceive more. He understands that if he absorbs mana, he will become stronger like Zyte. Now he needs to find a large source of mana to do it to complete whatever was happening to him.

Seeing as it is already becoming night, the sun has set a while ago, Amaran decided to depart.

“Well, I am going to bed. If anybody needs me, I will be in my room.” He throws a quick glance at the maid, but realized that she is too exhausted for what he has in mind.

“Hey, you won’t talk about what happened just now?” Zyte is the only one who still has energy to talk.

“Nope.” With a short reply, he walks out of the door and moves upstairs, leaving the three girls dumbfounded.

“I guess we will learn about this later. He can’t keep this a secret for ever.” Rose feels like she needs to fall asleep right now. She yawns and walks off towards her bed.

Tirit also feels pretty tired, but she has to go see how Hamorok is doing, she was absent for a while now.


Only Zyte is angry, but she doesn’t seem to be able to do anything now. No point getting works up over something she can’t change. She leaves for her own room, thinking of training some magic before going to sleep. She won’t be wasting her time thinking of useless things, that pig of a man can burn as far she knows.

Amaran went into his room and closed the door. He feels electric, his body full of energy, he feels how something is happening inside him. He doesn’t know that with the inflow of mana, the crystals in his flesh are growing and getting assimilated. Soon, his whole body will be an amalgam of crystals and organics, being stronger and tougher than normal body and capable of conducting mana through his entire being.

He gets undressed, thinking about what to do the next day. He needs to find a large source of mana to improve the rate of his transformation. Whatever is happening, it makes him feel good and he likes it. He want this to be complete, to see what he will become, because whatever he feels now, it is nothing compared to what he will feel then. Perhaps buying a monster mana core so Zyte could drain it for him would be a good idea…

His thoughts are cut short. The door opens with a slight creak, revealing a pink aura behind it.

“Come in Iris.”

The girl is unsure of herself, but she follows the command of the troll man. Running away, she tried acting like nothing had happened, but in the short time that they were separated, she couldn’t stop thinking about how good she felt, how amazing to feel him inside her, down there. This is what was missing when Zyte kissed her. Each time Amaran did it previously, it was there, but she didn’t realize it until it was missing.

With small steps she comes inside. Her body only had a silk nightgown, barely covering anything. Moving her shoulders slightly, she slips out of the strips that hold the cloth up and reveals her nude body. Her breasts are size three or just under, big enough to fill a hand. They are perky and firm, not sagging at all. Her pink nipples are hard, showing her excitement.

Amaran comes closer, understanding full well why she is in his room. He doesn’t bother talking, immediately kissing her and putting his arms around her. They are almost the same height, so they don’t need to do anything to be able to kiss.

His hands wonder to the cherubs ass, grabbing it unceremoniously, making her moan slightly. The cherub girl is inexperienced so she doesn’t do anything, but Amaran takes one of her hands in his and guides it to his shirt, making her undress him. She undoes the buttons on hos shirt and takes it off, not stopping the kiss. Then she proceeds to unbuckle his pants and lets them drop on the floor. Amaran is revealed naked, which Iris doesn’t realise so she tries to remove his underpants only to grab his erect penis.

Her eyes grow wide at this and she parts from him momentarily, trying to see what she took. She saw it before, but it wasn’t primed and ready usually. Amaran was good at controlling his body and he wouldn’t get aroused needlessly. Now, his erection was in full view on the girl. She never saw one before, so now she was a little scared, seeing how this was her first time.

Using slight force, Amaran pushes the girl towards the bed and onto it. He tries being gentle, but he knows the girl is ready. To ease up the tension, he kisses the girl, making her stop looking at his manhood. He massages her breasts for a moment, making the girl moan once again.

Then, he props himself up on his hands and positions himself to enter. Slowly, he begins sliding into the girl, her wet entrance inviting him inside. The girl gasp at the new sensation, feeling the hot rod move inside her just a bit. Amaran was hot, hotter than usual, his perfect body radiating energy and heat.

He goes deeper, bit by bit, until he meets resistance. He knows a few trick, so he stimulates the clitoris of the cherub, making her moan in pleasure. At the same time, he begins stretching the wall that stands between the girl and him being united as one. It’s not a whole lot of stretching, just a slight movement back and forth, but after a minute of such activity, the wall seems to loosen up a bit. When he knows that it’s time, he does another slow prod, but doesn’t stop and moves all the way in.

Iris winces in slight pain, having her virtue taken, little of blood comes out. She grabs the troll man and holds onto him. For a moment he comes to a stop at the deepest part of the girl, waiting for her to get used to this. She feels his heartbeat, both through their chests touching and through his rod pulsing inside her. His heart is strong, each beat radiating power through his body and now, when they are joined, through her. It is powerful and steady, unlike hers quick and restless beating.

After ten seconds she relaxes considerably, most of her pain fading away. Amaran begins moving, inside her, back and forth, little at first but building up pace with each thrust. Few minutes in and they are going at good speed, their bodies moving in unison. The girl is moaning, her body experiencing pleasure she hasn’t felt before.

Amaran is overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation. His improved senses allow him to feel more than before. The buzzing of the energy inside him, the thrusting inside the girl, the movement of the two bodies, the smell and touch and sound of the two making love… All of it comes together to create a symphony of joy and desire. He loves every bit of it.

The two move together, Amaran doing his best to make them both feel good. It doesn’t take a long time for the girl to start shuddering from waves traveling through her body, her climax washing over her. The waves come and go, increasing with each thrust and last for about a minute. Feeling her climax, half-breed slows for a moment, allowing her to take a small rest.

Then, they continue again. Their bodies sweating, covered in their fluids. The smell of sex is overwhelming. At some point Amaran flips them over, making the girl be on top. She moves, assisted by his hands and his slight movements underneath her. Everything is so knew to her and all of it overheats her. Throughout the night she climaxes multiple times, unable to resist the mastery of a half troll, who has been doing this for years.

During one of her climaxes, Amaran allows himself to drown in the sensation of the girl tightening around him and released every bring he had inside her. She felt hot liquid filling her up and the new feeling made her feel even better. This climax lasted longer than others.

They take a short break, change position and continue. The girl feels just as good as her partner, both of them having been charged by magical energy, giving them a boost to their stamina. They keep going for a couple of hours, longer than what you would expect from the first timer. Her training has surely paid off, her stamina being more than what you’d expect.

BY the end, Iris climaxed many times and Amaran thrice. Exhausted by the end, they both drop onto his bed and embrace one another tightly. Too tired to do anything, they quickly fall asleep like that, both of them naked, covered in fluids and not even covered by a blanket. Their dreams are magical, reflecting on whatever happened before. Until dawn, not for a moment had her aura stopped shining, enveloping the two in a soft and warm glow.

Others are somewhat more tame. Rose has fallen asleep hours before, drained of her energy she was powerless to resist. Tirit tended to Hamorok and fell asleep embracing her favorite wold. Only Zyte was still awake and grumbling about the pig and the slut. Her complaint for the night was the fact that he didn’t even let her drain him before bed that night.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 45

For a week I was assaulted by six girls, trying to get as much of me as possible. During this time, just for a moment, but I cursed my ability to go without sleep. With my last transformation I seemed to forsake the need for it, only sleeping if I wanted to. It would be good, but not when you have six horny brides that want your attention every waking minute. Good thing I have limitless stamina too, or more stamina than those six girls.

During this week I talk with Mercissa a couple of times and made sure she wanted to become mine. She loved me as she said frequently, but becoming mine meant staying with me forever. And that’s like an eternity. Mercissa will be mine until the end of days or until I die. Dragons are weird in that regard.

So, we decided to try transforming Mercissa during at the end of the month. In earth time it should be around June. By then I am going to have six wives and around fifty other Bloodborn who want me around. Kind of crazy if I think about it. I guess this is what I get for surpassing the realm of human capabilities, breaking every rule in the book and becoming something new. Ah, who am I kidding I love it.

The first girls to be turned who are not my wives are four of my Bloodborn. First one is Eclaire, as the leader of the demons. I could have used Sonja, who is the head of House of Bloodlust, but I hate to admit it and say it, Eclaire is expandable, Sonja is not. If something goes wrong, I won’t be able to replace Sonja easily. I thought of turning the four girls at once but then decided not to. They deserved to have my undivided attention for a night.

When I turned Eclaire, she transformed pretty much like Lilith, gaining a second form to use. However, Lilith can make her extra body parts disappear completely, turning into her usual form, thanks to Gargoyle’s power, but Eclaire is stuck with two forms only, the demon and the purified demon with the tattoos and the gem. I still don’t know the difference between two forms, but through the transformation Eclaire became stronger and more flexible, which I experienced first hand.

Next girl was a human girl named Afelia, a cute thing. She was seventeen when I rescued her, so now she was around twenty… I totally remember name and age of every girl… Anyway, her transformation was somewhat weird, she now looks like me, but less. She gained a tail and horns, but they are smaller than mine and she has the color scheme change. Her dirty blond hair became vibrant blond turning into red at the ends and her eyes gained red streaks through the irises. No wings, no animal hind legs, no tattoos. She seemed to be a pure blooded human, which I was curious about. I know for a fact that some of the girl have mixed ancestry. I guess I will have to wait about it.

The elven girl was Maev. She was a huntress before she was kidnapped, so now she worked under Lilith, stalking her prey. What were they called? Droplets? Or was it Leah’s girls? I will have to change the naming, it’s stupid now that I think about it.

Maev had different kind of changes from Afelia or Elcaire. She seemed to have taken a lot from the fox inside, her ears becoming about twice as long and gaining a small brush at the end. If before the reached slightly above her head, now they were going way above. Her senses also improved a lot, making her more aware of her surroundings. She also became quick and agile, so she must have received the wolf powers as well. Her lust also increased and she was very well wild.

Lastly there was the dryad girl, Blossom. I didn’t know how my blood would affect the plant based life form, but it did wonders. The previously somewhat pale green skin turned deep dark green with crimson markings. If before she was a simple flower, now she was a poisonous ivy, her looks screaming of her true nature. Her poison became much deadlier and her control over plants improved tenfold. She could use vines like wipes and ropes, which was noted and filed away for later. She also became very frisky with me.

Well, just as I thought, my blood enhances the natural abilities of the person drinking it as well as gives them some boosts from every power inside me. The more of one power is bestowed, the less of others are able to fit in the leftover space. That is why wood elves gained mostly powers of the fox and wolf, while not really gaining others, while Eclaire gained power of the demon.

I also found out that I become just a tad bit stronger when I drink their transformed blood. The increase is tiny, about one percent, but seeing how there are fifty of them that would be fifty percent more power for me. I am a cheat. A walking, breathing cheat.

Anyway, seeing how it turned out to be ok, I transformed Frez as well. He turned into a werewolf, into the same thing I was at first when I went through my first rite of passage, but smaller. He was also able to transform forth and back like me, so his normal appearance was fully human. He didn’t receive power from any other beasts either.

I relayed the news to the elders and let them think about this. Meanwhile, I proceeded to turn the rest of the Bloodborn. It took me two weeks as to not turn them all at once, which would be too dangerous for men of all ages, so after two weeks I had fifty women all shapes and sizes. Just as I thought, if they had mixed heritage, they would reveal that during transformation. Some girls gained demon traits and others gained elven traits. It was weird to deal with as the lines between races blurred more than before. We all became Bloodborn for real, our origins being too hard to decipher.

When Bella turned, she ran away with two brothers who followed her everywhere, which I found funny. What wasn’t funny was when Ed came back turned as well. The blood of all the Bloodborn can turn others, just like the blood of Val woman. Fuck! I immediately approached Aedim to search for the way to seal this ability until it is needed, hoping that my pocket genius can solve this riddle.

Jacob, seeing Ed and being a genius he is approached Frez and asked for his blood. Neither of them thought of the consequences, like father, like son. Apparently Jacob knew he lacked in speed and wanted to overcome his little problem by becoming the wolf, so seeing how my people turned others easily, he came up with a solution.

No, nothing wrong happened, Jacob turned into a werewolf like he was supposed to. But he was just as powerful as his father, which unnerved me. If even a single one of the Bloodborn is captured, the power can spread and turn everyone in the world! It’s like an epidemic, but the moderately good kind. With these news I once again came to elders to say that for a moment all Bloodborn were off limits and I won’t be turning anybody else for just a bit. Well, I meant anybody who isn’t one of my people.

While Aedim worked on the little project I gave her and Elders talked about what to do with the new information, I played around until it was time to turn Mercissa. Asking her the last time, she agreed to it and we decided to go through with it.

Her transformation was scary, the good kind of scary. She basically turned into the female version of me, the tail and horns, the eyes. Even the same color scheme, gaining dark brown hair with golden ends and black eyes with gold irises and pupils. Her horns also became obsidian black with gold, like mine. If some of her features before were reptilian, now they were all like mine, no scales on her human form.

Her increase in power was massive, she became more of a monster, but when I drank her blood, I too was hit with a bomb. Dragon blood is powerful, it even affected me like an aphrodisiac somewhat. You can imagine how it would be bad, making a tireless and sleepless monster horny.

For about a day I occupied Mercissa completely. Thankfully my blood also affected her. More thankfully, any other mortal person was miles away, as we hid as a precaution, which might have saved many lives. So, for a whole day we were a mess, just a loud sweaty pile of flesh not wanting to separate. It was wild and awesome, but also scary.

The girls were somewhat surprised to see a female me. It was a look of astonishment and curiosity. It was Mercissa, but she looked like me. When we stood side by side, the girls just shook their heads in disbelief. They didn’t like say anything, just smirked at us.

Throughout all this I didn’t gain any more lights inside me. While I grew just that much more powerful, I couldn’t turn into a dragon. I could turn into a drake with demon wings to look like Regios, but I lacked the massive dragon form, which is what really matters. Mercissa’s from became really cool. Her scales were dark brown with golden edges and black center. It was wicked. She was also stronger than before, and while I didn’t doubt that I could go easily against Regios now, Mercissa could too now.

These were intensive couple of months. Girls would go to their respective places of duty to sort out some business and return to party more. The whole ordeal with my blood made everyone giddy about the possibilities in the future. Aedim thankfully found a solution after months of searching. Using my black flame, I could place a blood seal to seal away a portion of their power, so every Bloodborn was branded with my mark, stopping their blood from turning anybody else. This mark was the same as the mark of a House of Bloodlust, some Druid-like design.

After the crisis was solved, we continued on with our usual duties. Bloodborn were doing their Bloodborn things, Elaya and Eleanor went to being leaders of their factions, Lilith and Leah led the Bloodborn, Meriden was tailing me and Aedim went to do more magical research.

I followed after Aedim in hopes of learning to use my magic, but it was a bust. My black flames could only be used for transformation, for blood seals and as a basic attack of burning with unholy fire. It was powerful, but there would be no throwing of fireballs, summoning monsters from netherworlds and being a badass. Nope, I am still simple Zern of the Val tribes.

So, I and Meriden mounted Flaer, which made her giggle as usual and went towards Regios’ territory, with Mercissa coming with us. Speaking of mounts, I finally was able to find a use for fur balls.

Rose went to Eclaire, Lemon went to Afelia, Green went to Blossom and Smurf went to Maev. Seeing four woman in skimpy clothing riding around on giant six-legged cats was somewhat out of a psychedelic horror movie. Like four knights of Catopalypse. Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Happy kitty and Sleepy kitty. The four last things you see before the Big Bang and the end of the universe…

The four girls were ecstatic at my gifts, they loved the fur balls, seeing how I was the one who rescued them and brought them up, they revered them on par with my six fated. My six fated just face palmed at the notion, copying the same gesture I did around dragons. Wait, don’t tell me. Did I become eccentric like them? Damn it!

Anyways, with all business in order, we went to monster territory to both tell Regios the good news and to explore the Zone a bit. I was a full fledged monster now, it shouldn’t pose too much difficulty to look around the ominous dead wasteland with unknown dangers. No, none at all.

I wanted to leave Meriden at home, but she insisted on going with me. Well, she was a monster in her own right and she insisted on me punishing her frequently and then drinking my blood to get stronger. And I mean, what we did with Lilith, that was child’s play. Meriden went full throttle masochist and made me do things I thought were fatal to most people. As a result, she was becoming accustomed to pain and stronger with each serving of my blood. I also calmed down, my sadist side satisfied plenty with Merdien. This didn’t stop Lilith from being a sadist herself, still keeping the private regiment amongst the Bloodborn.

My life was all kinds of weird, I was hoping that Regios would be fine. Wait, there is the Dragon King there as well, maybe Mercissa wants to visit him too. Fuck. I better go and die somewhere in the Zone quickly.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 44.

The day after I unite with Eleanor we both wake up in our emperor sized bed in our chambers. I feel lighter, stronger than before, my mind clearer than it has been in a while.

As I wake up and move, the girl lying next to me also opens her eyes and looks at me. Her face shows a bright smile, her expression is that of happiness. We haven’t felt this good for months.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning, my king.”

The girl gets up, putting her weight on one hand while covering herself with covers using the other one. Her hair is messy and she looks very cute. This seems somewhat cliche, but I really like the look. I give her a kiss and make her blush.

“We need to get back to others. Let’s get dressed.”


Eleanor seems unlike her usual self. She is shy and self conscious. This is somewhat unbelievable, I would imagine Elaya acting like this. Although she did apologize for her behavior after our night together, she didn’t revert to her usual shy persona.

Now, from my queen a gentle, soothing aura radiates. If my transformation into a lion made me seem regal, like a true king, Eleanor became more like a mother than a queen. Her look is gentle and her demeanor is very calm and composed. Well, she really is a merciful queen she set out to be beside a ruthless king.

We both get dressed, our previous clothes somewhat ruined. But, it’s not like we are rulers of a whole kingdom, have a castle and wardrobe full of clothing? We put on some fancy clothes and then use portstones to get back to the Val tribes.

This past week, a lot of things happened. I learned the truth about myself, my origin, the demon race and the gods of this realm. I’ve discovered a new power which has been granted onto me by the Gargoyle through Lilith. I have finally resolved the incident of the betrayal, putting it behind us. Now we can really move on.

The two of us arrive at the central tribe, not too far from where the party is happening. I use the portstones to get in touch with other girls. Thankfully, Aedim and Elaya were near them so they heard my plea to get everyone together. By the time we reach them, they are all waiting for me, the six fated, plus Flaer and Mercissa.

Before I even said anything, Eleanor stood before them and spoke up.

“Dear sisters, Elaya, Aedim, Meriden, Leah and Lilith.” She turned to each one and bowed from her waist. “I ask you for forgiveness, for everything that I have done. It was my fault that you were captured during my betrayal and through me rushing my plans, all of you were hurt. I apologize for my arrogance and for my ignorance.” She bowed her head once again.

Everybody looks at the blond girl amused. Even I didn’t expect such a drastic change this quickly. But it’s a good change, that’s for sure. The girls have surprised expressions and look at Eleanor with disbelief. Lilith is the first to come to her senses.

“Wow Zern, I didn’t know that you fuck so good, you got some sense into the girl.”

“Aha, it is not the… Fucking… That got sense into me, it was before that.” The usually unmoving queen now feels that swearing is difficult for her. She is shy to say “fuck”! I really did an exorcism in her!

“I liked the foreplay, but it didn’t change me into a better human being, what has he done to you dear?” Aedim also seems amused by this change.

“Zern has made me realize that what I did was truly wrong, but where I was going, nothing was there for me but bitter sadness and that I still had him and I had you.” Eleanor takes my hand and brings it to her cheek and then looks at her sisters with a gentle gaze.

“So, I’ve talked with our queen and we worked out our differences. There won’t be any more punishments or unfair treatments.”

“So, do we have to take off our collars?” Leah said that with both, anticipation and disappointment.

“No, keep them on, I like them. Sit.” Three girls all sat down, obeying my commands. Lilith also sat, copying them. Only Elaya and Aedim were left standing as well as dragons.

“So, I am sorry, I don’t understand, what is happening?”

“Sister! Zern mounted queen Eleanor last night and now she obeys him like I do! It’s simple!”

“Ah. It really is simple.”

Fucking dragons.

“No, Mercissa, we had a problem before, but we solved it, now everything is fine. What I wanted to talk to you about is what do we do now that my rites are complete?”

I sit down and everybody who is still standing also joins me on the ground. Sitting inside the tent, it is rather warm, not like outside where there is plenty of snow.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” Elaya is the one to ask questions now.

“Well, now that we have six of you turned, who is next?” As I say that, I look at Mercissa, who still seems a bit lost. Perhaps she made a mistake and entered a wrong tent. Sometimes I really wonder that…

“Ah, eh, I don’t know. I mean, I like you, I love you. I want to stay here. But my brother, he wants me to return.”

The girls all start talking to her in unison. I can’ take out what they are saying, but the general idea is “What do you want?”. So many girls and each one has her own idea. Except for Flaer, she sat down on my lap and hums a song that she calls “Mount song”. It’s a song about being mounted. Obviously.

I let the girls have their own little conversation and play with my tail meanwhile. I use the brush at the end to tickle Flaer and she giggles like a little girl. She is what, three hundred years old? I forget the ages of people. Thank god that six of my girls are the same age as me, otherwise I would need one of them to write down the ages of all others. Although I am sure that Aedim does it anyway.

“Girls, settle down. Mercissa, I don’t know what you want and whether you like it here, but let me tell you. We like you. I and my girls, we all accept you and we would gladly accept you into our family and make you a permanent member. If you are worried about your brother, I think he is going to get over it. If he doesn’t, I am sure I can beat him now, since I have six of the… Essences? Aspects?..”

“Dark souls.” Aedim contributes to the conversation.

“Demon souls.” And Lilith just takes a piss now…

“Six powers. Plus, I want to see if turning you will then have any effect on me. I have a hunch.”

“I am not sure. I think I want to stay with you.”

“About damn time!” Lilith is relieved.

“Now, we will talk about the date of the transformation in a bit, but there is another issue. The Bloodborn.”

“What about them?”

“Well, unlike you, Elaya, all of them are simple folk, not born of the Val tribes and not carrying any power inside. I don’t know how it will affect them if at all. What I am thinking about is picking one from each race we have and turning them. We have Eclaire for demons. What about others?”

“They don’t have a solid leader as they don’t treat each other as different races. Even if they look different, they were all born in blood together through the mercy of their lord and savior Zern the Fiend.” Leah has a slight smile as she says it. The Bloodborn are quite the fanatics when it comes to me.

“Well, it doesn’t matter then. Just pick somebody you like. What my main concern is what happens after they drink my blood. You six have experienced the after effects of the transformation, what do you think will happen? I am thinking of giving my blood to a Val man, Frez to try as well, but he has a wife. The Bloodborn, except for our dear little Bella, they don’t have partners.”

Eleanor who is on my right and Elaya who is on my left, both take my hands into theirs.

“Zern. You have six wives and two dragons who want you, you are currently a leader of a whole kingdom, a house in the demon territories and the strongest man in the history of our tribe. There are about fifty woman who serve under you and who want to be with you. You have been faithful to us all this time and haven’t strayed at all. Do you think we will mind if you get some concubines?”

Eleanor speaks with an almost indifferent expression as she says those words. Her tone is gentle, nothing like her arrogant one before.

“Yes. We had slight doubts through the years, but you never made a mistake. You were always true to us and cared for us deeply. It is understandable of you have more women. Leaders always have women other than their wives. Ever since Mercissa came into our life, such possibility has been evident to us. It would happen eventually.”

Elaya also seems rather calm about it. Are they for real? Is it really ok to have even more women? Six is a handful, with eight it got crazy, do they really want to give me even more?

As I am slightly shocked, Elaya comes close and bites my ear while Eleanor kisses me on the cheek gently. Aedim whispers something to Mercissa, who gathers up Flaer and walks out of the tent. The others start getting closer to me.

“Girls, you can’t be serious. What happens if any of them get pregnant? They might have men they like, I can’t be enough for them all, what if they want love or if they want to be wed? This is all too big a deal.”

Leah comes over and kisses me on the lips. She tries to shut me up and once she is successful, she parts her lips for a moment.

“Let us take care of the logistics, you just enjoy the little gift we give you. I am sure that there is enough Fiend for all of us.”

With those words she proceeds kissing me. Aedim begins undressing me and Meriden helps her. This was a trap!

With only us in the tent, the girls turn this into the love fest. They get undressed once I am totally naked and proceed with manipulating me. I must say that their ways are good, the good ol’ stick and a carrot approach, although even if I was given the carrot, I was the one giving the stick.

That day I stayed sober and didn’t leave the tent once. Considering that we came to the Val tribe somewhere during the morning, the fact that I exhausted them completely only just before the dawn of the next day was a miracle of some sort. I am sure somewhere, somebody is creating the statue of me.

This was a true beauty, the girl showing me how much they loved me. I never thought they would be ok with is and dreaded what my relationship with the Bloodborn would become. Over the years I really got used to the girls, helping them and getting help from them. This new turn of events is going to change everything.

Eventually we calmed down and were able to talk a bit. It was decided that first, we would turn the Bloodborn and Frez. Aedim proposed the idea of initiating Frez as a Bloodborn, which would make him the first male in out faction, other than me. I liked the idea and Frez also agreed to it. He wanted to join me for a while but never had the balls… The chance to ask.

We would be turning Mercissa later for two reasons. First, we would need to settle things with Regios and make sure that Mercissa was hundred percent for it. Her chilling behavior and absent-mindedness made it somewhat uneasy for me, like forcing something onto somebody who wasn’t sure of the consequences. Although at times Mercissa showed maturity, which was very welcome.

The second reason was, I didn’t want to create a fiend of some sort. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t, but if my blood worked like the girls’ did, there was still a slight possibility of that. So, to make sure we don’t have some dragon fiend, we would start with easier to manage people, like the Bloodborn. The date was decided a week from now. In the meanwhile, we would have plenty of time to enjoy the new us, the overly sexual teenagers and a fiend.

Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 4

In the morning, Jaina and Amaran woke up early. A habit acquired through the years of living in the arena, you take everything you can from life. You sleep through the night, you live through the day. Having the same idea, the two ’lived’ together for an hour in the morning and then separated. Amaran went to his room to wake up the two girls.

Both girls were new to to arena, Iris being a total newbie and Zyte becoming a fighter just mere months before, neither of them were accustomed to living the lifestyle the half-breed lived.

When he came in, he made noises to wake the two girls, banging on the door a bit. With a slight slight grumble, Iris wakes up and looks around. On the bed across from her a nude Zyte is sitting up, rubbing her eyes. The door is slightly open with the half-troll peeking through and grinning at them. Slightly confused, Iris looks at herself and then covers her body, which only had her shirt on. The mana fiend seemed to not care about the troll, she was used to such treatment being slave and all.

“Girls, get up, we need to talk.”

Amaran walks in and opens one of the drawers in the room. Out of it he pulls up a collar like the one he wears and tosses it to the cherub.

“Put this on. It will mark you as my slave instead of the arena’s. It is slightly different from the usual ones as it will allow you to use magic. It is forbidden to use during the fights, but outside you will be able to practice whatever magic you can do.”

“Uh, thank you.”

Iris takes off her prisoner collar which has been deactivated and puts on the other one given to her by the troll man. He comes over, ignoring her revealing attire and locks it up by donating a drop of his blood.

After that he steps out of the room, giving the two enough time to dress and come out. Both girls put on their clothes, some simple pants and shirt given to them by Amaran. He told Iris to put away her previous attire as to not draw attention to her.

While Iris dressed, Zyte tidied the room and made sure it was presentable. The cherub tried helping her, but only got pushed away. She was inexperienced with the matter of cleaning, being a noble before and having maids to do that.

When two of them came outside, Amaran was waiting there and whistling. With them ready, he set off towards the dining area. They took some trays with monster meat and potatoes and sat at a table together. Zyte didn’t have a very pleased expression, but she obeyed her master regardless.

They began to eat with only the three of them when Amaran decided to speak.

“Now, Iris, I wasn’t totally honest with you yesterday. A slave cannot have other slaves. I am a free man as of a week ago.”

“What? But that means you can go out there, why are you still fighting as a gladiator?”

“Simple answer, I like tit. This is what I’ve done my whole life and what I am good at. Now I earn money and have a place I can rest and have fun.”

“But if we go out there, I won’t have to fight…”

“Girl, and what will you do, being my slave, if we get out of here? Zyte here is earning her upkeep as a maid. She cleans my room and takes care of miscellaneous things. Can you do that? I don’t think so, you being a noble and all. Now, what would a master do to a pretty girl slave who can’t fight and can’t clean, but has a rocking body?”

Amaran showed a mischievous smile to the cherub girl. It sent shivers up her spine and made the fiend nearby distort her face in disgust.

“Uhm, I, I think I know what…”

“Exactly. And I don’t think you like that option right now. Let me tell you, the upkeep of each slave in the arena is five silvers a month. This is the price for the boss, who is a relative of the arena master. For others it’s more expensive. Since the boss earns plenty of money from our fights, he doesn’t charge the slaves anything, but if a slave doesn’t fight, he has to do some other job.

The girl yesterday, she works as a representative of the arena master. A slave here works for the boss in the very same way, being his eyes and ears while he is away. Would you have a talent for administration? Not that I need it.”

The girl shakes her head and looks down at her food. She understands that she has no real worth and where this conversation is going.

“So, you have no talents, you are untrained. How could I use you other than using your body to satisfy my manly needs?”

The girl shakes her head again, not knowing the answer.

“Well, how I can see it, out there you would be nothing more than my concubine, but here, given proper training, you could prove your worth as a fighter.”

“I see.”

“Now, don’t be so down. Since I work under master, it should’t be too expensive to have you here. Plus, since you live with me, technically you only need to pay for the food. And seeing how you can use magic, we might just find a job for you. But, you will still need some weapon to use. Would you tell me if you have any experiences with weapons and what can your magic so?”

The cherub looked at the troll with a thoughtful expression for a bit. She never really had a weapon nor did she have a real preference. Weapons are too violent for a lady like her, not that she was one now… And magic, it was rather weak. She needed to train it more to have a real use for it.

“I am sorry, but I don’t like weapons and I can’t really use my magic yet. I need to train more. I know a charm spell and a healing spell, but their effects are too slight because I don’t have much mana. My parents didn’t prioritize me training my magic.”

“Well, that’s not good. But what about that spell you used last time? I certainly felt it’s effects on me last night, He-he.”

Amaran showed the girl a wide grin and she immediately understood the meaning of his words.

“But that was no spell. I only materialized my aura, it is one of the practices that mages do to improve their magic. If you felt it then you must be incredibly sensitive to magic. That’s incredible!”

“No, I am lacking a core, so I don’t have my own magic to resist yours.”

“You don’t have a magic core? But all sentient races have one… Unless you somehow lost yours… Wait, are you that man who was involved in the accident three weeks ago?”

Amaran smiled at the girl a bit shyly.

“Aye, yup. That’s me.”

“Wow, this is incredible. I’ve heard about you even all the way at home. You are supposed to be dead. People talked about putting you down if you went through sundering, but since you lost your core, it was ok to let you live.”

“Really? I haven’t heard any of that here.”

“Amaran, you are incredibly lucky!”

“If you are going to praise him so much, why don’t you go and fuck him already?” The blue haired fiend nearby didn’t have so much joy at hearing such news. Cherub turns red at her words, feeling ashamed at how she reacted.

“Don’t pay her any attention, she dislikes me like she dislikes all men. I will need to train her later. Anyway, now that we have all eaten plenty, we are going to go and train. Iris, we will see what kind of weapons you can use and I’ll think about using your magic later. Let’s go.”

Having had breakfast, the trio sets off to the training rooms. After a number of corridors and twists and turns, they come to a large spacious room. Around the place are some training dummies and some targets for shooting. Near the walls are some racks with weapons of different types and sizes. There was little illumination, with a grated window in the ceiling letting in the daylight. During the night, the area is illuminated by torches or magic stones.

While they walk, Amaran talks about ups and downs of weapons, how it is good to use blunt weapons for heavily armored opponents or how to parry and counter attack. It leaves little impact on the girl, as she has no real idea what the troll means, but she doesn’t say anything, not wanting to offend him.

When they come to some dummies, Zyte walks off to train her fighting. She has a whip, a trident and a net, weapons used for ensnaring and then draining her opponents. While she couldn’t do it previously, now Amaran allowed her to take magic from downed people. So, now her style would be incapacitating her opponent and then drain him while killing him. When magic core looses conscious control, it releases plenty of mana which can be absorbed by her.

Amaran also allowed her to drain people outside of combat, but only in self defense and not lethally. If she would try going over the line that her master has drawn, she would be stopped but the enchantment in her collar.

While the blue haired girl trained, Iris was trying different weapons. Swords, daggers, axes. They all seemed too violent to her. Amaran also saw that she couldn’t use them. So, they came up with a plan. If they ever fight, they will fight together, Amaran killing people and Iris simply surviving long enough. They decided to give her a shield and a mace, a classic combination. In case if somebody comes at her, she should be able to guard against attacks.

At first, the girl will have to use the simple wooden shield but if she shows potential, Amaran would get her a better one. He decided that she should have a simple circular shield, about fifty percent bigger in diameter than girls forearm. It should be light enough for her to wield, but cover enough to give good protection.

So, to get her accustomed to her weapon, they would train together. Sometimes, Iris would try and bash Amaran with her shield or hit him with a mace, but other times she would have to try and block his attacks. He didn’t go all out on the girl, understanding that she was still very weak, he would need to raise her stamina and strength first.

They trained until lunch, when Iris was already moaning from pain, when they took a break to eat something. The girl was almost useless, but her perseverance was admirable. Even with her legs shaking below her and her muscles cramping from such a rigorous work out, she stood and continued training. She did not want to go back out there and die. And she didn’t want to be discarded by Amaran to go back to the other man.

During lunch they had some more monster meat. It was considered a low quality meat, as it was tough and unappetizing, but after fights and training, nobody complained, only hoping to get as much into their stomachs as possible. This day it was some giant crab, the legs being as thick as a human head. Some strong guy must have killed it in the arena.

After they had some food, it was break time for a while. Amaran told the girls to get some rest and then continue training. He told Iris to not just sleep, if she had no energy to fight, she should train her aura and her magic. He actually asked her what is the aura and how it helps her.

“Well, you see, aura is what defines the strength of our magic or the defense of the mage. You can easily move an object or set it on fire, but it is hard to penetrate the aura of another, so it is difficult to lift somebody in the air or break their bones through magic alone. The person’s magical core would retaliate, unleashing the aura to deflect such attack.

However, if person’s aura is stronger than that of his target, he can overpower the aura of another and influence the target directly. This is why curses as well as healing are very complex, unless you have strong enough aura, you need some other way to influence another. Very few mages actually bother to strengthen their aura for this simple reason, it is much easier to not bother affecting the person directly. A massive stone can do more damage than some curse.”

“So, you must be an exceptional mage then, having a visible and powerful aura?”

“Ah, no I don’t.” The girl smiled shyly at the troll man. “Angels are very spiritual beings, our souls and magics are more powerful to begin with. Demons are strong physically, their strength can be tenfold of the normal man. Well, angels have strong auras, which manifest very easily and can overpower others. But I have very little mana and I don’t know many spells. Angels don’t like using magic for harm, so most of us only learn beneficial spells.”

Hearing the explanation, Amaran once again told the girl to train her aura if her legs gave out. Leaving Zyte with instruction to guard the girl and to help her if she needs help, the half-breed went to see his boss. The blue haired girl was unhappy with the request, but she couldn’t deny it, so she just smiled bitterly with a “Yes master”.

Approaching boss, Amaran talked to him about how he could utilize Iris. Boss as well as arena master both disliked magic. They believed that true strength comes from the body, and pansies who throw around spells and teleport should not be called men. He denied any possibly of the girl using magic, no matter how inconsequential.

Amaran then proposed another idea. What if his team would fight against powerful monsters? In other arenas it was common practice to both use magic in fights and to have group fights against big monsters. It would provide more entertainment and allow this arena to fill another niche. It was a popular idea amongst people. Boss thought for a moment and decided to talk about it with his uncle, the arena master.

The monster battles were an entertainment which also was practiced here, but instead of strong and powerful monsters, it was one on one battles or free for all battles against numerous weaker monsters. Wolves, spiders, spinemurks, any other weak monsters would be pitted against slaves. Amaran himself participated in a few such fights, but mostly the strength oriented fighters, like Grum, would fight the monsters.

Leaving the boss, Amaran returned to the girls to continue training. While Zyte and the half troll continued to train, Iris practiced her magic instead. She would concentrate and manifest her aura, making a pink glow spread around. The area of the effect was tiny, but every time Amaran came close, he could feel something inside him resonating, taking in the pink aura.

After a while, Amaran stopped his swings and came over to the cherub.

“Iris, you said you know some spells. Healing was it?”

“Yes, basic healing spell and a Charm spell. But they should’t be useful unless I train my mana and my aura.”

“Well, you said I haven’t got an aura since my core is gone, you can train your spells on me now. Shouldn’t we at least try?”

“Well, ok. I will try a heal spell first.”

The girl looked at the sweaty troll and the bruises and cuts on his skin. He was reckless during training, trying to be funny and show off his finesse, sometimes juggling his swords or doing tricks he never tried before.

Picturing a magical formation in her mind, the girl began pouring her magic, forming the same symbol before her. In front of her hand floated a symbol, a half circle with lines written in. It looked like a magic circle and a glyph put together. Once the spell was complete, Iris sent it towards the troll man.

When the spell was formed, it turned into a glowing pink orb. After the girl sent it forward, it homed in on Amaran and hit him in the chest. He didn’t feel the impact, but the magic in the spell sent waves of refreshment through him. He felt his strength returning and his injuries quickly mending.

“Wow, this is some powerful magic. What is it supposed to do?”

“Aha, no, this is the most basic spell. It is mostly used on pets and other little creatures. It closes small cuts and refreshes the body. But if you don’t have an aura, it seems to have a greater effect on you.”

“Yeah, I feel great. Now, hit me with the other spell. What is it meant to do?”

The girl began forming the other magic formation. Pouring the mana into it, she formed a heart shape with lines in it. While she made the spell, she described it to Amaran.

“This is a rather complex charm spell, but it is the simplest one in the category. It makes me very appealing and makes the opponent want to help me. I haven’t been under the effect of such a spell before so I don’t know the exact effects…”

She finished weaving the spell together and let it go towards the half-breed. When it was finished, it made a puffy heart and flew towards him.

When Amaran was hit, he felt his senses completely overturned. His perception was zoomed in on the one girl before him, dismissing anything else. She was safe, completely fine, so he didn’t need protecting her. Instead, he felt her like she was next to him. He felt her smell, the alluring womanly smell. He felt the softness of her skin, how it looked in the light of the sun. He was completely overwhelmed by the sensations and he was powerless to resist. The love for this one girl was all he could think of.

Within moments, the half troll was standing next to her, one arm around her waist, another on her cheek, their lips interlocked. He kissed her and caressed her soft cheek, gently moving his hand. The girl was shocked, but she somewhat liked the sensation, even though it was so sudden and new to her. She didn’t resist, just closing her eyes and not thinking about it. She didn’t notice how a hand drifted to her behind, squeezing it.

Thankfully for the girl, the spell was rather weak and while it had a massive effect on Amaran, it lasted for only a few seconds.

When the magic ran out, the pink glow in his eyes disappeared and he parted from the girl. He was conscious of what he had done, but he didn’t apologize to her. Instead he smiled at her with a wicked grin.

“Well. If you want to repeat that, I won’t stop you. This was awesome.”

The girl was very flustered. She only just realized how she didn’t resist or tried stopping the man, simply giving in to his actions. She thanked the gods that the troll man didn’t realize it, even if he really did, but chose to not tease the girl about it.

“This spell is great. We could really use it in combat. But it is very short, isn’t it?”

Still blushing, the girl hard a second to catch her breath and reply.

“Ah yes, I will need to train. With time, my casting speed, the mana density and the accuracy of the magic formation should increase.”

“And what are they?”

“Eh, well, the casting speed is how quick I form the spell. Right now it takes quiet a while, but with practice I will get familiar with the spell and with drawing mana to create it, so I could use the spells faster.

Mana density allows me to pack more power into smaller spell, increasing the effects and penetration of the magic. It correlates to the strength of my aura and allows me to overcome the aura of others. The spell would be useless with low mana density, it is a miracle it worked on you at all.

And accuracy of the magic formation is how well I form the spell. The lines of the spell are very blurry right now, the effect is very weak. If I can create thin but precise mana threads when I weave the spell, I can create a very powerful spell with exact effects and duration. Even though mana density affects those things, it is the accuracy of formation that has the greater effect on them.”

“Ok, I get it. Now I want you to train magic. In the morning we will do physical training, and after that, every free second you have I want you to strengthen your spells. Are there any other spells you know?”

“Well, there are some I’ve read about and I know their formulas, but I’ve never been able to cast them.”

“Great. Right now you train your aura. When you can cast the other spells, we will see how they can help us. Actually, is it possible to manifest your aura and cast spells at the same time?”

“In theory yes, but it is somewhat hard. It requires a lot of concentration. But I can try.”

“Great. You do that and cast heal on me, while I do my training. This way we kill many birds with one stone. Aha, I am a genius!”

Amaran than turns to Zyte, who has been doing her training.

“Zyte, why don’t you train magic too?”

“What for? I don’t want to waste any of my mana for nothing. We can’t use it in fights, so what’s the point?”

“Well, we might be able to use it soon. But right now I allowed you to drain people you defeat. You should have plenty of mana soon.”

“I haven’t had a fight yet and I need more training if I want to go against the veterans like you.”

“Oh, you want to defeat me? If you ever fight me and win, I will set you free and let you drain whatever little mana I have. But if I win… Well, I think you know what will happen then?”

The half-breed looked at the blue haired girl with a smirk.

“You bastard. I will never loose to the likes of you. When the time comes, I will end you, you pig.”

“Aha yeah. Sure.”

“Miss Zyte, why do you dislike Amaran so much?”

Cherub girl was confused at the mana fiend’s open hostility towards her master almost as much as his dismissal of the blatant disrespect.

“He is a pig like all men. They don’t deserve to live because all the want is to fuck us and to kill us. They are all the same.”

“Aha, and you are the one to know that, right, Zyte? You’ve been discarded by so many men, right? Iris, don’t listen to her, she just has some bad history with men. She will learn to get over it eventually.”

“Whatever you say. I don’t have intention on following your orders. I don’t have mana for spell casting right now.”

“Hmm. Zyte, what if I let you drain me of the ambient mana my body collects? Or even drain Iris, she has plenty of mana in her, I think she wouldn’t mind to share.”

“You… Are you stupid or what? I could easily kill you like that.”

“Zyte, Zyte. Firstly, I can order you not to kill me. Second, do you know what happens when your master dies? You attacked them many times, but you never actually killed one right?”

Zyte looks at the troll with anger and defiance.

“Let me shed some light at this mystery, when your master dies you don’t get to go free. It would be somewhat logical, if you wanted your slaves to kill you any chance they get. But no, in actuality, the collar which looses the link to its master then paralyzes the slave to let somebody reclaim them. This is done so that slaves will stay slaves. You kill me, both you and Iris fall on the ground until somebody comes here and becomes your master. Unless I personally take off that collar on your neck, you will remain a slave.”

The girl glared at him angrily, not believing his words. If what he said what true, she had no hope of escaping.

“But, what about you? How did you survive three weeks ago, your collar was destroyed, without you being freed by master.”

“Aha well, in case a slave tries to take a collar off, a ward, much like the one we have against magic, will be set off to expend all the mana in the body and to kill the slave. I was very lucky. I mean lucky like nobody ever was. There was so much magic then, that the impulse which was supposed to kill me never came through the massive amount of magic that was happening inside me. Once the collar melted, it was useless, but it should have killed me.”

Amaran said that very cheerfully, but it unnerved both girls how he casually dismissed the fact he was supposed to die. Fighters learn such attitude after a while in the arena, you get used to being a second away from death all the time.

“Now, I may have found a way for us to make more money. For that, magic should be allowed, so if you have any way spells you can practice, I suggest you do that.”

Zyte was both angry and sad at what she heard. She never paid much attention to her masters, always trying to simply kill them and run away, she didn’t know how slavery worked. Hearing what the half troll said, it was devastating to her. Were all her efforts in vain?

She may never had a chance to be set free, not since that bastard captured her and sold her. What is she supposed to do? Give up?

“Listen, I don’t intend to set you free, not while I am here and while I have a use for you. Now, like I told Iris, we fight and get money while I stay here, or you die in the arena, or I sell you. I don’t know if I am a good master or not, but I believe I treat you better than most. If you really hate me so much, I will exchange you for somebody else and forget about you. But right now we are here, together. You have a choice and I really hope you make the right one.”

The half-breed was telling the truth. He was nicer and he didn’t force Zyte to do anything, other than being a maid. Although, it wasn’t too hard for her, it was easier than being forced to do ’anything else’. She hated that.

Perhaps he wasn’t so bad. But she couldn’t let herself trust another man, not after what happened to her. But right now she was in the best place she could be, her master being just a battle maniac, wanting to fight and not much else. He had all he needed and he didn’t need her. Could she do better? Not right now.


“What was that?”

“Ok, I’ll do it. I will train magic. Let me drain you.”

“Aha, that’s good. I am glad we are on the same page.”

Amaran walked to the girl and stood near her. She looked at him angrily, but then came close and kissed him. This was necessary to drain somebody. She wasn’t going to be gentle, but she didn’t need to be, not having a magic core, she couldn’t do him much harm, although he should be dead already. She locked her lips with his and sucked in the mana he had inside.

Normally, with such force she would make it very painful, enough to make the person keel over and wince in pain. Without a core, it shouldn’t do anything at all. But Amaran flinched in slight pain, all around his body there was a painful sensation of ants crawling underneath the skin.

Zyte was surprised. She was supposed to get very little mana, but what she received was a plentiful amount, about the same a full grown man would give her, if she drained his core whole. She was more surprised when she felt even more mana inside Amaran. She however decided to stay silent and moved away from him.

Amaran felt somewhat weak, so he asked Iris to cast a couple of healing spells on him. After he was enveloped in pink light, he felt better, his pain disappearing and his body feeling once again refreshed and rejuvenated.

None of them knew what was happening. They didn’t know that Amaran was one big magic core, his whole body having tiny crystals inside it, turning him into something different. They didn’t know that the reason he didn’t have an aura was because each crystal was still tiny, but growing every time it absorbed some ambient mana or one of the spells from Iris.

They couldn’t imagine what would happen, once the process gets to the next stage, when his whole body completely assimilates and incorporates the crystals into its structure and he becomes capable of using mana and his aura manifests.

Each of them felt something was off, but nobody said anything and kept silent, doing whatever they were doing.

Until dinner they practiced their arts. Zyte now trained arcane manipulation, the skill mana fiends use, using pure mana not turning it into any element. She could use it to manipulate matter in any way she wanted, limited only by her imagination and skill.

She didn’t waste any mana to cast some spells at somebody else, she just kept all the mana she used, absorbing it afterwards. Being a half mana fiend, she was a bit weird. Humans were average, so being a half-breed, average qualities increased slightly are still average. She had average mana core and average strength, she had average rate of mana gain. This however helped her as mana fiends didn’t have any mana regeneration at all, only forced to consume mana from others to grow. This allowed her to be autonomous, not relying on killing others to get stronger.

However, Zyte was still able to drain others to get stronger rapidly. Her mixed blood improved her mana fiend traits, allowing her greater mastery over mana and improving her growth by absorbing mana from others. She did receive the hunger, the same hunger which made other people despise mana fiends, but it was weaker than that of a pure blood mana fiend. She could consume normal food as well as mana.

This was overall pretty good for Zyte, letting her become a strong mage if she was allowed to train. Thankfully she was allowed to.

After dinner, Amaran decided to let everybody relax, it being Iris’s first day and all. He told her she had free time until evening and that he was going to go wash up, like all other fighters. Iris was confused at first, not knowing what to do, but she ran after the troll man and followed him. She was blushing, her cheeks showing her embarrassment, but for some reason she didn’t want to stay away from the troll man.

It was very hard for her, but she removed her clothing and dived into the pool together with Amaran. It wasn’t sexual, although there were some fighters in other pools who were engaged in such activities. Amaran and Iris both just washed themselves. They stayed at some distance, so when some more people joined them, Iris was somewhat separated from the troll man, with Jaina and Zyte sitting in-between as well as some red orc woman who sat next to Amaran and whispered something to him.

They exchanged some whispers and both smiled, at which point Amaran announced that he was leaving. This made Iris nervous, but she couldn’t speak out or say anything. What would she say? That she wanted to stay with him? That was very unladylike. So, she remained quiet. When Amaran was getting out, he told Zyte to watch out for her, which she once again answered with a bitter smile and a “Yes master”.

Amaran went to bed with the orc woman that night. She was a tough fighter, but she liked having the young men tend to her. Amaran was glad to oblige, making them both have a very good time. They were both sweaty through the evening, only falling asleep slightly after midnight.

Zyte and Iris both went to their room and practiced more magic there. Iris asked if she could cast heal on the blue haired girl, to which she replied with indifference, allowing her. Sadly, her magic had no effect, still being too weak.

Cherub asked the mana fiend to show off her aura, which she did after slight grumbling. She shined with blue light, blue lines materializing around her. It was the mana fiend aura, nothing special, just some lines forming a design at a half a meter distance from her body.

After they practiced some more, the decided to call it a night. Zyte fell asleep with confused feelings, not knowing what to feel about her situation. She may have never actually been anywhere near freedom. If that was true, she might be in the best situation she had ever been, her master being kind and tolerable. But what if he lied to her? She would need to ask around to learn some truth. Her life was very confusing at the moment.

Iris also was slightly confused. She wanted the troll man to stay with her, but she didn’t understand why. She didn’t know what she was feeling, she only knew that he made her feel safe. But she also knew what it was he wanted from her. Was she able to give it to him? She was a noble, even if it was before all this. Would she ever be able to restore her status? Or would she remain a slave forever?

Both the girls fell asleep into nervous slumber, their dreams not giving them any peace of mind. Their state was confusing, not knowing that to expect the next, afraid of whatever was around the corner. It was a tired sleep, not restoring much energy through the night.