Beast Fiend. Chapter 56.

A couple years ago Meriden asked me, why don’t we use Ki for attacks. The energy is very potent and during training it strengthens the body to extreme degrees. If one were to use it in battle, one would become invincible. I had to give her an extended explanation about how in this realm our bodies were very simple, lacking such thing as a Ki center.

If the world was created to house people with Ki centers, most of them if not all will be born with such feature, allowing them to cultivate and us it freely. Same goes for any other energy, mana, divinity, infernal or void energies. It all depends on the realm you are born in.

Here, I barely have a magic center, which allows me minor enchantment of my body to accelerate healing and growth. Aedim is one of the lucky few to have a developed magical core, allowing her use it freely. Dragons have them, Lilith and Leah have them. The rest of us have underdeveloped ones, not allowing to use a lot of magic.

Same goes with Ki, without a center, cultivating and using it becomes very difficult. In theory you can cultivate any kind of energy there is, even divinity and become God. But if your body is not suited for it, you will do more harm than good. Ki is condensed life Essenes, it invigorates the body and strengthens it. If I was undead or say a void demon, Ki would have been harmful to me. However, If I would try and accumulate void energy now, I would mutate and turn into an abomination.

Meriden understood my words, but she said that she still wanted to learn such an art. Needed be, she would use all her concentration for fighting. So,,I taught her battle meditation, art of fighting in trance. This state makes your body move independent of your mind, allowing you to fight and to accumulate your Ki in the meantime for an attack. This is the origin of Meriden’s Reaper Dance, the stance she used to defeat Nrogara before.

Ever since she decided to learn it, we would train together. She was never able to achieve the the full trance and I was even worse ever since the betrayal. Only recently have I been able to clear away frustrations and meditate properly. It feels like once we married, the main worry has left me, allowing me to clear my mind and remove any distractions. I am sure there will be more hardships and obstacles, but I’ve fought wars and conquered realms before. It is only love that makes my heart race.

Now, I was once again sparring with Meriden. Her mastery of weapons has improved a lot over the years. She was a good fighter back when we first met, training alongside men even when she was young. Her skills improved after the training with me, meditation and cultivation of Ki. Also, enhancing her body using my blood and elixirs, the cruel training and pushing beyond her limits, she became a true visage of war. Her skills are legendary now with most of the weapons. Those which she hasn’t,t mastered yet she is very good with. But her favorites are forever a bow and a sword.

I have created a sword for her from the mix of adamantium, obsidian and a rare crystals called NeoQuartz. It was thanks to the dwarves that I learned of it, but this alloy is one of the best in the realm. It is not as durable as ebonthril, but it looses only slightly. The good thing is, it is very light and doesn’t dull easily. I was able to inscribe some tunes into it, giving it the same effects Feldrazil had. I called it Void Reaver, for the purple hue it gained after mixing it with crystals.

I also reforger the Feldrazil, or what remained of it, but I made it different. I now had a dark azure blade as wide as a palm, with runes inscribed into it. But these ones were different, made to utilize my darkness. I had ability to engulf my sword with flames, to create a shield, to do a swift shock attack. The main feature was to make the blade transform into a bladed whip. Using my limited darkness manipulation, I could make my weapon lash out like a snake or swing it around, cutting everything up with a whirlwind of death. I made it just because it seemed cool, it wasn’t really that I needed a weapon. Although the sword was massive, it was too big for any normal person and was just perfect to be a one handed sword in my massive forms. I had plenty of the new metal for the weapons and the rings I gave to my girls.

Feldrazil translates as Demon Slayer Sword from ancient tongue. I used the same idea for the reforged one, calling it Felgadzil, meaning Demon Savior Sword. I kinda liked the name and it felt familiar. Although I felt Japanese for just a second.

Nevertheless, nowadays we spent a lot do time training together. Of course I wasn’t the only one training with Meriden. Aedim completed a lot of her research and instead focused on training her magical combat. Lilith and Leah also continued improving their skills. Flaer, Mercissa, Eleanor and Elaya were the ones who refrained from fighting. They were also the only four to come off fantasy birth control and now we’re trying to get pregnant. Although if it is any indication, my sense of smell told me that they succeeded, although I don’t know what exactly tipped me off.

The other four remained safe, hoping to be alongside me in battle. I protested, but nobody listened to me. I was ok with Meriden and Leah being there, because the first one was almost invulnerable with her skills and the second one was invisible. But Lilith and Aedim were vulnerable and would be targets for enemy attacks. I mean, I still shudder when I remember Aedim on the ground, powerless… Damn it, the memory always makes me angry. I resent those slavers and I regret killing them too quickly.

However, Aedim tells me she mastered voiceless spells, not even requiring a focus or incantations to use them. Her mind was powerful enough to manifest magic through the imagination only. A truly terrifying skill, especially in the world where magic is not all that common amongst humans.

Lilith on the other hand said that she was a versatile fighter, adept in every way of fighting. She wasn’t as good as any of the other three, but she could use the skills of all of them. I could still feel her presence when she tried hiding, but it was mostly impossible to sense her without my superior perception. Her magic and fighting style were pretty impressive too.

So, when we weren’t busy, we would train ourselves, hoping to make an impact on the battlefield one day. Meriden has been pushing herself to learn the battle meditation. She was very close, using her Reapers Dance, she was winning against me and only my over happening strength and speed allowed me to keep up.

Her style was a beautiful and a dangerous sight. While I was both, faster and stronger, her fluidity and coordination was godly. I had to watch out for the whole of her, at any time she could launch a kick or a punch, while still swinging her sword around. I often had to take her hits head on and endure them. For me it wasn’t too difficult, but if we were on the same level, I wouldn’t stand a chance. She was undoubtedly, the strongest warrior.

Now we fought, caught up in the rhythm. My own skills improved a lot, myself straying in my human form, I didn’t use my beast forms in training. This way I was able to somewhat keep yo with Meriden. We locked together, swinging our weapons about, trying to get through the defense of the other.

At first it was the usual exchanged, our swords bouncing off each other, our feet moving back and forth in a deadly dance. I was an amateur, Meriden was surely leading. We circled around the one another, trying to land a solid hit. Then there was a change with Meriden. Her movements became somewhat move fluid, even flexibility increased. I knew it when I saw it, my little bear achieved battle meditation. In that state she could fight for longer without exhausting herself, her body breached the limits, her muscles relaxing and allowing a slight leeway with how you bend and stretch. But the best part was how she was finally able to gather Ki and strike me with her sword.

This was a magnificent display, her body glowing with a bright light and out swords connecting. My body stood no chance. With a loud clash I was thrown tens of meters backwards, most bones in my body breaking. Nothing dangerous for me, but anybody less, even Regios would be in trouble. I just lay on the ground, breathing and letting my body recover. Meriden quickly snaps out of it and runs to me, apologizing.

“Master! I am very sorry!”

“Don’t worry. Congratulations, you are now a battle maiden. Keep practicing the skill and nobody can stand in your way. Ha-ha.”

As I let out the laugh I wince in pain, my ribs not allowing me to speak or laugh. The girl looks at me apologetically and other two come over to check on me.

“Meriden, that was impressive. Even without magic you are a formidable opponent even for Zern.”

“I agree with Aedim. That was a great display of power. How were you able to land such a hit?”

“Girls, our little Meriden has been able to learn how to use Ki while fighting.”

“Oh! That’s very impressive.”

The girls are a little surprised but this development. Lilith knew first hand how hard it was.

“We can call her a battle maiden from now on, she had one of the most impressive skills. Without having a core, she is able to get enough Ki to damage someone like me.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you so hard.”

“No worries. You just train more until you can control the strength of the attack. It is hard without a core, but a I believe you can do it. I think we should celebrate this occasion. What do you say?”


“Good idea!”

We all can have a rest now. I get up and grimace in pain once again. Meriden comes over and gives me a kiss as an apology, but after her Lilith gives me a kiss just because. Aedim joins next to add her own little bit. Flaer was around, but she didn’t stay around while we trained. Her nature was rather timid and she disliked seeing me beat up the other girls. She also said something about the noise being bad for children. I don’t know if she knew that she was pregnant, but I definitely recognize myself in her.

Since we were in Kernun kingdom capital at the time, we had a bath after training and went to visit Eleanor. She wasn’t busy and because it was time for lunch, we had it together in a spacious dining room. Meriden, Aedim, Lilith, Lilith, Flaer and Eleanor were here with me. We drunk some wine and had the meals cooked by the chef, which were to die for.

I was looking forward to spending w isn’t with the girls, they didn’t have an aversion to the idea of sharing me through the night. It seemed to originate from Leah and Lilith, those two corrupted the others, but it would have happened sooner or later. It was a little disappointing not to have Elaya or Mercissa here, but they were in the Val tribes, taking care of things there.

We were about done with a meal and talking about what to do next, when the doors opened and Sudiak came forwards. He apologized for the intrusion, but I never was good with formalities so I just told him to carry on.

“Lord Zern and ladies, I brings important news. The war has started the enemy began their assault.”

“Ok. I hoped we had more time. Who is it attacking, whom and where?”

“They are attacking everyone from the south. The demons and monsters are under attack and elves soon will be.”

“What? Who could have an invasion force that big? Demons? Or the cultists?”

“No sir, it’s the Nagas…”

Beast Fiend. Chapter 55.

As the ceremony of my unification with girls grew closer, so did my anxiousness. I didn’t know what it was that made me worried, I mean I lived countless lives and I already took over half of the world by doing bugger all. But for some reason, my nerves were acting up before the day. Maybe I felt like something might go wrong, or I was worried that any of the girls wouldn’t be happy. This was supposed to be their happiest day after all.

For the ceremony, I allowed only the closest people to come. Frez and elders were the ones who were attending out of the Val. I also invited my sisters, but sadly they didn’t come.

Lord Hooligein, Lord Galadrim and Lady Cerebria as well as Regios all came as they were very much my friends by now. I treasured them and I was happy to receive them on this day.

The parents of the girls also came, some of their fathers I didn’t knew too well, they were adventurers and traveled a lot, but they came for their daughter’s special day. Of course I already had their blessing before today, but having them at the ceremony made all of us happy. Even Zilmanrius the Dragon King came to visit us with his daughter, Flaer’s mother.

I allowed all the Bloodborn to attend, but others from the House of Bloodlust weren’t invited. There was a small bit about demons coming to the Val tribes as well as me not knowing them too well. Eleanor insisted that there were some nobles whom she befriended. I met them before, but mostly the queen was the one who talked with them.

The ceremony started at noon. Before then we had some drinks and snacks and talked. When it was time, Frez was playing the role of the priest or whoever it is supposed to be. Of course he wasn’t the real priest, there weren’t white dresses or black suits. The girls wore ceremonial clothing, unlike the ones during the rites, these clothes were extremely reading, showing off their fantastic figures. It was all part of the Val traditions, showing off the female beauty and then my masculine strength. Of course I was naked above the torso, only wearing some fur shorts. All of us had some tribal tattoos drawn on us for this occasion. They made the girls look very alluring, accentuating their figures and features. They were practically naked, despite it snowing.

Seeing how everything about me was weird, even our marriage was going to be weird. Firstly, the girls were joining my house, which usually was the other way around. Secondly, there were eight of them and they all wanted to be there on that day. And third, being part of the Bloodborn and all, we decided to change the tradition a bit.

Of course, the ceremony was different for each tribe. Like, Val’Halla all had fancy clothes and jewelry, while with Val’Kira, we would have to eat a heart of the animal the other partner killed. Val’Zern was all about the blood, so I decided to make a blood oath.

We all stood around a wide golden plate, with letters and runes engraved into it. It was mostly to make it look cool, but I a sense, it would be a heirloom of our tribe, the first artifact. I tried making it nigh indestructible and added some fancy effects to it.

I stood on one side, the girls opposite of me, all close together. Frez stood a bit away.

“Today, we are here to bear witness of the union is souls. Nine people will be joined together as one, their souls intertwined, their flesh united, their blood shared. I stand before you to share this moment and to see Lord Zerd and his eight chosen come together and form a family. Offer your blood for the pact.”

I pick a dagger from beside the golden plate and cut my wrist, letting the blood pool into the golden vessel. My light blue blood flows into it, glowing with black radiance. I pass on the dagger clockwise, to Elaya.

Elaya and each girl after her all cut their wrists and put their hands above the golden plate. Their blood mixes with mine, light blue against dark purple. Each one has a slightly different hue, all mixing together. Once the wrist begins to heal and the blood flow stops, they put their hand on the edge of the golden plate, ready to make the vow. The last two are dragons, their blood having redder hue, more resistant of my own blooded. All the blood quickly mixes together, making uniform color.

Once the blood is collected, I begin my part. Frez gives me a small bag, out of which I take nine rings. These were forged from what used to be Feldrazil. The new alloy proven to be almost impossible to even scratch without using darkness. There was also plenty of it to both, forge a new weapon and make rings. These were my little projects, which I spent many days on. Each one is special, the design representing their owner. I had two more blanks to spear just in case…

The first one is a ring with a small wolf head on it and a an uneven surface, reminiscent of fur. It is dark azure in color. I dip it into the blood, letting half of it take in the life essence. The ring begins to glow slightly with blue light, like that of my demon soul. The golden plate glows red instead.

“Elaya, you were the first one to come to me and to accept me, you were always by my side and we have always been together. You are my life partner, my wife and future mother of my children. I thank you for your loyalty and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

With a few words, I take her hand and place the ring on her ring finger. Funny thing is, here that finger is called tamed finger. I don’t know why. With my help, Elaya lifts the golden plate and takes a mouthful of blood.

There has been an awful lot of bloodletting and drinking of it. But Val people and other inhabitants of the world seem to be used to it and they don’t get sick from consuming other’s blood. Which is a good thing for us.

When Elaya drunk some of it, I pick her hand once more and kiss her on the ring, cleaning it from the blood that it was dipped in.

Next it was Meriden. Her ring was slightly thicker, it had claws, blades and a thorny vine all intertwined. I tried stylizing it for her, hoping she will like it.

“Meriden, since we met, I admired your spirit and your strength. You never back down and you always go forwards, no matter what. We shared many days of adventure together and we trained until we bled many times. May we share many more years as one. I thank you for your bravery and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

I repeat the process, dipping the ring in blood and putting it on. She drinks the blood and then I kiss the ring. Next is Aedim.

“Aedim, you are the smartest one of all of us, your wisdom and your intellect has guided us forward and uncovered many secrets of the world. May you forever remain brilliant and may your radiance only get brighter. I thank you for your wisdom and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring is simpler design, instead having various runes engraved into a the ring. They only have a meaning of my words for her, translating as ’ Eternal love’ and such. I put the ring on her finger as before, making sure to repeat every step.

“Eleanor, you are prideful and you are headstrong, but out of your love for me, you overcame it and you became humble and loving. We went through hardships together and we came out stronger than we were before. I thank you for your faith in me and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring was thinner and more exquisite than others, having shape of a more traditional one. It fir the girl very well. I put it on after dipping it in blood and kiss it.

“Leah, you have spent many days playing your pranks on me and I spent many days learning to avoid them. Your senses helped us many times, your skills aided us in our ventures. I thank you for your cunning and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Leah’s ring was very smooth, with small engraving of a fox, leaping in the air. This one I tried to look oriental, but I don’t know if I succeeded. I hoped she liked it. After her it was Lilith.

“Lilith, during our very first meeting you kissed me and ever since, your unrelenting nature assaulted me. You are a real succubus, a demoness, one whom I need by my side. At times your games kept me at bay, other times they helped me move forward. I thank you for your darkness and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring was made of two tangled lines, twisted in a spiral around each other. They had small spikes and seemed demonic. After her were the two dragons.

“Mercissa, you are a dragon, eccentric and ancient, your presence makes my life crazy. But without you, I would die of boredom and my life would not be complete. I wish for you to always remain by my side and to share my love. I thank you for your openness and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring was scaly, with a small orb on the top with dragon’s claws holding it. Within the orb was a small light, which glowed after our blood touched it. Lastly, there was the new addition to our family.

“Flaer, you were childish and air headed, but you always stayed by my side. Because of that, you were injured and you made a grave sacrifice. You are now part of me, perhaps closer than anybody in the realm. I am forever in your debt and I will always treasure your company. I thank you for your sacrifice and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

With that, I put the last ring on her finger. It was very simple in design, a smooth ring. But on its surface, there was a small inscription ’Zern is one with Flaer, forever’.

With my last oath, it was the girls’ turn. The practiced it before, but the rings moved them somehow. I could see that they each liked theirs and in the corners of their eyes I could see some tears trying to burst forth. I didn’t know what was special about the rings, but it might just be the girls thing. They stopped their sniffles and spoke their part together.

“Zern, you are the one who brought us here, you can tear us apart and you can put us together. We followed you, hoping to reach you we each reached for the top and stood above everyone else, but we are still too far from your brilliance. We wish to stand beside you and to have your love. May our fate be forever bound together, we will live and love one another for as long as we breath. I…”

“Elaya of the Val’Kira tribe…”

“Leah of the Val’Eris tribe…”

“Flaer of the earth dragons…”

Each girl spoke their name and origin.

“…forever join you and be one with you. I swear to always be the one you can lean on, to be your pillar and to be your support. I thank you for your love and I wish to make you happy for as long as I live.”

They each came up to me and kissed me on the lips. Here their part was pretty much over, so some of them let their tears flow. They were happy tears of course.

“I, Zern of the Val tribes, accept your oath and I will forever treasure it. Our paths are one now, we are forever bound. You are mine and I am yours.”

With that I submerge my own ring in blood and put it on. It absorbs the blood and activated the enchantments inside.

My ring is more like a signet ring, having our house insignia on it. While design of each ring was difficult to do, the true mastery of jewel rafting were the enchantments I engraved on each one. Each ring was now bound to each other, they were like whisper stones and port stones all in one, in a tiny package. They also would let the wearer know of positions of any other rings. Of course only the nine of us would know of this.

After the main part was over, my mind kind of blanked out. There were more words said by Frez and the other guests, but for me it was all foggy. We spoke, we joked, we drank.

After this was done, all the stress left my body. The weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt relieved. We were married, nothing went wrong, everything was fine. The end ended perfectly, no sudden invasion or attacks. That would truthfully be too cliche.

After that, we had a week of our honeymoon. Others didn’t know what that meant, but it was a new tradition for us, so they complied with it. I had ideas of going to the south of the continent and staying on the beach or camping somewhere in the mountains, but instead we went to the very first house we built in the Val territory. I haven’t used in a long time, but it was clean and tidy, thanks to Elaya who kept it all nice.

For a whole week, we spent our time together, making love, messing around and just having fun. Flaer became a woman and she enjoyed it tremendously. Others also had their time. Lacking a need of sleep, I still was fought over and had a lot of satisfying to do. Marital duty must be always upheld.

For the week, we forgot about the wars and spies, about the darkness and evil of the world. We just stayed beside one another and made sure to share our love. Just for this moment, we were the happiest people in the realm. I hoped it would last for much longer, the peace and the quiet. But I had a slight premonition that it was just the quiet before the storm. Still, we took the most from the time we had together. And it was a truthfully wonderful time.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 54

We had two months before my sixteenth birthday and I pretty much completed my little projects. It took a lot of work, I had a lot of help from dwarves and gnomes as well as Aedim, but in the end everything was done great. I was ready for the wedding and anxiously waiting to unite with my seven girls. I have already made my way around the tribe and asked for various blessings and I visited the Dragon King, who gave me his blessing, although I kind of had it already. This was not a local custom, more of something I added in the mix.

With the preparations for the future and for the marriage, there were a lot of changes happening around me, both within my faction and outside of it. But there were a lot of changes within my family.

Firstly, once Flaer recovered from what happened with her, she changed in the way she looked and how she behaved. Being ripped apart in tiny fragments and scattered within one’s mind can do it to you. Aedim said that effects should have been kept to a minimum, but whatever darkness did, firstly it wasn’t within the illusion, but with her soul directly. If I had waited that much longer to take darkness from her, her fractured soul wouldn’t be able to be repaired.

I was glad I made it in time, both with purifying her and with rescuing her from the illusion. However there was a slight little side effect. Because I am pretty much immune to magic, it was easier for Aedim to temporarily move my soul into Flaer’s body than to channel my mind inside hers. So, for the whole two weeks that I was inside her mind, my soul slowly began to intertwine with hers,s I need her soul was in tatters and pretty much broken apart. Granted it was within her mind, and the real damage was kept to the minimum, but her concours mind was pretty much ripped apart.

With my soul so close as well as the use of my darkness, we became connected. Like, parts of my soul were literally connected to hers, so she shares some of my memories of the current lifetime and my feelings. Because of this, her personality changed a bit. She became more mature, wiser and intelligent, she stopped being her old self. I thought it was a good change, but nowadays I miss the small dragon girl who would shout for me to mount her.

Yeah, she is no longer small. If before the few hundred year old dragon looked like she was smaller than ten, now she altered her appearance. She could do it before, but it would look like a blown up sex doll with every secondary sexual characteristics blown out of proportion, but still having a petite body. It was a horrific monstrous its, which I forbid her from ever taking shape of again. Now however, she became a teenager, closer to the girls. I would say she is even slightly older than them.

Not only her age changed, but her colors changed as well. I doubt it was all random or without her help, but she had become a brunette with slightly wavy hair, lush lips and smooth features. She was cute as hell but she was also sexy. And I swear it is the truth, but I am sure she got a part of my mind which kept my perfect woman in it. I mean, Flaer became that perfect woman.

I knew she was better at transformation magic than any other dragon amongst the ones I knew, but now it was a whole different thing. She no longer looked like a smaller version of Mercissa, instead she was her own person now. Well, dragons didn’t have a set from to begin with, but Flaer became truly human, forgoing the horns, wings and tail as well as getting rid off the black and gold eyes. Her eyes looked brown, like my used to long ago. If you think about it, she kinda looks like what I used to look like all the time ago… Wait a second, am I in love with myself? Would I go for a female clone of myself? I forbid myself from thinking such thoughts in the world without cloning.

Anyways, since Flaer recovered, she always stayed by my side. She took Meriden’s place, who was now the general of my private army of Bloodborn. The redhead girl loved the responsibility and the position of power, using her authority to beat people into submission and make them stronger, which really contrasted with her Laura personality of total obedience to me. But she was busy not, so instead of her the dragon girl took her place. Not to say that she wasn’t beside me before, but normally she would stay out of any important meetings due to her being prone to making my life hell.

To be honest, it seemed that she was totally dependent on me. Putting her back together, which I mean both in literal and metaphorical ways, it seemed to engrave me deep into her soul. My darkness was a part of her and she was a part of me. And after Aedim investigated into the matter further, she concluded that she was perhaps closest one of all of them. Long story short, I may have gained a dragon power inside of me. I can’ ties it as it is still dormant, but if my connection with Flaer deepens and if she shares her power with me and vice versa, we can empower each other.

The thing is, her power is not as great as the Guardian’s was, but she is alive and if we both go stronger together, than perhaps I will become a dragon. She however prefers it to be the other way, both of us staying human. Something about it feeling more natural.

We didn’t stop flying around with me riding her, but her form also changed. The true form of the dragon was the reflection of the soul, where Dragon King was golden and Regios was not, it all stemmed from within. While it was possible to alter the form, dragons preferred not to. So, all the features Flaer dispersed in human form, they carried over into the dragon form, her becoming sinister, black-scaled dragon with golden edges to her scales, black and golden horns and black and gold eyes. Why couldn’t it be black and yellow?

Anyhow, Flaer changed, but we all accepted her. The new Flaer became akin to my personal attendant or maid, although her status was way above that. She would never part with me now and she would do various tasks I asked her to do. You could say she was my manager or secretary, but she didn’t have a phone to carry around and call people.

Actually, the girls might have accepted her too well. Early on, she spoke with some of them privately about some female matters and well… There are now eight members in my harem. I mean, even before I was born I could imagine having more than one wife, but having eight, two of whom were dragons, that was beyond my expectations. Furthermore, the other six were all human, as all pureblooded Val were human. Or half human half pure demon. I don’t know, it confuses me…

What’s funny, while she was a member of my inner circle, she didn’t make an advance on me or allowed me to even attempt one. This one wanted to wait until marriage. When I heard it I face palmed and Elaya laughed. It really was me who made all of us wait that long. The Matriarch laughed in my face and said that she was ok breaking our promise a few years after the trial, it only lasted that long because I stayed vigilant and didn’t let myself do anything with her… Damn it, why did I have such integrity, I missed on years of teenage loving…

So, during the ceremony in two months, there will be eight of us joining together. It didn’t put any dents in my plans, I was kind of prepared for it. Always prepare in advance and make sure you have everything in abundance. So I had enough of my little surprises for all of them and for two more, if they would ever appear… Hopefully I won’t need any more.

Apart from Flaer, Eleanor remained her new self. Her demeanor was calm and gentle, she truly became the queen of the people. I played my part as a ruthless King, executing the spies and traitors of the darkness or of the nobles who sought to harm me, but she would sometimes step in and easy my wrath. It kind of pissed me off from time to time, but nothing a session with Lilith or Meriden couldn’t fix. My torture chamber in demon mansion never stayed empty for a long time. And I wasn’t always the instigator of the ’games’ we played.

Truthfully, all the girls changed somewhat. Growing up, with all the responsibilities and preparations, they became more mature and wiser. They weren’t stupid to begin with, but the new experiences developed them into leaders. Well, not Mercissa, she still was an airhead, but we loved her regardless.

The girls also matured physically, growing up slightly. Eleanor’s body began developing rapidly half way through the year, making her bosoms grow and her curves becoming more obvious. She wasn’t underdeveloped like before. She hit a growth spurt and she hit it good.

Every girl was becoming a true bury in the world. And I was surrounded by them all. I couldn’t be happier, especially since there were now eight of them and everyone apart from one had an appetite to satiate frequently. And I shall not forget the Bloodborn, who also wanted my attention. Perhaps I should take over Regios’ palace, call myself a Sultan and make Aedim tell me tales for a thousand nights.

There was some weird thing happening with Bella’s trio. Truthfully, she had two twins who were very different and who chased after her. She liked them both, but I didn’t know how a reverse harem would work. He logistics about children was one thing which puzzled me, although if I remember correctly, the Great Matriatch, mother of the tribe heads fourteen thousand years ago had many men by her side.

And don’t get me started about children. I told all of the girls that if one of them get’s pregnant, they would not be going out in the field and instead stay in the safety of our premises, whether in Kernun Kingdom or Demon mansion or within the tribes. Which is why Mercissa was not going around with me everywhere and instead spent her time by Eleanor or Elaya or other girls. Yup, she was preggors.

It was a shock to me as to everyone else, although Flaer said that she knew for a while, but didn’t care to mansion it, being her cheerful self before. Mercissa got a bun in the oven from the get to, but her slim body didn’t show any sigh of carrying a child. The whole thing about dragon reproduction was complicated.

Apparently, they could both, lay eggs and give birth. It mostly depended on the father of the child, which would determine if it was a reptile or not. However, with her transformation and myself being a badass demon and a fiend, my power was enough to make a mammalian baby. Or as whatever my mutant guys would make. I had no idea now. But the whole gestation period of dragons was way longer than humans, being anywhere from a year to five years. It seemed to be somewhere in the middle with Mercissa, but if my guys will as effective with other girls, she won’t be the first one to give birth. And my girls will be going off the fantasy pill as soon as we go through with the ceremony.

Phew, that is enough of the fun for now, perhaps I should be more serious. Throughout all the chaos of my life, I never got in touch with my mother, not since she was forbidden to see me. Since the execution of my father, she didn’t reach out nor did my sisters. So, I tried approaching her, but she chased me off, calling me a Fiend and cursing me. Apparently her love for my father was greater than her maternal instinct. Well, she did have two daughters. The girls also didn’t talk to me, as they barely remembered me, they were too little when I went to train with Elaya’s tribe.

I did get in touch with mother’s brother, my uncle. He was sad about my fathers demise, but he didn’t blame me. He talked about how my father was driven insane by his conquest for power and how his hatred for me made him dig his own grave. He did say that my decision was cruel and that I could have let him go.

“I may be cruel, but I will not let anybody who betrayed me live and roam the world free. It is not for my satisfaction or for revenge, but to eliminate the threats of the betrayers towards those who are still by my side. If somebody whom I could have stopped would have hurt my family, I would have burned the world and they burned myself to repent for the sin of inaction. I would rather carry the guilt for slaying my enemies than for loosing my loved ones.”

Such was my reply. He silently nodded, understanding where I was xo isn’t from. He also knew that he was somewhat guilty of his own inaction, especially after he saw how my father changed. But now it was too late.

In the end, my family didn’t speak to me. It didn’t hurt me too much, just made me disappointed. They left me and forgot me, then they betrayed me and after all that, I was the bad one? I could do nothing but shake my head at the situation. Still, I carried on ill feelings towards my mother and sisters, so I asked Elaya to keep an eye on them. Hopefully, one day they will overcome their hatred for me. Until then, I will carry on the guilt by myself. Well, I wasn’t alone, I had eight girls who loved me regardless of all the blood on my hands…

Beast Fiend. Chapter 53

My revelation about the darkness causes a bit of a stir amongst the leaders. Nobody other than Regios really knew much of the circumstances about the darkness and even then, he didn’t believe that the power of the god was still around. He thought that somebody used the body of the ancient god to take some power, but if the God was alive, we were in big trouble.

Since thousands of years ago, when the gods all disappeared, the world has been ungoverned, left to its own accord. The races had nobody to guide them and nobody to protect them. The Guardians who were created back then were strong, but not on the level of gods. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me to know that somewhere there are remains of the terrifying entities, buried in the debts of the ocean or hidden up in the heavens.

I mean, Gargoyle had the most power out of all the creatures during the time of the Guardians and even then he forcefully took the power, only gaining a portion of it. And the Guardians needed all five of them to be on par with him. I can imagine that Lilith is actually the strongest out of all of my fated, now that she began learning magic with Aedim. Her body has plenty of mana, unlike mine, even her dark magic is more potent than mine. Of course as her master I am stronger, but magic is beyond my reach. How pitiful of me…

Regardless, right now races are beginning their preparations. Dwarves and gnomes hid as usual, but they promised to create a lot of weaponry and supplies for those who will be fighting. They are a very closed off society and it is unlikely they have spies in their midst. The fact that I am even going to their territory is a small miracle, thanks to my little mature beauty, who uncovered the secret of teleportation and is spreading it around.

Elves and demons also began preparing, once again forming their military and making them train. Everything is done discreetly as to not alert the enemy, but there are a lot of things happening. House of Wrath is being supplied with money and weapons to empower and prepare it. Hooligein asked for the assistance of my Bloodborn to make sure that the house is loyal. We were allowed to eradicate any foreign presence, thankfully there were very few of them.

Elves also took up arms, training their bowmen and mages. They were not experts of me lee combat, but I offered to get them trained. I had plenty of people to do that, especially seeing how Meriden was a master warrior by now. I took a number of trustworthy people from demons, elves, dryads, monsters etc. and trained them all with Meriden. We used the elixir that Nrogara created to make them stronger. He was actually able to suppress my transformation, while the enhancing the regeneration and body empowering factors. It was impressive.

Nrogara has been transformed before, becoming a fearsome creature. Out of his back now grew spines, his elbows and his hands and feet had sharp claws coming out. He was a wild beast with military training. He still lost to Meriden and me, but others were weaker than him. Only Eclaire could fight him on par.

With the few people whom we trained, we gave the option to join my faction, but only if they get approval of their leaders. One person who immediately jumped on this opportunity was Sudiak, a demon from one of the houses who was ticked off in the past. Becoming a noble of my house was a good thing. He gladly accepted the proposition and took my blood, transforming and becoming stronger. I had a use for him, he was loyal and strong.

Belinda, another demon girl from the House of Lust didn’t take the chance. She said that she was happy with her house, but we knew that there was something else. But we let her do her thing, even if she had access to our technologies, she couldn’t understand most of them. We didn’t reveal any critical information to her, only the little bit to confuse our enemies.

There were a few people who decided to join my faction from various other factions. Their leaders approved of it as a sigh of good faith. By now I firmly integrated myself in every allied society out there, even the dwarven one. They trusted me and it was mutual. Quickly, the numbers rose to a hundred, hundred transformed Bloodborn, plus more people who were being tested and trained for becoming a part of our house.

Val elders also allowed this. They told the men about my power and made arrangements than any male who wanted to become part of the elite force would come to Frez, who was the warlord and any female would come to Elaya, who would point them to one of the other girls. There were plenty of willing people, in fact, hundreds came to Frez to enlist.

Elders came to me at some points with a small announcement. Seeing how I was the most powerful ma pm in the tribe, who brought new power into it, plus that I have the Matriarch as my Bride, five other princesses and a dragon, plus Frez was part of my faction, a new Val tribe was created. I and my Bloodborn were not all part of Val’Zern. Yes, I had a whole tribe named after me, mainly because my blood carried the power like the daughters of the founders did.

This was supposed to happen during my wedding ceremony when we turned sixteen, but seeing how the whole world was stirring and preparing, they didn’t want to wait. Besides, I already did one thing ahead of time, whom would it hurt to do another a bit early.

With all these improvements I had some changes to do with the Bloodborn and the House of Bloodlust. Firstly, I renamed the two main factions within it, the Droplets and the Scratches. While it was fine and cute before, now the times were changing, prompting some alterations.

Truthfully, I couldn’t come up with any good names myself. I wanted to call them ninjas. Not like anybody else knew what the were, but I thought it was the best name. And it was slightly cool. But instead I just went with calling them spies and assassins for the time being, much better than Droplets.

I also did a re-evaluation of all my subordinated and realized that some people were much better with analyzing and manipulating information, rather than acquiring or acting upon it. So the strategist division was formed, where many of our smartest people were positioned, helping with strategy and doing all the thinking.

There was also in influx of pure warriors, mostly coming from the tribes as and well as from demons like Sudiak. They became out infantry, whom we trained well. Meriden was happy through all this, having so many people to make stronger. She beat them to the death’s doorstep and nursed them back and beat them again. It was hard training, but it payed off, many people began growing stronger by the hour. All thanks to Nrogara and his miraculous elixir.

Meriden became the head of the infantry, while Leah and Lilith stayed in their positions. I kind of forced Aedim into becoming the brains of the operation, but since researching magic technically could help us, she was glad to get so many helpful assistants. At the moment, there was little planning needed, other than crunching the numbers. Sonja stayed the head of the House, keeping it afloat and doing all the diplomacy with other houses.

I myself did various things. Firstly I helped reforming my factions and running the new things. I also helped training and preparing the new recruits as well as turning them when they were ready. I refrained from going to the Zone, not wanting to risk another Release and death of my and Regios’ people. I mostly worked on a project of my own within dwarven territories, spending time at the forges.

I required extensive help from Aedim, getting help with designs and schematics. Most of it was irrelevant to that particular project, mostly there as a distraction, but a I had no doubts she knew what I was preparing. I only asked not to spoil the surprise.

There were also some other things. One thing I found out is that the orb that grew into my body allowed me better control over darkness and also gave me basic telekinesis. I gained the power that the anomaly had, so I could crush things with my thoughts, move them around or throw them rather far. It also allows me to experiment with remains of the Feldrazil.

It seemed that the blade couldn’t be restored, it was a part of the artifact and to separate it, I would need to unfold it and then take it out, but even then I doubted my capabilities to melt whatever it was made of. It was an extremely hard metal, possibly strongest one of all metals in the realm. It was the best blade under heavens after all.

I was able to do something else however. With Aedim’s help we found out that the artifact itself was in a unstable state, not being complete. It lacked the power needed to become whatever it was supposed to be. The metal of the blade was too strong, but it was somewhat weakened and transformed by the anomaly. If it would transform completely, it would become something new.

So I decided to complete the transformation. I found a safe spot, hoping that the darkness is not going to find out about this. Using my new power and my darkness I unfolded the anomaly, keeping it small, not letting it expand. Then I poured massive amounts of darkness inside.

It took a few hours and a lot of effort to keep the thing small and compact, but over time the insides of the artifact-anomaly slowly melted and merged together. After five hours of constant additions of my darkness inside it, I had a lump of glistening dark teal metal. The lighting and fire inside of it merged with the metal and the darkness. The fact that it had so much of my power inside it made it easy for me to manipulate it. It was an extremely hard and durable substance, but if I wished for it, it would melt, reform and reshape at my will or it could solidify and cool down quickly. This was just perfect for my project.

So, with the time we had, we prepared. Soon, I would be married to my girls and we will become a real family. There was also preparation for the inevitable war and the upcoming attack from apt he unseen enemy. So many things to take into the account and so little time.

My girls were all busy and so was I. This time I wasn’t lazing about and picking my nose, now I was working alongside them. Elaya prepared the Val tribes and Eleanor prepared the human kingdom, while I prepared the rest of my Faction. We were all doing everything in our power to rid out territory of spies and to improve our forces. A lot of money spent for supplies and equipment, a lot of time spent of training and preparing. We couldn’t know if that would be enough, we could only hope that we had plenty of time, perhaps a few years or even a decade. If the darkness was in some way related to the one fourteen thousand years ago, it was patient and it could wait. We hoped that this was the case as it would allow us to prepare.

In the months before our marriage ceremony, we did a lot of things. My forces became fearsome, the people who I trained for others also gained plenty of knowledge to be able to teach others. Everybody was getting ready. We bode time and waited.

Beast Fiend. Chapter 52.

Within a large conference room a number of influential people all sat around the table. They were all summoned urgently, the message they received called for a meeting in the Kernun kingdom. Seeing how most other capitals had stargates already, it didn’t take long to assemble every lord of allied races.

The emissaries from dwarves and gnomes were here just like the last time. They appeared together and walked spa round together with a few bodyguards, who however had to stay outside. The information to be shared within the room had to stay secret.

Everybody was checked to see if there were any magics or enchantments present on any guests. This ticked off some of the guests, like Lord Hooligein, the ruler of the demons. His escort was also prohibited from joining the session. The succubus that always was beside him was very angry, but she had no say in the matter, even if she was the head of a house, she wasn’t the leader of her people.

Lord Galadrim and Lady Cerebria were both a little dissatisfied with them being woken in the middle of the night, but the urgency of the call made them dress up and taken only a handful of guards, they teleported to the center of the Kernun Kingdom. In reality, such action could be called foolish, but Zern of the Val tribes had proven his good intentions over the few years he was a ruler and he did a great job of helping the realm.

There also was Regios the Dragon, Lord of the monster lands, the powerful man who was perhaps the strongest in the assembly, who previously wasn’t allowed to participate in just any meeting, but now he was here. This unnerved some of the people present, mainly the dwarven and gnomish ambassadors.

The people who were not here were the Naga and Merfolk, neither of whom had the stargates within their territories. They either didn’t want anybody coming there or just didn’t get around to request them. Snow elves also weren’t here as they were very hostile towards the other races, almost as much as the Naga, but the scaly people at least traded with the rest of the world. Also, the snow elves were almost sure to be allied with the darkness, so they are likely to be enemies.

And of course there was I, Zern along with my seven beautiful fiancées. Flaer wasn’t here, she was still recuperating, but of course she wouldn’t be allowed to such an official meeting regardless. This was too important of a business.

“Lord Zern, I know we are acquainted, but I happen to notice that you have all your seven girls here, while my sweet Ratisin has to stay outside. It seems hardly fair.”

“Lord Hooligein, I don’t mean to offend you or your lovely escort, but the matter we are about to must remain a secret and I believe that it won’t if your little succubus will be here.”

“What is it that you are implying?”

“My girls don’t have any solid evidence, but some of the demons from the house of Lust as well as house Envy and house Pride are all connected with our enemy. They may not know it, but many of their missions benefit the darkness and are done to help weaken the other kingdoms or to spread the darkness.”

“Are you saying that Ratisin wants to end this world?”

“Not exactly. She may not know whom she is working for, but if any information reaches her, it reaches the darkness. Everybody present here has been verified to work against it, so we are all here to discuss some important things.

Lady Cerebria, have you brought the scrolls I requested? Aedim had some of them prepared beforehand, but she didn’t have access to the very important ones. If we can read what is within those scrolls, we can learn what the darkness is.”

My words created a bit of a stir. The darkness was out there in the world, working and it did plenty of bad things, enough to prompt people to exchange various forms of help. Some places had cultists or bandits roaming around, others had monsters appearing out of nowhere. While most of these instances were contained and neutralized, the case remained, something was working below the surface. If they know who or what it is, they have an upper hand at fighting it.

“Lord Zerd, I hardly believe the ancient scrolls can tell us the identity of whatever the darkness is. These scrolls date all the way back to the first time it appeared and even before then.”

“If you will, please give them to my precious Aedim, she will take a quick look at them.”

The scrolls were passed to the green and brown haired girl, who was sitting not to far from me with a mature look. She unfolded some of the scrolls and looked through them. Stopping half way through one of them, she reads it out loud to us.

“Oculerna, the Watchful Eye. One of the ancient gods, overseer of the world. Her gaze touches every corner of the realm, unhindered and unobscured. The vision of the heavens, she looked upon us and judged us. Until the day she vanished, she spent every day looking for the Answer.”

There were some more words about her, descriptions, tales, folklore among other things, but I stopped Aedim.

“This is the entity that is the darkness, Oculerna, the ancient God which has been corrupted.”

“Are you kidding me? You got us all here on such a short notice to recount old myths? What kind of preposterous joke is this?”

“I would hope that it was the joke, but sadly it is not. I myself has been to the Zone, the area where darkness lies. Within that place I have touched it and I saw it. The power beyond our imagination, vile and corrupted, nevertheless it is there. Almost unlimited power, capable of anything.”

I gesture towards Meriden who recounted everything that happened within the Zone. For the most part she was there and she witnessed what happened. In few places I had to add the little details she could have missed. When it came to the moment I made the anomaly collapse, it was my turn to speak. I told them everything, up to and including freeing Flaer from the illusion. As incredible as it all sounded like, everything was true.

“…something has awoken the ancient god and corrupted it. What’s more, I believe the power is much greater than what the power of the god was, only limited by the fact that the darkness has to spread through the lands. If it weren’t for the wards Regios has set up, it most likely would have covered majority of the eastern lands.”

Everybody stayed silent. They didn’t believe my words, hoping for me to be wrong. While gods are not all powerful, they are above and beyond any other existence in the realm. If there is something so powerful, we truly have no chance…

“You beta be kidding lad, if he be right, we be as good as dead.”

“Afraid that it is so. The darkness comes from the ancient god. Whether it is that God or something that took its power, the power of Oculerna is what we are against. Now, the better question, how do we fight against the darkness. At the moment, it is confined within the eastern part of the continent, but how do we defeat it. Right now, even with all the peers of the guardians, I am no god and I won’t be able protect the realm from it.”

“So you are saying we have no chance of fighting, we should give up and die?”

“No, Lord Galadrim, I want to ask you, why now? Why did darkness appear thousands of years after the last one?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean is, the power laid dormant for thousands of years since ancient gods entered their slumber. And yet, here it is, awakening and corrupting the lands. The power is still around, available for the taking.”

Once again the room fell silent. If there is truly power for us to take, it would make one of us a god. The power to forge the lands and shape the world as we desire. It would make us rulers of the realm.

“Right now, there are two more temples, hidden somewhere in the west and north of the continent. If we can uncover either one, we can take the power of the dormant gods and use it to defeat the darkness. We can become gods ourselves.”

“Lord Zern, whatever you propose, it is preposterous. Firstly, how would we be able to wield such powers? They are not for mortals to comprehend. And second, who would be the so called gods? And furthermore, how would a single God be able to stop the darkness, where six gods failed before?

“As to answer your question, you are well aware that Gargoyle, the ancestor of my dear Lilith and the source of one of my powers, he was able to take the power of God for himself. I have no doubts that I am capable of such feat. I believe that answers two of your questions.”

The gnomish ambassador had a sour expression on his face, hearing my answer. I don’t think he likes the idea of me having power of a god.

“As to your third question, I don’t know. I believe that the Guardians were severely weakened and didn’t have the full powers of the gods, which made them much weaker than the darkness. Perhaps a fully powered god will be strong enough to take it on. Besides, I won’t have to fight it alone, I have allies.”

The room was now filled with low murmur. The people who came with somebody, they talked amongst themselves. My idea was something to consider, because perhaps it was the only option we had. If we are truly fighting an ancient god, we need one of our own.

“Let’s say we believe you and we will go along with your crazy idea. What do you propose we do now?”

“Right now we prepare. Val people has been searching for the temples for a while, now we can send a few extras, perhaps post some quests within guilds. What’s more important, we need to prepare for the time when the darkness will strike. Soon, it will retaliate for my intrusion into its lands and for taking something that belongs to it.”

I made a hand gesture to Lady Cerebria, prompting her to speak, as she wanted to say something.

“Are you perhaps talking about the whispers?” I nod. “So, that’s why every star now talks about the coming of the end.” Another nod from me.

“What ye be talking about?”

“For about two weeks, since the incident that Lord Zerd has described, every star-whisperer had heard nothing, other than warnings of the end of the world. ’The end is nigh’, ’the darkness cometh’, ’armies of the void will march’”

“Yes, I believe that soon a war will start. The darkness has noticed our pr since in the world and it has noticed that we have the power to repel it somewhat. No, not repel, no overpower it. I stole a bit of the power that belong to it. It saw me and it wants me gone. It wants all of us gone. Soon it will lead whatever it has against us.”

“But who would follow the darkness? Where are the armies of the void, that the whispers talk of?”

“Lord Hooligein, honestly, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the snow elves or some of the demons who were recruited. Maybe the cultist have enough numbers to pose real threat. That is unknown to me, as I forbid my Bloodborn from infiltrating the inner workings of the cult, their magic and indoctrination being too dangerous. While I am immune to mine control, my subordinates are not.”

“So, we have to prepare for the enemy we don’t know exists and where it is hiding?”

“That’s the best I can tell you. We look for the power to defeat the darkness, but in the meanwhile, we prepare for it to strike. We need to train armies of our own, to weed out any spies and to be ready when the time comes. And most of all, we have to keep this a secret. I believe you all understand that?”

Everybody in the room looked at me, their expression grim and serious. Even lord Hooligein was unhappy, but understanding how this was of upmost importance. Nothing could be said to anybody he can’t trust the whole hundred percent, which amongst the demons is almost everyone.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have to be ready for when the enemy strikes. You should all go home and make preparations. The darkness will strike, it will be soon and it will be bloody. People will die, it will only depend on how well you prepare, how many people will survive. Go home and think about what you learned today.”

Beast Fiend. Chapter 51

Within the Flaer’s mind everything was dark. Vast emptiness encompassing the entire world, nothing but the darkness around me. I looked around and felt the sensation of déjà vu. Under my feet was black gelatinous floor, reflecting some unseen light. There was nothing producing any light, but it felt like I could see everything perfectly, only there was nothing to see.

I look around, trying to find something. Nothing can be seen in close proximity to me, so I have to try harder. I turn into the fox beast, trying to get the most of my senses. Expanding my perception as I often did through meditation, I try to find where my little girl was. At first there was nothing, just emptiness and void of Amy life. But after some hours passed, I was able to distinguish faint sighs of movement somewhere far to my side.

I grow wings and take off, going towards where I felt Flaer. I don’t other flying high, just staying close to the ground, gliding forward. After more time passes, I notice the first change. At a distance, there stands a shadowy figure. It is completely made of darkness, just black smoke moving around. I get closer u till I can have a good look.

Before me stands a copy of Flaer, her features distorted and twisted, but it is unmistakably her. Her form is completely black, incorporeal. From her legs black tendrils are going into the ground, like roots. I get close enough to touch it and I see that it had a normal eye with eyelids and skin, just looking into the emptiness and crying. Only a single part of the apparition is real.

I try touching it, but it completely dissolves into nothingness and reforms few meters away, the shadow rising from the ground and taking the shape it had previously. I approach it again and on my touch the same happens.

Understanding that this is pointless, I do another check, expanding my senses. There are many of these things, all around the area. Most of them are concentrated in one area some distance away, and from there they all spread slowly. It is like they are all walking away from the single point.

I take off again and move towards the center of this phenomenon. Everywhere around me a lot of these figures can be seen. Each one is black, but with some feature of the real girl. Some have fingers, others have feet or stomach, some honey have few strands of hair. It’s like something shattered Flaer into millions of pieces and gave each one to the darkness. Was this what the entity did to the poor girl?

After half an hour I close in to the large. Umber of these things. They all stand close together, black and lifeless smoky figures, just crying, weeping silently. I try to look for some clues. Something must tell me where the real dragon girl is.


In reply, every apparition around me turns to me, their mouths open in silent scream, showing the gaping darkness inside them. They are all the same, just simple figure with no will. But they reacted, which means somewhere here there is the real one.

“Flaer! I am here! I came for you!”

The monsters are still looking at me, but they start moving towards me. There must be thousands of them, if not more. The many black bodies converge on my location. Looking around, there is a single point where these things seem to be walking around something, as if avoiding it. There shouldn’t be anything here other than me, Flaer and these things, so I guessed that the girl must have been there.

I fly towards the location where the smokey figures try to walk around something. Coming close, I can see a small figure on her knees, her face covered with her hands. Or what should have been hands. She is mostly whole, but parts of her are missing. Her body and legs are mostly intact, but her arms missing beyond elbows and her head is gone, leaving only hair, the neck and some skin.

I come closer, calling out to her.


But she doesn’t react. How could she, she has no ears. I get closer, trying to reach her, but when I come within meters, all the apparition suddenly come for me, trying to grab me. Their finders and claws sink into my flesh. I should be stronger than this, but this is Flaer’s mind. In here she is the goddess and the ruler, whatever she thinks goes.

I try to fly away, but the apparitions all have wings as well. They try ripping my flesh, chasing after me, slashing at me with theirs shadowy talons and tails. This is not good.

I fly away, leading them away, but at a certain distance, they give up, coming back to wherever Flaer is. They just stand around, weeping like they did before.

Damn, what can I do? I could try and absorb them, but they have fragments of Flaer and I need her whole. I don’t think she will recover if some of her pieces are missing. Although, how do I know the darkness didn’t consume her already?

I fly some distance away and think for a minute. I should be able to charge at her and pick her up. With my speed there is little contest on who is stronger and faster, but there are just too many of them. What do I do?

I make some distance between us and then charge at Flaer, hoping to reach her. At first everything seems fine, but then every apparition dashes for me, trying to kill me. They sink their shadowy tendrils into me again. I can’t get close enough to the girl before I die like this. Once again, I get away before it’s too late.

Damn it! What can I do? Why can’t they ignore me? It worked with anomalies… Wait, I am dumb. I have darkness of my own, why do I forget about it now?

I engulf myself in my fire and every apparition immediately looks at me, it does nothing. It seems they feel my darkness to be different, but since it is purified, it should be effective against them. I begin another descent.

As I get closer, the shadowy figures move away. They don’t like my black flames. I hope it goes smoothly. When I reach the threshold at which they attack, they all charge at me once again, but they her repelled by my fire. Their foul power cannot come close. Some of them get pushed forward by the fiends behind them, but once they touch my fire, they fall apart, their smoky bodies unraveling, appearing at a distance away.

I make my way towards Flaer. I would like to go faster, but the black figures push me away, even if my fire repels them. I push forward, going towards Flaer. Slowly but surely I get very close to her.


I try to shout to get her attention, but she doesn’t reach again. I guess I will have to actually touch her. I bring forth more power, trying to push the apparitions further away, landing new the dragon girl. Slowly I take step after step, coming closer to her. There is a lot of smoke around me, pushing against me, the forms of the black figures melting into one dark mess. It does not want me to reach my girl.

I come closer and closer. Just about close enough to touch her. With a last push I reach out to her and grab her. The moment my flames engulf the girl, every shadowy monster begins writhing about in pain. It seems each one of them is still connected to the real one.

Flaer gets startled by my touch. She must have been here for a long time alone. While this is mostly an illusion, it is still a horrible experience. I hold her close to me, hugging her fragile frame. She is nude, but I don’t care about that now, I am happy to hold the dragon girl. I couldn’t loose the cute little kid, not now after all we have been through.

At first she is fearful of me, but once she feels me rubbing her back, trying to comfort her, she hugs me back and shudders, crying. Parts of her are missing, but she still seem to remember me. I hold her, not wanting to let her go. Around us the smoky figures slowly fall apart, their dark bodies dissipating into nothingness. The fragments of Flaer come towards her slowly, filling in the missing pieces.

I whisper to her that it is all ok, trying to make her feel better. My touch calms her, soon she stops crying, only holding on to me, making sure I am still there.

Each fragment of her slowly makes its way to her, but too slowly to my liking. I doubt I can really do anything about it, so I just wait. Slowly, the girl in my arms reforms, her body becoming whole again. After some hours, she is almost completely herself, with only few parts still missing.

“Zern, I was so scared. Where were you? I tried calling for you, asking for you, but you weren’t there…”

“Yes, I know. I tried getting to you as soon as I could. I am here now, it is all ok.”

“Zern, where are we? I am scared.”

“Don’t worry. This is just an illusion. We are in your head, waiting for you to be whole again. Soon we will go back to wherever everybody is. They are all worried about you, they want you back with them.”

“Regios? Mercissa?”

“Yes, they and the others too. Meriden is just outside, sitting beside you as well as Aedim. We will be out soon, don’t worry.”

I hold the girl, trying to ensure her of safety. She is almost reformed, just few pieces around. But there is one thing that is still unsolved. What scared me? Did the same happened to me that it terrifies me so much? Or was it som thing else?

We waited for longer until Flaer was complete again. I held her, slowly patting her head, comforting her. She still wasn’t over the trauma, but she should be ok. Once she wakes up this will be nothing more than a nightmare.

Before we leave, I still have to find out what happened. That is probably why Aedim hasn’t pulled us out yet. The only way to find out is to ask Flaer.

“Flaer, are you ok now? I need to ask you something.”

The girl looks at me with slight fear in her eyes, but replies to me.

“Yes, I am ok. I am fine.”

She tries to be mature now. I can feel her fear, but I also admire her courage. I hug her closer to me to elevate the fear.

“Flaer, do you remember what happened to you?”

“I… I am not sure. We were walking and you played around with the thing, when the skies turned dark and everything became scary. I was scared but you punched the ground and covered all of us with your wings. I thought everything would be ok, but then it turned dark and I was here.”

The girl was talking quickly, trying to tell me what she remembers. I listened carefully, remembering every little detail.

“It was here. The bad thing, it was looking at me. First, it just looked at me but then it did something and I was on fire. I felt like I was forgetting things and it became scary. I couldn’t see or hear anything, so I stopped and cried.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks, remembering what happened must have been scary for her. She tried speaking, but I stopped her and let her pour out her fear. It was good for her. After she stopped sobbing, I asked another question.

“Is it still here?”


“Can you show it to me?”

She pointed towards the ground. I didn’t understand what she meant.

“Flaer, all this is in your head. You can do anything you want. Can you show me the thing that did this? If we see it, we can get out.”

She looked at me for a second, closed her eyes and flinched, as if trying to do something very hard. The darkness around us moved, parting away and the ground flew from under us. Very quickly it was far away and we floated in front of it. There was a massive eye.

It wasn’t alive or sentient, just simply watching. There was no light in the eye, just dead stare. But this was enough. I remembered what happened to me, all the time I spent with the eyes. They were different, alive and watching, but this was not much better. Flaer shivered when she looked at the massive eye ball.

“Flaer. Good job. You’ve done well.”

She didn’t say anything, only pressing her face into me harder. I held onto her as well. There appeared a pull from beyond, Aedim was trying to get us out. I held on and went towards it. I knew what the entity was and I had an idea, what it was before. Now, if only Aedim had the extra information needed to solve this puzzle.

Beast fiend. Chapter 50.

My sleep was short. I saw something, it made me want to wake up but kept me asleep. I was a hostage in my own mind, my thoughts no longer my own, uncontrolled and twisted. I felt like screaming, yelling at the top of my lungs, trying to make a sound.

It was all fruitless. I couldn’t escape, not until something pulled me out of the dreamscape. I heard a faint voice calling me and I reached for it, trying to get out of the nightmare. I thrashed about, punching and kicking the air.

When I woke up, I threw a punch upwards, making a large hole in the tents and forcing some cloth to fly very far away. My punch had too much force behind it, if somebody was there, they would be blown away.

When I open my eyes, I see that Mercissa is looking at me. My head is actually on her lap, her hands brushing my hair. My body is covered in frost and small frozen droplets. Through out my transformation, my body has become so monstrous, that instead of a fever or a cold giving me a few degrees difference in temperature, the difference becomes a hundred or so degrees. If I had a fever, I would probably set the tent on fire.

For a moment after I wake up, I feel relaxed, feeling a familiar presence. But then I hear Meriden, her voice coming from my side. Looking in her direction, I see he looking at me and her eyes unnerve me. They black pupils remind me of something, some void too deep for me to understand. I don’t know what it is, but I am scared to look into her eyes. I look away, trying not to think about the eyes.

Meriden notices this and she is somewhat bemused by my reaction.

“Zern, what happened?”


I can’t speak properly.

“Zern, what is it?”

“Please, don’t look at me.”

“What? Why? Zern please tell me what happened?”

“I don’t know, but I can’t look into your eyes. They scare me. I am scared.”

Meriden doesn’t know how to reply. All this time I seemed like a single bravest person, never relenting or kneeling before my adversaries, yet now I am scared.

While the girl states quiet, it’s the dragon girl that talks next.

“Lord Zern, what happened out there. I am worried that Flaer won’t wake up. Did you turn her and is she one of us now?”

Strange question considering all the circumstances. We are in a middle of a war zone, danger left and right, monsters, anomalies, the darkness… And all Mercissa asks is if I have used her immature niece’s body.

“No, she isn’t. I had to give her my blood to save her, her wounds were too grievous.”

“Ok. Lord Zern, tell us what happened. Regios had asked the others who arrived with you, but they only know bits and pieces. Brother asked me to get you to talk when you wake up. He needs to know what happened.”

“Hah. Well, no point beating around the bush. Let’s go.”

I get up, stretching my muscles. My mind is hazy, I still haven’t recovered yet and my sleep was restless, not letting me restore any energy. I look at Meriden, but once she lifts her gaze I turn away. I can’t take her gaze on myself. I am scared of being watched. Of something watching me…

As we walk out of the tent, I see people looking at me. I see their eyes staring at me, the black of their pupils trying to uncover me. The void in that darkness is looking right at me. I shiver uncontrollably and quickly walk back into the tent. Anything is better than that.

“Zern, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I am scared of their gaze. Of their eyes. Something makes me cringe on the inside, it is making me panic. I can’t look into people’s eyes.”

Meriden is confused by my words. She doesn’t understand what happened. Walking out she calls for Regios to come in but tells him not to look at me and then she goes to use the whisper stone to talk with Aedim. Our one smart person might be able to help.

While they girl talked, Regios came in. He tried to look away and I was thankful. Right now I could only withstand Mercissa looking at me as her eyes lacked pupils, like mine.

We talked. I told him about how we entered, about the first monster we killed. Then I told him about the anomaly and the artifact. I turned into my demon form and showed it to him, still shivering when his eyes looked at me.

I recounted my tale all the way down to my return to the camp. It was an easy conclusion, I was the reason for the Release and for so many deaths. It was obvious, once Regios said that the shape of the Zone changed from circular to an ellipse, stretched towards where I was and where my position was.

Regios tried to say otherwise, but I denied his words. I was responsible for what happened. It stung me to have people die because of me, but the guilt wasn’t unbearable. But the fear was. I was afraid for my fated, for Flaer, for everyone I cared about. And also, the eyes. They scared me.

We waited. Regios would talk about what happened. He spoke about how the wards were breached and how monsters attacked. The power of that last Release was massive, birthing many monsters and anomalies from the darkness. By the time we returned, many of them were dealt with, thanks to two of my wives.

While we discussed what happened, a light shone close to me and Aedim appeared from it. She used a port stone which would teleport her right to me, even if I lost mine. She looked at me and her eyes were completely white. She must have changed them before coming here.

I looked back at her and thanked her. She was considerate of me. While I was sitting down, I felt terrified, even if there was nothing to scare me. My mind wasn’t truly mine right now, something happened to me. I told Regios about blacking out, but I didn’t remember what happened then.

Aedim came over to me and hugged. She held me close and comforted me. Meriden came in as well, but she avoided looking at me, not wanting to scare me. I felt bad for pushing her away at the moment, but I couldn’t fight it. Something was making me feel like this.

With Aedim here, I once again repeated my whole story. She listened to it, trying to decipher the mystery before her. She spoke very little, only asking me questions if something wasn’t clearly understood. Only when I was done speaking that she herself talked.

“When the you absorbed the darkness from Flaer, you passed out. Was it like what happened during Lilith’s trial?”

“Not exactly. Back then it was Gargoyle’s dormant power that tried taking over my soul which then formed into a light inside me. This time, it was just attacking my soul, trying to kill me. If it wasn’t for the sphere,I would have died.”

Aedim knew almost everything about me, she was curious about my inner working and asked a lot of questions before. I never thought that I should keep any secrets from her.

“I don’t know what happened yet, but I have a general idea. Let me scan you to understand what happened.”

Aedim needed to see inside me to know my condition. I laid down on some soft cloth and let Aedim do her magic. While I was immune to any direct magical influence, I could allow a person to use magic on me if I opened my soul to him or her. Aedim was the only one who had such permission right now. In theory, she could kill me using magic, but she wouldn’t so that.

The scan took a bit of time. Aedim was an excellent Mage, but my soul was something else entirely. It had thousands of lifetimes worth of memories. Throughout the procedure, Aedim got a complicated expression, both confused and worried. She didn’t tell me what it was, only saying that she stumbled onto something that was irrelevant to the present day.

I actually wanted her to scan me and tell me of my previous lives, but every time when I wanted to ask her, I stopped myself, because if I ever needed to know anything from my past, the information would surface and reveal itself to me.

When she was done, she said nothing, only moving to where Flaer was and scanning her. Seeing as she was out of my tent, I waited patiently. When she returned, she had a hypothesis on what happened.

“I am almost sure that whatever happened to you also happened to Flaer. The darkness weakens the soul and takes over the body, transforming it. That was what happened to the lamia and the minotaur, as well as what was supposed to happen to Flaer. However, since you absorbed the darkness from her, it couldn’t do anything but lock the Flaer in the illusion. I believe you took the main force of the mental attack when you blacked out. Back then you forgot it and it was suppressed as being irrelevant. However, now that you are out of danger, it is seeping out from wherever it is suppressed.”

“But isn’t master Zern immune to magic and illusions? How could something like that happen?”

Meriden asked the right question.

“Zern wasn’t attacked by magic but by whatever entity the darkness belongs to. It was like with the Gargoyle, his power connected with Zern and they communicated. But this time, instead of inheriting memories and powers, Zern was directly connected to whatever the entity was and whatever he felt, it was his own feelings. It also seems that he spent a long time there. Flaer has been locked in the illusion, but to her it is simply a dream, it hasn’t got the same impact. You on the other hand took the majority of the strike.”

“So, what can we do now? Both I and Flaer are suffering from this. How can we help her and how can we stop this fear?”

“I believe that the two problems are connected. I think that if your memory surfaces and you remember what happened, you should be able to deal with it. And I believe the illusion that Flaer is facing is the same that you saw. We connect you two and you should be able to solve this problem. By facing the illusion, you will be able to save you both.”

I knew where this was going. I had to face my fear. I didn’t know what it was, but if it affected me this much, I might not be able to overcome it. The visions that I saw, they must have been grand to make me feel this. I feel like my spirit has been broken, like I gave up fighting. Knowing myself, there is nothing that I know of that would make me give up, nothing short of loosing my loved ones. Even then, I will keep on going to have my revenge and to destroy whatever took them from me.

“Whatever the mental attack was, it affected each of you the same way, trying to break you. If it wasn’t for Zern’s strong soul, he might have been converted as well.”

“I must say, I don’t like what I need to do to. The fear, I haven’t felt anything like it my whole life. Even when I was about to be executed I wasn’t afraid.”

“The reason why you are scared is because you don’t know what it is you are scared of. You fear the unknown. I can’ tell you what was it that you saw, you have to experience that for yourself. But I know that if you face it, you will be able to overcome it.”

Aedim really is smart. Is it my knowledge or is it her own wisdom. It’s like she read books on psychology and has a proper education with it. I really need to thank her more.

“So, when should we go dream exploring?”

“The sooner the better. While Flaer is not in danger within illusion, it is still going to be hard to pull her out. For some time she was in contact with the entity and if her body was getting slowly transformed by the time you got to her, she must have be n close to breaking. The faster we wake her up the less time we will have to spend treating her soul.”

“How long is it going to take?”

“I don’t know. Depends on both of you. If you can face your fears and if she is able to recognize you and to understand that she is in the illusion, it might be as fast as a couple of hours. Otherwise, a couple of days or even longer may pass.”

I nodded at her words. I shouldn’t wait for too long. Meriden and Regios were here as well as Mercissa. The dragon girl was looking at me with pleading eyes, hoping I would save her niece as fast as possible. I had to do it now.

“Ok, let’s do this. Bring her here, I can’t come out right now.”

Hearing my words, Regios smiled slightly and left to get his niece. Mercissa also smiled and hugged me close. I patted her on the back and kissed her cheek. Then I went and hugged Meriden and thanked her for putting up with me. She smiled at me as well. Then I thanked Aedim for her help. I don’t know why I got so emotional, it wasn’t like I was about to die. It would only be a slight separation right now. Still, I had to thank them for helping me.

When Regios came in, he put Flaer on the animal furs gently. Aedim instructed me to lie down and next to her with our heads touching. When we were in position, she began to work her magic. I felt sleepy, my eye lids becoming heavy and my vision blurring. Slowly, I fell asleep, entering the mind of a certain small dragon girl.

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