This is a website made by me, for you. I will post whatever I write here as well as some of my ideas.

Few things about me, I am 22, Male, Russian, Bilingual. Enough about me, I hope you enjoy your stay, please help yourselves to some tasty cookies.

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  1. great twist, and people love to hate something, (think game of thrones) everyone hates joffrey and it just makes people keep on watching and waiting til he finally gets whats coming.

    talking about beast fiend btw’s

  2. i think you take the reactions of the readers wrongly for a writer. i think its quite nice to get such reaction, dont know if you expected some but that means the readers actually reacted seriously. just keep doin what your doing and that last note is enough in that chapter is enoung. i think you didnt have to post another to react like that except the link, been trying to find the link but cant till now lol.

  3. hi..
    as a fellow author I really appreciate your work..
    and I am here to ask a proposal..
    would you mind reposting your works on our site?
    you will have your own subpage under home of original works, your own donation button and a link to this site..
    how’s that sound?

  4. I know you don’t like all the negativity on RRL, but could you please keep releasing Beast Fiend here? I was really enjoying it.

  5. why are u dropping the story because of few people are bitching it happens to everyone who writes or does animation of some sort,WHAT ABOUT THE FANS WHO LOVE YOUR STORY and whould love to keep reading it till the end,like if a few hate comments are gonna make you cry like bitchh the the rage quit just don’t even post stories at all, because ALL THAT SHOWS IS THAT YOU don’t care about THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO READ IT

    1. Don’t be a baby, the man is obviously a little shaken up he probably didn’t expect the unexpected amount of negative back lash, and probably not in the best of mood, especially not for writing so cut the dude some slack and don’t try to guilt trip him.

  6. Sorry to hear about you taking a break. Though I can understand that a constant negative environment can make it difficult to put a story that you put so much work into out in the open. I really enjoyed the story and though it had some twists and turns for me I was happy in the end. The story you wrote was able to evoke emotions from me both good and bad and in the end I think that is the hallmark of a good writer. I hope to see future works from you even if you are no longer releasing more chapters of Beast Fiend.

  7. This shit has gone too far. Dont listen to those bitches, they are just jelous of your talent, your work is one of the best I have read. The people that are bitching are those that cant deal with the real world shit so when they dont get their pussies, unicorns and rainbows they cry like the little bitches that they are. You should just ignore those little rejects that cant do anything but run from reality and their problems by reading fictions and then complain when you remind them that the world isnt just pussies, unicorns and rainbows. So fuck this shit and man up, you have great potential and so has your work, so dont waste it or you will regret it. And you should also upload it on Amazon and sell your work after you finish writing it, because I think it is great. You shall fell honored for I have blessed you with my great wisdom.

  8. Hello I read that your on hiatus for beast fiend and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that the assholes got to I however really enjoyed the story and hope you finish it more good stories are dropped because of haters then there should. Know that while I was pissed at the girls I was never pissed at you and I hope you keep trying or at the very least post your story here on your site best of wishes

  9. A day without a chapter of Beast Fiend is just not the same. The vodka just doesnt taste like it did before. I will allways be waiting for the next chapter.

  10. Fuck Ive been complaining for days and didnt even notice youve been uploading new chapters lol the shame. Im gona go hide in the corner…

  11. Beep I am an ancient wander I am called by many names may this return life to you zap zap magic oh ah

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