Beast fiend. Chapter 39.

Waking up the morning after party was a disaster. I woke up to a scene from some horror movie, with myself as a wolf, naked and covered in blood, with a girl in a similar condition. What was the first thought that would come to my head? Score? Did I get laid? No, the first thought was “Fuck, what have I done?!”. Then there was the realization that I must have broken the promise, with a girl I didn’t seem to recall and mauled her to death.

This was a scene from a movie. A guy turns werewolf, looses control, kills some person and then has to deal with the consequences. Good thing I didn’t rip her heart out and eat it…

The only thing that saved me was that I didn’t immediately ran away, like I would have done before and instead tried studying the girl. When I removed the black and grey coloured hair, I see Elaya’s face and I just stare at her. Did I kill Elaya? Did I loose control and rape her? Did my inner dark overcome myself? The doubts ran through my mind.

I turn into my normal form and try to look over her body, trying to find the wounds that made her bleed. The blood is dry, so it doesn’t get removed easily, I have to take some snow and rub it on her. Quickly I realize that she doesn’t have any claw marks or any wounds. Then, after a couple of seconds she starts squirming and calling out to me.

“Zern, it’s cold. Come back.”

She is still half asleep, but I think of it as my saving grace. I don’t know what happened, but I don’t want for her to wake up and see it in this condition. I need a way out. Quickly thinking of what to do, I decide to get her to a lake or a river. In winter most of the water is cold, although there are some hot springs around. I quickly grab my beloved girl whom I betrayed and materialized my wings.

I took Elaya in a princess carry and cover her up with some clothes so she doesn’t feel cold while we fly. In fact, how was she ok through the night, humans would freeze to death. Out of sight, out of mind, it’s too early for this. I need a coffee or a local equivalent of one.

In about twenty minutes we get to a small body of water from which some steam is rising. I made sure not to wake Elaya up, but she stirred around a bit. When we landed, I dropped out clothes on the floor and then slowly came to the hot spring. I noted that clothes are not ripped, perhaps I wasn’t that violent.

When I get close to the water, I lower Elaya carefully, trying to not disturb her. As she enters the hotspirng, she shifts a bit but still doesn’t wake up. I must have really drained her last night.

Slowly, I wash her body of any blood. First her stomach and her sides, then her breasts and her back. I notice something weird, apparently I was bleeding quiet a lot last night. I am covered in blood also, my back, my shoulders, everywhere. Did I cut myself so much last night? Was I trying to keep Elaya alive after giving her a grave wound? There was so much blood, it mixed creating a weird purple hue.

I come to washing Elaya’s face when she finally wakes up. My hand is brushing her check, trying to wash away my blood off her face. She looks like she slaughtered some weird animal and then ate it raw. After I brushed the same place a number of times, Elaya flinches and opens her eyes. She takes few moments to finally focus and look at me.

For a moment we just look at each other.

“I am sorry! Please forgive me!”

I try to apologize, knowing that what I did was wrong. I lower my head and don’t even look at Elaya. For about ten seconds I just stand beside her in water, waiting for an answer. Not hearing her talk or cry, I raise my head slightly, only to see Elaya grinning with a smug look. Why is she smiling? An why does she have fangs?

“Zern, you really are an idiot.”

She reaches for me and kisses me. Her tongue enters my mouth and attacks me. She even puts and effort to brush it against my fangs. Confused I just stand still for a moment and then return her passion.

Her fangs seem to be sharp, sharp enough to even cut my tongue. She notices my blood and forcefully sucks on my tongue. It is a weird feeling, having your fiancée suck on your tongue to get blood out. Was it really that good?

We stay like that for an undetermined amount of time, myself just enjoying this completely new feeling and then we separate, with Elaya looking at me and smiling, a bit of my blood rolling from a corner of her mouth. She then proceeds to kiss my neck and I realize one simple truth. If the promise was broken, Elaya was only more glad it was. She seems really excited, her pupils dilated, her nipples are hard and her triangular ears perking up…

The shock of the sudden realization hits me like a rock. I push Elaya slightly away from me to have a good look at her. Eyeing her up and down, I see that she had changed from before. Mainly, she has big wolf ears sticking out of the top of her head. Her hair has also changed color and her eyes now have yellow in them, like mine used to. What?

As I am looking at her, my beloved girl is just staring back with a wide smile, knowing how I must be in shock. Wanting to know more, I reach with my hand towards her ears and start rubbing them. Elaya closes her eyes, the edges of her mouth twitch uncontrollably and she lets out a moan. I can’t remember her being like that, was she ever this lustful? While I keep rubbing her pointy bits, a tail brushes on my leg. I try to stop it, only to realize it is not my tail. My tail is resting between Elaya’s legs and rubbing her slightly, whatever is hitting me is not mine.

With a surprised expression, I reach out my hand and catch the sudden intruder, which forces another moan out of Elaya. Trading the tail to its origin, my hand comes to rest against my fated’s buttocks. The tail is extending from slightly above it.

Not that I dislike the new changes and new Elaya, she really seems like a wild animal, very much like me but…

“How come?”

It takes Elaya a few moments to come back to reality.


“How come you have ears and a tail?”

“Zern, you don’t remember last night do you?”


“Well my dear fiancé, last night you took me for a flight, showing me the beauty of the world. Then we landed and I poured out my heart how I was afraid of loosing you and how I didn’t want to keep the promise anymore. And then we fucked, fucked like dogs, bloody and dirty. Being an uncontrollable sexy beast that you are, you kinda cut me on my sides. Not wanting to scar this pretty body of mine, you shared your sweet, delicious, magnificent blue blood, which changed me into what you see now. He-he.”

Thinking back to yesterday, I can remember some, like the party and the girls being girls, but at some point it just cuts off. I really should stop shutting down my alcohol tolerance.

“How much do you remember? I remember nothing of what you tell me.”

Her eyes gleam with a mischievous light and her smile curls upwards.

“Oh? Well I have some bits and pieces up there.” Elaya taps her forehead with her finger. “But it seems you don’t have much in there.” She taps my head. “So how about we make some new memories so you will remember everything?”

With that she pulls me closer and kisses me again. She is unrestrained, totally wild and primal. I can feel heat radiating from her like from a bitch in heat. I separate us for a moment.

“Elaya? Why did you change so suddenly?”

“Changed? Well I am a wolf, a beast just like you. And wolves don’t need to be civilized, we are the kings of the forest after all. We broke the promise of tender love and friendly compassion, so that we could enjoy fucking like animals. And you don’t know how glad I am that we did.”

She pulls me in once again. Assaulting me, she sends her tongue in my mouth and cuts it on one of my fangs. Perhaps she wants to return the favor?

With the complete change in demeanor, Elaya became like a different person. She was shy when we met, which she overcame and became sociable, but she never was this confident. Being a wolf, being like me, the power changed her. I wanted to say how I liked the previous Elaya better, how I wanted her to return… But I didn’t. The new, confident, wild, animalistic and feral Elaya totally rocked. Well, she was still the same, only more honest about her desires and her feelings. Her body was stronger and more durable, her mind lost the restraints the held her back, but she was still loving, caring and loyal, but also more passionate and lustful.

While I was pondering about the situation in my head, Elaya went full throttle on making new memories. Well, so did I unconsciously, my tail snaking in-between her legs and my arms caressing her buttocks and her breasts.

Seeing where this is going, I decide to push all worries to the back of my mind and enjoy making some new memories. We went at creating things to remember for a few hours, oh the joy of fiendish stamina and longevity.

When we were done, it was way past afternoon. I woke up slightly after dawn, so we couldn’t have had more than six hours to sleep, but even now we felt great. Well, I felt like I could forsake sleep entirely, seeing how I had six powers inside me, but Elaya was still slightly human, but she seemed unfazed by the lack of proper beauty sleep.

When I was going to put on my clothes, Elaya came to me and stopped me.

“We are wolves, we don’t need clothes.”

She was really taking the whole “wolves” thing to heart. I didn’t dislike it, but going around naked was not what I wanted to see her do.

“I will sooner bit off my tongue than to let another man feast his eyes on my woman. Cover yourself.”

With a sigh, Elaya took the clothes she wore previously and ripped them to shreds, just enough to cover her curves. She was totally naked underneath, which excited me and made me look out for her.

“You know what? You in your human form don’t seem any less feral than you in your wolf form.”

“My wolf form?”

“Ah, you don’t remember do you? We literally fucked like wolves, you and your claws digging into my sides, your snout licking me. It was painful, but I made sure to return the favor with my own claws.”

With a giggle, she demonstrated her sharp nails. They didn’t seem too different from before, perhaps more pointy. But if what she said was true, they must be pretty damn hard.

After that we were done dressing and left toward the tribe. Elaya didn’t let me dress up too much either, I had my ripped pants on and nothing else. Elaya wanted everyone to see my nude torso and pinkish scars on my body from all the love making. For some reason, my blood healed everybody without leaving a trace, but myself, I had some time where any marks persisted for hours or days.

When we made it back to where the party happened, everybody was dead. Well, not literally. Out of all the people, mostly everybody was drunk enough to still be sleeping, even if it was already past noon. My girls weren’t in the pile of drunken bodies, their smell was coming from our tent. Seven of them were there. For some reason, Flaer always stayed with us and was now counted as one of the group, even if it was against my will.

Elaya didn’t seem to care about the hardships people faced last night, she walked right in the middle and began to howl. If wolves were in the centre of the tribe, it would spell trouble, so people began to stir awake, trying to determine the danger.

For some reason I felt like howling as well. I walked up to her and let the air out of my lungs, producing a low sound. Us two were howling in the middle of the camp, with people around us getting up to look at us. With the two voices ringing out, one high pitched, piercing and another lower, rumbling sound, we sang the song of our union.

I felt something in Elaya shift and her form melted, just like mine does. She grew a bit, becoming slightly taller and ripping her clothes. Before people stood a first female fiend. Her body was covered in fur, but she was unmistakably a woman. With her transformation her howl became louder and more powerful. I just stressed my voice cords to match her without transforming.

Quickly, people got up and came out of tents to see what all the noise was. Seeing a new fiend standing next to me, people were puzzled and surprised. When Elaya ended her howl, she looked at the people around us. Her facial features were larger than mine and her fur was more lush and fluffy than mine, marking her as a female.

With a growl-like voice she loudly proclaimed.

“I am Elaya of the Val’Kira tribe, the Prime Matriarch of the Val tribes and fiancée of Zern of the Val tribes. Yesterday I left you all a human girl, frail and weak. Today I return to you a woman, a changed and transformed woman, no longer frail and weak, but powerful and beastial, just like my beloved. All this thanks to the blood of one we call the fiend.”

Elaya transformers with those words, returning to her new human appearance. I come to her, covering her naked body with my wings and the black flame. She became really shameless, trying to expose herself like that. I will need to punish her for disobedience later. Seeing my reaction she just smirked at me, knowing that I would do that. What a bitch!

“I am now a new being, like my future husband. We are one, body and soul. The power my fated now carries in his blood is beyond what we Val carry, it is more powerful than that. Now we bow to the the future leader of the Val people, one who will give us new power and new strength. One who will lead us forward and who will change us. All bow to Zern of the Val tribes!”

My girls have some strange liking to giving speeches. Previously Eleanor and now Elaya. Well, I suppose they are not leaders for nothing. With her speech done, people really do drop on one knee and bow their heads down in submission, even in their drunk and sleep deprived condition.

Elaya however doesn’t do it, perhaps she views herself standing beside me, as my first and lawful mate. Wolves are loyal, they have one mate or at least one true mate that stands beside them, like in our case. Instead of bowing, she jumps on me, wrapping my torso with her legs. It’s a good thing I have my wings and my flames around us, so people don’t see what she is doing with me in the middle of the crowd.

The other girls look at us with envy, surprise and joy. While they are not the first, they will be next and they know it. I just carry Elaya to our tent, trying to hide her motions and locking my lips with hers to stop her moans. Perhaps a somewhat abrupt end to her speech, but it will have to do.

I step inside into out tent, followed by the girls. Now, we will be dealing with seven others who would like to be in Elaya’s place right now. God, new Elaya is so wild, I will need to train her. I hope she is housebroken and I don’t need to take her for a walk in the future. Well, I have plenty of tools for punishment, Lilith made sure of that.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
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  2. So will the other girls be able to switch between their cosplay. Form and their original forms because Elaya hasn’t tried to change yet and the fox girl will probably not want to be hit by aphrodisiac 24/7 (isn’t that why she tries to stay away from Zern?)

    1. The whole reason she tries to stay away is because of Elaya’s promise from before. Now that the promise is over, it’s no longer relevant.

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