Beast Fiend. Chapter 1.

This world is vast. All around the giant continent, there is an ocean. Some island surround the mainland, but otherwise, there are no other land masses anywhere else. Just one, single, big chunk of land.

To the east of this land, there is a Great Forest. What’s so great about it? Well, it’s massive. It goes all the way from the far north, full of evergreens and pine trees, covered in snow all year around, down to the south where vegetation changes into the usual trees all the way to tropical palms at the southern end. It is truly a giant forest. It’s not the only one in the world, but it is the main one and it is where the story begins.

In the northern part of the forest, the lands where it snows all year around, there lives a tribe of people. They call themselves Val tribe or simply Val, the people are strong and powerful, they are the guardians of this realm. Their duty was given to them by the Great Beasts of the past, who were given their duty by the ancient gods. Those gods are gone now, their legacy long forgotten, only the tribe still carries a fraction of the power they carried long ago.

The tribe was founded by one man, our ancestor, Val Loudhorn, a man of power, who used his strength for good and helped those in need. He himself founded the tribe with his sisters… Not a very pleasant beginning of a tribe, interbreeding and all, but strangely, Val Loudhorn had powerful blood which prevented any kinds of problems. Their little family were very active as the very first generation after them had over forty children and beyond that even more. Of course they worked out a way around such high fertility and their growth slowed eventually.

Val Loudhorn treasured strength above all else, but he also valued honor, valor and truth. He never betrayed another man, having been taught by his parents that strength can be gained and fortune earned, but trust is a commodity too valuable to give away freely and to betray it is the worst crime of all. He passed on such values of his children, making them good people who valued their family ties and their bonds. Because of that, there were rarely any conflicts amongst the Val people.

After many years, a disaster came. Over the world, an unknown darkness fell, which threatened to drown out all the light and leave the world an empty husk. At the time, the old gods had already vanished and only five Guardians were left, the Great Beasts. At the time they warred with an evil God, Gargoyle, but seeing the new threat, old enemies had to become allies as to save the world from destruction.

Those Beasts had to sacrifice their lives to counter an upcoming calamity, one which would wipe out all life in the realm, so they approached the leader of the Val tribe back then and offered her a deal. Five daughters will be wed to the guardians and those guardians will leave portion of their power with their children. This would also make their descendants the guardians of the realm, tasked with keeping peace and helping the weak.

The Matriarch of the tribe was a wise woman, she agreed to the deal. She had six daughters, so the eldest, she gave them all to the beasts in exchange for their power. It wasn’t some cunning plan to gain power for power’s sake. Having the strength of the guardians would reinforce her position and allow her to help more people. With the new strength she could do good deeds for the realm.

The oldest daughter, Hoona of Val, she became the bride of the Great Bear. The beast was strong and unyielding. His power was legendary amongst the beasts. It was said, he could move the mountain or split the earth in two. His strong will and determination always allowed him to persevere in the face of danger. The portion of this power was given the the Hoona’s daughter.

Second oldest daughter, Halla of Val, was wed to the Great Lion. He was proud and royal, his leadership was unrivaled. He was smart as he was strong, but he truly shined as he led those behind him forward. His war cry instilled fear into the hearts of enemies and pushed his allies onwards against all odds. He was a leader unlike any other. This, he passed onto his descendants.

Third daughter was united with Great Wold. He was a swift beast, agile and fast. His speed was beyond the limits of the mortal body, he was able to run across the continent in hours and could run on water or leap great distances. He wasn’t weak or dumb, but speed was his trade. This he passed onto the daughter of Kira, the third daughter of the Val tribe.

The forth daughter, Eris, received the blessing of the Great Fox. This beast was cunning and dexterous. His senses were godly, allowing him to see what nobody could. He was stealthy and he was crafty, able to hide in plain sight or to draw attention to the most ordinary thing in the world. His illusions were stronger than any other’s. Such skills he passes on to the daughter of Eris.

The second youngest daughter, Morn of the Val, she became one with the Great Drake. Like his cousins, dragons, the Drake had scales like diamonds and magic like gods. He lacked the wings but made it up in his adaptability. He was the embodiment of the immortality, wise and powerful, he was a great guardian. So, he passed on his gift to the descendants of the Morn of the Val.

These five girls all had daughters and they carried the power of the Guardians. The Great Beasts saw how union and kinship was important to Val, so they hid the power within the blood of the women. To unlock it, the male had to receive the blood from the female and he would be granted the power and become the guardian of that girl.

Because the power was only ever passed on mother to daughter, all women would stay within the tribe and don’t travel outside of the territory as to stop the power from coming into the wrong hands. The men however, would become guardians and guard the tribe or travel the lands in search of those in need or to find new men to wed to the daughters of the tribe. This was the first time that outsiders would come into the tribe, but the Matriarch wished to expand her trine and allowed to do so.

However, there was another. Evil God Gargoyle, he too wished to leave a legacy, seeing as he was about to walk the path of sacrifice along with the Guardians. He bedded the youngest daughter, Luna of the Val, and gave her offspring his power. He was powerful, strong enough to repel five Great Beasts, but his power was corrupting and vile. Any man who was touched by it trying to become the guardian would gain immense power but soon succumb to the temptation and turn evil, so the Matriarch decided to not allow the descendants of Luna to have guardians. She however didn’t punish the daughters of her youngest, as the power had little effect on the women.

This is how six daughter tribes were born.

Val’Hoona, the tribe of the Great Bear.

Val’Halla, the tribe of the Great Lion,

Val’Kira, the tribe of the Great Wolf.

Val’Morn, the tribe of the Great Drake.

Val’Eris, the tribe of the Great Fox.

And Val’Luna, the tribe of the Demon.

This is the history of my people. I myself am born into the tribe of the Great Drake. I am Zern of the Val’Morn.

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