Beast Fiend. Chapter 38.5

The party turns into something wild. People were scared of what was happening to me, I really looked like I was about to explode. It was all to unreal.

Regios and Hooligein come to me and bring out the big guns. Angel-Tear Heavenbrew. Aw yeah, let’s drink. It is unadvised to drink too much of it. We each take a couple of shots, letting the liquid go down our throats and the warmth spread through us. I can feel myself getting drunk already, especially since my resistance to intoxication was reduced willingly.

Lilith went to the other girls almost immediately, them talking all together and gossiping. Once Regios brings out the godly drink, they come over, wanting to try it. Meriden told everyone what happened last time, so they each get half a shot and a bit of juice to wash it down. This stuff is beyond were full for mortals, so Norgara’s elixir is goi g to be in high demand.

We all talk while getting drunk, people seem to gotten very nervous before tonight and during the Rite. Now that the Rites are over and I am all fine, we can relax and enjoy life for a bit.

It is exactly what we do now. There is plenty of food and other drinks, so we have lots of things to consume now. Drinking the Angel-Tear, it is getting harder to think clearly. I kind of just drift in an out.

The bonfire is huge, might as well jump over it. People start doing it too, but only those sure that they can do it. Deciding it is a fun thing to do I just jump into the fire and lie down in the coals. They don’t even sting or singe my hair, making me hysterical. I am a monster, a true fiend now!

Aha, the girls all seem to be having a good time. It is like the weight have been lifted off of me and them. I am alive and fine. The girls actually got together and cried a bit for some reason, but now they are all red and flustered. Drinks are working their magic.

At some point I see Reguos approaching Mercissa, but I stop him and lead him away with a low growl. He asks for a duel again, so I tell him we can do and arm-wrestle. He is sure he is going to win, but I am co rodent in my power, since I have an extra beast and a dark gods power in me. To do the match, I chop down a thick tree with a hand-chop, felling it and leaving a stump.

We get ready, grasping hands together and waiting for Mercissa to give her signal. Once we begin, the power concentrated here is immense. Regios wanted to go easy on me, but once I begin to put more power, he gets serious. For a while we are locked in mortal combat, not wanting to loose to another. This is Mercissa’s fate Thais being decided here!

I strain my strength and begin pushing Regios back. Ah, it is so wonderful to be as strong as a dragon! Fuck, I am going to fuck one sometime soon. With that thought I snap a bit and the stump below our arms is just sent into the ground, making our fight end prematurely. I would have won, but it wasn’t determined just yet and Regios had to do something, so the match would be postponed.

Mercissa laughed at this and gave me a long kiss, but then she suddenly pushed me off as if remembering something and ran away. That’s weird but what can I do? Women eh.

We continue on partying, drinking and such, myself having a considerable buzz, girls doing something they were doing. Lilith comes over to give me her thanks. She didn’t believe that we would be successful, but now that I am a Val’Luna guardian, she is really grateful. She was considering jumping me tonight, but she couldn’t hurt Elaya like that. “Perhaps tomorrow” she said to me and ran off too. I just don’t get them.

Well, nothing for me to do. Decide to spread my wings and fly around for a bit. With dark flames, my wings appear and I spread them ready to lift off. Before I do, Elaya runs to me and jumps onto me, locking me in her embrace. I also embrace her, wrapping her with my arms and slithering my tail around her waist and between her legs… Whoops, my tail is naughty, bad tail, very bad.

Strangely Elaya doesn’t scold me. Instead she just asks me to fly around with her. I won’t deny myself the pleasure. Holding her body closer to me, I lift off, flying higher up. It is cold up in the air, so I cover Elaya with my hands and grow a bit of fur to keep her warm. We fly like that, with her face buried in my chest and pressing herself against me. She must be very scared of heights. We fly some way away from the party before Elaya points somewhere with her eyes half closed and asks me to land.

We go down into some sort of clearing, it covered in snow. Even in May, northern part of our f is cold,enough for snow. We just plop down into a snow pile as we get low enough, myself on the bottom and Elaya on top of me. She is still clinging to me as if trying to not let me disappear. Was he must have been more scared than I thought.

We lay like that for a moment and then I hear Elaya sob quietly. I am totally confused, tonight should be a night of celebration. Why would Elaya feel sad like that?

“Hey, Little one, why are you crying.” She doesn’t even try to correct me.

“Zern, I was so scared. You fell on the floor screaming, changing. I was afraid you did succumb to the demon, that you would be killed and that I would loose you.”

“Elaya, you were afraid of me getting consumed? You didn’t need to worry, you know how amazing I am!” I try to joke, but Elaya is still sullen.

“Zern, I was thinking. I don’t want to loose you… and I don’t want for you to die without me having you.”

With those words, she pulls herself off me and sits on top of me. Slowly, she removes her clothes, pulling off her leather cloak and her shirt. She reveals her chest, now grown to size three, making her look very alluring as a woman. The obsidian black hair flow downward and cover her breasts slightly. Her nipples are hard. She seems to be cold, with goosebumps all over her skin, but her smell tells me she is also very aroused.

“Elaya, what about our promise?”

“Zern. Fuck our promise. I can’t let you leave without fucking you. The promise was a stupid thing you said when we were kids. All our peers have been doing it since they were twelve or less. Who knows what other shit you will be up to? I don’t want to loose you. I want you.”

I can’t reply with anything. The beast inside me stirs, wanting to come out. It seems it really is time. The first time a guardian mates with his woman is only after the transformation, so he is going to be in his beast form. I am unique, as I can change my form, but the beast longs for release. I feel a little weird as letting it come out and have his way with Elaya, although he is just a part of me, not some separate entity.

I decide to give in. To the temptation of breaking the promise. To the seduction by my most beloved girl, who is loyal to no one but me. To the beast, wishing to ravage the girl sitting on top of me.

My body melts, changes into my beast form, but it is not the usual three meters behemoth, it is my werewolf form, but the size of a human. It understands that we don’t want to rip the girl from the inside.

Throughout all the transformations, my somewhat wild wolf form changed. My fur was now jet black, like Elaya’s hair, very lustrous and soft. I am no longer a lone wolf, a wild animal, I am the king of the forest, a legendary beast who can lead a strong pack. My claws are golden black, the features from other forms are gone, leaving only me and the wolf.

With my claws, I rip away the pants of the girl sitting on top of me. In my rush, I slightly scratch her side, making her bleed a bit. Sweet aroma fills the air, making me want to lick it. I lift us up and drop my clothes on the ground and lay Elaya on top of them. She is now naked, with few scraps of the clothes left, which I get rid of quickly.

Not wanting to waste any life-blood like I did the first time, I bend down and lick Elaya’s side with my tongue. It is very long and elastic, just the way it should be for what I want to do. With my smooth tongue, I lick away and blood and then climb upwards her body, licking my way up. I want to taste her.

When I get to her breasts I take my time savoring the feel of her nipples. With my arms I grope the underside of her boobs, while using my tongue to completely envelop her nipples. It is a weird thing to do, but my super tongue let’s me do that and more. I can even roll my tongue in a tube, which may come in handy later. She tries resisting making a sound, biting her lip instead.

I slowly make my way up to Elaya’s neck, while my hands travel lower. I can’t get my hands between her legs because of my claws, but I grab her legs on the thighs. Licking her neck, I her Elaya moan. From her lip a bit of blood flows. I raise up and lick it and her lip to stop the bleeding.

As much as I want to say it was beautiful and mesmerizing, it was more erratic. Elaya was totally new and she didn’t know anything about pleasure, so she was totally locked up. I haven’t had sex in years and my senses were superhuman, it was hard to control myself, feeling the musky smell of a girl ready to become a woman.

I felt every little shudder coming from the girl and her smell was intoxicating, perhaps even more than the alcohol I drunk. The feeling was incredible and I haven’t even started to do the deed.

Wanting to do some more foreplay, I slide down Elaya’s body, licking her neck, her breasts, going down and licking her stomach until I almost reach her neither region. However, before I can do anything, she grabs my ear and painfully tugs on it.

“Wolves are not meant to submit to their females. Don’t you dare do that with me or others. You should be proud and strong, never put your mouth on the other lips of a woman. It is women who should submit.”

With that, she raises me up a bit and then crudely pushes me backwards, making me fall onto the snow. Then, Elaya gets on her knees on my clothes, while I lay a bit off of her. She doesn’t let me regain my composure and reaches for my manhood. She doesn’t really know what to do, even if she knows the theory. She tries to grab it, but because I am some distance from the clothes, she looses balance and falls forwards toward the snow and ends up with her face very close to my genitals. It would be a good thing, but now she would get cold very quickly, even with all heat her body is radiating.

I quickly pick her up and move her back onto the clothes, with my body pressing against her. I want to cover her and to warm her up, but after few moments she pushed me off.

“No, Zern, this is our night, I will do this. I just need to submit to you first.”

“Elaya, we can just relocate to a different place. And you don’t have to do anything.”

“No, this is how it’s meant to be. This is the howling ledge and you are a wolf to who I must submit. The customs are very clear…”

Her expression is both stern and somewhat pleading. Perhaps her tribe has some customs about this sort of thing, which I never bothered to learn. I decide to make things easier for her, letting her drop to her knees, while standing up before her. My manhood is in full glory, pointing at her face. Elaya is ready to submit.

She firstly takes it with her hand and studies it a bit. Inexperienced, this is a new territory for her, all of which is fascinating and scary. I try to give her pointers, hoping to elate her fears. It is semi-successful. She moves her hand back and forth, trying to stimulate me, but I truly am stimulated enough form the smell and sight alone. The expanded sensation of touch sends shocks up my spine from Elaya’s hands, but I can manage it.

After some studying, Elaya gets brave enough to advance. She parts her lips, slowly putting me in her mouth. She pauses, trying to take in the new sensation. I am just barely inside, but my senses are already showering me with pleasure. It is a great feeling, the wetness of her mouth around my head.

I tell her the basics, like no teeth and yes tongue. She tried to cover my head with her tongue, which sends pleasure right in my brain. It is awesome, massive amount of pleasure, but after my transformations I seem to be able to endure more.

Elaya is slowly but surely is getting used to it. Moving her head back and forth, she stimulates my manhood, trying to make me feel good. A couple of times she pulls me out and simply kisses me on the tip. It is not pleasurable or sexy, but it is so very cute, it makes me warm inside. After that she continues doing her submission to me.

I can feel her shiver from the cold after falling into the snow earlier, so I decide that it is time. I pull myself out of her mouth, making her pout slightly. She wanted me to experience my first orgasm from her tongue. I simply tell her that after my transformation, she is sooner going to freeze than to bring me to the peak, we would need a warmer place for that. With that she gives up and moves on. I can see a hint of fear in her eyes, she knows how the first time can be painful.

But she keeps on going regardless. Parting with my lower head, she than turns around to get in position… No, wait. You gotta be fucking with me.

A fucking doggy style? Elaya wants our first time to be done doggy style? This is, just, ugh. The irony of the situation makes me cringe. Well, I guess it is a wolfy style now.

After I giggle for a bit, Elaya seems to look at me pleadingly, she doesn’t know what to do and how to act, so me laughing does not help the situation. She just stands on all fours, her posterior calling for me to get close. I can feel her longing for me, that little slit is wet, ready to accept my monster form. And I don’t intend to make it wait for too long.

I position myself at the entrance, my clawed hands on the girl’s hips and slowly move myself closer. I don’t want for her to be in much pain,mans I know that with sufficient foreplay and if moving relatively slowly, you can ease into your first painlessly. I get close enough for my member to almost touch Elaya’s lips. The heat coming off of her can be felt easily, but I am sure I am hotter right now, having six beings inside of you makes every aspect inhuman, even your temperature.

I slowly move my head across Elaya’s lips, to tease her slightly and to warn her that we are almost there.

“Please, do it…”

She begs me to get this over with. Her anticipation must be killing her, both dreading the pain to come and longing for the pleasurable release after. My own body is also screaming at me to throw myself in, but I try to restrain myself as much as possible. I waited fifteen years for this, I can wait few more seconds.

Touching Elaya’s slit with my head already makes waves of pleasure radiate from my lower abdomen, I hope that our first time is not going to be a bust. I will need to last plenty of time to impress and satisfy my most beloved girl, the one I fell in love with first.

I slowly start sliding myself it, both of us grasping for air. I feel amazing, the wetness of her slit surrounding me, her tight womb trying to swallow me whole. And Elaya is preparing for the pain to come. I don’t plan on it, slowly moving in until I reach the obstacle, one thing that separates a girl and a woman. It is just a technicality, Elaya is already a woman, but this breaching this obstacle will make it official.

I am about to move away, hoping to stimulate Elaya more, but feeling it, she quickly pushes herself against me, making me slide all the way inside. She winces in pain, one again biting her lip and falling on her elbows, trying to bury her face in the clothes.

I wasn’t expecting that and suddenly being assaulted by such tight and wet grasp of Elaya’s vagina, I myself moan and dig my claws into her hips. Fuck! Elaya has tears forming in her eyes. The gashes are not bad, they are just somewhat deep. I can’t have my girl bleeding like that all over. I’ve already robed her of her maidenhood, making her bleed down there, I can’t let the wounds ruining our first time, no matter how weird it has been so far.

I bite my hand, making my blood come out. I see my new blood, which transformed completely. It looks like some yogurt, white, with a slight hint of light blue. It’s lighter than the sky and has a weird eerie black glow around it. I don’t think about the reasons or the consequences of giving my blood to Elaya.

I reach down and wrap my arm right below her chest and pull her up, making her stand in her knees, me still inside her. Her face is distorted by pain, with tears rolling down. I hold her close to me, as close as I can and lick her neck, trying to ensure her that I am close. With my other hand I reach for her mouth and press the bleeding cut against her lips.

When my blood touches Elaya’s lips, she shakes her head as if she got startled, but after opening her eyes and seeing my hand, she pushes it against her lips and drinks it in. Maybe my blood became sweet and tasty, it sure seemed to be that way from what I know of my Bloodborn.

While drinking my blood, Elaya moans slightly and even begins to move. My blood is intoxicating just like Lilith’s. As Elaya drinks in every drop, she seems to become slightly incoherent, no longer understanding what is going on. For her, there is pleasure inside her and sweet, delicious treat in her mouth. Well, there was one there few minutes prior, but this one is different.

Whatever blood came out of Elaya’d cuts on her hips and from her slit it has spread somewhat. She also had my blood flowing down her chin and all the way to her chest.

I continue licking her neck and the side of her face, trying to clear away some of my blood, and I actually feel how good it tastes. Man, its like I am a caramel, vanilla and chocolate all in one. Well, that is not an apt description of my blood, it is so much more. It really feels somewhat intoxicating. And arousing.

With our minds in a haze from the drinking and tasting my blood, we begin to move together in a rhythm. Back and forth, slow at first. For about s minute we do this, me thinking how I will proceed, hoping to make Elaya feel good to make up for all the fuck ups of our first time, until she moans. She moans continually, without stopping for a good ten seconds. I doubt that I am giving her such pleasure, this development surprised me somewhat.

Then, the moan developed into a howl. I didn’t understand what happened, but suddenly black lighting surged between me and Elaya, hitting her body. It then went back and forth through her body, like during my trial. Wherever it would hit, Elaya’s form would change slightly. Is she going through a transformation? What is happening? My thoughts were echoing in my head as I heard my beloved girl howl, assaulted by an unknown force which came from my blood.

Looking inside the girl, I see something change from before. The red light around her soul is no longer idle, just circling it. The red light, that which has been there all her life simply orbiting her soul is now being intertwined with it, bringing them together, just like I have with mine. Is she going to become a guardian? My guardian? What in the world?

As Elaya’s form shimmer slightly, it is suddenly completely covered in black lighting and flames, hiding her from sight for a moment. When she appears again, her figure no longer obscured but changed.

Elaya’s new appearance is that of a wolf girl. No seriously, her ears changed, turning into triangles and moving up, just like that of a real wolf. Her hair is no longer raven black, it is now mix between obsidian black and dark grey colors, making her look primal. But they mix is not wild or random, it really makes her look beautiful. The real matriarch.

Now also has sharp canines, giving her a slight feral look when she smiles, which is what she is doing exactly after the transformation. Apparently it wasn’t really painful, more of just unexpected and bizarre. Her changing mid coitous, every sense in her body was brought to their limits. Which made her orgasm, since we haven’t parted. I actually felt the walls of her inner part closing around me. It felt great but I was too worried about my fated.

And the most amazing and most weird addition to her form was a tail. Yes, Elaya now has a furry tail, protruding from her lower back. It is fluffy and nice, and it is very-very pleasurable to touch for both of us.

There are some minor changes, like yellow color in her eyes mixed in with grey, hey nails becoming sharper and turning into claws. My girl has become a she-wolf. Awesome.

And apparently, she is very-very horny now, as she gets on her hands again and immediately resumes her movement. The smile on her lips shows how good she feels. Being drunk on my blood is awesome.

The transformation seems to have changed quite a bit of her inner workings as well. As she starts moving, I can feel her clasping her walls around my member, trying to bring me to the peak. She is grinning, seeing how much she has changed. I can feel her new body is very flexible and strong. When we move, the feelings are trying to break down my composure, to tip me over the edge. I can hardly control it as it is Elaya who is doing the big part now, so in my ecstatic delirium I once again dig my nails into Elaya’s sides, but her skin is much tougher now and she doesn’t bleed as easily.

She wiggles in front of me, the cuts don’t seem to be hurting her much, instead they make her move faster. The pain tolerance must have increased greatly, which is something I like a lot, Elaya joining my “games” would be fun. The cuts on her body bleed, revealing blood of darker purple hue, as if our bloods mixed together. Now, her blood is rolling down her sides, covering her in it. There are now three different hues of blood on her body, my light blue, her previous red and her current violet color. Strangely, it makes me crave her more, the sight is somewhat unrefined and wild, just like the beast inside me liked. And I do like it as well.

She rises again, leaning her body against me, making the movement awkward. I take the slight pause and use it to caress her breasts. She pulls my other arm bites it, spilling more of my blood. This is turning into some bloody sacrifice.

Drinking more of my blood, her wounds heal once again and she is intoxicated even more than before. She seems to be loosing her mind, just moaning, even if we can barely move in this position. I decide to fix it, so I take her by the sides and push her on the ground, quickly pulling out of her and twisting her to make her face me, then I jam myself inside her again.

Laying down, Elaya can’t move, making me the dominant one. It is good to be on top, so I can move the way I want and not rush the process. There is plenty of time to enjoy.

I begin to move in and out slowly, making Elaya gasp each time. She is not used to having sex. While her pain tolerance has gone up, her pleasure tolerance seem to have gone down. She enjoyed having my body so close and moving myself inside her.

I hug Elaya close to me, putting one hand behind her ass and another on her chest, trying to stimulate her. I then had an idea of using my tail, but it is just a simple brush right now like real wolves have. No additional limb for now.

Moving around, we are both covered in out blood and Elaya seems to like mine a lot, so when I come close to lick her neck, she digs her fangs into mine, where my fur is short and my neck is rather exposed for an attack. I decide not to loose to her and dig my own fangs into her shoulder slightly. This turns into some weird vampire werewolf party, but seeing how Elaya’s blood tastes even better than before, I take in the sensation and just go with it. We are both drunk on our blood now, driving us crazy.

After consuming some blood, my body begins to move faster, going all the way inside Elaya and coming almost completely out of her. The stimulation is great, I can easily each the deepest part of her body. The walls inside her also begin to stimulate me harder, trying to squeeze me dry. The convulsions of Elaya’s body tell me she had reached pear once more. I try to resist, by having drunk her blood my mind goes little cloudy and I loose control. The blood makes heat permeate through my body, attacking my insides and stimulating my nerves. There is nothing I can do, I push myself as deep inside as I can and release my seed inside Elaya.

We stay like that for a little bit longer, taking a break. My jaw is closed on Elaya’s shoulder and my claw on one hand is digging into her ass cheek. But she doesn’t seem to mind, her own claws are dug into my back, making my fur wet with my blood. We are two fucking animals. Literally.

This is somewhat filthy, so I decide to clean myself somewhat. I get up, both of us holding onto one another and walk towards some snow. Then I just fall into a pile of snow. Our combined body heat makes us rather comfortable at the moment, so we stay in the snow for a while, moving around and cleaning up ourselves with snow. It is not all that great, we are still dirty with blood, but it is better than nothing.

Elaya is no longer cold like before, even with all the snow around, so she gets close to me with a look in her eyes. The look simply says “Fuck me”. So I do. I sit in the pile of snow and put Elaya on top of me, making her cross her legs behind my back. We sit, facing one another and I lower her on top of me slowly. The positioning is a little unconventional, but it does the job.

With our movement slowly picking up pace, each time Elaya moves, her clitoris gets stimulated. It takes just a few seconds for her to start panting again, melting from the pleasure. I also assist her, with my hands on her ass I lift and lower her in a rhythm. We move like that, having sex like fucking dogs, my claws on her ass, her claws digging into my shoulders. The pain doesn’t bother either of us, we just fuck, enjoying the intimacy and the fusion of our bodies.

The strange transformation that happened, it is a thing for tomorrow, now it is all about two young people and their bodies merging into one. Passion we shared, the desire and the joy of us making love was all more important than some mysteries we could solve later.

It is both filthy and gorgeous, dirty and elegant, the act that we performed that night. Covered in blood, writhing in snow, moving to an unheard rhythm, we were enjoying each other to the fullest, Elaya trying to rob me of my seed and me trying to take her beyond the threshold as many times as possible. Regardless of how inexperienced she was, or how long I had to withhold previously, that night our passion was animalistic and wild, lasting for hours. Our stamina was endless, both of us as two wolves under the moonlight. It was inhuman, too different from what normal people had. We were the first and the only ones in the world at the moment, two unique people. Two progenitors of the future of the realm. Neither of us could have guessed what our future would hold, we only cared about the present, about our mutual pleasure and being as one.

After a lengthy session of lovemaking, we just fell on the ground and curled together, sharing our body heat and hanging onto one another. Our promise was broken, to be replaced by a bigger manifestation of our love, an act that would end as a turning point in our lives. We were now man and wife, even if only a spirit for now, forever we would remain two parts of one whole. I would never let go of Elaya, even if the world around us would crumble, even if my life would stand on the line. With those things whispering to her, and hearing similar things back, we fall asleep, now living as adults in our new lives.


So, this is here is my first author note on this site. I won’t be adding them in the main chapters, but here I needed to ask a simple question whether this is good or not. I am not used to writing about sex and love, myself not being too experienced with former and being not at all experienced with the latter. Please tell me if it is a good read, if I should do similar things in the future or I should just stop trying to tell the intimate detail of Zern’s life.

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  1. If you want to write them for each girl then write them, but I agree they should be side-stories and not in the main chapters. I think you wrote it pretty well, too, though I hope we’ll get an explanation of those customs at some point. Just to clarify, Elaya still looks human other than her teeth, claw-like nails, ears, and new tail right? She hasn’t grown fur all over her body or had her mouth/nose elongate similar to a wolf’s snout or anything, yeah? While I do like me some catgirls it’s only to the extent of ears and tails, I’d rather you didn’t transform the girls much more than that – but it’s up to at the end of the day.

    I bet you’ll get some hate from people because bestiality or some shit. But just ignore them. I mean the story is about people descended from god-like animals, the MC is literally a human-base chimera, and we’ve known since very early on that he fully intends to fuck all his wives. If they feel offended it’s their own fault as it was obvious this would happen, and you even had the courtesy to mark it as NSFW and list is as a bonus after the main ToC – they chose to read it, you didn’t force them to, and it clearly fits with the development story.

    1. Elaya is still pretty much human, although in the future there is possibility to learn to morph a bit like Zernl but that is up in the air right now. The new features are here to stay. This is actually going to be a big part of the future, because the Val people are not the only ones who can gain something from drinking Zern’s blood.

      Besides, what do you think will happen, now that there is a person who can give or awaken latent powers within people using his blood, like the six main clans have? Right? You know where this is going?

      And yeah, I plan on writing this with all the girls, and perhaps about some other points. This was not how it was originally supposed to happen, the first one was meant to be Lilith, but it seemed that emotional stress would push Elaya to do this, out of fear of possibly loosing Zern in the future. Elaya is sexually active, and after her the other girls will be too. She is Zern’s first after all.

  2. Please keep up the sex scenes with each girl indviually and with the bloodborn. If possible can you include it in the regular chapters inside of the bonus?

    1. These chapters are canon, but they are outside just because of the sex. I won’t be posting them on royalroadl or any other site if I ever do. And they don’t have much relevance to the plot, as whatever happened in them will be recounted in the main chapters.

      1. Then please post them reguarly when you post the story chapters because they are truly great and can expose more romance then in the main story.

        Also orgies with the bloodborn

  3. Let s just say that if I said not bad would be vast understatement.
    ps: seems it was good decision to migrate here from RR.

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    1. Yes it would but I think it should be limited to 6 can’t have him out preform reality to much.Plus it might make it more romantic if only 6.

      1. 6 is good and romantic but there are also the dragons that may be in love with him, and the bloodborn may also be invited by Lilith or Leah may go out of control with him and the bloodborn are invited

  5. How about use ‘have sex’ or ’embrace’ to mention it?. Cause using ‘fuck’ destroy the image of cute and innocent elaya.
    If it for lilith section i dont have any objection

  6. Nicely done on the love making scene it is very well written and I’m guessing that he will now have to change everyone else I’m also guessing that the purifying the demon blood is calling out for is some damage the gargoyle caused when he lost control

  7. I’m glad the girls can transform, this way they will stay with him for long time, also I really liked the sec scene, but I have to admit , few people have such patient , he was very patient even after waiting all this years , he is a true man.
    By the way did Elaya’s ear and tail are permanent or like the MC can switch form.
    In the fute I hope he take some concubine from the blood born specially Eclair she deserve some reward.

  8. Yaaaay! Tat she transforms is the best! Oh and you did a good job in my opinion, this things matter guve us readers a deeper look into their lives. Thanks for writing and enjoy your break from writing lol! Ehr rathe come back soon?

    1. I am not gone, just resting a bit. I need to restore some of my mental resources. I got couple of Greyskin chapter done and trying to write the next chapter about Zern. It’s just so awkward waking up after a night of drinking to find yourself with a naked unfamiliar girl covered in blood and seemingly dead. I can’t write from experience and I have a hard time putting words on paper (screen)

  9. Fufu, good luck writing and do your best! I wanna see if dragon blood does anything to zern! oh and thanks for writing such an intersting story!

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