Beast Fiend. Chapter 28.

“Please forgive us! We didn’t wish for you to suffer, but we had to improvise! If only you stayed in monster territory for longer, everything would have gone differently!”

I was now in my private chambers, as of few hours ago, myself and three girls sitting on a king-size bed, while three other girls prostrated on the floor, begging for forgiveness. They walked around with dignity and respect while we moved about the capital, but now they knelt before me, three simple girls who did a bad thing. They even made excuses, like the little girls they are.

I talked around with different people, with the girls even with previous king’ advisors, most of whom I relieved of their duty. Turns out that I made lives harder for everybody. ThE Bloodborn were supposed to be safe and sound, locked away, fed and taken care of, albeit staying in the dungeons. But once the king heard of my return, his paranoia kicked in.

At first he tried lashing out at Lilith, but she fought back and then made sure nobody of the six girls would get hurt as well. So the king decided to do the next best thing and try to go after the Bloodborn. Thankfully Lilith was able to resist any advances towards them.

The girls were hhurt somewhat, and perhaps I was at fault, but so were the three traitors. They said that I did my job too well, returning in mere months, exposing the whole operation and making king lash out in fear. If I had stayed quiet and hid, everything would have gone ok, but my mere appearance and capture of Meriden in our first visit threw the whole thing off the tracks.

It kinda pissed me off how I was blamed for it, but thinking about it, it was reckless of me to charge into the Val territories demanding to talk to elders. It’s like the girls are saying that their peerless plans were foiled by their lack of foresight and inability to predict that I would complete the task assigned to me extremely fast and fly back on a dragon…

I questioned them, what if the king killed somebody or what if he killed me? They just said they had everything under control, the king was easy to manipulate, even when he panicked and acted irrationally. During the duel, his triumph and his arrogance took over his self-preservation instinct and he wanted to see me suffer, which made him leave me alive long enough. He didn’t expect betrayal.

Now, I can see the merits of the whole scheme and how now I am technically the king thanks to Eleanor and the two vixens. But, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that I was betrayed and left in the dungeon for five months constantly bled and disoriented. When I asked them why they didn’t tell me, they said their original plan hinged on Eleanor actually marrying the king, consummating the marriage and then killing him, making Eleanor the official widow queen. Hearing that I was really mad, punching a few holes into a solid stone wall. If they did they, I would have truly ripped out Eleanor’s heart and ate it myself, to get back whatever love we shared…

Eleanor actually went pale when she heard me. The girls don’t seem to realise how much I value what we have. They belong to me and I to them, we are one and whole. I care little about my life, I get reborn after I die. What I do care is about the joys and trust we share and about being together. It borders on being psychotic, which would be true if I didn’t have the knowledge I had. Knowing that souls are immortal and live on makes you value your life less than whatever you fill it with. In this whole scenario, it wasn’t the torture or the solitude that hurt me most, it was the apparent betrayal.

Now, that the situation has been resolved, I understand that the girls had my and everybody’s interest in mind, hoping to get rid of one destabilizing factor in the world and to gain more influence for me and them. Also, making me king of a country would further improve my standing in the world, now I wasn’t just the Fiend, I was the King of Kernun kingdom.

But I am still very-very angry. I can’t let the girls be unpunished, even if it is slight. They have to learn their lesson to not fuck with me like that. I will have to show them I am serious enough. Whatever lingering negative emotions I have, I will be able to pour it into the executions of the traitor elders and my father.

I stood up and walked around them. They were on their knees, their bodies low on the ground, only their butts sticking in the air slightly. They didn’t dare move while I circled them. This is very strange, I am sure it is I who should be graveling before the girls in any such situation, but now I don’t feel like a man in matriarchal society. I feel like a king. Perhaps they feel guilty for the months I spent in confinement.

“Girls, you did a very bad thing. You practically betrayed me, making me an outlaw, making me hide and struggle for survival in the wilds. If not for the little dragon, I would surely have perished!”

The girls took it in without saying the word. It was all total bull, but they didn’t even think about objecting.

“You know, it was bad enough spending time fetching food for myself, it was bad when I thought my own people betrayed me, it was bad enough that you three acted so alien towards me. But what hurt me the most, was you making me believe you really betrayed me and separating me from Meriden, and then from Elaya and Aedim. I really believed in your act and even thought of you as of the three who betrayed me. That hurt me deeply.”

I said exactly what I have thought, their betrayal was the part that hurt me most throughout this whole ordeal. Becoming a king of questionable legitimacy was all good and fine, but spending most of the year doubting myself and my fated was the worst thing that happened to me in this life so far.

“I will forgive you of course, I can’t stay mad at you…”

The girls almost breathed a sigh of relief, but I didn’t let them.

“…but first, I will have to punish you. You were very bad and very naughty girls.”

With that, my tail went to work. Since my transformation, I didn’t just look majestically magnificent, I also became flexible and nimble like a real cat. I could fold myself in two backwards, I could almost turn my head back 180 degrees, I could lick my elbow and put both my feet behind my head. All of it discovered in privacy of course.

Naturally my tail also became flexible like a whip. It was strong, but at the same time, it was elastic and if I swung it hard enough, it would chip away from the stone floor. This would be their punishment, although I would use just enough force to hurt them greatly but not to scar them permanently, those buns have to be flawless for the future. I would also get to vent some of my anger.

Using only my tail, I took off the girls’ pants. Eleanor was still in her ceremonial clothing, so it was easy, but the two spy girls had leather pants, which took some effort to remove. In the end, before me were three girls, with their buttocks exposed in fully glory for the world to see. If I wanted, I could see a little more, which of course I saw when we bathed previously, but not at this angle and this circumstance.

Elaya, seeing what I was doing shot me a curious glance, but I just waved my hand, dismissing her worries and questions.

“You girls did a very bad thing. Where I come from, bad girls get a lashing when they do bad things. You each will get ten lashes. Remember your lesson girls.”

With that I went to work. I elongated my tail enough to act as a whip and whipped Leah, who was on the leftmost of the three. She tried muffling her cry, but it didn’t do her much good. The girls, apart from Meriden, weren’t really used to rough treatment, especially in such a sensitive area.

Next was Eleanor, the Queen of the Kernun kingdom, the Prime Matriarch of the Val tribe, who was now on the floor, waiting to get whipped. She had least experience with pain, so she couldn’t keep her voice in. She cried loudly, her voice echoing within the chamber. I didn’t fear nor care about her being heard. I am the King now, fuck everybody.

When I whipped Lilith, her reaction was a little mixed. She was clearly in pain, but as it faded, she couldn’t keep in a somewhat pleasurable moan. Well, somebody is getting excited by whips here. When I whipped her next I made sure to apply more force to make it less of a fun ride for her.

For the next quarter of an hour, thirty lashings were given out, making the girls cry. I made it slow deliberately, drawing out the pain and the fear of it coming. When it is over quickly, you won’t remember it as vividly. By giving each one some time for the pain to fade and then reapplying it again, I made sure they have enough experience with this. Of course I didn’t want to hurt them badly, but lessons have to be taught and I was still very angry at them. My anger lessened somewhat by the last screams of pain.

Throughout the punishment, I could see Meriden turn red, fidgeting with her clothes, trying to do something with her hands which were restless. It seems her inner Laura was not just submissive, but masochistic too. I made a mental note and filed it away for later.

By the end, the three girls were bawling on the floor, even Lilith whom I treated just a little rougher. I didn’t want scars to ruin the cute little behinds of the girls, so I took out a secret weapon, the “ZernGara-lixer”. Nrogara had some of it stashed away, so now I could use it to heal the injuries.

Putting the gel-like liquid in my hands, I spread it thoroughly on the bottoms of the three of my fated. I did it slowly, taking in the sensations. It was purely medical, nothing sexual in it, not a single thing… At that sight the other two girls who were very still previously, also got flustered with a blush appearing on their cheeks and their hands wanting to go places. I never had a talk about sex with them, I didn’t know if they knew the joys of self-pleasuring. I certainly did. I should have a lecture with them later, now would be a wrong time.

The bruises and the cuts on the skin quickly disappeared, leaving flawless skin behind. It was like magic, only better. I made the girls dress up and then I hugged the three of them, trying to stop their tears. They hugged me back, trying to get close to me. They missed me just as much as I missed them, they understood that the punishment was warranted and they didn’t fault me for it. We stood there for a bit. But this was more of a carrot and a stick treatment, they got a stick and now they quickly feel the carrot.

“Girls, while I was delirious or unconscious, did any of you visit me in the dungeon?”

With my question, the previously reddened girls all turn a much darker shade of red and try to look as far from my face as possible. I understood what that meant and hugged them tighter. With a flick of my tail I called over the other three girls, and they joined the group hug with me in the middle. I had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I would say it was love, but my chambers had bad ventilation, perhaps it was just too stuffy…

Regardless of how I felt, the girls still had to know they hurt me internally, so I had to make them feel unwelcome or give them a cold shoulder. All the pain I felt inside is still there, it will take time to heal.

“You three, I can’t let you back into our circle just yet. You hurt me and your sisters, you deceived us and you acted against us on your own volition. For now, you are excluded from any activities until you are forgiven.”

Those words made the three girls hysterical. It really hurt me to see them like that, their tears flowing freely, their sobs reverberating around us in the chambers. This was heartbreaking. I doubted I will last long, the girls being reduced to this mess was unnatural to me. They tried apologizing, wanting to be part of the six, but I denied them. The trust has to be earned, once lost it is hard to regain. I wasn’t mistrusting them now, but they had to know that in future their consequences will have actions.

What made it more nerve wrecking is that girls understood that it would be the last time we stand like that, all seven of us so close together for a while. This made them cling to me just this much harder, trying to hold on to the fleeting feeling of closeness. I even regretted punishing them like that a little bit, but it had to be done. I stayed with the them for a while, and then left. The girls will have to prove themselves to me before we can act as we used to before…

My decision was to leave it at. I couldn’t punish them more because I wanted them. They were now mine truly, body and soul. The thought of betrayal had to be snuffed out, but that is a thing for the future. Now they were my toys, each and every one of them, my little precious girls. Now I had them in my palms.

Perhaps such thinking was not fitting me… May be my confinement changed me a little, such thoughts are darker than what I am used to in this life time. The delirium I remembered, the past lives I lived. The darkness I felt from then was now present here. I would need to sort it out eventually, my future would need it gone.

So, like that our reunion ended. I was now a ruler of a kingdom, with Eleanor as my Queen and also a Prime Matriarch of the Val tribes. Other girls weren’t as influential, at least not at first. We decided that having too much power for one person was a bad decision. So we made some changes.

Firstly, we freed all the elders that supported me, there were a devil’s dozen, or thirteen of them. We made them into the elder council. We also made Eleanor give up her position as Val’Halla tribe head. The six tribe heads were also a part of the council. Lastly, we gave the position of Prime Matriarch to Elaya, so Eleanor wouldn’t need to travel a lot back and forth between the two. Elaya was somewhat happy, she liked caring for her people.

Eleanor stayed the queen of the Kernun kingdom. Even though there was no longer a Kernun lineage, we didn’t rename the kingdom as that would only spell trouble. Previous kings were always faithful and never strayed to some whorehouses or other such establishments and never had concubines. King Robert didn’t let any of the women he got acquainted with live for too long, paranoia and such. According to Leah, no woman who had been with him ever became pregnant, so he might have been sterile. What a joke. Served that fucker right.

Our takeover was met with very little opposing force; the previous king was a fool and he brought forth s lot of problems, almost ruining the kingdom. It was only Eleanor’s involvement that stifled any conflict citizens had and if not for her, revolts would have torn the kingdom apart. It is only my beloved Queen that brought prosperity, and seeing nobody else eligible for the throne, we were allowed to stay. The nobles hoped to gain favor with us and to elevate their own positions, as the new rules may want some trustworthy people supporting them. It was a good situation for most of them. The logistics of the most of it were left to the girls.

So Eleanor was the proud, beautiful and merciful queen, while I was the Fiend-king, ruthless and cruel but fair and courageous king. I would travel a lot, so Eleanor would stay and run the kingdom, as she seemed to like it a lot. Kingdoms run by thirteen year olds weren’t rare, but they usually had some snake-like advisors spewing venom and plotting things. Neither Lilith nor Leah looked like snakes and they didn’t use any venom, so they had to make up in plotting. And boy was there a lot of it. They had plans to eliminate some nobles while helping others, to increase production of something while eliminating competition abroad, plans to overtake foreign territories by some loop-hole that existed since three centuries ago…

Mostly my head hurt when I tried listening to them, only getting parts which mostly were incorrect when I tried repeating them. Oh well, I wasn’t born to be a politician. Strangely, Leah would often get a wide smile while planning something, it was like the whole world became her plaything.

With the girls splitting apart to go far away from one another, there appeared the issue of traveling long distances. In this world travel by air was considered somewhat dangerous, because of dragons and birds of prey like steelfeathers and thrunderbeaks – incredibly powerful monsters which ravaged any airborne prey. Seeing that I had a personal dragon it was no issue for me, but for others it was a problem. And I couldn’t spend my time playing taxi, I was busy with… being a hero… and such…

I had thought about teleportation, but that magic was never discovered here. Long distance travel was not needed mostly, as people just stayed in their territories or had minor squabbles with their close neighbours. I even thought about approaching dwarves and gnomes about making a monorail running through the continent, when, as on cue, Aedim approached me to talk about something.

She previously came up with whisper-stones, magical walkie-talkies of this world. Now she had another idea. If you can connect two stones to make them seem as one and to allow you hear something from halfway across the continent, why couldn’t you connect two places to make them seem as one and to travel between them. I was going to tell her it wasn’t that easy, but when prompted, strangely enough, I remembered some knowledge about the subject.

I had hard time explaining all the fine little details that popped into my head, because I could barely understand them myself. Still, I did my best to talk about different types of teleportation, the wormholes, the quantum tunnelling, the deconstruction and reconstruction of the matter. The fine points of quantum physics escaped Aedim, but to her credit, she got most of the points right. Knowing my little genius, soon there would be teleportation all over. With that knowledge Aedim traveled to the elven territory to study more.

Meriden witnessed the strength Nrogara and Eclaire displayed and she made me train her. With the help of Nrogara’s potions, Meriden went through monstrous exercise regime, even more harsh than the other two had, turning her into a monster. Seeing how I was the best suitable partner for her, she decided to always stay by my side. She was now like a warrior-princess, beautiful and deadly. She never stopped training, hoping to achieve the same strength I had.

Speaking of Nrogara and Eclaire, the troll became my personal alchemist. During our travels and afterwards I learned that blood alchemy was one of the finer and more difficult disciplines of the art. Mixing plants to make potions was pretty straightforward, but identifying and then isolating and utilising the parts that blood carries required finesse beyond ordinary alchemist. He received a sizeable salary and was moving around with me, also training with me. He hoped to learn from me and to receive more strength. After my transformation he withdrew some of my blood, which now was dark blue, to experiment.

Eclaire and other Bloodborn were not traumatised as before. Firstly, they underwent various trainings with Leah and Lilith to make them more resistant to torture and other similar experiences. Secondly, most of them had learned to meditate and they could sort out their inner turmoil if needed. Tertiary, they once again saw me gruesomely execute their captor. Now, they revered me even more, thinking I would protect them or punish whoever hurt them. Not that I wouldn’t, but I was no god.

On a side note, Meriden, Aedim and Elaya were now considered Bloodborn as well, seeing their baptism in my blood. They were elites now, as they were touched by the esteemed leader of the cult… Ehm, faction. I thought they wouldn’t like it much, but they were actually happy to be my subjects now. Eleanor also decided to go through with the baptism, which would be performed privately with just my girls and the Bloodborn. Two others decided to wait until later date.

Now Eclaire was the strongest of all the Blooborn, other than my fiancées, thanks to my training. I put her as Sonja’s bodyguard, because I was going to use Sonja’s past as a noble of the house of Lust. We needed to get close to demons, so I had some plans for that, but about that later.

The first and most important issue was the alliance with monsters. With that, I announced that we would be having an assembly, calling leaders of humans and Val, as well as other neighbouring territories.

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