Beast Fiend. Chapter 35

Once Leah’s right was completed, I had some free time. The mansion for the House of Bloodlust was not yet completed, and I had little business to do otherwise. So, I trained more, hoping to get stronger. Using my new form turned out to be very good, although I couldn’t be around any females. My acute senses would always overwhelm me, making me horny beyond my limits. It was hard not to rip clothes off of girls, so I would have to train in solitude.

But in truth, it turned out to be a blessing, with all my senses enhances beyond their previous limits. I would now train to control them and use them to my advantages. Walking around in a blindfold turned out to be hard at first, but soon I learned to use my hearing and other senses to navigate around. I also trained to navigate only by touch or smell. It was different from my normal training, but the pay off was good, having all my senses easier to control.

Once I would stop loosing control of myself, I began meditating and expanding my perception. This turned out to be much easier compared to before. I now could accurately pinpoint positions of all the people around me, what they were doing and other details. If only Leah could do the same, there would be no stopping her. So much information is out there, waiting to be discovered. Too bad I am not efficient at using it and taking advantage of that information.

But, after some training I was able to control my rising urges when I was close to girls. This didn’t really have any real merits, I wouldn’t be using my fox form near them any time in the future, but it was a good thing to know that I was the one in control. Also, it was a good training for when I go through the rite of passage with Lilith. Her source of power comes from an evil God, who was both more powerful and more corrupting than the Guardians. No one k owns what will happen then.

I also enjoyed benefits greater dexterity from my new form. Small movements of fingers and hands were easier to make and control, allow me greater expertise when handling small things. Doing jewelry was much easier, allow me to engrave tiny details into metal. It would allow me to make a great gift for girls when we get married. I couldn’t give nothing to my beloved girls, even if my gift would be a meaningless trinket.

While I trained, the girls had their work to do. Leah and Lilith playing spymasters, Aedim building teleports, Eleanor and Elaya running their territories. Only Meriden followed me around and sparred with me from time to time. Her strength grew greatly after using imporved elixir that Nrogara made. She hoped to be am strong as I am and so she gave her best for that dream. I had to hurt her frequently, but when I refused to go on, she looked at me with tears eyes and whispered “Master, Please…”. I couldn’t fathom how she managed to learn to manipulate so well. Of course the two vixens taught her, but man, she would use it on such things…

The elixir made using my new blood, which became slightly lighter, turning deep blue color, provided additional benefits towards improving one’s mind. Meriden seemed to get faster, her reflexes became even better. Thinking also became easier for her, like some blockade within her mind clearing and allowing her thoughts to flow freely. Seeing how the fox improved mind-works, I tasked Nrogara with creating as much of the elixir as possible and give it to my six human girls as well as Exlaire and himself, so they would train and improve greatly. I didn’t have nearly enough blood to give it to all the Bloodborn. Using restorstive potions reduced the diminished the effects greatly.

Also, Leah decided to become Bloodborn after our trial, making Lilith the last who has not been initiated. It didn’t have any benefits, other than being recognized as cut, so Lilith decided to wait until after our trial to go through with it. Leah however took great joy in getting covered with my blood and drinking it. According to girls my blood was somewhat tasty, reminding them of some fruit in the elven part of the forest. They said it wasn’t an exact match, but it came close.

When I had enougn training and meditation, I went to visit dwarves again. I had my small shack, where I kept everything I dug up and created. It was made of stone and was full of dust, littered with swords and trinkets and raw chunks of ore and some ingots.

I continued on improving my blacksmithing and jewel crafting, allowing me to create intricate designs on whatever I crafted. My monstrous strength allowed me to forge the hardest of alloys, making the most durable and strongest of blades, but they were not good if you couldn’t sharpen and detail it properly. Balancing the blades was hard, but now with my awesome new dexterity I could do it well enough. With enough practice I would become a good blacksmith.

I also enjoyed making rings and necklaces. They were pretty and fun to look at, especially knowing I made them myself. When mining I would get plenty of gemstones, some expensive, some cheap, all of which I could use to craft pretty little trinkets. Local appraiser told me that I was only lacking experience, if I would learn advanced techniques I would make well-sough after jewels.

It gave me a lot of satisfaction from doing such seemingly useless things and yet getting some money or pretty things for my girls. Of course, for them I used only the best of metals and the purest and shiniest of gems. My loveliest gems had to be surrounded by gems no less lovely. I loved my girls to bits.

Closing in to our date of marriage, we got more liberal with the show of affection. Deep kissing was all but allowed by now, but some teasing was also permitted. Only Eleanor was opposed to me fondling her breasts sometimes, she was the Queen, it was improper to do so without having the eternal bond. But she looked somewhat jealous when she thought I wasn’t looking at her.

We would come together to have baths from time to time. Having port-stones made it easier for all of us to be in the same place at once. Aedim succeeded in making port stones with multiple destinations, thanks to gnomes, so after the girls were done with their business, they could teleport to their secret chambers at home.

The baths would sometimes get intense. Ever since I gained the fox beast, my libido was in the overdrive. My fated, who were all growing up so very nicely, they all did little to help me with resisting my urges for sex. In secret, I would sometimes get Lilith from help. She was the most sinful of all of us and most experienced other than me. Well, more like she got experienced by being around me and our mutual teasing as well as me telling her things. We never had sex, not until we would be married, Elaya made sure to beat that thought into everyone’s heads. She said that she would be my first, if anybody tried taking that privilege from her, she would rip out the throat of the slut who would do it. Not something she would say casually, her threat was heard by everyone, and noted and filed away.

However, threats or not, I and Lilith would get into mutual pleasuring sessions. I wouldn’t do it with anybody else, either because I would hurt them one way or another and the girls had no experience in any of the sexual practices, as well as I still lacked self control in those situations, or I would not be able to control myself at all and outright rape them. So, I and Lilith would be getting some private time. It was amazing to put it simply. She was a real succubus in human form, her finesse with her hands and her tongue… It was like being between heaven and hell, with her teasing and then plunging me into pleasure.

Leah knew about this, how could she not, but she kept quiet and didn’t intrude. She knew as well as I did that we would just fuck like rabbits, or more likely foxes, and won’t stop until one of us passes on. Two mutually horny people with extended senses was way too much for either of us. Waiting until later was best for all of us.

The girls were very horny throughout puberty, especially closing in on our eventual union. It’s like the more they waited, the more sexual energy accumulated in their bodies. I was certainly looking forward to our sixteenth birthday.

Anyway, all of us enjoyed spending time together. Actually it was pretty cute to see Mercissa, who was completely inexperienced at that point, turn red and heat up enough to make the water really boil. I had to calm her down before she actually hurt anybody, her body was way too hot for anybody to handle. A dragon who is more than a millennia old being so immature was weird. I guess it comes from being a daughter of the Dragon King and being in love with humans. The dragon girl would get talks from other girls, but actually kissing with tongue for the first time made her panic.

For some reason Flaer would also join the sessions sometimes, but only as an observer. I wanted to kick her out the very first time she tried sneaking in, but the girls insisted for her to be there. They seemed to think that I would really live long enough for Flaer to mature and become another one of my brides… Those silly girls. I am not some God. Even if Bloodborn revere me as such. Silly mortals. Eh, not something I should be saying.

Actually, if you think about it, once I had the few fast growth spurts, I didn’t seem to age. Granted, relatively short time has passed, but I still felt like I wasn’t changing. Perhaps the beasts slowed my ageing somewhat, or perhaps my body is just making up for my rapid changes, allowing me to adjust and not growing older for a bit.

However hot our bath times together were, outside of them the girls seemed to be avoiding me. I understood the reason, hot blood and animal instincts would drive them crazy if they were around me too much. It was obvious that beast power within girls affected them, not just in looks but inside as well. And myself being like an Alpha male, they felt they need to give themselves to me. I would say it is a nice feeling, but not when you have to wait for later. In all honesty, they have been avoiding me for a while, trying to have as little contact with me as possible, only talking to me when it was absolutely necessary. I could smell certain smells on them, smells that only naughty girls have when they do naughty things. My presence was maddening to the girls, so I didn’t press the issue much, instead doing more training or mining.

Meriden was the only one who stayed close to me regularly, and she poured her “passion” into fighting. Once she became stronger, her fighting got more dangerous even for me. In the middle of a spar, she had a tendency of forgetting herself in the flow of the fight, several times almost taking my head off. Thank god she was still weaker than me, but I was scared to think what would happen if she becomes like me. Thank good she can’t receive beast power like me…

At some point I decided to train a certain skill, skill that Leah used often which allowed her great advantage over anybody else. I could do it, but at a much smaller scale, only granting me a slight boost to my sneaking skills. When Leah did it, she would vanish from the plain view, leaving nothing behind. I wanted to learn how can she hide her presence.

It was a difficult skill, which only select few could employ properly. Leah was naturally gifted at it, she learnt it at the young age and used it extensively to prank people. As a spymaster, she had just the right skill set.

My first attempts were semi-successful. I would just mostly make people not notice me, unless they were looking at me intentionally. It was similar to what I could do before, only slightly powered up. I asked Leah, and when she was free she tried teaching me. Talking about what presence is, the energies and techniques involved and how to utilize everything in perfect harmony. It was somewhat complicated, but using the meditation, I was able to get her the basics, feeling the needed resources within and then tried out the techniques Leah talked about.

At the start of her tutelage, I could only hide my presence slightly, making people think I was unimportant and ignore me, but as we progressed, I became better at hiding. Soon, I would turn almost invisible, people would be walking into me and won’t be realizing I was there unless I address them. After more work, I would be able to swimmer our of existence as Leah does, becoming a void, empty and invisible, nobody being able to detect me. With my pure fox form, these powers were beyond what Leah could do, once I mastered these abilities, she could not know where I was and what I was doing. Even her extreme receptive abilities were powerless against me. I on the other hand was able to hone my perception to such a degree to see Leah when she used her abilities. It was awesome, no more pranks, no more centipedes in my clothes, no more pants undone for everybody to see.

Since local equivalent of May, when Leah’s Rite was complete until November, all I did was train blacksmithing and jewelcrafting, train with Leah and meditate. Upcoming trial would be the most difficult of all, as the power is alien to the ones I received previously. It was uneventful time, people were still, not doing anything evil. Slavers were eradicated, bandits all gone, no wars to fight. Peaceful times. Only in November we received good news of the mansion in demon kingdom being complete. After I received the news, I called Lilith, Sonja and Eclaire as well as all the other Bloodborn, so they would get ready and travel with me to our new base.

For some reason I felt that having Bloodborn separate from Val and Humans was the best idea. Bloodborn were all mixed races, they didn’t really belong anywhere, because humans were somewhat afraid of other races and Val didn’t want females without power. Demon kingdom was the best bet with the demonesses gaining nobility and the rest would be having a good life as well. The House of Bloodlust would be a house of expert spies, assassins and trackers. We would be the gathering information, which wasn’t anybody else’s forte. And we would be executioners. Silent or showy, spilling blood was now a specialty we had, myself and the girls teaching Bloodborn our techniques. Perhaps house of wrath will be good at fighting wars, but we will be good at preventing or ending them.

Overall, we had fifty four girls. Seven demons, ten dryads, sixteen elves and twenty one humans. Bella was still traveling with twins, so she would come at later date as well as some girls who were doing business in foreign lands. Whoever was here would be traveling with us immediately into our new home base. House of Bloodlust is about to be officially launched.

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  1. Emmmmmm…..i just read all after chapter 28….and you keep betraying your readers (its only me for the moment)

    I fail to see the effect pf the punishment towards the 3 traitors and on top of that at ch.30 they are acting as if the so called ‘out of the circle’ was non existent….i dont get it…was there any punishment at all…im just pissed off just by reading Eleanor/Leah/Lilith actions… i’ve seen good examples of good punishments like the one from Zephon FF at RoyalRoadl of Ethereal Sovereign whete Lyrim literally gave the cold shoulder to a girl who wanted to use him for her town benefit…and after the girl falls for him he just gives her the cold shoulder for a good time until he finally chills out and ask her if she learned her lesson…but here…

    I dont see any true punishment and the only thing you will make in the end is for people to have more reasons to hate those 3 bitches…i dont feel sorry for them and i actually wish for them tp get fucking lost…i cant sympathize with them and this is ( sorry for my next words) THE WORST HAREM STORY i’ve read so far…you are hell bent on giving the guy the 6 ‘destined girls’ and you keep doing what i warned you not to do…you are makin the story Linear and hell bent on plot’s sake events…sorry…you are just going down and deeper if you keep doing this

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