Beast Fiend. Chapter 36

House of Bloodlust was amazing. A massive mansion, three stories high but covering a huge area. There were hundreds of rooms, each having exquisite style. There was victorian style and egyptian style, japanese style and nordic style… Or their local equivalents. Styles would mix and match, and if somewhere else this would look pathetic and shitty, here, over the massive area covered, even the drastic changes were barely noticeable, the mansion was just that big.

You would think that royalty lived here. Technically now I was here, but otherwise, it didn’t look like a noble’s house, this was a masterpiece created for an Emperor who conquered the world. Truthfully I didn’t expect this. Lord Hooligein will be having a massive plus against his name in my mental notes.

Around the mansion, a massive garden was erected. There were a couple of small mazes, some neatly trimmed bushes, a few arches and numerous trees growing around. I just felt the urge to undress and run around naked chasing somebody. It truly felt like a house made by demons, the atmosphere was magnificent, captivating and corrupting. I felt myself slipping, wanting to give in. Good thing Lilith is around, she is going to have her work cut out for her.

When we saw my master bedroom, my jaw dropped. It was massive, with chairs and dressers near walls, a massive emperor-sized bed near the furthest wall from the door. I could fit not just all of my seven girls on there, but also about a dozen or two Bloodborn. That Lord Hooligein, what a dirty mind he has, to give me such gifts…

All the girls present enjoyed walking around and looking at their new home. To them this was impressive, even Sonja, who was one of the higher nobles before was very happy. Following Lord Zern was a good decision way back when.

There were also plenty of maids and butlers, all lower nobles from less influential houses. They were instructed to treat every single of my Bloodborn with upmost respect. Actually, I thought only demons would be becoming nobles, but turns out every member of the Bloodborn was granted some kind of nobility, with new ones could be added upon initiation. This was very generous of him, which I didn’t understand at first, we haven,t done anything yet. Granted we covered most of the cost of the mansion and opened up many new opportunities in trade and in relations.

I got to meet with Hooligein at the end of the week after we moved in. I had Lilith and Sonja and of course Eclaire with me at the time. We were invited to his own home, which was a proper castle, with many other nobles attending. Many of them had exquisite clothes and armies that seemed to fit their Houses. Succubusses had very revealing clothes, some even wearing tight leather outfits. Wrath demons all had armory and weapons, each looking scary and dangerous. Others had some expensive clothes, or clothes fitting their profession. It was easy to see who was who. Nobody but us knew what the occasion for coming together like that was. A surprise for everybody.

“Lord Zern, welcome! It is nice to meet you. Would you introduce me to your pretty ladies?”

“Of course Lord Hooligein, this is one of my intended, Lilith. She is a one of my intended and she is going to be my representative in demon kingdom. This here is of course Meriden, you have met before. This is Sonja, the head of the newfound House and Eclaire, her personal bodyguard.”

“Such beauties surround you Lord Zern. It’s good that your intended is here and is the only one who is yours.”

“Yes, truly…”

“Forgive me Lord Hooligien, but every Bloodborn belongs to Lord Zern, body and soul. Even if we are defiled and broken, Lord Zern will restore us and care for us.”

“Oh, Lord Zern sure made an impression on his subordinates.”

“Forgive me, I am working on it. The seven girls are already a handful. Sonja should be thinking about her future and possible continuation of her family.”

“Seven? You don’t mean that girl from the time we all got together?”

“Yes, that’s exactly it. During my little absence the girls bonded greatly, so it was out of my hands whether she should be one of us.”

“Your girls sure had a good education to make them so accepting of others into your circle. I don’t get that so easily, but thank god I can just buy new girls for myself if I feel like it. Ahaha.”

At the mention of slavery Sonja and Eclaire tensed slightly, but quickly regained their composure and relaxed.

“Truly you are right. We have been together for as long as I remember and I like to think I brought them up properly, but it is impossible to say who was the one trained throughout our lives.”

“You may like to think that you did the training, but with women it is always the other way around.”

“Aye if you judge by my Lilith here, I did a poor job training her, she is a wild thing. Which is a very good thing now, if you know what I mean.”

“Aha I do, I do. I’ve been acquainted with a Val man, who was married to a Val’Luna girl. He said that they are like wildfire.”

“They truly are. To be honest, I can’t wait until we are sixteen. I hear newly weds have a lot of fun, and we will be eight of us.”

Lord Hooligein looked at me curiously for a moment. Truly, I was looking like a young adult, with all the transformations and training. My looks became somewhat attractive and very royal. I even looked like a demon with my horns and tail. There were plenty of demons who had no wings and who looked like humans. People looked more curiously at Lilith than me, which made me snicker a few times.

“Don’t tell me Lord Zern, you can’t still be a virgin. I would imagine you would have already taken some of the girls.”

“Oh, believe me, lately I would pounce at such opportunity, but when I was small, I was foolish to make my first intended promise to wait until our marriage to do it. And as much as she loves me, nobody would are take her place as my first, so everybody complies with her wishes and stays away from me. Although I have already expirienced certain joys of womanly body.” With that I nudge Lilith slightly and smirk at her. “But honestly it is all is going to worth it in the end.”

“True true, the wine well aged is the wine well drunk. The longer you wait until you pop the cork, the more pleasure you will experience once you do it.”

We exchanged more pleasantries and talked about this and that. The evening was going pleasantly, I met many of other demon nobles. They were curious why I and my non-demon posse was there, but I told them that I was Lord Hoolegein’s guest. The surprise was his to announce.

At some point a succubus I’ve met before, Ratisin, came over to talk to the demon lord. She wanted to ask some inconsequential questions and then inquired why were we here.

“Ah, it seems the time is just right. The audience is in the right state of mind to take in whatever I am about to announce.”

The demon lord raises his hand, calling for attention and casts some flashy but useless sparks up. Demons like fireworks.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are all here today to acknowledge and celebrate a certain wonderful occasion. I wish to announce that as of today a new House will be formed.”

These words sent everyone in shock. Such thing hasen’t happened since founding of the original seven Houses. What would possibly prompt the demon lord to do such thing?

Reactions were mixed, some people showed angry expressions, others showed curiosity or even plain indifference. There were a handful that showed distress and quickly changed to some other emotion. I and Lilith specifically made note of those individuals. It seems like House of Lust and House of Pride are not too fond to have another house.

“A number of nobles have been kidnapped previously, essentially stripping them of their birthrights and rank. However, Lord Zern have rescued them. Now he wishes for some of those fallen nobles to return to their origins and to become nobles once more. They won’t be returning to their old houses, that would truly be unfair to you good people, so instead another house will be formed, the House of Bloodlust, which is symbolic that the leader of said house was a member of House of Lust. The new house will be backed by the human king and it will be mostly independent of other houses and traditions. They are willing to lend us their support if such need is to arise, which I, as a demon lord cannot overlook.”

Those words had more emotional responses. Ratisin seems genuinely displeased, but she hides it well. Instead of outright complaining, she starts from far away, trying to learn more and to talk him out of our arrangement. She does it beautifully, but demon lord remained unmoving in his conviction. It is unclear whether she is just pissed off at having her ex subordinate becoming a House head or she really has an issue with outsiders.

There were standard questions towards me, Sonja and Hooligien. We answered them to the best of my abilities and socialized with people. Some demons actually were curious to find out that Lilith was a descendant of Gargoyle, a dark God of the past.

Gargoyle is revered amongst demons, as has the only demon who ever became a god. He was a demon lord, who became so powerful that he challenged one of the ten Elder Gods and actually killed them and claimed his power as his own. He was way more powerful than the Guardian Beasts and his legacy still lived on. I was surprised to learn this, as only few mentions of Lilith’s origin could ever be found back home.

I was looking forward to becoming a demon, they look awesome and give a lot of benefits. Demons of this realm had many affinities, but they mostly controlled hellfire and darkness. I was hoping to finally be able to cast some magic, as well as getting wings, as those mark the strongest of demons, like a dark God.

As the night went on, nobles did a lot of drinking as usual, there ware also a lot of dishes like piglets cooked in milk, rainbow rabbit stew and even salted windowmakers. Everything was tasty, I and my girls all consumed plenty of delicacies.

While we talked, I felt something within me grow. Beasts wanted to growl and bite, I was feeling anger. Slavery was a part of life in this country and everybody talked about it. Knowing how I met my Bloodborn, it was no wonder such talks made my blood boil. Lilith seeing me and knowing me pretty well tried to calm me down. Truly, I just needed to wait long enough to get my time alone with her.

While we talked, some people said their praises and gave advice on running a house, while others showed their displeasure at the news they heard that night. There were mixed reactions. I and Lilith discussed our finding and Lilith was more perceptive than me, she trained for that and was able to discern lies and deceptions easier. She said that many nobles were somewhat against the idea, but most of them just didn’t like another rival in politics and power games.

She did say that House of Pride and Lust as well as Envy all seemed to be perplexed at the idea of having outsiders, foreign entities so close in their territories. Their general reaction was neutral, perhaps even positive, but their replies all gave off animosity and lies. They didn’t want me there.

As the night concluded, we traveled back to our House. It was decided that Bloodborn would be investigating the three Houses first. Thankfully we had a number of servants now, some of which be,on bed to those Houses or were affiliated with them in the past. They were not forced to come with us, so no hostility could be expressed at that. Perhaps some of them even were spies, but it would only improve our own game. Lilith would get in contact with Leah and get working on this later.

But now I needed some release. I sent Sonja and Meriden to bed and made Eclaire and Lilith follow me. Lilith was a little surprised at me bringing a demonesses, but she said nothing. No girls dared to defy me any more, I was their one true king, my word was law now.

I needed a release. My trained demons were good at taking punishment, especially if it came from me. I had to give a few backhands or even whippings occasionally, but they received them with glowing devotion. For some reason they found it pleasurable when I punished them, if I didn’t go too far and then cured them. This applied to both Lilith and Eclaire as well. So I need them now.

Ever since the five months in the dungeon I have changed. I tried not showing it, but it seemed that soon it will have to come out. I became crueler, more menacing. Those memories that came to me in my delirium, the betrayals, the pain… They were all from the past long gone and forgotten, all impossible to remember clearly, only some images and feelings. But, they were enough to make something stir.

I was many things previously. I was an angel, a beastman, an animal, a demon. Now, I once again remembered what it felt like, the cruelty, the empowering taste of having somebody else’s in your hands. I felt what it would feel like to be Lord Hooligein, although even he was tame compared to whom I was. Now, I felt conflicted about those emotions and my current life. My duty to this realm and my people dictated for me to be devoid of any darkness, yet now it was there.

I couldn’t hurt my beloved, even after their betrayal. But I executed anybody else who was involved, the elders, my father, nobles that wanted too much, slavers and bandits… So much blood was spilt, and I marveled in it all.

When the girls asked for forgiveness I wanted to punish them and discard them, but then I couldn’t do it. Neither my current life as a Val or my precious lives as Demon would allow such thing to happen. They were now my play things. Eleanor and the trio were not aware of the changes, but Leah and Lilith… They were aware. It was Lilith who knew it first. When we began to get more intimate, at first it was all fun, but at some point the anger inside me was pushing out, asking for release. I wasn’t even aware of it before then. And all I could do was to lash out at Lilith.

We both liked it. We liked it back when I gave the girls a thorough whipping, but I denied it. Now I loved this feeling, overpowering somebody, toying with them. I now felt very much like both Leah and Lilith. Fuck pranks, punishment and torture were much sweater.

At first I thought that somebody tried affecting me or controlling me, but thorough investigation revealed nothing. It was me and only me that was affected and I felt joy at it. The change was sudden and unwanted, but it brought me new enjoyment in life, as well as a way to achieve greater pleasures. And I had just he right tools, right here in front of me.

Now would be the first time Eclaire would be involved. She was one of the most devoted to me as well as she was able to withstand a whole lot of pain while we trained. She would be perfect.

When we were in my master bedroom, I opened up a secret passage. Only a handful of people k ow of it and even fewer know if its purpose. Beyond it is a tunnel, one of many around here. This one would lead to many places, but I was only interested in one.

When we made out way towards the room, Eclaire was suprised, but she didn’t doubt her Lord. Seeing chains, bindings, whips and other torture equipment made her shudder somewhat, but it was unclear if it was from fear or excitement. Maybe she understood what we came here for. She wasn’t a helpless little girl, she was a warrior and most of all she was mine. She could not oppose me, but in her devotion she didn’t want to. If the pain is what her Lord wanted to share with her, than she would gladly take it.

The first thing I did was to cut my arm and offer it to Eclaire. She was Bloodborn, but she was not an elite. Now she would be. She greedily sunk her teeth into my flesh, trying to pierce it but it was useless. She settled for just sucking whatever blood was offered.

Apparently it tasted heavenly and acted almost like a drug. Eclaire’s pupils grown wide and she became somewhat distant. But she was lucid and present, perhaps a little too much. When I wrapped my tail around her neck, she moaned and fell on her knees, clearly orgasming from anticipation and my touch. Not the reaction I expected, but she was the first to drink my pure blood since the transformation.

I didn’t offer any to Lilith. She refused to become Bloodborn until our Rite, and I was fine with it. Then we proceeded with the main attraction. Binding the two girls to a wall, I took out my frustrations on them. It was a simple torture, using my tail as a whip to leave marks on their bare backs and asses. It would leave scar if not for my blood and elixir made from it.

Lilith bore it all, occasionally moaning in pain or pleasure. She seemed to be willing to take this to keep this from happening to her sisters. She thought that other wise I would treat Elaya or Aedim like that. She wasn’t wrong, but it would be Eleanor first before the trio.

I didn’t hold back, my strikes would cut the flesh, revealing the blood and muscle underneath. This was not a disciplinary action, this was real torture for the sake of torture, for my amusement.

While Lilith had a struggle, all the agony assaulting her, Elcaire had a time of her life. Her beloved Lord purifying her body with his own tail, drawing weakness out of her mortal flesh, bringing righteous pain… Something like that was going through her mind, making her shudder every now and then, her ecstasy apparent for the world all in my person to see. She stayed wet throughout the night, both her blood and her juices. My senses told me as much, but regardless of how aroused it made me I didn’t act on it. The current act felt much sweeter than a broken promise could.

Throughout the night I had fun, occasionally healing the two girls and then going at it again. I don’t know what made me better than them, those people out there hurting women and children. I didn’t know how these two stayed sane and intelligent. Perhaps they never were, seeing their devotion and love for me, a Fiend, a bloodletting, cannibalizing monster. But closer to the morning, their faces showed tired, yet blissful expression. They were happy to serve me.

Lilith was my intended, and she had lowest chance of success and would probably kill me regardless of my success in my previous Rites. She felt the same way I felt before my first Rite with Elaya. Her guilt pushed her forward and seeing how I accepted her and used her, she was willing to endure anything, especially since my own confinement.

And Eclaire, she seemed to have been broken before, only to be restored with my influence. She, and other Bloodborn were mine for the taking, their minds telling them that I was their salvation. Even if their bodies had to suffer, their souls would be delivered to some hypothetical paradise I would create. Even more intelligent ones believed that following me was beneficial to all of them, seeing how I was one of the strongest and fastest growing of the existences around.

I washed them with cold water and led them to my bed. We just plopped down, huddled together, exhausted. We all fell asleep easily, waiting for the new day to come. New things awaited us, things that had to be done.