Beast Fiend. Chapter 40

This was an unfamiliar situation. I was sitting pretty much naked, with naked Elaya in my lap, grinding against me. What’s more, seven other girls were around me, looking at us in bewilderment. They were surprised by both, the unsavory act we were performing right in front of them and by hoe Elaya looked and her new behavior. She was grinning, covered in my wings and my black flame, but still making it apparent what exactly was done here. She was grinning because she was proud to be my only mate currently.

“So… Girls why are you all standing around us and looking at us like that?”

“Well, I don’t know, maybe we are wondering whom will you fuck next?”

Lilith is straightforward as usual. The expressions on the girls faces are mostly curious, with Flaer pouting slightly and Mercissa being beet red. She never got used to the naked bath times. Being in presence of two people fornicating was new to her, even if she lived amongst dragons most of her life.

Elaya decided to throw her two cents in.

“I imagine it would be in the same order as we went through out trials, Meriden and Aedim first, then Eleanor, Leah and Lilith.”

Girls began to murmur amongst themselves. They weren’t very happy with the order, but it was a fair assumption. Although, I had a different idea.

“I am thinking of moving Lilith forward a bit, right behind Aedim and moving Eleanor and Leah all the way back, right until the marriage ceremony.”

“What!? Why?” Eleanor didn’t like that idea.

“I do have to punish you both, even if you are forgiven, I haven’t forgotten your deed. I waited for half a year to be reunited with my beloved girls, you can wait a little more to have me take you.” I reply with a slight grin. Mentally torturing the girls was growing on me.

“What? And why would you move Lilith ahead of us? it’s unfair!”

“Unlike you, Lilith has been punished almost everyday since the betrayal, in fact she was getting punished for you two as well. I am thinking that during the next time I punish her, I may finally reward her for all the hard work.”

“How have you been punishing her? Surely I can handle any punishment that Lilith can.”

“Eleanor, believe me, you can’t.” Leah tried talking to the queen. She knew everything about everyone, but since she was my pet, she told nobody about my playing sessions.

“Hah, Leah, why don’t you undress Lilith, so we could show what kind of punishment I give her?”

“Of course.”

Leah proceeded to take Lilith’s clothes off, revealing her naked body. Compared to Elaya, Lilith was slightly more curvy, with her breasts being a little bigger. True to her demon blood, she was a real seductress.

When she was completely nude, I snaked my tail out from underneath Elaya, making her pout slightly. Seeing that my tail was free of its constraints, Lilith stands on her knees, her back turned to me and her hands placed on her the floor slightly in front of her. With a quick wind up I deal out a single, powerful lashing. Over time, the strength of my strikes became greater, as Lilith became stronger thanks to constant appliance of “ZernGara-lixer”. Her skin was harder than normal now.

A single deep red gash went down her back. She didn’t even flinch in pain, she learned to enjoy the pain I dealt to her, just like the Bloodborn we involved in our games. After the pain lessened, she let out a low, quiet moan.

The reaction from this was… Unsatisfactory. Elaya looked at Lilith with curiosity, her newfound power made her curious if she could do the same thing. Meriden looked at her with envy, biting her lower lip and rubbing her legs together slightly. She never got over her inner Laura, only making it grow in strength after she avoided me for so long. She would often call me Master Zern or Lord Zern. She was the only person using different names to call me, other than Fiancé, Beloved or Fated. It was uncommon amongst Val to use words like “Honey” or “Pumpkin”. We preferred actions over words, because words could deceive, but actions were true.

Aedim looked at Lilith with indifference. I mean, she is smart, but I didn’t expect her to know about this. Was she as perceptive as Leah? Perhaps she noticed how we would sometimes disappear with Lilith… I don’t know, but she didn’t show any surprise for one reason or another.

Leah just flinched from phantom pain, still remembering the lashing I gave her. To her it was crystal clear that the force I used now was much more than what she received back then. She couldn’t imagine how Lilith withstood such punishment.

The only three surprised were Eleanor, Mercissa and Flaer, looking at Lilith with wide eyes.

Flaer just whispered to herself, wondering why haven’t I done that to her, since she was my mount. It seemed that Lilith enjoyed it, so she would too probably…

Mercissa was surprised by the human who too a strike like that and even showed pleasure. She didn’t expect such reaction from a mere human.

Only Eleanor showed the reaction I expected, both fear and shock mixed together. She remembered the last lashing she received and she didn’t want to feel it again. Hitting Lilith, the sound was much louder, making her understand that I used more strength this time. Punishing Lilith like that almost every day, she felt bad for her sister and somewhat fearful of me.

“So, you see how I play with my dear Lilith and why she deserves to be ahead of you?”

The two girls stayed silent for a moment, contemplating my words. Would they be willing to endure the same just to be with me sooner? They didn’t know.

Leah came out of her stupor and went to get some elixir to heal Lilith’s wounds. She applied the thick substance to her bleeding cut, making it heal quickly. I don’t know how much of that stuff we have, perhaps I should give my blood to Nrogara, so that he could study its new properties and whether it could be used for elixir now.

“Zern, is there a way for us to not have to wait until marriage? I don’t think I can stay away for you for that long, while you are going around, making love to my sisters.” Leah had a concern, she didn’t want to wait much longer to have me. Her heightened libido made her crazy, now she could have her way with me if I allowed it. She was ready for almost anything.

“Aha, smart as usual. As a matter of fact I have come up with a solution for your dilemma. In my bag, there are three bundles, please take them out.” With my words I point towards a backpack that I use to carry some of my things from place to place.

Leah finishes helping Lilith and walks towards it, rummaging through it quickly. Then she brings out three bundles and comes towards the rest of us with them. Unraveling them, three necklaces of different styles are revealed. One of them is an exquisite piece of jewelry, magnificent and luxurious. Another looks like a dog collar, with a small leash attached. The third one looks similar to the second, but with spikes and no leash. Each one is adorned with various gems and some etchings on the surface.

“Is this what I think it is?”

Aedim is smart as usual. Leah also seems to understand what these things are. Each of them is tight, if any of the girls would put them on, they would be a hair width away from being choked. Leah recognizes these things because she was the one to put them on the three girls before my fight with the bitch King.

“Yes, these are the three enchanted collars that Elaya, Meriden and Aedim wore during my forth trial. I’ve tinkered with them a bit to fit your specific styles, as to not inconvenience you while you work. I want you to wear them at all times, until I deem you worthy of having freedom. Until then, you will be under the enchantment, unable to be free of my will.”

At my words the two girls got a weird expression. They didn’t think that I would actually turn them into my little slaves. Well, payback is a bitch.

“Um, since Lilith doesn’t need to wear one, could I get one instead? Please master?”

Now that I wasn’t expecting. Meriden shifts left and right, not knowing whether I will get angry or not. But I like the idea, Meriden seemed so submissive before. Now she will be my own pet for real.

“Of course. Why would I deny my beloved girl something that she wants? You can have the spiky collar that I made for Lilith.”

With an excited yelp Meriden grabs a collar and puts it on her neck. Once it locks, the enchantment activates, so only I can take it off and order Meriden around. I try out a few commands to see if it works properly and my new slave girl happily obliges.

Lilith looks at Meriden with a slight pout. Don’t tell me, she actually wanted it?

“Lilith, if you want one I will make you one.”

“No, I don’t want a slave collar. I just like the design of the one Meriden has. I would like something similar.”

Aha. The fashion industry as such does not exist, neither do sex shops or BDSM type stores. Spiked dollar is my original invention within this world. Actually, it is weird how both Meriden and Lilith seem to like the same thing, while being completely opposite of one another.

Meriden is head strong, willful and very warrior-like, but at the same time she is submissive with me. Perhaps she likes to feel under my command, to feel protected and dominated. Ever since the monster territories, she liked to call me master and obey me.

Lilith on the other hand seem very much like a dominatrix, but she submits to me because I am her fated and because I am stronger than her. With the Bloodborn, she gladly asserts her dominance and shows them who the boss is. I could say she is more ruthless than I am, thankfully the Bloodborn are all trained for that by now.

While I was drawing the parallels between two of my girls, Mercissa drops a bombshell.

“Why is it that all you are talking about is who it is going next? Shouldn’t we talk about Elaya’s transformation? Or do you all want to have some children quickly?”


The thought hits me right in the face, making cold sweat form all over. I feel cold, my insides suddenly twisting and turning, making me feel uncomfortable. I have not thought about children at all. There surely was a possibility of it in the future and I was not opposed to the idea, but I didn’t expect to think about it just now, while still being inside Elaya, after spending a whole night and a day having raw, unprotected sex with her. The thoughts was just too real.

“Hey, you didn’t need to go on and scare our dear Zern like that. Our little wolf is scared and his not so little wolf is scared too. I can feel him shrinking…”

Elaya is unhappy. She has been riding me this whole time, sometimes licking and kissing me. It surely made girls look funny at us, but once the conversation got relevant to them, they got over that fact. It was Aedim who brought peace of mind to me.

“Val men are known to be quiet fertile, so to counter that, Elders have long ago came up with countermeasures, using certain herbal remedies. We have all been taking the medicine to stop us from getting pregnant since your trial at the age of ten. That’s the usual time for all girls to begin taking it.”

Her words soothe my mind, I am out of danger. No little mini-Zerns running around any time soon.

“Of course we will stop taking it before our marriage, as we all want to bear your children. Although I don’t know how it works with dragons, we will be procreating once we are all officially married.”

These words don’t make me panic or scared, I kind of figured that after our marriage something like that would happen, but having children at this point in time would have been a shock to me. I don’t want to bring a bastard into the world by having children while unmarried… Wow, what a weird thought, I never actually had such an idea before, it just popped into my head.

“Ok, no children. But what about the transformation? That never happened before, has it? It’s women who carry the power in Val tribes in their blood and the men who transform, right?”

Mercissa was still on the point, trying to talk about perhaps the most important subject of the century.

“Well, I don’t know the whole story, but it seems that whatever the dark god Gargoyle did, he didn’t follow the exact procedure as the Great Guardians did. My soul being rather powerful, it seems to have purified the dark power of the Gargoyle, making it into a purer form. Now my blood will awaken any latent power as well as empower existing strength. Elaya is stronger than I was during my first transformation.”

“Yes, she also have changed a lot. I mean, I never imagined I would see her like this. It is completely different from the Elaya we all know.”

“I am sorry Ae, but Zern’s blood just makes me so horny. I can’t stop feeling hot and I all I can think of is riding Zern.”

My blood works like some sort of aphrodisiac. If that’s the case, we should be careful about whoever drinks it. We can’t just make all the girls drink it.

“If what Elaya says is the case, perhaps we should perform the transformation on everybody in order, one by one, like we agreed before.”

Girls stayed quiet a bit at those words. They seemed to really want to be with me, but having them running around being horny would not help the matters.

“Although, I will be awakening Lilith tonight. I need to see how my blood will affect her and if she can even be transformed at all. We will do it in our mansion, there is plenty of tools we might need.”

“Why would you do that? We have an order we agreed to!”

Eleanor did not want to be left out to be the last, or one before last.

“Actually, I would like Leah to be there as well. We talked about it before, we want to be together when the time comes. I hope you can indulge in my little request.”

“Very well, tonight it is Lilith and Leah. After that is Meriden, then Aedim and lastly Eleanor.”

“What!? Why would you make me last? I deserve to be treated better. I am the queen.”

“And do you remember what you put us and master through to become one? I think that all you have endured so far it too lenient of a punishment. In your place, I would be thankful that master have not banished you.”

Meriden’s words were true and spoken harshly, but nobody objected. Eleanor knew better than anybody how she treated me. She was the instigator of my betrayal and gained the most from it. If anything, I treat her better than others, because when they do mistakes, they get punished. Not as severely as Lilith, but still.

“Now, let’s stop the discussion here. You will need to wait at most a week, maybe even less. Mercissa is going to have to wait longer and Flaer is not going to do anything at all, as I don’t think she is mature enough to be having sex. Now, put on my little gifts, get dressed and go enjoy the party. We will be out once Elaya gets plenty of love from me, the faster we are left alone, the faster we can rejoin you. I am not good at multitasking.”

The girls had gave me a few pouts, especially Flaer. Leah and Eleanor put on the collars I made for them and walked outside. Before Mercissa left I sad few more words to her.

“Mercissa, I don’t know whether my blood will affect you and if the effect will be good for you, we can discuss it later. And whether you are sure you want to be one with me, that we will also talk about. Please, make sure you are committed when you make your decision.”

With that, all the girls left and I was alone with Elaya, able to fully enjoy her body. We stayed in the tent for a bit longer, myself trying to force my blood out of Elaya through lovemaking. Hopefully its effect will wear off soon. And no more blood for her. Others are waiting outside, many want to know what truly happened.

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