Beast Fiend. Chapter 41.

It took me about an hour of thoroughly working with Elaya to calm her down. Her libido was under control when we walked outside, but she still clung to my arm. Thankfully she was wearing proper clothes and had no intentions of removing them. I made it clear to her that I didn’t want others to see her nude body.

Outside, people were continuing to party while talking about what happened in the afternoon. Elaya’s transformation produced a furor amongst the people, first female guardian appearing was something special. And it all was happening around me. How did it happen? Who will transform next? How does it work? Am I a girl or is Elaya a boy? Both, stupid and smart questions were asked, I tried replying to them, but I couldn’t give proper answers to everybody, as I didn’t even know them myself.

The girls were somewhat ticked off at how I wanted to handle their transformation. They all wanted to gain power, nobody even had a thought of rejecting my blood. However, few more people came to me, asking about this new ability of mine. Firstly there were Jacob and Edward, two twin brothers traveling around with Bella, a Bloodborn girl who should be around twelve or thirteen by now. She has been absent for a couple of years since my betrayal. It was convenient of them to come back for this exact event, when I seem to gain a power to purify and empower others. They asked what will happen if Bella were to have my blood, would she be able to make the twins her guardians? I told them that I will try turning my girls throughout the week and after that I will think about turning my Bloodborn, at which point we will see.

Frez also came to me. He asked about whether my blood would affect him. The warlord of the Val tribes would gladly swear loyalty to me in exchange for more power to lead his people. My reply was similar, that after my girls, we will see how my blood will affect others. The same thing I told Nrogara and Regios, who wanted to know about Mercissa and her future.

The elders were asking about this new power and I had to gather them and the few leaders who were around. I didn’t want to keep anything a secret, especially since all the people present were our allies. I told them about my vision, about my theory about demons and Val and about my thoughts on the new power.

One of the elders was known for his vast collection of historical facts and stories. He confirmed my suspicion that Val Loudhorn may have been a half demon, his strength coming from his mother, who had a lustrous gem in her forehead and and some tattoos. The same tattoos are sometimes used to day to mark exceptional warriors or hunters, although they are voluntary.

Hooligein took interest in my story, he himself studied the origin of his race and was curios to know that it just appeared many millennia ago, as if popping out of thin air. Having multiple thousands of people transform in one day would explain the appearance of the vile race and their worship of the god Gargoyle. He asked me about fine details and together we worked out that although I gained some of his power as well as his purified form along with his corrupted form, I was no god.

The leaders also were curious about how my power may affect non-Val, so they would be waiting to learn of the effects. I couldn’t let them attend the transformation of the Bloodborn, explaining the aphrodisiac properties of my blood, which saddened lord Hooligein. Elven lords also seemed to be disappointed, but they hid it well.

After a thorough discussion, we continued to party, although Lilith and Leah seemed to be very eager to go straight to the after party. They were very close to me, trying to pull me away, so I didn’t get a chance to get drunk.

After a few hours, the three of us used the port-stones and teleported to my mansion in demon territory. There were few servants there, but they were busy with their work of keeping the place neat and clean. We snuck into my bedroom and used a special tunnel to get to my own little dungeon. It wouldn’t be necessary with any other girls, but with Lilith I believed would be some difficulty during transformation, as she will have to deal with the darkness inside her. While I purified the more do darkness in me into the blue light I have now, within Lilith I can see a black mote, circling her soul slowly. I doubt she will feel any better than what I felt during my transformation.

She would be the first to transform, because it would be hard to control Leah and help Lilith at the same time, if Leah were to transform first. As we prepare, I ask Lilith to undress as I don’t want her to ruin her clothes, the black flames can burn anything if not controlled. And she won’t be controlling them the first time around.

With her nude, I chain her to the wall, using hard ebonthril chain. It should be very durable and resistant to the dark flames. Leah is helping me as well, not wanting her sister to get hurt. Once Lilith is fixed in place, I pull out a metal cylinder covered in leather. Lilith will have to bite down on it to help her deal with pain, biting your tongue would be a bad idea. With everything ready, I slice my palm and let Lilith have some of my blood.

For a few moments she is taking in my blood, trying to suck in as much as possible. After having enough, she murmurs quietly.

“So good…”

But her words are cut short by a burst of black fire and lightning. Leah is hiding behind me as to not get hurt. Lilith’s form is covered with black energy, ravaging her body. Inside her, two forces battle, the black mote of darkness from the Gargoyle and a blue one from me. They are locked in a struggle over Lilith’s soul.

My demoness is writhing in pain, biting hard on the clamp in her mouth. Her muscles spasm and contract, she seems to be experiencing something like a seizure. I decide to help her, motioning Leah to retreat, I come closer and engulf myself in my own flame. While black, my flames are purified and not file like that of the Gargoyle’s. Trying to help Lilith, I hug her, wrapping my arms and tail around her, trying to surround her with my flames to soothe her pain.

She is moaning from pain, just like I was a few days ago. I whisper words of encouragement in her ear, but it is hard to know if they reach her. I whisper words of love, wishing to make her feel my love and my warmth towards her. I try forcing the darkness out of her. Who knows if it will help or now, but I hope it would do the job.

We stand like that for about ten minutes, my blue light trying to force the darkness out and to protect the Lilith’s soul. My closeness seems to have helped her, as she stopped convulsing in pain after I came in contact.

After that time, the black more is extinguished, disappearing, replaced by the light I had inside me. Lilith now has a purified blue light orbiting her soul, which begins intertwining with her soul. The black flames don’t subside just yet, changing her form into something different.

Her hair gains a deeper red color, with slight shade of purple, like her new blood. Her eyes also turn to be like mine, with the whites gaining black color and her irises becoming deep red with slight glint of purple.

Our of her forehead grow two horns, growing upwards with slight curving. I am sure she will be able to change shape as she likes. She also grows a tail like me, but without a little brush in the end. Hers is thinner, more feminine, but it seems to be just as strong. Behind her back the flames take shape of two wings, gaining a half material form, as there is not enough space for them, they are covered in flames and are half transparent.

Her forehead also has a crimson gem now. She seems to have gained both, the cursed form and the pure form of the demon people. I wonder whether she will be able to switch between them like I do. No reason to think that she can’t. She also has crimson tattoos all over her skin, making her look tribal or more tribal than Val usually are.

It doesn’t take much longer for her to calm down. Her painful transformation is done, her soul is safe and sound. She is all sweaty but she is ready to continue. However, I don’t let her free just yet, it wouldn’t a punishment if I did. Teasing would only spice up our evening.

I command Leah to undress now, making sure to keep her clothes safe. I like how the two dress, it would be a shame to loose their beautiful uniforms.

Leah’s shape is. Ore slender than other girls, although not at all bad looking. If Lilith is a girl with a very pronounced hourglass figure, Leah has smaller hips and smaller breasts, but she would still be considered a model. She is taller than most other girls. To be honest, I can’t say which one of them is most beautiful. There was a time the girls tried making me make a choice, but I just stood there comparing their nude bodies and totally lost myself in a process. We all agreed that girls are too beautiful for me to decide on a single one. They truly are.

I didn’t bother binding Leah, her transformation should be safer. Once she is ready, I command her to stay on her knees and put her hands on top of them. I then refresh the cut I made before and let Leah sample my blood. She smelt it before which made her drool slightly, not, with her enhanced senses she dug into my hand. She really bit me, but she could’t do much but squeeze extra few drops like that. Just from the taste, she moaned, rolling her eyes and feeling like she was in heaven.

After a few moments her body was covered in black lightning, running through her skin it transformed her, making her stronger, letting the fox inside her merge with her. Leah’s transformation was very much like Elaya’s, she gained ears, although they seemed to be bigger and more angular. She gained a very flexible and fluffy tail, which seemed very eerie. It was very thick and plushy, but it would split into multiple tails, dividing the thickness amongst them. She would get two, three, four tails. It was hard to follow them.

Leah’s face also seemed to become more attractive, her charm magnified to be the same like mine. However due to my own expanded senses, I could see some invisible lines around Leah, like some lines coming off her nose or around her tail. I didn’t understand what it was, but it seemed to do something with her illusion and perception manipulation. And just like with everybody else, she gained sharper canines.

Having completed her transformation, Leah didn’t waste much time and just pounced me. As she did that, my own transformation kicked in, turning me into a fox. Our fur differed in colors, my now being dark brown with gold and her being orange with shiny pink. Her eyes stayed normal blue color, only becoming more bewitching and charming. Her powers increased a lot.

I am not going to go into every detail at this time, but what was done was beyond this realms. Both of us in our fox forms, our senses were greater than ever, making us aware of each other’s heartbeats, breathing, even pheromones. We could almost read each other’s minds. It was an incredible experience, our bodies were connected as our minds were. We were tangled together for a good half-hour before I let Lilith be free.

While I came closer to open her shackles, Leah came over for a passionate kiss with Lilith. I wasn’t opposed to the girls kissing, all,format in fact, but I did not expect them to be doing it. They have been helping each other for a while like that, especially once I began having sessions with Lilith. She took pity on her sister, because she was overly sensitive and was going mad. My little demoness is such a good person, helping people right and left only out of goodness of her heart and not at all because she is a little, sly succubus.

Once it was my first time with Lilith, my inner demon did not react. It was really done differently from the Guardian Beasts, but I decided to keep the tradition going and turned into my demon form.

While I and Leah were together, we could fairly feel Lilith’s presence, her arousal, her blood pumping and the heat radiating from her body. She was squirming, bound in chains and unable to do anything but watch. It was a real torture for her, but now she would reap the reward of all the hardships she endured.

I’ve put my whole soul into making Lilith happy. It was erotic and evil, our tails snaking together, our wings spread out, showing the world our evil nature. When we reached the peak together, our gems and our tattoos glowed, giving off a bright scarlet and a mix of gold and black.

Leah assisted both of us during this time, mostly helping Lilith at first. She loved her sister like she loved me, their fates were close to one another. Ever since the childhood, their mischief and cunning made them bond very close, their relationship was beyond simple love. And I got to witness it blossoming right in front of me, their true natures revealed and their feelings expressed openly.

It was the first time their mutual lust has been expressed so openly and without restraint. What they did to one another, it was beautiful and forbidden, like the apple from Eden. And I was right in-between them, lending my own helping hand and other parts.

Once I’ve had enough with Lilith alone, I turned to my human form and we proceeded to enjoy the union of our three bodies. It was simply magnificent, I don’t have proper words to describe the feeling.

Our time together lasted for many hours, until morning, at which point my blood seemed to finally loose the hold over their minds. With the effects ending, the exhausted girls began to slow down and fall asleep. I was more inhuman than them, so I was able to carry them up to our bed, where Meriden was soundly asleep. She must have followed us afterwards. She knows that she is next, perhaps she wants to force the timing and turn a little quicker. I won’t protest much, but let me nap first, please.

Actually, I remember that at some point I felt another presence close to us and a smell of arousal. Was Meriden spying, hoping to get a glance on our lovemaking session? Naughty girl, this master is going to have to punish the little teddy who did something bad. I didn’t use any rough treatment with Lilith, perhaps Meriden would enjoy it more? We will have to see. But first, sleep…

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