Beast Fiend. Chapter 42

The day after turning Lilith and Leah, Meriden followed me around for the whole time. Once we were awake, we all went back to the Val tribes to continue partying. The leaders of other territories were all there, so I could speak with whomever I wanted.

I realized that I was now a six-way guardian, with six different powers inside. I was probably on par, if not stronger than Regios. It also meant that I could probably try and entering the Zone in monster jungle. So, I wanted to ask Regios about it.

Finding a dragon wasn’t hard, I just had to look for the biggest number of empty casks and food plates and there he was. Unlike me, Regios couldn’t change his alcohol tolerance, so he needed vast quantities of the stuff to get a buzz.

The dragon has finished his strong stuff already, only having one bottle and sharing it around. While it was beyond powerful, it didn’t last long.

So, while he was somewhat drunk, he was lucid enough to talk and I proceeded to talk with him about the fight with darkness. If I wanted to go there by myself, I would need to be prepared.

Really, nothing has changed in the past few years regarding the zone. There was a base of operation, where monsters and Val men were able to rest and heal after venturing inside, but otherwise no new threats or new progress was made. Whatever the darkness was, it stagnated, not doing anything.

I asked about the base of operation where our forces operated from and Regios described it as a secure compound at the outskirts of the Zone, where people were safe from its influence.

I knew that gnomes were supposed to finish a batch of stargates. I would need to get Aedim to send one of them to the Zone base, so that we could travel back and forth quickly. I would talk to her, hoping to send one there quicker. If we can set up the gates, we could provide support and supplies.

We discussed such matters with Regios and he approved greatly. His resources, while being rather vast, were not endless. The constant fighting and suppressing of the ever expanding Zone took a toll on his treasury, making him spend plenty of money. He would need support and the treaty still hasn’t been signed. The demons are resisting as much as they can, even if Hooligein is on board. Taking into the account that gnomes and dwarves are against it as well, Val were the only ones who provided any help, as we weren’t restrained by the usual rules. Safeguarding the realm, we sent troops there with minimal support we could provide. If the gates were set up, we could give much more as traveling won’t be an issue anymore.

We talked plenty and after the talking I was somewhat mentally tired. Meriden was there, willing to give me a hand to rest my wavering spirit. It wasn’t even that late in the evening when she teleported us into our mansion. She didn’t say anything, but to me it was obvious that she wanted to go and play like I do with Lilith. Why would she drag me into our room half way across the continent, if we could go to our tent and stay there.

I graciously decided to indulge her little fantasy and led her into my private dungeon. There I proceeded to play with my slave, ordering her around, making her obey my orders. Then I used my tail to discipline her not to spy on her master. I didn’t overdo it, but I would hope’d remember not to do it in the future. We had a thorough sessions of punishment before I proceeded to turn Meriden.

She was the second highest of all the girls, only slightly behind Leah, with the height of slightly less than 170 cm. The girls still had some growing up to do, perhaps even go through a growth spurt.

Meriden had a well toned body, forged through vigorous training and frequent fights, so when she tensed you could see well defined muscles. She even had a slight six pack, which was not obvious unless she tensed. Her shoulder were broad because she was athletic, but she didn’t look too masculine as she had wide hips as well. The hips of a woman who would bear children in the future, she was made for that.

When she drunk my blood, she didn’t receive any visual changes, other than a slight growth of her muscles. She got sharper teeth, which could be seen when she smiled, but otherwise she remained unchanged. Her transformation was mostly internal, making her bones and muscles denser and stronger. She gained weight after she turned, but I stayed quiet about that.

After the transformation was complete, Meriden was a little disappointed that she still looked the same, she wanted to have some bear features, but asked I asked what would she like, perhaps a stubby bear tail or the circular ears, she couldn’t reply as she didn’t like the things I mentioned. She however enjoyed her new increased strength as she would be closer to me now and her thicker skin would protect her better.

After she was done admiring her new body, we proceeded with taming. The girl didn’t hold back, trying to milk me dry and using her strength when sticking her nails into my back. I had to use my tail a couple of times, making her understand not to hurt her master. She was more enduring than others, perhaps because of her training, so we spent many hours from the early evening until the first signs of dawn making hot, passionate and wild love. Well, as passionate as we could, with that time being her first.

The next day we proceeded to party more, slowly exhausting the supply of drinks and appetizers. There was a lot of food prepared, but it was dwindling slowly as all the different guests would eat more and more each day, trying to fight the hangovers and the exhaustion from the previously wild night.

I too ate my share, my appetite being monstrous after all the transformation and the workout I’ve been getting. Elaya tried coercing me into giving her loving, but I told her that until all of them were turned, they would have to wait. There were only two left at the moment.

That day was spent nearby Aedim, as she was also eager to have her virtue taken. Others hovered around, just trying to get some attention or a kiss from me. Of course I shared my affection, but I did not go further. This day would belong to Aedim alone.

She had some nice drinks, trying different wines from elves and demons. She was the most sophisticated and well mannered of all of us, as well as the most mature of the group. Even Eleanor and Elaya were behind her in that regard. Aedim knew many things and she liked to hear about my knowledge from the other worlds. Lately we rarely spent much time together, her being busy with developing the teleportation technology and myself being busy with Bloodborn and demons.

When it came to the show of affection, Aedim was somewhat restrained, but not because she was shy like Elaya previously or because she was afraid of intimacy with me due to promise or such thing, no, those things didn’t bother her. However, she firmly believed that intimacy should be intimate, shared amongst only the closest of people. She wouldn’t want to give some strangers the view of her passionate kiss. And believe me, her kisses were passionate. She seemed very mature, not like the girls who often acted like children, she had composure and she had style. I did not doubt that making love with her would be different then making love to other girls.

When the evening began to turn into the night, we retreated. Aedim expressed a wish to fly around for a bit and to carry her to a specific place. As I took her in my arms and flew up, we looked around at the scenery, the great trees covered in snow, the rare clearings with piles of the snow sitting as if asking to jump into them.

Aedim enjoyed the flight, not terrified at all. We spent half an hour moving through the chilly air, looking at the forest from high above. While it was beautiful, I understood that Aedim was a little nervous, trying to clam herself down. With all the maturity, she was still a woman, a girl at that. I decided to take matters in my own hands and landed beside the lake.

Being related to dragons, drakes didn’t get bothered by cold or hot temperatures, allowing them to thrive in plenty of environments. What’s more, lacking wings, drakes seemed to be more suited for swimming, with their tails allowing them to get around quickly. While I didn’t get any extra lung capacity of gills in my drake form, it was still very good form for aquatic movement. Perhaps, if Aedim’s transformation is strong enough, we could have a midnight swim in an almost frozen lake.

When Aedim was ready, we began the ritual. Well, I call it ritual, but it was just me cutting myself and letting her drink my blood. She was naked, standing on her clothes and lightly shivering from the cold. Her body was magnificent, illuminated by the moonlight, it seemed to shimmer. She had a mature side to her beauty, just like with her character, not being as cute as others even at the age of fifteen. She was sexy, attractive, but not cute like a little girl.

Her expressions were more complicated, her seduction was more refined than that of Elaya or even Lilith. Even her embarrassment was different from the others.

When she drunk my blood, her shivering stopped, her body temperature rising. With her transformation, she was in pain, horns and tail growing, just like with me. I embraced her to help her through it, my body pressing against hers. While the change happened, the magical force inside her went out of control, engulfing us in a weak flame and changing the colors of Aedim’s hair and eyes. They would flash through colors quickly, until they would return to normal once the transformation stopped.

The black lightning surged through her for a bit, changing her until her new form was revealed. She remained humanoid, more humanoid than myself in drake form, but she was undoubtedly a drake. She now had two large horns going up, with exquisite curves to them. They were green and brown in color just like he hair.

Her eyes now had vertical pupils, which I thought were fitting, making her look like a dragon, a true form of worldly power. She however changed them to normal, using transformation magic. She was training said magic, to stop her hair and eyes from turning different colors since she was little, so it came easy to her to change her eyes or shape her horns. Otherwise, it would have been inconvenient

I told her that I liked her eyes, which made her blush. With that she pressed her naked body closer to me and wrapped me with her tail. She now also had a tail like me. It was not covered in scales like Imthoughht it would. Aedim didn’t change much at all actually, which made me both released and just a tad disappointed. Although, Aedim could change her shape around and make her skin into scales, but it was not the same.

After her transformation was complete, we exchanged passionate kisses and embraces, studying each others’ bodies. We did such things before, but it was mostly to tease each other slightly, different from the intent we had now.

Feeling the nearing of the sacred moment, my drake form was released. It was slightly more human than normal, but the difference were minimal. With that, we proceeded to make love, both passionate and sensual. It was her first time, so I made her look like a real woman. She was unrestrained, not keeping her outcries of pleasure inside, she enjoyed every moment of it.

It turned out that her skin was tougher than normal, very much like my scales. And, what I enjoyed a lot, she was able to swim within the cold waters of the lake. We spent plenty of time swirling around and splashing each other. And lovemaking in water was also something new, both of us seemingly made to live in water. I could only imagine, how a naga would mate, their bodies made for water fully.

We spent hours actually not having sex, instead sharing the sensuality of the moment, the love that we had for each other. Aedim,s true maturity shined here, being able to withstand my blood to such an extent and see through the pink haze. Her mind was stronger than her body.

By the morning my girl finally succumbed to the exhaustion, becoming tired from the transformation and from making love. I carried her naked body to our tent, covering her with my wings and black flames. In there, we both went to sleep, covered in animal fur. We were Val after all, savage barbarians of the northern forest. Animals at heart and now in body.

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