Beast Fiend. Chapter 44.

The day after I unite with Eleanor we both wake up in our emperor sized bed in our chambers. I feel lighter, stronger than before, my mind clearer than it has been in a while.

As I wake up and move, the girl lying next to me also opens her eyes and looks at me. Her face shows a bright smile, her expression is that of happiness. We haven’t felt this good for months.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning, my king.”

The girl gets up, putting her weight on one hand while covering herself with covers using the other one. Her hair is messy and she looks very cute. This seems somewhat cliche, but I really like the look. I give her a kiss and make her blush.

“We need to get back to others. Let’s get dressed.”


Eleanor seems unlike her usual self. She is shy and self conscious. This is somewhat unbelievable, I would imagine Elaya acting like this. Although she did apologize for her behavior after our night together, she didn’t revert to her usual shy persona.

Now, from my queen a gentle, soothing aura radiates. If my transformation into a lion made me seem regal, like a true king, Eleanor became more like a mother than a queen. Her look is gentle and her demeanor is very calm and composed. Well, she really is a merciful queen she set out to be beside a ruthless king.

We both get dressed, our previous clothes somewhat ruined. But, it’s not like we are rulers of a whole kingdom, have a castle and wardrobe full of clothing? We put on some fancy clothes and then use portstones to get back to the Val tribes.

This past week, a lot of things happened. I learned the truth about myself, my origin, the demon race and the gods of this realm. I’ve discovered a new power which has been granted onto me by the Gargoyle through Lilith. I have finally resolved the incident of the betrayal, putting it behind us. Now we can really move on.

The two of us arrive at the central tribe, not too far from where the party is happening. I use the portstones to get in touch with other girls. Thankfully, Aedim and Elaya were near them so they heard my plea to get everyone together. By the time we reach them, they are all waiting for me, the six fated, plus Flaer and Mercissa.

Before I even said anything, Eleanor stood before them and spoke up.

“Dear sisters, Elaya, Aedim, Meriden, Leah and Lilith.” She turned to each one and bowed from her waist. “I ask you for forgiveness, for everything that I have done. It was my fault that you were captured during my betrayal and through me rushing my plans, all of you were hurt. I apologize for my arrogance and for my ignorance.” She bowed her head once again.

Everybody looks at the blond girl amused. Even I didn’t expect such a drastic change this quickly. But it’s a good change, that’s for sure. The girls have surprised expressions and look at Eleanor with disbelief. Lilith is the first to come to her senses.

“Wow Zern, I didn’t know that you fuck so good, you got some sense into the girl.”

“Aha, it is not the… Fucking… That got sense into me, it was before that.” The usually unmoving queen now feels that swearing is difficult for her. She is shy to say “fuck”! I really did an exorcism in her!

“I liked the foreplay, but it didn’t change me into a better human being, what has he done to you dear?” Aedim also seems amused by this change.

“Zern has made me realize that what I did was truly wrong, but where I was going, nothing was there for me but bitter sadness and that I still had him and I had you.” Eleanor takes my hand and brings it to her cheek and then looks at her sisters with a gentle gaze.

“So, I’ve talked with our queen and we worked out our differences. There won’t be any more punishments or unfair treatments.”

“So, do we have to take off our collars?” Leah said that with both, anticipation and disappointment.

“No, keep them on, I like them. Sit.” Three girls all sat down, obeying my commands. Lilith also sat, copying them. Only Elaya and Aedim were left standing as well as dragons.

“So, I am sorry, I don’t understand, what is happening?”

“Sister! Zern mounted queen Eleanor last night and now she obeys him like I do! It’s simple!”

“Ah. It really is simple.”

Fucking dragons.

“No, Mercissa, we had a problem before, but we solved it, now everything is fine. What I wanted to talk to you about is what do we do now that my rites are complete?”

I sit down and everybody who is still standing also joins me on the ground. Sitting inside the tent, it is rather warm, not like outside where there is plenty of snow.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” Elaya is the one to ask questions now.

“Well, now that we have six of you turned, who is next?” As I say that, I look at Mercissa, who still seems a bit lost. Perhaps she made a mistake and entered a wrong tent. Sometimes I really wonder that…

“Ah, eh, I don’t know. I mean, I like you, I love you. I want to stay here. But my brother, he wants me to return.”

The girls all start talking to her in unison. I can’ take out what they are saying, but the general idea is “What do you want?”. So many girls and each one has her own idea. Except for Flaer, she sat down on my lap and hums a song that she calls “Mount song”. It’s a song about being mounted. Obviously.

I let the girls have their own little conversation and play with my tail meanwhile. I use the brush at the end to tickle Flaer and she giggles like a little girl. She is what, three hundred years old? I forget the ages of people. Thank god that six of my girls are the same age as me, otherwise I would need one of them to write down the ages of all others. Although I am sure that Aedim does it anyway.

“Girls, settle down. Mercissa, I don’t know what you want and whether you like it here, but let me tell you. We like you. I and my girls, we all accept you and we would gladly accept you into our family and make you a permanent member. If you are worried about your brother, I think he is going to get over it. If he doesn’t, I am sure I can beat him now, since I have six of the… Essences? Aspects?..”

“Dark souls.” Aedim contributes to the conversation.

“Demon souls.” And Lilith just takes a piss now…

“Six powers. Plus, I want to see if turning you will then have any effect on me. I have a hunch.”

“I am not sure. I think I want to stay with you.”

“About damn time!” Lilith is relieved.

“Now, we will talk about the date of the transformation in a bit, but there is another issue. The Bloodborn.”

“What about them?”

“Well, unlike you, Elaya, all of them are simple folk, not born of the Val tribes and not carrying any power inside. I don’t know how it will affect them if at all. What I am thinking about is picking one from each race we have and turning them. We have Eclaire for demons. What about others?”

“They don’t have a solid leader as they don’t treat each other as different races. Even if they look different, they were all born in blood together through the mercy of their lord and savior Zern the Fiend.” Leah has a slight smile as she says it. The Bloodborn are quite the fanatics when it comes to me.

“Well, it doesn’t matter then. Just pick somebody you like. What my main concern is what happens after they drink my blood. You six have experienced the after effects of the transformation, what do you think will happen? I am thinking of giving my blood to a Val man, Frez to try as well, but he has a wife. The Bloodborn, except for our dear little Bella, they don’t have partners.”

Eleanor who is on my right and Elaya who is on my left, both take my hands into theirs.

“Zern. You have six wives and two dragons who want you, you are currently a leader of a whole kingdom, a house in the demon territories and the strongest man in the history of our tribe. There are about fifty woman who serve under you and who want to be with you. You have been faithful to us all this time and haven’t strayed at all. Do you think we will mind if you get some concubines?”

Eleanor speaks with an almost indifferent expression as she says those words. Her tone is gentle, nothing like her arrogant one before.

“Yes. We had slight doubts through the years, but you never made a mistake. You were always true to us and cared for us deeply. It is understandable of you have more women. Leaders always have women other than their wives. Ever since Mercissa came into our life, such possibility has been evident to us. It would happen eventually.”

Elaya also seems rather calm about it. Are they for real? Is it really ok to have even more women? Six is a handful, with eight it got crazy, do they really want to give me even more?

As I am slightly shocked, Elaya comes close and bites my ear while Eleanor kisses me on the cheek gently. Aedim whispers something to Mercissa, who gathers up Flaer and walks out of the tent. The others start getting closer to me.

“Girls, you can’t be serious. What happens if any of them get pregnant? They might have men they like, I can’t be enough for them all, what if they want love or if they want to be wed? This is all too big a deal.”

Leah comes over and kisses me on the lips. She tries to shut me up and once she is successful, she parts her lips for a moment.

“Let us take care of the logistics, you just enjoy the little gift we give you. I am sure that there is enough Fiend for all of us.”

With those words she proceeds kissing me. Aedim begins undressing me and Meriden helps her. This was a trap!

With only us in the tent, the girls turn this into the love fest. They get undressed once I am totally naked and proceed with manipulating me. I must say that their ways are good, the good ol’ stick and a carrot approach, although even if I was given the carrot, I was the one giving the stick.

That day I stayed sober and didn’t leave the tent once. Considering that we came to the Val tribe somewhere during the morning, the fact that I exhausted them completely only just before the dawn of the next day was a miracle of some sort. I am sure somewhere, somebody is creating the statue of me.

This was a true beauty, the girl showing me how much they loved me. I never thought they would be ok with is and dreaded what my relationship with the Bloodborn would become. Over the years I really got used to the girls, helping them and getting help from them. This new turn of events is going to change everything.

Eventually we calmed down and were able to talk a bit. It was decided that first, we would turn the Bloodborn and Frez. Aedim proposed the idea of initiating Frez as a Bloodborn, which would make him the first male in out faction, other than me. I liked the idea and Frez also agreed to it. He wanted to join me for a while but never had the balls… The chance to ask.

We would be turning Mercissa later for two reasons. First, we would need to settle things with Regios and make sure that Mercissa was hundred percent for it. Her chilling behavior and absent-mindedness made it somewhat uneasy for me, like forcing something onto somebody who wasn’t sure of the consequences. Although at times Mercissa showed maturity, which was very welcome.

The second reason was, I didn’t want to create a fiend of some sort. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t, but if my blood worked like the girls’ did, there was still a slight possibility of that. So, to make sure we don’t have some dragon fiend, we would start with easier to manage people, like the Bloodborn. The date was decided a week from now. In the meanwhile, we would have plenty of time to enjoy the new us, the overly sexual teenagers and a fiend.

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    1. It’s not so much as Regios gave her up as she herself is not entirely sure if she wants to give in. She loves loves zern, but eternity is a long time, dragons being immortal and all. And Zern is not immortal as far as we know

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