Beast Fiend. Chapter 45

For a week I was assaulted by six girls, trying to get as much of me as possible. During this time, just for a moment, but I cursed my ability to go without sleep. With my last transformation I seemed to forsake the need for it, only sleeping if I wanted to. It would be good, but not when you have six horny brides that want your attention every waking minute. Good thing I have limitless stamina too, or more stamina than those six girls.

During this week I talk with Mercissa a couple of times and made sure she wanted to become mine. She loved me as she said frequently, but becoming mine meant staying with me forever. And that’s like an eternity. Mercissa will be mine until the end of days or until I die. Dragons are weird in that regard.

So, we decided to try transforming Mercissa during at the end of the month. In earth time it should be around June. By then I am going to have six wives and around fifty other Bloodborn who want me around. Kind of crazy if I think about it. I guess this is what I get for surpassing the realm of human capabilities, breaking every rule in the book and becoming something new. Ah, who am I kidding I love it.

The first girls to be turned who are not my wives are four of my Bloodborn. First one is Eclaire, as the leader of the demons. I could have used Sonja, who is the head of House of Bloodlust, but I hate to admit it and say it, Eclaire is expandable, Sonja is not. If something goes wrong, I won’t be able to replace Sonja easily. I thought of turning the four girls at once but then decided not to. They deserved to have my undivided attention for a night.

When I turned Eclaire, she transformed pretty much like Lilith, gaining a second form to use. However, Lilith can make her extra body parts disappear completely, turning into her usual form, thanks to Gargoyle’s power, but Eclaire is stuck with two forms only, the demon and the purified demon with the tattoos and the gem. I still don’t know the difference between two forms, but through the transformation Eclaire became stronger and more flexible, which I experienced first hand.

Next girl was a human girl named Afelia, a cute thing. She was seventeen when I rescued her, so now she was around twenty… I totally remember name and age of every girl… Anyway, her transformation was somewhat weird, she now looks like me, but less. She gained a tail and horns, but they are smaller than mine and she has the color scheme change. Her dirty blond hair became vibrant blond turning into red at the ends and her eyes gained red streaks through the irises. No wings, no animal hind legs, no tattoos. She seemed to be a pure blooded human, which I was curious about. I know for a fact that some of the girl have mixed ancestry. I guess I will have to wait about it.

The elven girl was Maev. She was a huntress before she was kidnapped, so now she worked under Lilith, stalking her prey. What were they called? Droplets? Or was it Leah’s girls? I will have to change the naming, it’s stupid now that I think about it.

Maev had different kind of changes from Afelia or Elcaire. She seemed to have taken a lot from the fox inside, her ears becoming about twice as long and gaining a small brush at the end. If before the reached slightly above her head, now they were going way above. Her senses also improved a lot, making her more aware of her surroundings. She also became quick and agile, so she must have received the wolf powers as well. Her lust also increased and she was very well wild.

Lastly there was the dryad girl, Blossom. I didn’t know how my blood would affect the plant based life form, but it did wonders. The previously somewhat pale green skin turned deep dark green with crimson markings. If before she was a simple flower, now she was a poisonous ivy, her looks screaming of her true nature. Her poison became much deadlier and her control over plants improved tenfold. She could use vines like wipes and ropes, which was noted and filed away for later. She also became very frisky with me.

Well, just as I thought, my blood enhances the natural abilities of the person drinking it as well as gives them some boosts from every power inside me. The more of one power is bestowed, the less of others are able to fit in the leftover space. That is why wood elves gained mostly powers of the fox and wolf, while not really gaining others, while Eclaire gained power of the demon.

I also found out that I become just a tad bit stronger when I drink their transformed blood. The increase is tiny, about one percent, but seeing how there are fifty of them that would be fifty percent more power for me. I am a cheat. A walking, breathing cheat.

Anyway, seeing how it turned out to be ok, I transformed Frez as well. He turned into a werewolf, into the same thing I was at first when I went through my first rite of passage, but smaller. He was also able to transform forth and back like me, so his normal appearance was fully human. He didn’t receive power from any other beasts either.

I relayed the news to the elders and let them think about this. Meanwhile, I proceeded to turn the rest of the Bloodborn. It took me two weeks as to not turn them all at once, which would be too dangerous for men of all ages, so after two weeks I had fifty women all shapes and sizes. Just as I thought, if they had mixed heritage, they would reveal that during transformation. Some girls gained demon traits and others gained elven traits. It was weird to deal with as the lines between races blurred more than before. We all became Bloodborn for real, our origins being too hard to decipher.

When Bella turned, she ran away with two brothers who followed her everywhere, which I found funny. What wasn’t funny was when Ed came back turned as well. The blood of all the Bloodborn can turn others, just like the blood of Val woman. Fuck! I immediately approached Aedim to search for the way to seal this ability until it is needed, hoping that my pocket genius can solve this riddle.

Jacob, seeing Ed and being a genius he is approached Frez and asked for his blood. Neither of them thought of the consequences, like father, like son. Apparently Jacob knew he lacked in speed and wanted to overcome his little problem by becoming the wolf, so seeing how my people turned others easily, he came up with a solution.

No, nothing wrong happened, Jacob turned into a werewolf like he was supposed to. But he was just as powerful as his father, which unnerved me. If even a single one of the Bloodborn is captured, the power can spread and turn everyone in the world! It’s like an epidemic, but the moderately good kind. With these news I once again came to elders to say that for a moment all Bloodborn were off limits and I won’t be turning anybody else for just a bit. Well, I meant anybody who isn’t one of my people.

While Aedim worked on the little project I gave her and Elders talked about what to do with the new information, I played around until it was time to turn Mercissa. Asking her the last time, she agreed to it and we decided to go through with it.

Her transformation was scary, the good kind of scary. She basically turned into the female version of me, the tail and horns, the eyes. Even the same color scheme, gaining dark brown hair with golden ends and black eyes with gold irises and pupils. Her horns also became obsidian black with gold, like mine. If some of her features before were reptilian, now they were all like mine, no scales on her human form.

Her increase in power was massive, she became more of a monster, but when I drank her blood, I too was hit with a bomb. Dragon blood is powerful, it even affected me like an aphrodisiac somewhat. You can imagine how it would be bad, making a tireless and sleepless monster horny.

For about a day I occupied Mercissa completely. Thankfully my blood also affected her. More thankfully, any other mortal person was miles away, as we hid as a precaution, which might have saved many lives. So, for a whole day we were a mess, just a loud sweaty pile of flesh not wanting to separate. It was wild and awesome, but also scary.

The girls were somewhat surprised to see a female me. It was a look of astonishment and curiosity. It was Mercissa, but she looked like me. When we stood side by side, the girls just shook their heads in disbelief. They didn’t like say anything, just smirked at us.

Throughout all this I didn’t gain any more lights inside me. While I grew just that much more powerful, I couldn’t turn into a dragon. I could turn into a drake with demon wings to look like Regios, but I lacked the massive dragon form, which is what really matters. Mercissa’s from became really cool. Her scales were dark brown with golden edges and black center. It was wicked. She was also stronger than before, and while I didn’t doubt that I could go easily against Regios now, Mercissa could too now.

These were intensive couple of months. Girls would go to their respective places of duty to sort out some business and return to party more. The whole ordeal with my blood made everyone giddy about the possibilities in the future. Aedim thankfully found a solution after months of searching. Using my black flame, I could place a blood seal to seal away a portion of their power, so every Bloodborn was branded with my mark, stopping their blood from turning anybody else. This mark was the same as the mark of a House of Bloodlust, some Druid-like design.

After the crisis was solved, we continued on with our usual duties. Bloodborn were doing their Bloodborn things, Elaya and Eleanor went to being leaders of their factions, Lilith and Leah led the Bloodborn, Meriden was tailing me and Aedim went to do more magical research.

I followed after Aedim in hopes of learning to use my magic, but it was a bust. My black flames could only be used for transformation, for blood seals and as a basic attack of burning with unholy fire. It was powerful, but there would be no throwing of fireballs, summoning monsters from netherworlds and being a badass. Nope, I am still simple Zern of the Val tribes.

So, I and Meriden mounted Flaer, which made her giggle as usual and went towards Regios’ territory, with Mercissa coming with us. Speaking of mounts, I finally was able to find a use for fur balls.

Rose went to Eclaire, Lemon went to Afelia, Green went to Blossom and Smurf went to Maev. Seeing four woman in skimpy clothing riding around on giant six-legged cats was somewhat out of a psychedelic horror movie. Like four knights of Catopalypse. Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Happy kitty and Sleepy kitty. The four last things you see before the Big Bang and the end of the universe…

The four girls were ecstatic at my gifts, they loved the fur balls, seeing how I was the one who rescued them and brought them up, they revered them on par with my six fated. My six fated just face palmed at the notion, copying the same gesture I did around dragons. Wait, don’t tell me. Did I become eccentric like them? Damn it!

Anyways, with all business in order, we went to monster territory to both tell Regios the good news and to explore the Zone a bit. I was a full fledged monster now, it shouldn’t pose too much difficulty to look around the ominous dead wasteland with unknown dangers. No, none at all.

I wanted to leave Meriden at home, but she insisted on going with me. Well, she was a monster in her own right and she insisted on me punishing her frequently and then drinking my blood to get stronger. And I mean, what we did with Lilith, that was child’s play. Meriden went full throttle masochist and made me do things I thought were fatal to most people. As a result, she was becoming accustomed to pain and stronger with each serving of my blood. I also calmed down, my sadist side satisfied plenty with Merdien. This didn’t stop Lilith from being a sadist herself, still keeping the private regiment amongst the Bloodborn.

My life was all kinds of weird, I was hoping that Regios would be fine. Wait, there is the Dragon King there as well, maybe Mercissa wants to visit him too. Fuck. I better go and die somewhere in the Zone quickly.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter but it seem kind of rushed… it look like you didn’t want to waste too much time with girl outside of the true harem

    1. Well, I don’t see much point in giving them attention, unless I write a bonus chapter. They are not that important, besides, if story is told from Zern’s perspective, he won’t know much about girls unless he spends a lot of time with them. A really he doesn’t.

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