Beast Fiend. Chapter 46.

Regios knew I was coming to visit, I warned him through the whisper stone that he had on him. When Flaer and Mercissa landed, Regios was standing outside of town with a metal box in his hands. Looking at Mercissa’s new dragon form he only whispered to himself.

“I see.”

He walked to me still atop Flaer and threw me the box. When I caught it, Regios unfolded his wings and took off. I knew where he was going so all three dragons flew towards a large rock in the middle of the desert. After a couple of hours we landed in the den of the earth dragons, plenty of those winged lizards around the area.

When we landed, two girls returned to their normal forms, Regios remaining in his dragon form. Flaer was good at transformation magic, even better than Mercissa, so she could even look like a normal human child, but she chose to keep the features that Mercissa had in her human form, the horns, the tail and wings. Flaer still looked like an earth dragon, her golden horns and dirty blond hair with some golden streaks, unlike Mercissa who looked like me now. They couldn’t really change their color scheme, like Aedim could.

We silently followed Regios, who didn’t bother to talk to us yet, and went inside the cave. In there were dozens of dragons, flying around, napping or looking at us. Regios walked to the big dragon slumbering in the middle of the large cave and tried waking him up. Up until now everything looked like some royal procession, majestic and grand. That is until Regios began punching the bigger dragon.

“Huh? What is it? Son, why are you waking me up now, it’s been only what ten years?”

“Three years dad! You slept for three years. The girls have returned and they have a surprise for us.”

The big dragon looked at our group. We were standing together, myself carrying the metal box and locking my right arm with Mercissa. On my left side stood Flaer, smiling and looking at her grandfather happily. Meriden stood slightly behind me, understanding that her presence is now required and that she is an odd one out. She didn’t want to attract attention to herself.

He studied the girls with his big eyes, the vertical pupils becoming very thin black needles, piercing our whole beings. His gaze was powerful and overwhelming, the pressure extruded by him was massive. After a couple of minutes of studying, his form turns into sand, crumbling away and creating a small sandstorm. When the sand settles, a tall middle-aged man is revealed. His appearance is good, but ordinary, like that of a human. His bod radiates a noble aura of a king and he holds himself up with dignity. His clothes are very fine silk robes with some good quality shirt and pants, very much like what I was wearing.

He comes close, his eyes still going back and forth between the girls and me, studying every little detail. His face is stern, unreadable, making me think whether he likes the news or not. Not even a whisper of drowsiness can be seen remaining after his three year nap. His muscles tense and I can see him getting ready for some action. Is he going to punch me or pick Mercissa up and spin her around? This is too damn hard.

With a quick move, he sweeps Flaer off the floor and starts spinning her in a circle while hugging her tightly. And there he goes…

“Oh, I am so happy for you, my niece has found a man! This is great news, I will surely send for your mother to come and see you!”

Flaer giggles happily, hugs the men and then slaps him right in the face.

“Stop it grandpa. It’s Mercissa who is getting married no me. What I and. Zern have is more causal, just some mounting, nothing that serious.”

And there she goes. God, why does it have to be dragons?

“Huh? Ah ok.” He places Flaer on the floor and comes to Mercissa. She has a slight smile, knowing the antics of her father. For a second he tenses and I think that he is trying to restrain himself from picking her up and… Nope he casually picks her up by the waste and starts spinning her in a circle.

“Oh, I am so happy for you, my daughter has found a man! This is great news, I will surely send for your mother to come and see you!”

He just says the same thing he said to Flaer.

“Dad, I am very happy too. Zern is so good, he loves me just like I love him. We made such passionate love, I thought I was gonna break. For a whole day I was getting filled by the love of my future husband…”

The man just stops suddenly, his smile fading and the same stern expression from before turns to me. It’s scary how unreadable he is. What is he gonna ask? When are we getting kids? Why did we fornicate before being wed? Or is it…

“How was she? Did she make you feel good?”

Yup. The old man is a pervert. The whole dragon family is.

“Yup, she was great. We were a bloody mess.”

No sense denying it, I am part of the family now. And it seems I am becoming just as eccentric.

“I am glad to hear. Her mother was wild in a sack, I hoped that it was hereditary. So, when are you taking Flaer?”

“Haha Zil my man, only in about two hundred years! Little Flaer has some growing up to do.”

“Hey, that’s not what you say when you mount me!”

“Heh, and that’s all I do.”

“Now, gentlemen. I believe it is time for the main event.”

Regios speaks in a serious tone, so the old man puts Mercissa down and comes over to me as does Regios. They take the box from y hands and start fiddling with it. I thought they would just simply open it and take out what’s inside, but they spend a good five minutes on it.

“Hey, what are you doing, guys?”

“This is damn puzzle. I can’t solve it.”

“Yeah, it’s difficult. I can’ tweet to get it.”

What puzzle? Why would you have a puzzle on a box? What’s inside of it? Wait, don’t tell me…

“Is that Godsend Heavenbrew? You didn’t joke when you talked about the seals and the puzzle?”

“Of course not, why would I joke about that? It took me two weeks that you were flying here to get rid of all the seals.”

“Damn it guys, pass it here.”

I take the box out of their hands and try to solve it. Damn it is really hard! We all try to work this out. It’s a simple moving tiles puzzle where we got to make the picture, but it’s hard for some reason. I can see Meriden face palming at the the corner of my eye. Flaer comes close and picks it out of my hands and solves it in twenty seconds, giving us an opened box.

“Well, that was easy.”

Regios takes the box and throws it away, keeping in his hands a metal flask. It looks very beautiful with an ornate ornament. Regios places one hand atop the lid and pours mana into it. With a pop, the lid falls off. The Dragon King waves a hand and six shot glasses appear, forged from sand and turned into glass.

Regios pours the emerald liquid into each shot, giving it to each of the people present. I worry about Flaer and Meriden, but seeing my questions gaze, the Dragon King just winks at me. If he thinks it’s a good idea then I won’t question him.

“This drink is the strongest in the realm. I acquired it by questionable means and now we are going to drink it to celebrate a not so questionable occasion. My daughter has found a man, a great man to spend her life with for all eternity. Let’s raise our glasses for the Union of two souls.”

The man raises the glass and swallows the content. We all do the same. In moments I can feel the effects, my body feeling hot and covered in sweat. I don’t know about dragons, but both me and Meriden go woozy very quickly, our legs giving out. I set my alcohol tolerance to average, so I am affected about as much as Meriden.

The Dragon King continues talking, but I am not listening anymore. With one hand I grab Mercissa’s behind and with my tail I bring Meriden closer, grabbing her butt as well. This drink is gorgeous and it makes appreciate beauty more. Regios looks a little sad, seeing,e with his sister, but what can he do. Well, he challenged me to the arm wrestle that we didn’t finish last time.

I let go of both girls and face my opponent. With a wave of a hand more magic happens and a boulder surfaces from below the ground. We use it to gouge our strength. Putting our hands together, we begin the wrestle. I am considerably drunk now, but it seems so it Regios. Godsend Heavenbrew affects dragons like it affects mortals.

Regios starts applying pressure to try and defeat me and it is considerable force to fight against, but it is not enough anymore. I cam stronger now. I begin my own assault and slowly but surely, the hands begin to move into the position where Regios will be defeated. He looks at me with anger and tries pushing ever harder, but it is useless.

Yes! I am stronger than a dragon! I do a victory dance and smile at Regios. He is saddened by his defeat but doesn’t relent. He wants to go another round, but Dragon King stops him. He creates more shots, plenty for many people and pours the liquid from the bottle inside each one. The bottle seems endless. The dragons, some in pairs and some solo all descend towards us. We drink in the name of love and happiness and begin cheering.

We spent two months having parties back in great forest and now we are partying amongst dragons. Good times. The second portion sends my brain in shock, quite literally turning it off. I don’t remember much, just some vague memories. There was a little of kissing involved.

I wake up with two of my girls somewhere deep into the cave system, our clothes all over the place. Thank the gods there were no other dragons with us, just the three of us. Mercissa wakes up fine but Meriden is passed out for good. We dress ourselves, with me putting some of Meridens clothes on her. It isn’t as bad as I thought, clothes are not for only taking them off. This feels nice somehow.

Well, the big surprise is that Regios wakes up with three other dragons. He doesn’t know what happened. He has a black eye as well. Mercissa was able to clarify things a bit. Regios tried getting a small kiss from her last night, so I punched him in the face and we fought a bit. Then he drunk some more, going wild and forcefully taking three girls with him. Well, I say forcefully, but he is a handsome young dragon prince, the girls loved him for that.

It seems the crisis with Regios got resolved after all. He finally gets a woman and not just one but three! When he stuttered about it being a mistake, his father looked at him with the same stern expression he had before, but there was a lot of killing intent seeping through. I just had images of Regios’ mutilated body appear in my mind. Regios gave up and with a sigh said that he is going to be caring for the three girls.

With that the Dragon King rejoiced and we continued partying. He produced some other alcohol and we drank more. Meriden regained her consciousness at some point, but she didn’t get any thinking done as her brain was attacked with more alcohol. We continued partying as it was a joyous occasion, both the son and daughter of the Dragon King found their better halves. I was a little sorry for him, but it made my life easier.

This whole time with the dragons, Meriden as the only sane person would face palm a lot, when she was sober enough to realize what happened. She was the weakest of all of us, but I made sure she was ok. This celebration lasted for a week until everybody calmed down. The alcohol ran out by that time and we relaxed. Now I could stop wasting time and actually get something done for once. Why am I not as productive as my girls?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
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    1. Nope. Zern is totally useless in terms of magic. His mana is minimal and the black flames is the only thing he can do. He didn’t even get a dragon soul. Totally useless, right?

  2. Thanks for the Chapters, magic or not, he is badass lol, I really hope he can atleast combat against magic well, sonce he can use it lol

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