Beast Fiend. Chapter 53

My revelation about the darkness causes a bit of a stir amongst the leaders. Nobody other than Regios really knew much of the circumstances about the darkness and even then, he didn’t believe that the power of the god was still around. He thought that somebody used the body of the ancient god to take some power, but if the God was alive, we were in big trouble.

Since thousands of years ago, when the gods all disappeared, the world has been ungoverned, left to its own accord. The races had nobody to guide them and nobody to protect them. The Guardians who were created back then were strong, but not on the level of gods. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me to know that somewhere there are remains of the terrifying entities, buried in the debts of the ocean or hidden up in the heavens.

I mean, Gargoyle had the most power out of all the creatures during the time of the Guardians and even then he forcefully took the power, only gaining a portion of it. And the Guardians needed all five of them to be on par with him. I can imagine that Lilith is actually the strongest out of all of my fated, now that she began learning magic with Aedim. Her body has plenty of mana, unlike mine, even her dark magic is more potent than mine. Of course as her master I am stronger, but magic is beyond my reach. How pitiful of me…

Regardless, right now races are beginning their preparations. Dwarves and gnomes hid as usual, but they promised to create a lot of weaponry and supplies for those who will be fighting. They are a very closed off society and it is unlikely they have spies in their midst. The fact that I am even going to their territory is a small miracle, thanks to my little mature beauty, who uncovered the secret of teleportation and is spreading it around.

Elves and demons also began preparing, once again forming their military and making them train. Everything is done discreetly as to not alert the enemy, but there are a lot of things happening. House of Wrath is being supplied with money and weapons to empower and prepare it. Hooligein asked for the assistance of my Bloodborn to make sure that the house is loyal. We were allowed to eradicate any foreign presence, thankfully there were very few of them.

Elves also took up arms, training their bowmen and mages. They were not experts of me lee combat, but I offered to get them trained. I had plenty of people to do that, especially seeing how Meriden was a master warrior by now. I took a number of trustworthy people from demons, elves, dryads, monsters etc. and trained them all with Meriden. We used the elixir that Nrogara created to make them stronger. He was actually able to suppress my transformation, while the enhancing the regeneration and body empowering factors. It was impressive.

Nrogara has been transformed before, becoming a fearsome creature. Out of his back now grew spines, his elbows and his hands and feet had sharp claws coming out. He was a wild beast with military training. He still lost to Meriden and me, but others were weaker than him. Only Eclaire could fight him on par.

With the few people whom we trained, we gave the option to join my faction, but only if they get approval of their leaders. One person who immediately jumped on this opportunity was Sudiak, a demon from one of the houses who was ticked off in the past. Becoming a noble of my house was a good thing. He gladly accepted the proposition and took my blood, transforming and becoming stronger. I had a use for him, he was loyal and strong.

Belinda, another demon girl from the House of Lust didn’t take the chance. She said that she was happy with her house, but we knew that there was something else. But we let her do her thing, even if she had access to our technologies, she couldn’t understand most of them. We didn’t reveal any critical information to her, only the little bit to confuse our enemies.

There were a few people who decided to join my faction from various other factions. Their leaders approved of it as a sigh of good faith. By now I firmly integrated myself in every allied society out there, even the dwarven one. They trusted me and it was mutual. Quickly, the numbers rose to a hundred, hundred transformed Bloodborn, plus more people who were being tested and trained for becoming a part of our house.

Val elders also allowed this. They told the men about my power and made arrangements than any male who wanted to become part of the elite force would come to Frez, who was the warlord and any female would come to Elaya, who would point them to one of the other girls. There were plenty of willing people, in fact, hundreds came to Frez to enlist.

Elders came to me at some points with a small announcement. Seeing how I was the most powerful ma pm in the tribe, who brought new power into it, plus that I have the Matriarch as my Bride, five other princesses and a dragon, plus Frez was part of my faction, a new Val tribe was created. I and my Bloodborn were not all part of Val’Zern. Yes, I had a whole tribe named after me, mainly because my blood carried the power like the daughters of the founders did.

This was supposed to happen during my wedding ceremony when we turned sixteen, but seeing how the whole world was stirring and preparing, they didn’t want to wait. Besides, I already did one thing ahead of time, whom would it hurt to do another a bit early.

With all these improvements I had some changes to do with the Bloodborn and the House of Bloodlust. Firstly, I renamed the two main factions within it, the Droplets and the Scratches. While it was fine and cute before, now the times were changing, prompting some alterations.

Truthfully, I couldn’t come up with any good names myself. I wanted to call them ninjas. Not like anybody else knew what the were, but I thought it was the best name. And it was slightly cool. But instead I just went with calling them spies and assassins for the time being, much better than Droplets.

I also did a re-evaluation of all my subordinated and realized that some people were much better with analyzing and manipulating information, rather than acquiring or acting upon it. So the strategist division was formed, where many of our smartest people were positioned, helping with strategy and doing all the thinking.

There was also in influx of pure warriors, mostly coming from the tribes as and well as from demons like Sudiak. They became out infantry, whom we trained well. Meriden was happy through all this, having so many people to make stronger. She beat them to the death’s doorstep and nursed them back and beat them again. It was hard training, but it payed off, many people began growing stronger by the hour. All thanks to Nrogara and his miraculous elixir.

Meriden became the head of the infantry, while Leah and Lilith stayed in their positions. I kind of forced Aedim into becoming the brains of the operation, but since researching magic technically could help us, she was glad to get so many helpful assistants. At the moment, there was little planning needed, other than crunching the numbers. Sonja stayed the head of the House, keeping it afloat and doing all the diplomacy with other houses.

I myself did various things. Firstly I helped reforming my factions and running the new things. I also helped training and preparing the new recruits as well as turning them when they were ready. I refrained from going to the Zone, not wanting to risk another Release and death of my and Regios’ people. I mostly worked on a project of my own within dwarven territories, spending time at the forges.

I required extensive help from Aedim, getting help with designs and schematics. Most of it was irrelevant to that particular project, mostly there as a distraction, but a I had no doubts she knew what I was preparing. I only asked not to spoil the surprise.

There were also some other things. One thing I found out is that the orb that grew into my body allowed me better control over darkness and also gave me basic telekinesis. I gained the power that the anomaly had, so I could crush things with my thoughts, move them around or throw them rather far. It also allows me to experiment with remains of the Feldrazil.

It seemed that the blade couldn’t be restored, it was a part of the artifact and to separate it, I would need to unfold it and then take it out, but even then I doubted my capabilities to melt whatever it was made of. It was an extremely hard metal, possibly strongest one of all metals in the realm. It was the best blade under heavens after all.

I was able to do something else however. With Aedim’s help we found out that the artifact itself was in a unstable state, not being complete. It lacked the power needed to become whatever it was supposed to be. The metal of the blade was too strong, but it was somewhat weakened and transformed by the anomaly. If it would transform completely, it would become something new.

So I decided to complete the transformation. I found a safe spot, hoping that the darkness is not going to find out about this. Using my new power and my darkness I unfolded the anomaly, keeping it small, not letting it expand. Then I poured massive amounts of darkness inside.

It took a few hours and a lot of effort to keep the thing small and compact, but over time the insides of the artifact-anomaly slowly melted and merged together. After five hours of constant additions of my darkness inside it, I had a lump of glistening dark teal metal. The lighting and fire inside of it merged with the metal and the darkness. The fact that it had so much of my power inside it made it easy for me to manipulate it. It was an extremely hard and durable substance, but if I wished for it, it would melt, reform and reshape at my will or it could solidify and cool down quickly. This was just perfect for my project.

So, with the time we had, we prepared. Soon, I would be married to my girls and we will become a real family. There was also preparation for the inevitable war and the upcoming attack from apt he unseen enemy. So many things to take into the account and so little time.

My girls were all busy and so was I. This time I wasn’t lazing about and picking my nose, now I was working alongside them. Elaya prepared the Val tribes and Eleanor prepared the human kingdom, while I prepared the rest of my Faction. We were all doing everything in our power to rid out territory of spies and to improve our forces. A lot of money spent for supplies and equipment, a lot of time spent of training and preparing. We couldn’t know if that would be enough, we could only hope that we had plenty of time, perhaps a few years or even a decade. If the darkness was in some way related to the one fourteen thousand years ago, it was patient and it could wait. We hoped that this was the case as it would allow us to prepare.

In the months before our marriage ceremony, we did a lot of things. My forces became fearsome, the people who I trained for others also gained plenty of knowledge to be able to teach others. Everybody was getting ready. We bode time and waited.

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