Beast Fiend. Chapter 54

We had two months before my sixteenth birthday and I pretty much completed my little projects. It took a lot of work, I had a lot of help from dwarves and gnomes as well as Aedim, but in the end everything was done great. I was ready for the wedding and anxiously waiting to unite with my seven girls. I have already made my way around the tribe and asked for various blessings and I visited the Dragon King, who gave me his blessing, although I kind of had it already. This was not a local custom, more of something I added in the mix.

With the preparations for the future and for the marriage, there were a lot of changes happening around me, both within my faction and outside of it. But there were a lot of changes within my family.

Firstly, once Flaer recovered from what happened with her, she changed in the way she looked and how she behaved. Being ripped apart in tiny fragments and scattered within one’s mind can do it to you. Aedim said that effects should have been kept to a minimum, but whatever darkness did, firstly it wasn’t within the illusion, but with her soul directly. If I had waited that much longer to take darkness from her, her fractured soul wouldn’t be able to be repaired.

I was glad I made it in time, both with purifying her and with rescuing her from the illusion. However there was a slight little side effect. Because I am pretty much immune to magic, it was easier for Aedim to temporarily move my soul into Flaer’s body than to channel my mind inside hers. So, for the whole two weeks that I was inside her mind, my soul slowly began to intertwine with hers,s I need her soul was in tatters and pretty much broken apart. Granted it was within her mind, and the real damage was kept to the minimum, but her concours mind was pretty much ripped apart.

With my soul so close as well as the use of my darkness, we became connected. Like, parts of my soul were literally connected to hers, so she shares some of my memories of the current lifetime and my feelings. Because of this, her personality changed a bit. She became more mature, wiser and intelligent, she stopped being her old self. I thought it was a good change, but nowadays I miss the small dragon girl who would shout for me to mount her.

Yeah, she is no longer small. If before the few hundred year old dragon looked like she was smaller than ten, now she altered her appearance. She could do it before, but it would look like a blown up sex doll with every secondary sexual characteristics blown out of proportion, but still having a petite body. It was a horrific monstrous its, which I forbid her from ever taking shape of again. Now however, she became a teenager, closer to the girls. I would say she is even slightly older than them.

Not only her age changed, but her colors changed as well. I doubt it was all random or without her help, but she had become a brunette with slightly wavy hair, lush lips and smooth features. She was cute as hell but she was also sexy. And I swear it is the truth, but I am sure she got a part of my mind which kept my perfect woman in it. I mean, Flaer became that perfect woman.

I knew she was better at transformation magic than any other dragon amongst the ones I knew, but now it was a whole different thing. She no longer looked like a smaller version of Mercissa, instead she was her own person now. Well, dragons didn’t have a set from to begin with, but Flaer became truly human, forgoing the horns, wings and tail as well as getting rid off the black and gold eyes. Her eyes looked brown, like my used to long ago. If you think about it, she kinda looks like what I used to look like all the time ago… Wait a second, am I in love with myself? Would I go for a female clone of myself? I forbid myself from thinking such thoughts in the world without cloning.

Anyways, since Flaer recovered, she always stayed by my side. She took Meriden’s place, who was now the general of my private army of Bloodborn. The redhead girl loved the responsibility and the position of power, using her authority to beat people into submission and make them stronger, which really contrasted with her Laura personality of total obedience to me. But she was busy not, so instead of her the dragon girl took her place. Not to say that she wasn’t beside me before, but normally she would stay out of any important meetings due to her being prone to making my life hell.

To be honest, it seemed that she was totally dependent on me. Putting her back together, which I mean both in literal and metaphorical ways, it seemed to engrave me deep into her soul. My darkness was a part of her and she was a part of me. And after Aedim investigated into the matter further, she concluded that she was perhaps closest one of all of them. Long story short, I may have gained a dragon power inside of me. I can’ ties it as it is still dormant, but if my connection with Flaer deepens and if she shares her power with me and vice versa, we can empower each other.

The thing is, her power is not as great as the Guardian’s was, but she is alive and if we both go stronger together, than perhaps I will become a dragon. She however prefers it to be the other way, both of us staying human. Something about it feeling more natural.

We didn’t stop flying around with me riding her, but her form also changed. The true form of the dragon was the reflection of the soul, where Dragon King was golden and Regios was not, it all stemmed from within. While it was possible to alter the form, dragons preferred not to. So, all the features Flaer dispersed in human form, they carried over into the dragon form, her becoming sinister, black-scaled dragon with golden edges to her scales, black and golden horns and black and gold eyes. Why couldn’t it be black and yellow?

Anyhow, Flaer changed, but we all accepted her. The new Flaer became akin to my personal attendant or maid, although her status was way above that. She would never part with me now and she would do various tasks I asked her to do. You could say she was my manager or secretary, but she didn’t have a phone to carry around and call people.

Actually, the girls might have accepted her too well. Early on, she spoke with some of them privately about some female matters and well… There are now eight members in my harem. I mean, even before I was born I could imagine having more than one wife, but having eight, two of whom were dragons, that was beyond my expectations. Furthermore, the other six were all human, as all pureblooded Val were human. Or half human half pure demon. I don’t know, it confuses me…

What’s funny, while she was a member of my inner circle, she didn’t make an advance on me or allowed me to even attempt one. This one wanted to wait until marriage. When I heard it I face palmed and Elaya laughed. It really was me who made all of us wait that long. The Matriarch laughed in my face and said that she was ok breaking our promise a few years after the trial, it only lasted that long because I stayed vigilant and didn’t let myself do anything with her… Damn it, why did I have such integrity, I missed on years of teenage loving…

So, during the ceremony in two months, there will be eight of us joining together. It didn’t put any dents in my plans, I was kind of prepared for it. Always prepare in advance and make sure you have everything in abundance. So I had enough of my little surprises for all of them and for two more, if they would ever appear… Hopefully I won’t need any more.

Apart from Flaer, Eleanor remained her new self. Her demeanor was calm and gentle, she truly became the queen of the people. I played my part as a ruthless King, executing the spies and traitors of the darkness or of the nobles who sought to harm me, but she would sometimes step in and easy my wrath. It kind of pissed me off from time to time, but nothing a session with Lilith or Meriden couldn’t fix. My torture chamber in demon mansion never stayed empty for a long time. And I wasn’t always the instigator of the ’games’ we played.

Truthfully, all the girls changed somewhat. Growing up, with all the responsibilities and preparations, they became more mature and wiser. They weren’t stupid to begin with, but the new experiences developed them into leaders. Well, not Mercissa, she still was an airhead, but we loved her regardless.

The girls also matured physically, growing up slightly. Eleanor’s body began developing rapidly half way through the year, making her bosoms grow and her curves becoming more obvious. She wasn’t underdeveloped like before. She hit a growth spurt and she hit it good.

Every girl was becoming a true bury in the world. And I was surrounded by them all. I couldn’t be happier, especially since there were now eight of them and everyone apart from one had an appetite to satiate frequently. And I shall not forget the Bloodborn, who also wanted my attention. Perhaps I should take over Regios’ palace, call myself a Sultan and make Aedim tell me tales for a thousand nights.

There was some weird thing happening with Bella’s trio. Truthfully, she had two twins who were very different and who chased after her. She liked them both, but I didn’t know how a reverse harem would work. He logistics about children was one thing which puzzled me, although if I remember correctly, the Great Matriatch, mother of the tribe heads fourteen thousand years ago had many men by her side.

And don’t get me started about children. I told all of the girls that if one of them get’s pregnant, they would not be going out in the field and instead stay in the safety of our premises, whether in Kernun Kingdom or Demon mansion or within the tribes. Which is why Mercissa was not going around with me everywhere and instead spent her time by Eleanor or Elaya or other girls. Yup, she was preggors.

It was a shock to me as to everyone else, although Flaer said that she knew for a while, but didn’t care to mansion it, being her cheerful self before. Mercissa got a bun in the oven from the get to, but her slim body didn’t show any sigh of carrying a child. The whole thing about dragon reproduction was complicated.

Apparently, they could both, lay eggs and give birth. It mostly depended on the father of the child, which would determine if it was a reptile or not. However, with her transformation and myself being a badass demon and a fiend, my power was enough to make a mammalian baby. Or as whatever my mutant guys would make. I had no idea now. But the whole gestation period of dragons was way longer than humans, being anywhere from a year to five years. It seemed to be somewhere in the middle with Mercissa, but if my guys will as effective with other girls, she won’t be the first one to give birth. And my girls will be going off the fantasy pill as soon as we go through with the ceremony.

Phew, that is enough of the fun for now, perhaps I should be more serious. Throughout all the chaos of my life, I never got in touch with my mother, not since she was forbidden to see me. Since the execution of my father, she didn’t reach out nor did my sisters. So, I tried approaching her, but she chased me off, calling me a Fiend and cursing me. Apparently her love for my father was greater than her maternal instinct. Well, she did have two daughters. The girls also didn’t talk to me, as they barely remembered me, they were too little when I went to train with Elaya’s tribe.

I did get in touch with mother’s brother, my uncle. He was sad about my fathers demise, but he didn’t blame me. He talked about how my father was driven insane by his conquest for power and how his hatred for me made him dig his own grave. He did say that my decision was cruel and that I could have let him go.

“I may be cruel, but I will not let anybody who betrayed me live and roam the world free. It is not for my satisfaction or for revenge, but to eliminate the threats of the betrayers towards those who are still by my side. If somebody whom I could have stopped would have hurt my family, I would have burned the world and they burned myself to repent for the sin of inaction. I would rather carry the guilt for slaying my enemies than for loosing my loved ones.”

Such was my reply. He silently nodded, understanding where I was xo isn’t from. He also knew that he was somewhat guilty of his own inaction, especially after he saw how my father changed. But now it was too late.

In the end, my family didn’t speak to me. It didn’t hurt me too much, just made me disappointed. They left me and forgot me, then they betrayed me and after all that, I was the bad one? I could do nothing but shake my head at the situation. Still, I carried on ill feelings towards my mother and sisters, so I asked Elaya to keep an eye on them. Hopefully, one day they will overcome their hatred for me. Until then, I will carry on the guilt by myself. Well, I wasn’t alone, I had eight girls who loved me regardless of all the blood on my hands…

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