Beast Fiend. Chapter 55.

As the ceremony of my unification with girls grew closer, so did my anxiousness. I didn’t know what it was that made me worried, I mean I lived countless lives and I already took over half of the world by doing bugger all. But for some reason, my nerves were acting up before the day. Maybe I felt like something might go wrong, or I was worried that any of the girls wouldn’t be happy. This was supposed to be their happiest day after all.

For the ceremony, I allowed only the closest people to come. Frez and elders were the ones who were attending out of the Val. I also invited my sisters, but sadly they didn’t come.

Lord Hooligein, Lord Galadrim and Lady Cerebria as well as Regios all came as they were very much my friends by now. I treasured them and I was happy to receive them on this day.

The parents of the girls also came, some of their fathers I didn’t knew too well, they were adventurers and traveled a lot, but they came for their daughter’s special day. Of course I already had their blessing before today, but having them at the ceremony made all of us happy. Even Zilmanrius the Dragon King came to visit us with his daughter, Flaer’s mother.

I allowed all the Bloodborn to attend, but others from the House of Bloodlust weren’t invited. There was a small bit about demons coming to the Val tribes as well as me not knowing them too well. Eleanor insisted that there were some nobles whom she befriended. I met them before, but mostly the queen was the one who talked with them.

The ceremony started at noon. Before then we had some drinks and snacks and talked. When it was time, Frez was playing the role of the priest or whoever it is supposed to be. Of course he wasn’t the real priest, there weren’t white dresses or black suits. The girls wore ceremonial clothing, unlike the ones during the rites, these clothes were extremely reading, showing off their fantastic figures. It was all part of the Val traditions, showing off the female beauty and then my masculine strength. Of course I was naked above the torso, only wearing some fur shorts. All of us had some tribal tattoos drawn on us for this occasion. They made the girls look very alluring, accentuating their figures and features. They were practically naked, despite it snowing.

Seeing how everything about me was weird, even our marriage was going to be weird. Firstly, the girls were joining my house, which usually was the other way around. Secondly, there were eight of them and they all wanted to be there on that day. And third, being part of the Bloodborn and all, we decided to change the tradition a bit.

Of course, the ceremony was different for each tribe. Like, Val’Halla all had fancy clothes and jewelry, while with Val’Kira, we would have to eat a heart of the animal the other partner killed. Val’Zern was all about the blood, so I decided to make a blood oath.

We all stood around a wide golden plate, with letters and runes engraved into it. It was mostly to make it look cool, but I a sense, it would be a heirloom of our tribe, the first artifact. I tried making it nigh indestructible and added some fancy effects to it.

I stood on one side, the girls opposite of me, all close together. Frez stood a bit away.

“Today, we are here to bear witness of the union is souls. Nine people will be joined together as one, their souls intertwined, their flesh united, their blood shared. I stand before you to share this moment and to see Lord Zerd and his eight chosen come together and form a family. Offer your blood for the pact.”

I pick a dagger from beside the golden plate and cut my wrist, letting the blood pool into the golden vessel. My light blue blood flows into it, glowing with black radiance. I pass on the dagger clockwise, to Elaya.

Elaya and each girl after her all cut their wrists and put their hands above the golden plate. Their blood mixes with mine, light blue against dark purple. Each one has a slightly different hue, all mixing together. Once the wrist begins to heal and the blood flow stops, they put their hand on the edge of the golden plate, ready to make the vow. The last two are dragons, their blood having redder hue, more resistant of my own blooded. All the blood quickly mixes together, making uniform color.

Once the blood is collected, I begin my part. Frez gives me a small bag, out of which I take nine rings. These were forged from what used to be Feldrazil. The new alloy proven to be almost impossible to even scratch without using darkness. There was also plenty of it to both, forge a new weapon and make rings. These were my little projects, which I spent many days on. Each one is special, the design representing their owner. I had two more blanks to spear just in case…

The first one is a ring with a small wolf head on it and a an uneven surface, reminiscent of fur. It is dark azure in color. I dip it into the blood, letting half of it take in the life essence. The ring begins to glow slightly with blue light, like that of my demon soul. The golden plate glows red instead.

“Elaya, you were the first one to come to me and to accept me, you were always by my side and we have always been together. You are my life partner, my wife and future mother of my children. I thank you for your loyalty and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

With a few words, I take her hand and place the ring on her ring finger. Funny thing is, here that finger is called tamed finger. I don’t know why. With my help, Elaya lifts the golden plate and takes a mouthful of blood.

There has been an awful lot of bloodletting and drinking of it. But Val people and other inhabitants of the world seem to be used to it and they don’t get sick from consuming other’s blood. Which is a good thing for us.

When Elaya drunk some of it, I pick her hand once more and kiss her on the ring, cleaning it from the blood that it was dipped in.

Next it was Meriden. Her ring was slightly thicker, it had claws, blades and a thorny vine all intertwined. I tried stylizing it for her, hoping she will like it.

“Meriden, since we met, I admired your spirit and your strength. You never back down and you always go forwards, no matter what. We shared many days of adventure together and we trained until we bled many times. May we share many more years as one. I thank you for your bravery and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

I repeat the process, dipping the ring in blood and putting it on. She drinks the blood and then I kiss the ring. Next is Aedim.

“Aedim, you are the smartest one of all of us, your wisdom and your intellect has guided us forward and uncovered many secrets of the world. May you forever remain brilliant and may your radiance only get brighter. I thank you for your wisdom and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring is simpler design, instead having various runes engraved into a the ring. They only have a meaning of my words for her, translating as ’ Eternal love’ and such. I put the ring on her finger as before, making sure to repeat every step.

“Eleanor, you are prideful and you are headstrong, but out of your love for me, you overcame it and you became humble and loving. We went through hardships together and we came out stronger than we were before. I thank you for your faith in me and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring was thinner and more exquisite than others, having shape of a more traditional one. It fir the girl very well. I put it on after dipping it in blood and kiss it.

“Leah, you have spent many days playing your pranks on me and I spent many days learning to avoid them. Your senses helped us many times, your skills aided us in our ventures. I thank you for your cunning and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Leah’s ring was very smooth, with small engraving of a fox, leaping in the air. This one I tried to look oriental, but I don’t know if I succeeded. I hoped she liked it. After her it was Lilith.

“Lilith, during our very first meeting you kissed me and ever since, your unrelenting nature assaulted me. You are a real succubus, a demoness, one whom I need by my side. At times your games kept me at bay, other times they helped me move forward. I thank you for your darkness and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring was made of two tangled lines, twisted in a spiral around each other. They had small spikes and seemed demonic. After her were the two dragons.

“Mercissa, you are a dragon, eccentric and ancient, your presence makes my life crazy. But without you, I would die of boredom and my life would not be complete. I wish for you to always remain by my side and to share my love. I thank you for your openness and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

Her ring was scaly, with a small orb on the top with dragon’s claws holding it. Within the orb was a small light, which glowed after our blood touched it. Lastly, there was the new addition to our family.

“Flaer, you were childish and air headed, but you always stayed by my side. Because of that, you were injured and you made a grave sacrifice. You are now part of me, perhaps closer than anybody in the realm. I am forever in your debt and I will always treasure your company. I thank you for your sacrifice and I swear, need be I will lay down my life to save you and to protect you. From now on we are as one, now and forever.”

With that, I put the last ring on her finger. It was very simple in design, a smooth ring. But on its surface, there was a small inscription ’Zern is one with Flaer, forever’.

With my last oath, it was the girls’ turn. The practiced it before, but the rings moved them somehow. I could see that they each liked theirs and in the corners of their eyes I could see some tears trying to burst forth. I didn’t know what was special about the rings, but it might just be the girls thing. They stopped their sniffles and spoke their part together.

“Zern, you are the one who brought us here, you can tear us apart and you can put us together. We followed you, hoping to reach you we each reached for the top and stood above everyone else, but we are still too far from your brilliance. We wish to stand beside you and to have your love. May our fate be forever bound together, we will live and love one another for as long as we breath. I…”

“Elaya of the Val’Kira tribe…”

“Leah of the Val’Eris tribe…”

“Flaer of the earth dragons…”

Each girl spoke their name and origin.

“…forever join you and be one with you. I swear to always be the one you can lean on, to be your pillar and to be your support. I thank you for your love and I wish to make you happy for as long as I live.”

They each came up to me and kissed me on the lips. Here their part was pretty much over, so some of them let their tears flow. They were happy tears of course.

“I, Zern of the Val tribes, accept your oath and I will forever treasure it. Our paths are one now, we are forever bound. You are mine and I am yours.”

With that I submerge my own ring in blood and put it on. It absorbs the blood and activated the enchantments inside.

My ring is more like a signet ring, having our house insignia on it. While design of each ring was difficult to do, the true mastery of jewel rafting were the enchantments I engraved on each one. Each ring was now bound to each other, they were like whisper stones and port stones all in one, in a tiny package. They also would let the wearer know of positions of any other rings. Of course only the nine of us would know of this.

After the main part was over, my mind kind of blanked out. There were more words said by Frez and the other guests, but for me it was all foggy. We spoke, we joked, we drank.

After this was done, all the stress left my body. The weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt relieved. We were married, nothing went wrong, everything was fine. The end ended perfectly, no sudden invasion or attacks. That would truthfully be too cliche.

After that, we had a week of our honeymoon. Others didn’t know what that meant, but it was a new tradition for us, so they complied with it. I had ideas of going to the south of the continent and staying on the beach or camping somewhere in the mountains, but instead we went to the very first house we built in the Val territory. I haven’t used in a long time, but it was clean and tidy, thanks to Elaya who kept it all nice.

For a whole week, we spent our time together, making love, messing around and just having fun. Flaer became a woman and she enjoyed it tremendously. Others also had their time. Lacking a need of sleep, I still was fought over and had a lot of satisfying to do. Marital duty must be always upheld.

For the week, we forgot about the wars and spies, about the darkness and evil of the world. We just stayed beside one another and made sure to share our love. Just for this moment, we were the happiest people in the realm. I hoped it would last for much longer, the peace and the quiet. But I had a slight premonition that it was just the quiet before the storm. Still, we took the most from the time we had together. And it was a truthfully wonderful time.

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