Beast Fiend. Prologue.

Ah. Here I am again. I must have died to come here. Let’s think. How much can I remember?

Yes, I am being reincarnated. This happened to be countless times before… My new mother must be at least four months along for my new body to contain my soul. I have a couple of months in here. Plenty of time to think.

What can I remember about my past life? I think I was something like… Goblin? Gremlin? Gerbil? No. Something else with G… German? Gutted tag, achtung, ich fick dich… No, that’s not it. It doesn’t matter anymore, that life is gone now.

What else do I know? I have a very powerful soul. Akin to a God. Almost all magic is harmless to me, soul magic, curses and mind control especially. Hmm. If only I could keep my memories like others. Aha, there are others, although very rare. But they all remember what happened to them, so I am an anomaly of some sort. I wonder why. I wonder that every time.

I possess general knowledge on majority of languages. After so many lifetimes, it’s easy to see similarities between languages and learn them. I also seem to have extended knowledge on flora and fauna. Must be important for me in this life. Some combat knowledge is also there. Common folklore. Basic household skills, like cooking and sewing. That would be enough to start with for sure.
Now, what skills do I possess? Concentrate a little… Yes, I can see my soul burning within. But there is little mana flow. No magic in this life then. Although I seem to be able to strengthen my body, so after birth I can develop faster. It’s too early for that now.

I won’t know anything of my combat skills… But it seems I have knowledge on handling weapons, so it’s likely I have the skills for that. I also have a sense of duty, like I am in the military. The need to protect. Hmm. There is a need to have a family. Am I to bear offspring in this realm? Yes, I will be fruitful and perhaps not faithful. No, I will be loyal to the fault. Then, is there polygamy in this world? Interesting.

I can learn things about my new life through whatever knowledge I possess while I’m still in the womb. That would be weird to me, if not for the fact that it happens every time.

Now I have plenty of time until birth and even more until I mature. I should spend my time observing and preparing for my future.

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  1. That’s weird as f*** being able to learn in the womb but then again being reincarnated is it normal so maybe that’s perfectly normal too

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