Beast Fiend. Chapter 56.

A couple years ago Meriden asked me, why don’t we use Ki for attacks. The energy is very potent and during training it strengthens the body to extreme degrees. If one were to use it in battle, one would become invincible. I had to give her an extended explanation about how in this realm our bodies were very simple, lacking such thing as a Ki center.

If the world was created to house people with Ki centers, most of them if not all will be born with such feature, allowing them to cultivate and us it freely. Same goes for any other energy, mana, divinity, infernal or void energies. It all depends on the realm you are born in.

Here, I barely have a magic center, which allows me minor enchantment of my body to accelerate healing and growth. Aedim is one of the lucky few to have a developed magical core, allowing her use it freely. Dragons have them, Lilith and Leah have them. The rest of us have underdeveloped ones, not allowing to use a lot of magic.

Same goes with Ki, without a center, cultivating and using it becomes very difficult. In theory you can cultivate any kind of energy there is, even divinity and become God. But if your body is not suited for it, you will do more harm than good. Ki is condensed life Essenes, it invigorates the body and strengthens it. If I was undead or say a void demon, Ki would have been harmful to me. However, If I would try and accumulate void energy now, I would mutate and turn into an abomination.

Meriden understood my words, but she said that she still wanted to learn such an art. Needed be, she would use all her concentration for fighting. So,,I taught her battle meditation, art of fighting in trance. This state makes your body move independent of your mind, allowing you to fight and to accumulate your Ki in the meantime for an attack. This is the origin of Meriden’s Reaper Dance, the stance she used to defeat Nrogara before.

Ever since she decided to learn it, we would train together. She was never able to achieve the the full trance and I was even worse ever since the betrayal. Only recently have I been able to clear away frustrations and meditate properly. It feels like once we married, the main worry has left me, allowing me to clear my mind and remove any distractions. I am sure there will be more hardships and obstacles, but I’ve fought wars and conquered realms before. It is only love that makes my heart race.

Now, I was once again sparring with Meriden. Her mastery of weapons has improved a lot over the years. She was a good fighter back when we first met, training alongside men even when she was young. Her skills improved after the training with me, meditation and cultivation of Ki. Also, enhancing her body using my blood and elixirs, the cruel training and pushing beyond her limits, she became a true visage of war. Her skills are legendary now with most of the weapons. Those which she hasn’t,t mastered yet she is very good with. But her favorites are forever a bow and a sword.

I have created a sword for her from the mix of adamantium, obsidian and a rare crystals called NeoQuartz. It was thanks to the dwarves that I learned of it, but this alloy is one of the best in the realm. It is not as durable as ebonthril, but it looses only slightly. The good thing is, it is very light and doesn’t dull easily. I was able to inscribe some tunes into it, giving it the same effects Feldrazil had. I called it Void Reaver, for the purple hue it gained after mixing it with crystals.

I also reforger the Feldrazil, or what remained of it, but I made it different. I now had a dark azure blade as wide as a palm, with runes inscribed into it. But these ones were different, made to utilize my darkness. I had ability to engulf my sword with flames, to create a shield, to do a swift shock attack. The main feature was to make the blade transform into a bladed whip. Using my limited darkness manipulation, I could make my weapon lash out like a snake or swing it around, cutting everything up with a whirlwind of death. I made it just because it seemed cool, it wasn’t really that I needed a weapon. Although the sword was massive, it was too big for any normal person and was just perfect to be a one handed sword in my massive forms. I had plenty of the new metal for the weapons and the rings I gave to my girls.

Feldrazil translates as Demon Slayer Sword from ancient tongue. I used the same idea for the reforged one, calling it Felgadzil, meaning Demon Savior Sword. I kinda liked the name and it felt familiar. Although I felt Japanese for just a second.

Nevertheless, nowadays we spent a lot do time training together. Of course I wasn’t the only one training with Meriden. Aedim completed a lot of her research and instead focused on training her magical combat. Lilith and Leah also continued improving their skills. Flaer, Mercissa, Eleanor and Elaya were the ones who refrained from fighting. They were also the only four to come off fantasy birth control and now we’re trying to get pregnant. Although if it is any indication, my sense of smell told me that they succeeded, although I don’t know what exactly tipped me off.

The other four remained safe, hoping to be alongside me in battle. I protested, but nobody listened to me. I was ok with Meriden and Leah being there, because the first one was almost invulnerable with her skills and the second one was invisible. But Lilith and Aedim were vulnerable and would be targets for enemy attacks. I mean, I still shudder when I remember Aedim on the ground, powerless… Damn it, the memory always makes me angry. I resent those slavers and I regret killing them too quickly.

However, Aedim tells me she mastered voiceless spells, not even requiring a focus or incantations to use them. Her mind was powerful enough to manifest magic through the imagination only. A truly terrifying skill, especially in the world where magic is not all that common amongst humans.

Lilith on the other hand said that she was a versatile fighter, adept in every way of fighting. She wasn’t as good as any of the other three, but she could use the skills of all of them. I could still feel her presence when she tried hiding, but it was mostly impossible to sense her without my superior perception. Her magic and fighting style were pretty impressive too.

So, when we weren’t busy, we would train ourselves, hoping to make an impact on the battlefield one day. Meriden has been pushing herself to learn the battle meditation. She was very close, using her Reapers Dance, she was winning against me and only my over happening strength and speed allowed me to keep up.

Her style was a beautiful and a dangerous sight. While I was both, faster and stronger, her fluidity and coordination was godly. I had to watch out for the whole of her, at any time she could launch a kick or a punch, while still swinging her sword around. I often had to take her hits head on and endure them. For me it wasn’t too difficult, but if we were on the same level, I wouldn’t stand a chance. She was undoubtedly, the strongest warrior.

Now we fought, caught up in the rhythm. My own skills improved a lot, myself straying in my human form, I didn’t use my beast forms in training. This way I was able to somewhat keep yo with Meriden. We locked together, swinging our weapons about, trying to get through the defense of the other.

At first it was the usual exchanged, our swords bouncing off each other, our feet moving back and forth in a deadly dance. I was an amateur, Meriden was surely leading. We circled around the one another, trying to land a solid hit. Then there was a change with Meriden. Her movements became somewhat move fluid, even flexibility increased. I knew it when I saw it, my little bear achieved battle meditation. In that state she could fight for longer without exhausting herself, her body breached the limits, her muscles relaxing and allowing a slight leeway with how you bend and stretch. But the best part was how she was finally able to gather Ki and strike me with her sword.

This was a magnificent display, her body glowing with a bright light and out swords connecting. My body stood no chance. With a loud clash I was thrown tens of meters backwards, most bones in my body breaking. Nothing dangerous for me, but anybody less, even Regios would be in trouble. I just lay on the ground, breathing and letting my body recover. Meriden quickly snaps out of it and runs to me, apologizing.

“Master! I am very sorry!”

“Don’t worry. Congratulations, you are now a battle maiden. Keep practicing the skill and nobody can stand in your way. Ha-ha.”

As I let out the laugh I wince in pain, my ribs not allowing me to speak or laugh. The girl looks at me apologetically and other two come over to check on me.

“Meriden, that was impressive. Even without magic you are a formidable opponent even for Zern.”

“I agree with Aedim. That was a great display of power. How were you able to land such a hit?”

“Girls, our little Meriden has been able to learn how to use Ki while fighting.”

“Oh! That’s very impressive.”

The girls are a little surprised but this development. Lilith knew first hand how hard it was.

“We can call her a battle maiden from now on, she had one of the most impressive skills. Without having a core, she is able to get enough Ki to damage someone like me.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you so hard.”

“No worries. You just train more until you can control the strength of the attack. It is hard without a core, but a I believe you can do it. I think we should celebrate this occasion. What do you say?”


“Good idea!”

We all can have a rest now. I get up and grimace in pain once again. Meriden comes over and gives me a kiss as an apology, but after her Lilith gives me a kiss just because. Aedim joins next to add her own little bit. Flaer was around, but she didn’t stay around while we trained. Her nature was rather timid and she disliked seeing me beat up the other girls. She also said something about the noise being bad for children. I don’t know if she knew that she was pregnant, but I definitely recognize myself in her.

Since we were in Kernun kingdom capital at the time, we had a bath after training and went to visit Eleanor. She wasn’t busy and because it was time for lunch, we had it together in a spacious dining room. Meriden, Aedim, Lilith, Lilith, Flaer and Eleanor were here with me. We drunk some wine and had the meals cooked by the chef, which were to die for.

I was looking forward to spending w isn’t with the girls, they didn’t have an aversion to the idea of sharing me through the night. It seemed to originate from Leah and Lilith, those two corrupted the others, but it would have happened sooner or later. It was a little disappointing not to have Elaya or Mercissa here, but they were in the Val tribes, taking care of things there.

We were about done with a meal and talking about what to do next, when the doors opened and Sudiak came forwards. He apologized for the intrusion, but I never was good with formalities so I just told him to carry on.

“Lord Zern and ladies, I brings important news. The war has started the enemy began their assault.”

“Ok. I hoped we had more time. Who is it attacking, whom and where?”

“They are attacking everyone from the south. The demons and monsters are under attack and elves soon will be.”

“What? Who could have an invasion force that big? Demons? Or the cultists?”

“No sir, it’s the Nagas…”

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