So I have a dilemma

So guys, I have a dilemma. Right now I am writing two fictions, Beast Fiend and Greyskin. However, I have many more ideas I would like to give life, but since writing is rather taxing on my mental resources, I cannot divulge too much mental capacity towards something on the side. I wanted to know what would be a good thing to do, would it be smart to slow down and post whatever it is I like or keep working on the two main fictions. I mean if you looked at my Stories in the making there are a couple of drafts, some of which I have very good ideas for.

You may have noticed that I don’t do too much correction or proofreading since I don’t post on RRL anymore, the whole lot of negativity kinda threw me off, so it is a little hard to keep going like I did at first.

Voidwalker for example has developed in my mind into a story about a Hero’s side-kick turned to a dungeon master sort of thing. There are also a number of ideas that are not on here, but have been started as a fiction, like the Dreamcather or even those that I haven’t posted at all, like Midgard 2033, a fantasy setting Metro 2033 kind of story.

I was thinking of just writing day in day out whatever came to mind, but then you people will have to be searching through like 4-5 stories, trying to find the one you like, which I don’t know if it is any good. I would really like to hear any feedback or comments.