So I have a dilemma

So guys, I have a dilemma. Right now I am writing two fictions, Beast Fiend and Greyskin. However, I have many more ideas I would like to give life, but since writing is rather taxing on my mental resources, I cannot divulge too much mental capacity towards something on the side. I wanted to know what would be a good thing to do, would it be smart to slow down and post whatever it is I like or keep working on the two main fictions. I mean if you looked at my Stories in the making there are a couple of drafts, some of which I have very good ideas for.

You may have noticed that I don’t do too much correction or proofreading since I don’t post on RRL anymore, the whole lot of negativity kinda threw me off, so it is a little hard to keep going like I did at first.

Voidwalker for example has developed in my mind into a story about a Hero’s side-kick turned to a dungeon master sort of thing. There are also a number of ideas that are not on here, but have been started as a fiction, like the Dreamcather or even those that I haven’t posted at all, like Midgard 2033, a fantasy setting Metro 2033 kind of story.

I was thinking of just writing day in day out whatever came to mind, but then you people will have to be searching through like 4-5 stories, trying to find the one you like, which I don’t know if it is any good. I would really like to hear any feedback or comments.

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  1. Personally I say do what you’d prefer to do. Most sites like WN/LN translators have several stories and update each one in sequence, maybe with one or two higher-priority that get more frequent updates. If you want to work on more things and reduce the frequency of Beast Fiend and Greyskin – for which seem you seem to write almost one chapter each per day recently – then go for it.

    But there is the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” so beware spreading yourself too thin and risking that they all fail to meet your expectations.

  2. If you added a updated page and still did the stories that you are currently writing and not abandon them I’m sure many people would be fine if not it’s their prob not yours

  3. Well I think you should go with the flow and update whenever, but set a goal on the number of chapters so you won’t get lazy(set something like 4 chapters a week and write more if you feel like it).

    1. oh and I forgot about the other stores, you could write all at once but as Ultrabenosaurus said “beware spreading yourself too thin and risking that they all fail to meet your expectations.”.
      i think writing two story is hard enough(then again I’m not a writer)
      so if you want write you’re new ideas as drafts and save them up for later and rewrite(because you’re writing style and way will change or improve) them when you can or want to publish them.

      PS. would love beast fiend updates ( >-_-># a waffle for you)

  4. Both GreySkin and Beast Fiend have been great so far. But your other stories look interesting as well. With these two things in mind I think you should write what you feel like as it will allow you to enjoy the process more and as a result increase both the quality of said stories and the frequency you are able to post them for our consumption. Thanks for your hard work I look forward to reading more.

  5. Personally as an avid reader, I think that you should write whatever you’re inspired to write. Forcing yourself to consistently pour out chapters of one or two stories is a trap. Many authors have been pulled down by trying to make themselves write continuously, where they get to a point that they lose their inspiration, getting bogged down after losing their way. They find themselves in a position they didn’t intend to write and subsequently quit what they’re writing. I believe that a Writer should write what is right.

  6. Just do what you want. I like Grey Skin the best out of the stories you’ve started, but Void Walker and Dream Catcher also seem really interesting, though I’m not sure how I feel about the person being a dungeon master. I lost interest in Beast Fiend after around 20~ chapters. Just didn’t turn out how I hoped. But I’d like to see more of your stories expanded on, just don’t burn yourself out doing too many of them. Maybe have a poll on which story we’d like to see the most? And then write a couple of those chapters, and do another poll to see which story we want more of?

    1. I am alive yeah, but my head is not good right now. I have ideas to write but I can,t make myself do anything. Mostly garbage in my head right now. I am hoping to pull myself together, but it is a hard thing to do.

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