On the night of the star-fall, a certain child was born in a family of peasants. They were simple folks, farmers tending to the lands of their Lord, who already had a son and three daughters. They had average looks, dark brown hair and brown eyes. They were as common of commoners go. Their baby however was not.

A young boy was born. He was special, as he was marked by the forces of magic. He had vibrant violet eyes with swirling darker purple color mixed in. The color of the eyes moving and changing showed that the boy had mana inside him, he was capable of magic and he would be a magician. If he had any hair on his bold head, it would surely have some purple strands.

This mark was important to people, magician were common int he world, but the purple mark was unique. In the history of the world, there were only three marks previously, relating to the three source types of mana, each one different from purple.

The usual mana, found everywhere within the mortal realms was azure blue. The people gifted with such mana had blue eyes, and their hair had blue highlights, showing their affinity with the natural force of the world. It was the most basic and common and the easiest to control kind of mana. With it you could become almost any type of Mage, elementalist or a druid, perhaps even a chronomage. It was the most natural and abundant type of mana in this realm.

Another type was affiliated with gods. The divine element, pure white mana born from divine realms. It was harder to handle, but it was more potent and if used properly, it could perform real miracles. Few creatures carried such mana, angels one of them. It was well sought after, and mages carrying the its mark were respected most above all else. Their hair was white, like snow, their eyes were pure white as well, which was a little unnerving, but beautiful all the same. Gods’ gifts can only be beautiful.

Another type of mana was scorned and hated. The infernal mana of the lower planes, affiliated with demons and hellish realms. It was the mark of chaos, uncontrollable and wild. This mana was mostly responsible for the appearances of monsters in this realm, but sometimes a demon would appear or a child would be born, carrying the mark of the beast. Marked people had red eyes and red hair. Mostly they were enslaved or even executed, as their wild mana mostly brought destruction.

But the purple mark the child carried was new. Nobody had one like that before. The family of the child decided it would be best to bring the child to the Lord. It was the wise decision, as the Lord, surprised by the unique mark, immediately set off to find out what it meant.

In the nearby magic academy tests were performed. The child possessed incredibly high capacity for mana, but tests performed showed that the child couldn’t do normal magic. Whatever that mana was, it was something different, never seen before. Tests couldn’t determine properly, what it could do and what were its limitations, so a powerful diviner, a priest of the God Berhultep, God of Secrets, was called to look within. He had a skill, which allowed him to look beyond the veil and uncover mysteries that lay beyond. He looked at the child, his eyes focused, trying to see within.

“I can only see emptiness. Vast, endless space, with nothing within. It is beyond, in-between, nonexistent. All I can see is the Void.”

With those words, diviner fell on his knees, even his powerful magics were incapable of piercing the veil, atleast that’s what he thought. In truth there was nothing beyond the veil, he truly saw the Void.

All that could be determined of his mana was that it was black, like the space beyond the stars and it gave off an eerie purple glow, alien and foreign. If somebody tried to feel it or grasp it, it was like nothing at all was there. Truly a Void.

No tests could determined the capacity of the child. Until he grew up, nothing could be known for certain. The Lord, who employed the peasants who brought him this child, decided to keep him close by and to teach him and train him as he grows up. Thinking about the Void and about the annoyance that the child brought by being so different, the Lord decided to name him Vex.

And so, Vex now lived with the Lord, studying in his mansion and taking care of duties that were passed onto him. He was very much a peasant, but an educated one and well cared for. He sometimes got to see his parents and his siblings. They were given some extra money for bringing such a unique boy into the world. They were content with their lives. Vex was not.

The boy felt that there was something out there, beyond what can be seen, something calling to him and asking him to follow. In his dreams and in his waking, something was missing. If he had to guess, it was his magic that he missed dearly.

His mana was weird. He could manifest it easily, easier than any other person. He could bring forth massive amounts and never run dry, as he had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of it. But it was useless, as no spell, spell formula or rune could be activated using the weird ominous mana. It was truly useless.

Vex spent hours and days in front of training dummies, trees and critters, flinging his mana and slicing his targets hoping for some result, but it was all useless. His mana simply passed through unhindered, leaving everything unscathed. It had no offensive and defensive capabilities.

Well, of course sometimes things happened. But Vex didn’t know how or why they happened. There was one instance involving noble kids, often bullied Vex. They were nobles, who had higher status than peasants, so they didn’t care about taking some sweets from Vex.

The main bully was Chris, the Lord’s son. As Chris’s family name was Justicar, he took a liking to a nickname, CJ. He himself came up with it when he was little. Chris was smart, talented and just as unique, if not more than Vex. It was because Chris was a Hero, an Otherworldler. He had a soul of a powerful being that came to this world to help stop a crisis in the future. His most unique feature was that he had three marks, he could use any of the basic three types of mana.

Chris was special. His parents found out early about how special he was and nobody apart from them and maids and servants knew his true identity. Vex was considered a servant, he often had to attend to the needs of young master, who took pleasure in making life difficult for Vex.

Feladria was an elven sage and Chris’s mother, she was very well talented in the arcane arts. So when Lord Novak Justicar saw her, he fell in love and asked her to marry him. Lord Novak himself had angel blood from an ancestor, which would sometimes allow his bloodline to have divine affinity. So after their union, Chris Justicar was born, who might have had a double mark, which happened once in a thousand people, if not for the soul that inhabited the little body. The soul belong to a powerful Demon Lord, who was betrayed and slain by a human hero. Vex didn’t know or care to know the whole story.

So like that a trine marked boy entered the world. Vex didn’t remember much of his earlier childhood, his early memories were hazy. He was truly conscious when he was about four, everything before that was just a blur of tests, traveling and many new faces. So when Vex thinks to the earliest memories of CJ, he was already a bratty kid back then, too smart and too arrogant for his own good.

Chris was cute and beautiful, with feminine features, blond hair and eyes swirling with three different colors. He had long ears he inhabited from his mother. He also had horns, small red ram horns coming off from the temples. And if he wanted to, he could materialize black angel wings. Truly a unique existence. Young master was well respected and cared for.

It was this young master who took particular pleasure in making every day of Vex’s life as miserable as he could. Vex didn’t given in, mostly avoiding young master and hiding. Others thought him to be cowardly, but it was the opposite. He was brave, but he was also smart. This had no chance against a bot with three types of mana, so he tried living his life avoiding the young master as much as he could.

It was on the day that he couldn’t avoid him, that Vex had for the first time done something with his magic. On his sixth birthday Vex received a sweet-roll from his mother. He was about to enjoy it all for himself, when he was ambushed by a couple of bullies, one of whom was CJ himself.

Three bullies chased Vex, shot mana bolts at him and hit him with wooden sticks. He was cornered, so, not wishing to give away his birthday present, he couldn’t think of anything other than envelop it with his own unique mana and wish for it to disappear from side, to hide it. To his surprise, he succeeded. When he was pounced by the blond little devil, his hands were empty, sweet-roll nowhere to be seen. The bullies,meeting this turn of events gave him a proper lecture and a punishment, talking about the “joys of sharing” and how it is proper to share things with peers. Vex really didn’t like to be spanked by somebody his own age.

But even with his behind sore, Vex was happy. For once, he was able to use his mana for something. He didn’t know for what, but it is the thought that counts. He tried getting his sweet-roll back, he tried vanishing other things, he tried enveloping cats and dogs and whatever else he could in his mana, but his success was mostly nonexistent, with rare cases of something disappearing.

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  1. This looks like it could be pretty good. On a side note I love all of your stories. I’ve been following beast fiend since you first posted it on royalroad.

    1. Thank you. I have plenty of stories I want to tell, but not enough capabilities. My brain gets exhausted easily, especially if I am under stress. I hope that I get enough for now to keep the few people who visit here happy.

      1. I don’t understand why more people don’t like your stories. I mean I’ve probably checked your site at least a hundred times just today. Although I guess you do tend to write darker stuff and most people for some reason don’t like that. Never really understood why.

        1. Well incest, quasi-ntr, and slavery rape aren’t really things most people would be able to enjoy, altought i find then very interesting

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