Wilde dragon

Marcus Wilde was lucky enough to be born into a good family. His parents were loving and hardworking, so they did everything they could for their children. His siblings were nice, his older sister always cared for him and his younger brother liked to play and go out with Marcus. Because he was brought up in such a good environment, he grew up to be an energetic and exciting child with good fantasy.

He was smart, and while toys and sports did interest him a lot, his true passion was in books. Just reading stories of noble adventures, or tales of riches and trials, he could spend hours upon hours traveling to other realms. Fantasy and romance were his favorite genres to read.

He liked to learn lore of world he ’visited’ and often tried reading as many books from the same series as he could. And he often tried finding books about might and magic, travel and war, maidens and villains. But there was one topic that was most captivating of all. Dragons!

Oh how he loved those majestic beasts. They symbolized raw power, ferocity unmatched by anyone. But most of all, they represented true freedom. Nobody can match to dragon in strength or ability. In every tale where dragon is slain, it happened due to some cheating in a way of some super weapon or a dirty trick. True dragons were kings of the skies, flying above clouds, lacking bounds and restrains.

Marcus loved dragons from the very first moment he learned of them. Regardless of their character, he loved to learn about their rage, their greed, their nobility, their wisdom. Every aspect of dragon interested him deeply.

Of course, once he grew up enough, he learned that dragon and magic don’t exist, but the concept of freedom and excitement represented by them still remained. He had very same feelings deep inside of him all throughout his life.

When Marcus was about 9, he learned something marvelous. Long ago, millions of years ago, there were really creatures that roamed this very earth, that were very much like dragons. Can you imagine his excitement? Once he learned of dinosaurs, he got as many books as his parents allowed and read them as fast as he could manage. This revelation increased the passion for freedom even further. The excitement inside grew bigger and bigger. And with such knowledge, his future was decided then and there.

Studying was a breeze for Marcus. He was smart, both because he loved to study and because he had a dream, so it was often that he came in top 10 in every class.

When it was time to think about the future, he easily made a decision. Marcus wanted to give all he had to something he loved, so he decided to be paleontologist. He had excellent marks in university, he became a splendid professor and he did remarkable job in excavation and dig sites.

Soon, he became a well renowned man in his field. But even as he grew older, he still had that love for freedom inside, his soul remained that of a kid. He still felt as exciting as he was when he read his favorite books. He still loved to joke about and prank his friends and colleges. He was a splendid person to be about.

As he grew, so did his dream. Fueled by such works as Jurassic park, new advancements in technology and his own ambitions, he began his work and research on possibility of bringing back the ferocious beasts of the past. Working together with specialists in various fields, he made plans and slowly progressed towards realizing his dream. Even though it was nowhere near being complete, perhaps, given enough time it would become reality, if not for what happened next.

Sometime during all this, he was invited to a biggest convention on paleontology in the world. In a great museum in America, many people from that field of work came together to show off their greatest finds and to share their research with others. It also attracted general population and had many people come to view it.

It’s during that convention that something unfortunate happened. Because of combination of shabby construction work from manual workers, ignored safety regulation guidelines from both the organizers and the attendants and some spilled water, that all this happened. While Marcus was discussing a matter of something or other, somebody came too close to a display, slipped, broke it, which tore a hind leg off a T-rex, which landed exactly on top of Marcus’ head. It happened so fast that nobody reacted until Marcus was already on the floor.

Medics did all they could, but there was extensive brain damage. Marcus was kept alive by machines in a vegetative state. His relatives new his thoughts on the matter, so they didn’t hesitate much before turning off the machines to let him pass into the afterlife. There were tears, but everyone knew that Marcus lived a happy life, he treasured every moment and had no regrets, so nobody felt guilty about letting him go and instead they prayed for his soul to be somewhere pleasant after passing.

May be due to some higher being or just dumb luck, but he did get to go to a better world. His soul did not get swallowed by the void and passed into a world, much like the ones he dreamed to be a part of. Spirit, that once was human, floated around the world, until it reached a peculiar egg. It descended towards it and entered it, giving it life. And so, new life of Marcus Wilde began in another world.

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  1. I love dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no seriously pick this one it has a good premise and great potential you can go anywhere with this story there aren’t really any limitations on dragons… did i mention dragons?

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