A new fiction I have been carrying around for a while. Seeing I how I now have a way with words, I decided to write it down. Hopefully it is good.

It very graphic, not for faint-hearted. Violence, sex, swearing, forbidden topics etc. read at your own risk.

Be warned, it is planned to be dark, no giggling girls, no holding hands.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

26 thoughts on “Greyskin”

  1. I like how you mention in the description how it’s a mature work so there’ll be no hand-holding as though that’s something common and innocent, unlike the illegally lewd and perverse practice it really is! I’m not sure if you’re a genius or a deviant…

    1. The deviant more likely. I have plenty of ideas, but none of them sun and rainbows like beast fiend began as. It actually was meant to be dark as well, but I am not as good in painting atmosphere and also the dragons fucked everything up. It’s just… Fucking dragons you know?

      1. Well it’s not exactly rainbows and sunshine, though before and after the betrayal arc it’s not all that dark either. It’s a good mature action/fantasy series, with a hero who seems like a real person rather than the all-holy perfect type you’d find elsewhere. While the girls are unusually devoted to him like in most harem works they at least have clear personalities, can think for themselves, and not only exist but have important roles to play when he’s not around.

        Also, I love your dragons. I think you did really well with them. While they’re not as prideful as true dragons are in most stories, I think you captured their arrogance and immortality/longevity quite well in how aloof they seem when interacting with mere mortals.

        1. Thank you. I must say, I don’t really know where the story takes me. I have some ideas, but the world just evolves as I talk about it. The dragons were a random addition, as with Regios being somewhat serious, the other dragons were somewhat bizarre. But it is good that you liked them, I had some problems with making them somewhat real, while writing about a fantasy world. I am hoping to rewrite early chapters later and post this again somewhere, but that is for the future. Atm, I am just continuing the story as I want to see how it develops.

    1. I’m not planning on NTR of the ones MC himself elnslaved, like Selmaria or Sabrina. Slaves though… Well I don’t know, I haven’t thought much about it.

  2. Update need more were are you are you dead are you out of ideas I need to know waiting two f*ching months need a chapter now (not to be mean good story I just need a chapter)

    1. Hey sorry about being silent, my head is not in the best of places. I would love to write something, but my head is messed up and I am literally incapable of writing anything coherent. I am really sorry of it.

      1. Are you alive or dead please answer if in depression I was in it to there will be up and downs in life all I have to say is look to the rising sun for hope look to tomorrow

  3. Damit now I feel bad dude get your head out of the mud their is so much more you can make it has a lot of potential he can be come a god or or a a sexual monster ho cares p.s I do sex monster now if it’s private life think there are many things good and bad that’s how we live now if it’s not I feel stupid but I will always read your stories they don’t have all the pussies now a day love a pervert man who loves light novels p.s LONG LIVE PERVERTION hasta luego see you soon

  4. Hello can you send me why you are not feeling good please .feel better man as always pevert side ahahaha feel better

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