Grey skin. Chapter 12.

Inside the house the atmosphere was tense. The elf and the had were glaring at each other, with the red-head standing behind the hag, with a dreamy look in her eyes. Regios was sitting down at a table, sipping on some wine, which wasn’t laced with poison. Sel didn’t care what happened, he just wanted to leave Siri in the care of Sabrina.

When he came in, four pairs of eyes shot towards him, all slightly confused, seeing a catsun in his arms. The small furry girl was the last thing people expected for the greyskin to bring inside. He walked to the red-head and put Siri next to her.

“This is Siri, she is mine. Take care of her.”

After saying that, Sel wanted to leave, but two other girls assaulted him with questions.

“What other whore did you bring, did the red bitch not fuck you plenty last night? Why do you need another whore to fuck?”

“How dare you call my granddaughter a whore? And who are you to command my darling and to bring some frilly girl in here? This is my house.”

Sel didn’t like the tone of the two young looking women. He turned towards them and made the scourge manifest around then, gripping them in a tight vice. Ever since he managed to manifest the fel energy to change his mount, he felt stronger and more powerful, the scourge becoming like an extra omnipotent arm of his.

With both of them up in the air, their legs dangling below and their hands clutching at their throats, the two shut up. Sel looks at the had.

“You are mine now. What I say goes. What I want happens. I want Siri here, she is here. She is mine, just like you or Sabrina. I want to fuck either of you I will. Shut up and don’t speak to me.”

With that he let the hag drop on the floor, weak and powerless. His commands were absolute and all her strength was truly his, the fel energy that she controlled was so obedient because Sel willed it to be. He could turn the woman inside out with all the energy she had inside her.

“And you, you are my slave. The only reason I kept you was because you looked like Her. You are not like Her, you are filthy with your mouth spewing bile and your eyes showing hatred. You are a tarnished woman, nothing good inside you…”

Sel spoke angrily at the girl, making her gasp in surprise at his harsh words. Even Regios looked at him wide eyed. He had his own share of love problems, it wasn’t hard to hear the pain Sel felt. His sister had crossed a line she didn’t know was there. Who knows what will he do now?

“In fact. Leave. Go. I don’t want filth to remind me of what I lost and how you are nothing like her. I see you again, I will kill you.”

Saying that, Selmiria’s collar was ripped apart by the materialized scourge and then consumed by the vile power. The elf girl was free to go and do as she pleased. Sel turned around and walked outside, leaving the three girls, one man and two catsun astonished.

The elf felt free of the vile grasp of the greyskin, but she wasn’t relieved. That demon, he spoke to her in such manner. She didn’t understand as much as Regios did, but whatever little bits she got, they hurt her deeply. Sel only walked with her because she reminded him of somebody. He wasn’t a wild demon like others, he was a person with a soul or something similar. He felt pain and he felt anger. His usually expressionless face showed anger and anguish. The way he changed from one moment to the next, it was extraordinary, just ordering the hag around and then exploding at the elf.

She slumped on the floor, with tears flowing down her face. She felt hurt from his words, but she also felt scared. She was in enemy territory, without his mark she would be taken forcibly but some of those demons. They were dumb and uncivilized, unlike him. He had everything Selmiria wanted, the grace, the beauty and the demeanor of a proud elf with wild, unadulterated and demonic power hidden within.

The elf only just realized that he was her ideal man, the one who would take take her in his hands and control her, tame her wild nature and bring her to the highest peaks of pleasure. She would be glad to be by his side, letting him use her, playing with her. She wouldn’t be able to find another like him. She only learned that as she lost it. He wanted her gone, wanted her dead. Thinking that, her sobs turned into a loud wail, pain running through her mind. He would be fucking those whores, giving them pleasure, while she will be raped by some fucking filthy pig-headed demon until she bled to death.

The elf just sat on the floor, pouring out her pain. She never knew she would find something she always wanted only to lose it so easily. Regios didn’t dare approach her, the hag and the red-head didn’t care about her. It was Siri, who felt similar to the elf, but who was accepted by Sel, that came to her. She sat beside her hugged the elf. Feeling sad for her, she shed some tears with her. The elf tried pushing the catsun away, but she felt powerless and couldn’t muster enough strength for that. So, instead she embraced her, burying her face into the fury girls neck. They sat like that for a while longer even after the others left the room. Sel was long gone by then.

After the angry outburst, Sel felt the fire inside him rage and swirl around inside. He felt the pain, the anger the fury that led him to kill every demon inside his den. He wanted to bring pain, to kill, to consume. His demon nature was getting out and he needed a release.

He quickly hopped onto Bucefal and commanded him to fly high up. In the air, Sel looked around trying to search for some place where the slavers could be. It didn’t take a long time to discover a simple camp set up some distance away from town. Those morons didn’t bother hiding their camp.

Sel commanded Bucefal to fly towards them. The people below began to panic when a giant insect-like creature approached them. When there was about twenty meters to the ground, Sel jumped down, not bothering to wait to land. When he touched the ground, he rolled on the floor to lessen the impact. With a thought he sent his mount to attack some people, but made sure he would remain relatively safe.

“Who are you?”

A woman with a scarred face asked, but she didn’t get an answer. Seconds after that, her people began to scream, when a lizard creature rampaged amongst them. Sel didn’t let the woman speak, charging at her with his claw swords drawn.

This time, people seemed to be more capable of fighting. They must have sent their weakest to the town before. It was strange that these people didn’t recognize Sel, as people from few days ago looked especially for him. Regardless, the woman managed to deflect the first strikes from the greyskin and tried landing a hit of her own.

Sel dodged the strike from the woman and took a step back. Seeing how there were about forty people around him, Sel decided to not get fixated on the woman. He charged in her direction, but before he was close enough to strike, he put more power into his legs and jumped over her. She tried reaching him, but not expecting such a turn of events, she was too slow.

The demon clashed with a man few meters behind the woman, with his downward swings of twin claws cutting off the sword arm of the man. Defenseless, the man tried getting away, but was butchered moments later without remorse. Other people around Sel turned to face him and charged him, although some stayed in place.

Dodging strikes wasn’t too hard for Sel, these people weren’t properly trained, but because there were so many of them, he couldn’t forsake his safety. He didn’t use parry often before, but now it seemed to be a good time to try.

His strength was greater, far greater than that of most people. While he couldn’t break a sword with his strike, he could force it out of an opponent’s hand with a strike to the right area. People who were not careful when engaging him were loosing their weapons and moments later their lives.

While trying to dodge an incoming arrow, Sel was suddenly engulfed with hot fire. It didn’t do much damage as it was not that hot compared the heat from Sel when the fire inside him raged. But it broke his concentration and allowed his opponent to land a strike on his shoulder. Fel energy immediately went to melt the sword and repair the wound, but damage was done. People saw that the demon could be hurt, his blood spilling on the ground, smoking.

Mages charged their spells. Seeing how fire was useless against him, ice was the next choice. Numerous people chanting, trying to force magic to obey them. They were not as powerful as a Druid that subdued Sel before, but together they had some semblance of power. The mastery over magic wasn’t something to dismiss easily, but against the scourge that protected Sel, it was weak, pathetically so.

It is the magic that made people from few days ago so confident. There was a warlock and a elementalist amongst them, making them believe they could subdue a lowly demon. Too bad that he killed a warlock with his first attacks and dilapidated the other Mage seconds later.

When the next spell was unleashed, another five people had already perished. Seeing how slavers were trying to attack him with magic, the greyskin turned his attention towards the mages. His concentrated, forcing the scourge to take a material form. It wasn’t hard before, but now, with many swords and arrows trying to end his life, he had to divert his attention to multiple dangers.

The black smoke appearing around the mages, they didn’t notice it until it was too late. Dark tendrils swirled around them, until there was enough to crush them. Only once their skin was tearing and their bones being crushed, the mages lost their concentration over their magic and turned attention to the threat, alas, too late.

With that threat gone, Sel once again turned towards the physical threat. Getting annoyed by the constant arrows, Sel gave a command to attack them to his mount, while he charged the nearest swordsman. With the two main threats getting turned into bloody mess, he could easily outdo his opponents.

The whole battle lasted about twenty minutes, charging, dodging, cutting and slashing. Sel got a few cuts here and there, but he turned out to be a victor. In the end, before him on her knees was the woman who met his strike first. She was the leader of these adventurers, the one who made them take slaves. She was experienced, but she couldn’t compare to Sel.

“Become mine or die.”

A simple condition was given to her, Sel was impressed with the woman, she was in her thirties, her style was great for a human, although not powerful enough to fight a scourge powered demon. It would be a shame to simply kill her.

“I’d rather die than to serve a demon filth like you.”

The woman gave a reply and spat towards Sel. He didn’t say anything back, instead he brought his hand closer to her chest. Piercing her skin with his sharp nails, he poured fel energy inside her. He didn’t lie, he would kill her, but he wanted her to see how he killed her. When enough energy coursed through her veins, Sel used the same energy to burn away her skin and muscles, her breast and her bones over her heart.

The woman screamed in pain, the scourge eating away at her flesh and her bones was a de triple feeling. But she didn’t beg him or kneeled. Admirable force of will for a human.

When her beating heart was exposed, the woman was covered in sweat, her face pale and her body powerless, only held up by the force of the scourge. Sel reached his hand towards her heart and ripped it out, letting the woman feel how her veins and arteries rip. Bringing the heart towards his face, he bites into it, savoring the taste of still warm human flesh.

The woman looked at the demon with a look of horror on her face. To be able of such a feat as keeping her alive to eat her heart. To be so inhuman and cruel to make somebody witness such act. The executioner before her was a terrifying creature.

Tears rolled down her face, her life force leaving her quickly, replaced by the fel energy. She felt her body beginning to disintegrate, slowly consumed by the energy, the same way that the monster before her consumed her heart.

When Sel, his face covered in scarlet blood, swallowing the last bit of her heart, he turned towards the woman and smiled at her. It was perhaps his first real smile. Having defeated the slavers, slaughtering them mercilessly, he consumed the core of their leader. She had a helpless expression, expression of yielding and begging, not for mercy but for death. The fire inside him was soothed, no longer calling for bloodshed. At the moment, Sel felt happy, having conquered a small fighting force and asserting dominance.

With that, Sel released his hold on the fel energy inside the woman, which immediately turned her into a living torch, engulfed with black flames. She screamed one last time, before her body was destroyed completely, leaving nothing behind.

With a face of satisfaction, Sel stood in the middle of the slaughter, bodies littered all around him. He takes in the sensation, feeling good for once. It wouldn’t last, not for long, but it felt good.

After a short rest, Sel commanded his mount to free the slaves that were in some cages and carriages around. He himself also commanded the scourge to materialize as black miasma and sent it to destroy cages, collars and any restrains that were in place.

Numerous men and women were free, now able to walk around. Most of the went mad, becoming feral demons, so those Sel killed, ripping their scourge out of them. Few remained sane and were left to deal with their own problems. Few came towards Sel, saying they recognized him. He didn’t remember them, but perhaps they saw him when he was born. The girls were not immediate then out of the cave, only when there were more than a dozen at the time.

One single girl, a demon half-breed came forward, wanting to give Sel a hug. When she put her hand around Sel’s neck, with another she plunged a dagger in his heart. Or at least she tried; the blade just melted, with the fel energy protecting its master.

The violent torrent of black smoke appeared, lifting the girl in the air, trying to tear her apart. Sel paused for a moment, but feeling gracious at the moment, he subdued the scourge and forced the girl on the ground. She never realized how close she got to being ripped apart, bit by bit, while screaming in pain.

“Why did you stab me?”

“Only you survived. You killed the den. You must die.”

“I did. But there is nothing you can do. You are free, leave and don’t return. If you do, I will make you a slave again.”

“You! I will end you, I don’t fear you.”

Sel didn’t reply to the girl, just leaving her to lying on the ground. He hopped atop Bucefal, sending a message to return. The two then flew in the air and headed towards the town.

It was almost dusk, when Sel came back to hag’s house. He wasn’t tired when he came back, but he was mentally drained. Exploding in anger, feeling joy for the first time, having to think more than usual, it all accumulated greatly over the day. Sel needed a release, thankfully, a way to do so awaited for him at home.

When he walked inside, he saw Regios sitting at a table, drunk, slurring something at the hag, who was looking displeased. They almost didn’t notice Sel’s return. Seeing how he is covered in blood, they decided not to speak, although Regios was hesitating and wanting to talk just a bit, it was important to him.

When Sel came back to Sabrina’s room, she was there waiting for him. Ewing him, she immediately led him to a bath full of hot water. Undressing, the greyskin plopped into the water, hoping to wash away the stress he accumulated over the day.

The redhead girl was washing the demon’s back, slowly cleaning the skin of her man. She didn’t have a particular liking to him, but he was her first and he was strong and powerful. Sabrina didn’t want to part with him, so she would play a role of loving wife or concubine, whichever way Sel wanted her to be.

After having washed himself, the demon headed to Sabrina’s room, with her following behind. This time inside the room were two people, a little catsun, barely reaching Sel’s chest and an elf. The white-haired girl was sitting on the bed, nude. When she met his gaze, she felt uneasy, his heavy stare sending shivers down her spine.

“I am sorry. I will be good from now on. Please don’t discard me, a Master.”

These words were hard to say, Selmiria spoke slowly, trying to swallow any cursing she might have. She didn’t want to loose the grey bastard, he was her protection in the world now. Regios wouldn’t be able to provide her what this man could.

“Please, I am yours. I may not be like Her, but I need you, just like you need Her. Please, don’t send me away.”

The last words were spoken even slower, sobs interrupting the elf. She had tears rolling down her face just like in the morning. There was nowhere to go for her.

Sel looked at her for a moment and then came closer. He reached for her chin and brought her face to his. With a quick bite to his lip, he drew his black blood and like that he kissed the elf, ready to mark her.

He didn’t want her to leave unscathed though. She will have to bear a true mark, a sigh that she is his form now and forever. Her mark was white, like her hair. It appeared on her neck, marking her as a slave. But it didn’t stop there. The mark spread through her body, making white lines and shapes appear on her skin. The beautiful skin of the elf was now marked with pure white lines, her face having tattoos going through her eyes, making it seem like she had scars.

When the marking was complete, the elf was unmistakably a slave, with a powerful master. Others wouldn’t dare touch her and face the wrath of the man who left such mark. Just as a pr caution, Sel left some extra markings, making the fel energy remain passively in her body, not changing her without his will. It would however come out during dire situations, like if she needed protection or an escape plan. Sel didn’t want his property to get taken by somebody.

“You are mine now. No other man but me touches you. If they do, they die. Remember that.”

“Yes master.”

The elf showed a little smile, happy that the demon didn’t throw her away. Regios’ worry was not to be, his sister wouldn’t be killed tonight. With everything complete, Sel pushed the elf on the bed and proceeded with getting rid of his stress. The girl was unprepared, she was startled by the development, but the closeness of other two girls let her remain relatively calm.

That night Sel took the innocence of another girl, a girl who somehow remained abstinent for fourth years, waiting for the right man. Now she gave her body to such man, with the only regret of not doing it sooner. He was just like Selmiria imagined him to be, rough and strong, but tender enough to make her feel good.

That night there were a lot of noises. Regios felt conflicted about what he heard, so he left that night to go get drunk, or more drunk than he already was. The hag was silently cursing the demon, whom she herself tried to control. She knew it was her fault, but she still blamed that abomination for her current condition. But she was powerless.

She also thought that she could gain more power of she followed that man. His mastery over the scourge and his way of marking people, it was something never seen before. If she could teach him to create certain marks, she could gain power similar to his. If he made the scourge obey her and her granddaughter, they would be more powerful than any warlock. The hag decided to think about how she could profit from this whole situation.

And the three girls… Well, they were exhausted, giving themselves to the demon. It wasn’t an easy thing to understand, but they felt compelled to give themselves to him, body and soul. The four fucked until it was late and then fucked some more. He didn’t want to let them sleep, having plenty of stuff h needed to work out of his system. Surely, if only Sabrina was there that night, she would have been fucked to death. But thankfully, she wasn’t alone, so both Siri and Selmiria eased that burden. Still, the next day would be hard for them, their energy drained completely by the night exercise. And nobody paid any mind to the demon, spilling his seed inside them, being inexperienced, ignorant or simply not caring about it. Tis was a good night.

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