Greyskin. Chapter 10..

Sel woke up with a headache. His body fighting a powerful drug, it made him very uncomfortable. As he rose up, around him was a red circle painted, glowing with eerie light. The old hag stood near, chanting something, while her granddaughter stood some distance away, looking at them with indifference.

Sel woke up too late, the ritual was almost complete. As he tried standing up and walking towards the hag, he was restrained by some unknown force. He looked around, trying to find what was stopping him, but there were no restrains on him. With another try, he once again was stopped by something invisible.

He then decides to observe his surroundings instead. They are somewhere out of town, near a lake and surrounded by trees. The place is unfamiliar, which doesn’t surprise Sel. He wasn’t from around here.

The sky is blue, which is normal, with only a few clouds up there. The air is fresh, no smells of shit and piss like in places inhabited by demons. There is nobody but the three of them.

After few minutes, the ritual is complete. The red circle shines brightly and inside Sel something stirs. The skin on his neck burns and a black marking, similar to the one the slave collars have appeared.

“Now, to seal the ritual. Kneel!”

The hag said those words with a powerful voice, very different from her raspy one before. A powerful force surrounded Sel, trying to push him down onto his knees. It was strong, but it felt like the force hesitated, just like when it hesitated when he tried leaving the circle.


The hag almost screamed the word, making the invisible force push on him harder. Sel bends under the weight slightly, but then he straightens out and stands. The markings on his neck burns, slightly smoking up.

“I said KNEEL!”

With a loud shout, the hag sends another powerful blast of force, but Sel no longer cares. The power is hesitant to work on him, like it is afraid of him. He feels the hesitation. With his own thought, he stops the force entirely, making it obey him. The marking on his neck bubbles up, melting his skin and flows down.

“What!? I used the most powerful binding spell of the covenant! My blood was used for the ritual! How can a mere demon resist the magic of a grand witch? What are you?”

With her powerful voice wavering, the hag looks at Sel with anger and shock. He listens to her words and then decided that it is his time to act. If her blood is used in a binding, then his ban be used too.

Sel slowly walks out of the circle, dismissing the power trying to restrain him. The fel energy is at his command, nobody can control it like he can. With a few steps he comes close to the hag, who looks at him with wide eyes, not knowing how could he break the top level sealing circle. Her granddaughter now looks at them with slight interest in her eyes. She doesn’t attempt to help or run away.

With one hand, the greyskin picks up the old hag by the throat. He then moves the palm of the other hand by his fang, slicing it open. With a bit of force, he parts the lips of the old hag and makes her drink his blood. His immense amount of fel energy, now completely recharged from being in demon territory enters the old hag.

The witch had spent her whole life controlling the scourge and suing it for her own devices. She drunk plenty of demon blood before, she consumed a lot of scourge to extend her life and she used plenty of fel magic. But whatever she had drunk now did not even compare to her past.

A massive surge of energy ran through her, her body attempting to subdue and use the fel energy like in the past. This was a massive amount of pure scourge, much more pure than available by any other means. The body of the hag was adept at absorbing the scourge spot rejuvenate itself, so it used as much as it could. Her buddy convulsed as the energy ran through it, the hag felt so powerful, she was drunk with power. She felt like she could destroy the world and recreate it. While the scourge was running through her, she climaxed multiple times as she often did during the ogres and sacrifices in her past.

The hag shuddered, her inner workings absorbing the fel energy. Her body straightened out, no longer crooked. Her arms and legs settle properly, no longer broken or twisted. Her insides regenerate, her outside becomes younger, her skin smoothness and her wrinkles disappear. Within moments, her guise becomes that of an attractive young woman, her features turning into that of alluring beauty. Her eyes now piercing black, like a true witch, her hair wavy black, unlike her usual bright red color, similar to her granddaughter. She looks very similar to the girl, but changed slightly. The girl now looks at her granny with astonishment. She witnessed rejuvenation before, but not to this scale.

But none of it is enough to overcome the energy she consumed, there is still plenty of it left and Sel can feel all of it. He wills it I to the neck of the woman and makes markings appear. He decided to replicate the marking that were on Selmaria’s collar, as they seemed to be more elaborate than those that the woman tried putting on him, which seemed like standard slave binding.

The marks appear on her skin, black, blacker than anything in the world. They seem to be so black, that the shadow or the light falling on them make no difference, they seem like portal to some dark, unending void.

When they formed, Sel made the same command the hag used before.


With that, invisible force assaults the woman, sending her onto the ground, into a kneeling position. She never experienced such force from a simple command, even from the slave binding. She had some of those in her life and none of them held her for long. Now, she seemed powerless to even attempt to move. She was an unmoving visage of complete obedience.

Sel didn’t stop there. He turned to the granddaughter, who now realized what situation she was in. Her grandmother, the last surviving member of great covenant was just subdued, her magic overcome by a demon. She couldn’t do much, even if she tried. She fell on her knees, kneeling before him, but she didn’t know what he would do.

He extended his bleeding palm towards her.


The girl hesitated for a moment, but then obeyed. Being a slave for a demon was bad, but being dead was worse. The hag wanted to scream out in protest, but she was silenced with a single thought already. The girl took in the bleeding palm and licked the black blood.

Sel immediately sent the fel energy into the girl’s neck, forming the same marking. He didn’t want his fel energies to ravage such a pretty face, so he controlled it, willing it to lay dormant, until her body can process it. The marking on the girls skin became identical to those the hag possessed.

With the two now slaved to him, Sel pondered for a moment, what should be the next thing to do?

“You use magic?”

“Yes, my lord.”

The ’my lord’ part came out against the hag’s will, simply willed into being by the scourge.

“Now, you will teach it to me. During the day I will learn. During the night you will learn.” The ’you’ he said was directed towards both the girls. They were very similar in appearance, only a few years difference between them.

Hag wanted to protest, to resist, but she was powerless. Never before such a force was near her, she didn’t even know the scourge could be controlled like that. It was beyond what she has ever witnessed. Seeing how Sel allowed her to speak, she begged him.

“Please, spare my granddaughter, she is innocent child, simply doing what I tell her to…”

“No. You overpowered me trying to take me, while she just watched. Later, I will overpower you and take you, while she can just watch. Then, I will overpower her and take her, while you can just watch. You both belong to me.”

The hag tried to beg some more, but was once again silenced. She was scared for her precious little flower. That girl was all she had left of her family. She loved her, even if she treated her badly sometimes.

The girl however, tumbled from excitement. Something new was going to happen, no longer did she need to collect some herbs or recite dull incantations. And most important of all, she would finally become a woman. Her hag of a granny warded off all males, scaring them. Now, she would experience the joy of a man’s body. She couldn’t wait for later. She didn’t have any hatred for the hag, but there wasn’t much love either.

Sel decided to use the two for his amusement. Now he had a place to stay and two women to take care for him. Ever since he lost the Girl, he was lonely. He found the elf, but her constant profanity and disobedience sullied her image somewhat. He could order her to fuck him, but it didn’t feel right, as she reminded him of Her, even if only for a moment, he still couldn’t tarnish that image.

These two however were perfect. Sel was young, his blood was hot, in more ways than one. He needed a release and now he would get it. The two looked appealing, very much so. They were eye-catching beauties, amorous and sexy. And Sel would take that beauty all for himself.

For the rest of the day, they studied at the pond, the hag telling Sel things about the scourge. She said some thing he knew already, but other things were news to him. It was a good day of learning.

When the evening came, Sel did as he promised. The punishment had to be given out. He made the both girls undress, watching their naked beauty. Then, he made the redhead watch, while he forcefully took the one with the raven hair. He wasn’t gentle, not like with Her. He didn’t care for the girl before him, only doing it for his own enjoyment. The hag tried to resist, but once again, it was for naught. She resigned to her fate, just letting the demon use her body.

And used it he did. He took her the usual way, from behind, sideways. He made her fellate him, even made her take him in the ass. Sel enjoyed every nook and cranny of the hag’s body. It was a refreshing experience for him after all the beatings and walking he did. The girl watching them had her eyes lit up like big bonfires.

After thoroughly enjoying the hag’s body, he moved on to the girl. He wanted to take her forcefully, like the hag, but she was actually willing and offered herself to him. So, he tried being gentle. She still let out a painful moan when he penetrated her for a first time, but then he made her orgasm multiple time. Having an almost inexhaustible stamina has its merits.

Sel did take her in every way he wanted as he did with the hag. She just watched as her granddaughter was robbed of her virtue, with tears on her eyes, but she was startled when her own little girl let out a lustful moan signaling her pleasurable release. Perhaps the realization that her girl was no longer a pure innocent little thing, but a woman lasting for a cock was more painful for the hag than seeing said little thing defiled. Her world view was shattered, making her sob and cry. An old woman robbed of her little precious thing. It was a sad display. Not that Sel cared. He was busy defiling the girl.

Sel spent plenty of time with them, enjoying their bodies. When he was bored with just one of them, he made them both pleasure him. He didn’t k ow how arousing or revolting such a show could make some people, he simply enjoyed his life. He had two beauties to fuck and he did it with pleasure.

He filled both of them up to the brim with his dark seed. He didn’t care for the repercussions, he simply didn’t know something would happen. But something did, but it wouldn’t be realized until later.

When they were done, it was way past midnight. Getting to the town took about two hours. When they went into the hag’s house, she lifted the spell, making everything look as it really was. The inside of the house became true, showing extra roomies and sturdy looking furniture. There were plenty of rooms for everybody to stay.

They woke up the two idiots who were left. Strangely Regios was still face first into the plate he had before him when he passed out, while Selmaria was lying on the floor with a bruise on her face. Sel didn’t miss the talking of the two half-siblings. But he wanted them awake. Spending a whole day asleep and petrified, they pissed themselves a few times. So, he made them take a bath, one after another, which was prepared by the hag. When they all calmed down, introduced themselves again and ate, it was time to sleep. They hag and a girl were tired, Sel wanted some rest and the other two were just pissed off.

Everybody but Sel got their own room. Sel went together with Sabrina, taking her room. She was tired, but she was glad to be taken by the demon. He made her feel alive, unlike how she felt for the past couple of years of living with granny. She didn’t try staying quiet, her moans and the rocking of the bed were headed by all the inhabitants.

Regios wasn’t even jealous, he had no real interest in the girl. His real love waiting for him, he couldn’t take any other. He was happy for the young grey man. The other two were unsettled by the pleasurable screams and the sound of the bed creaking from the two bodies slamming against one another. One was boiling with rage and sadness, the other was full of contempt and… Jealousy?

The second one didn’t even know what she was truly feeling, but hearing another woman moan under that grey fuck made the girl feel somewhat bad. She didn’t understand why, she was disgusted by the grey idiot, he took her kiss, he made her undress and now he was fucking some other whore. She always wanted the demon to fuck, but the one who spent weeks beside her, he didn’t make her feel anything other than contempt and anger. However hearing another with him, it made her feel uneasy. He wasn’t sure about what was happening, so she just covered herself with a blanket, hoping to fall asleep soon. But she couldn’t, not until the moans quieted down and steady breathing of two people could be heard there. Only then could she escape into the dreamland.

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