I am having a slight difficulty

I might have hit a writer’s block here. My head is not in the best place right now and it is making it hard for me to write. I think the last couple of chapters I posted were wishy-washy and not that great. And I am having difficulty thinking about what is going to happen in my stories. I might need to take a couple of days off or come up with a new way to deal with stress.

Also, I wanted to know whether Beast Fiend is relevant still. I mean, it kinda goes all over the place, we had chapters about fornication, now we are looking at darkness and having Zern go crazy. I don’t know if it is going in the right direction.

Anyway, if I dissapear for a couple of days don’t get scared, I am just having a slight rest. Don’t be alarmed.

P.S. Fuck studying.

9 thoughts on “I am having a slight difficulty”

  1. Although I havent read it, I most likely will as soon as Im finished with a few other stories from royal road. Also sorry, I know this isn’t what your asking about, but I’m curious about the development of Greyskin. IDK if you’ve posted anything regarding its updates because I just started reading it a week ago, so any info on the topic would be greatly appreciated. (I mean come on, it ended at a really clutch moment lol.)

    1. I am not abandoning it completely, just taking a slight break. Although right now it’s hard to write anything,,once my head clears I will think of continuing.

  2. Beast Fiend is doing good, you just need to create a few more story lines since most of the conflicts in the plot have been resolved except for the darkness. I imagine it’s tough though, dunno what you’d do next besides the wedding but that’s why you write and I read haha.

    Promiscuous Half Breed is my favorite work of yours, you’ve set it up well and it has a lot of potential. Love to see where you go with it.

  3. take a break writing and use it for other things like studying or relaxing . For your writer’s block try writing down anything from the top off your head .
    I think it is still relavant, but tell both on and off the battlefeild , ask me to explain what i mean.

  4. Hi, Are you dropping this story? It has been almost a year since you update it.
    Hope you can continue to write it, I want to know the ending.
    Just now I have finished rereading it.
    I suggest you join aho-updates or others novel listing website.
    I almost forgot about this novel since it has been long time I checked about it. Only remember it when I saw it on my reading list in royalroadl.

    1. Are you talking about the beast fiend? I am hoping to rewrite it and slightly alter it, make different antagonist and backstory. Although, I haven’t done it yet.

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