Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 3

The next day Amaran woke up refreshed. He spent a week in coma, so, having spent a night with a woman, he felt that stress left his body and he was rejuvenated.

His master surprised him once he found him. Turns out, the princess decided to grant freedom to both Hamorok and Amaran. She however forbid Amaran from giving away his freedom to somebody else, so he would have to say a free man. Amaran’s master was sad to tell him such news, he was sure that the half-breed would leave the arena, but the half-troll expressed his wish to stay and fight in the meanwhile.

So, now Amaran had no master, but a boss, under whom he will fight. They talked about how much each one would get from winning, as previously only a tiny fraction would go Amaran, so now they would be going fifty-fifty, dividing their winnings evenly. It might seem like a massive drop in earnings for the boss, but Amaran being a free gladiator, he didn’t need to give away any money at all. Their conditions were to keep their arrangement a secret and to treat Amaran as a slave.

Amaran didn’t want to leave and even more, he wanted to stay amongst familiar people. If he were a free fighter, the likelihood of him facing one of his boss’s people would be high, but if he stayed with boss, only special circumstances would make them fight, like say, a royal princess appearing to watch them.

All the slaves under each master were like a private army. They were highly skilled in fighting, having to spend many hours each week in fights for their lives. If your slaves were strong, you had a lot of power. This was the case with boss, as his slaves rarely died in battles.

Normally, gladiators would either fight with the slaves of another man or with monsters. There were also the free folk who could challenge them as well as other challengers, like from the royal family or foreign countries.

Naturally, having strong and skillful slaves, Amaran’s former master rarely incurred any losses, making his ’army’ very strong. In fact, the loss of three excellent fighters put a massive dent into the former master’s reputation, weakening his position in the kingdom. The boss is a wealthy man, but with such changes, his position may crumble under him, which was the king’s true intentions. The man knew it, but he was powerless to prevent it, you can’t go against the will of the king.

So, now it was beneficial for the boss to have at least a single strong slave remain, even if he really wasn’t a slave. Nobody knew it apart from the princess. To fortify the belief, Amaran had a new collar made, with the magic part cut out. He couldn’t use normal ones, as the runes he had burned into his neck would conflict with the ones in normal collars and make them melt. It would be ready within a week, so he would be able to fight then.

Together with Hamorok, they were given thirty gold, instead of twenty, another gift from the princess. Somehow, she was moved by what the half-breed had said, so she turned somewhat generous. Using that money, the two bought a three story house for fifteen gold. It wasn’t anything grand, the noblemen had houses for hundreds of gold. But for them it was good enough. It was scarcely furnished and had no maids, but that could be solved later.

Amaran approached his boss and Jaina, hoping to buy her off of him, but she denied the request. It wasn’t really in her power to prevent the transaction, but hearing her, Amaran complied with her wish. Both of them knew nothing good would come out of them living together and besides, if the girl is ever set free, she would leave. It would put them both in an awkward position, where Amaran would have to decide whether he wants to set her free or to keep her as a slave.

Instead, Amaran bought Tirit. The girl was attached to Hamorok somewhat, even if the half-troll didn’t know it. She would be his maid and would tend to his needs. She herself actually approached Amaran asking him about it, to which he agreed. For her he paid three gold, she was a good fighter after all.

Another girl who was purchased for one gold was an unruly and defiant slave named Zyte, named after parasite. She was a half mana fiend, half human and all bitchy. She despised men and tried killing them with any chance she got. She changed hands over and over again, until the boss bought her. She has plenty of strength, but without feeding on people’s mana, she grows weaker, and having an anti-magic collar, she can’t feed.

Right now she didn’t pose any danger to anybody but herself. So, Amaran felt somewhat bad for her, especially after Jaina told him about the girl. He took pity on her and requested the same collar for her as the one being made for him. This way, if she defeats somebody in the pits, she could drain him.

He wasn’t really aiming at sleeping with the girl, more at having a maid like Tirit. Since Hamorok had one, Amaran wanted a girl for himself as well. Whether she complies with the wishes of her new master or he has to teach her some lessons, it would be up to her. Although, Amaran wasn’t really going to beat her senseless, not unless she screws up big time.

For the moment, Amaran would be living at the arena like before, but in the bigger room, together with Zyte. They would have two separate beds and be treated as slaves under the boss, even if they weren’t. Amaran would be getting fifty percent of spoils for the girl as well if she would win, and rewarding her was up to him.

This would also allow the half-breed to get plenty of contact with ladies, who were around and about. He couldn’t cut them out of his life, not at the moment. Amaran was pretty much the same, even if something inside him changed. He lived for three Fs: Food, Fighting and Fucking.

So, for the first week, the arrangements were made for all of this to happen. By the end, there were some identical slave collars made, which they both had put on. Being your own master is somewhat dumb, but the collar worked just fine, although Amaran could take it off at any moment.

Zyte resisted him, trying to stab him the first time they were together. She thought he would ravage her, but once she failed with her murder attempt, he simply chained her hands and left her like that until the next day. She was too weak at that moment to do anything, so Amaran decided not to treat her too harshly.

The girl despised all men because of her past. Amaran didn’t really care, he only needed her to be a proper maid, so if she won’t do her job, he would have to make her submit.

When the collars were made, Amaran sighed up for the round of fighting. His hands itched, asking for a fight. After he woke up, his senses were heightened as well as his reflexes and instincts. His lust was not the only thing that he had to satiate. He did spend the week with plenty of women, who were all happy to see him. Jaina had joined him on number of occasions as well, but she didn’t get too close to him, knowing full well that it would end bad.

But, Amaran had bloodlust that was calling for him to fight, to shed blood. He wanted to kill. And he was eager to participate in his first fight in almost a month.

First was a free for all match with another seven fighters. They were all from different masters, as well as some prisoners and free folk looking for fame. They didn’t have to die in the pit, it was up to the public, but knowing them, there were rarely any survivors.

Amaran unleashed hell on them. He seemed to be quicker than usual, the normally agile troll moved like a river, snaking around people, gutting them from the sides. The very first men Amaran killed, he was pierced through his right side, as the half-breed slid under the blade, while also retaliating with an attack of his own. It was surprisingly easy, the fights felt slower than usual, letting the half-troll evade attacks easily, while dealing out his punishment with unrivaled swiftness. It was amazing.

The audience loved how the the troll changed. The fight seemed too easy. Well, the change for Amaran wasn’t too vast, his speed of perception changed by about eight percent, more or less, but for a gladiator who specialized in speed, who had superior reflexes, it was a great advantage. Previously, Amaran was one of the swiftest, perhaps now he was the fastest of them all.

After the first man who fell coughing up blood after having a long blade plunge into him, Amaran moved to the next target. He saw close to him was a prisoner girl, with a restraining collar. If it was her first time, she had to fight at least five times more before she was released and judging by her skills, she would be dead after the very first time. Against her was an orc with spines growing all over his body, a half spinemurk. The girl stood no chance, so Amaran decided to help her out. Perhaps, there was something for him later.

He quickly dashed to them, with a first slash of his blade, digging into his thigh. The orc noticed the man charging at him, but was too slow to guard. The girl was startled, seeing this development. She was clearly terrified, her pants were somewhat wet from her pissing herself. It was a usual reaction from people who never seen killing up close who were thrown into the pits. But, seeing another man engaged into the fight with her opponent, her eyes showed hope.

The spiny man turned to face his opponent, swinging his single-edged axe, but he missed his mark. Amaran dove under his arm, his sword still in the thigh of the man, hurrying another sword into the man’s armpit. This was a hard maneuver to do usually, but now it seemed easy. The wound was nonlethal, but if the man persisted, Amaran would have to continue.

With a swift move, he drew his two blades out of the man, hoping that he would fall down and play dead, but the stupid spiny orc just shouted in rage and tried attacking him, half limping. He was far too slow for the half-breed, especially now that he was wounded. The half-troll dodged another strike and came close enough to the man that their noses could touch. The enemy was somewhat startled by the closeness of the other guy, but he didn’t realize that he was dead, not until the two swords that made scissors together detached his head from his body.

A spray of blood painted Amaran’s face red. He laughed at the feeling, having already forgotten it somewhat. The sweet feeling of taking a life, the triumph over another. For a moment he closed his eyes and showed a smile on his blood covered face. While he stayed like that, he could feel presences around him, his instincts telling him he wasn’t in much danger. At that moment, a weak strike to his back awoke him from the sweet daydream.

The girl, seeing how the scary troll so easily decapitated her opponent and then froze, decided to attack him. Having a shabby buckler in her left hand and a dull sword in her right, she came closer, trying to creep quietly, and struck him in the back. Unfortunately she didn’t aim well, nor did she have much strength, so her strike just slightly hit his padded back.

Amaran turned around, smiling at the futile attempt of the girl. His smile was gentle and joyous, but to the girl, it was horrifying. The half-troll showed menacing smile, his face and his tusks covered in fresh blood, it was a picture of pure terror. He came close to her and denying her any resistance, wrapped one hand around her waist and kissed her on the lips. She was too startled to actually react, her mind was blank.

This was one of the unwritten rules amongst the fighters. If you like somebody from the outside, you mark them and defeat them, so others won’t kill them. This could be done with the free folk or challengers, but it would be useless, since they would just walk away after the fight. This was mostly done with prisoners and new slaves, whom you would want to keep alive for later.

With the half of her face covered in blood. It was a sufficient enough mark, so Amaran proceeded with this rule. He released the girl, did a spin in place and landed a hit with a flat part of his sword to her temple. It was more of a light tap, but it was enough to knock her out cold. This was mostly for show, but it serves the practical purpose as well. Now, others who were aware of the rule wouldn’t touch her.

Unknown to the half-breed, a man was watching a girl from the audience, smiling. His smile faded however, once it was obvious that the girl was saved and ’claimed’ by some dirty troll. The man was furious, but he would need to wait until after the battle to get to her.

Leaving the girl on the ground, Amaran looked around. Out of eight people, only two more remained. Three were taken out by the half-troll, others fought amongst themselves. Now, there was a mercenary woman and a slave man fighting each other. The man was familiar, he shared the same living space as the boss’s slaves, so they talked a couple of times. The woman was a prisoner as well, so Amaran didn’t want to kill either. The man was trying to incapacitate her to keep her alive, but she didn’t know that and fought with all she had.

This was another unwritten rule, you won’t kill those who lacked freedom, not without special circumstances. So, he would like to keep both of his remaining opponents alive if possible. Deciding to help the man, he dashed towards the pair.

When we was two meters away from them, he jumped and aimed a kick to the woman’s head. She noticed a disturbance, but was too distracted by her current fight. When a kick knocked her out, she simply fell and rolled on the floor, some blood coming out of the newly made wound. The man had a look of relief on his face and silently thanked Amaran.

The last two were now facing one another. Half-breed’s opponent was a demi-demon, two ram horns sticking out of his head and small tail behind his back. He was strong, but slower than Amaran. He however decided to give people a show and engaged the man in a sword fight.

The opponent was Jarek, his strength allowed to wield him large swords like a simple long sword. It made an interesting combination, waving a big metal blade like it was a simple dagger.

The two were locked in mortal combat, their lives on the line. Amaran attacked swiftly, but sloppily, leaving many openings to be exploited. His enemy was experienced and he understood the intentions. He tried exploiting them, making it look like an even fight. In truth, he had little chance, as Amaran was a far better fighter than he was.

They played the game of back and forth fighting, making it look cool and exciting. When Jarek looked somewhat tired, Amaran decided to finish it. He parried another strike and lightly cut the man’s hand, making him drop his weapon. Then, he did a spinning attack, lightly wounding his chest. The attack was more to push the man down on the ground than to damage him. When the man was downed, the audience cheered and showed their thumbs down. They wanted execution.

Amaran didn’t hesitate, he brought his sword up and then pierced the men in his chest. He however didn’t pierce his heart, or anything important for the matter. It was a non-lethal strike. Such technique was rather advanced, but you learned it after a number of years of fighting. Audience rarely questioned why gladiators who were previously executed would appear in the pits a week later.

Leaving the man to bleed, Amaran raised his swords high up in the air and listened to the triumphant shouts of the people around hum. The crowd loved him and his bloodshed. Even if his armor was light and hero-esque, once he finished fighting he was covered in blood. The announcer, who was narrating the fight spoke about him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now before you stands Amaran the Sundered. Just three weeks ago he was in a magical accident which made his core shatter so badly, it is now gone completely. What would be impossible to survive for a normal person, it made Amaran stronger than ever. Now, without a core, he fights on forfeiting his dream of using magic, knowing that swords are his only way forward…”

The announcer made up a lot of things to make it more dramatic, but he wasn’t totally wrong. Amaran couldn’t use magic, or at least he believed so. But, he never was going to learn anyway, so it didn’t matter to him. He smiled wide and waved at the people around him. Cleaning his blades, he sheathed them and then walked over to the girl he knocked out previously. He put her on his shoulder and carries her off like his prize, which in truth she was.

The girl had more fights in front of her and without his help, she is unlikely to win. He however had a plan to get her out alive. As he walked out of the pit, cleaners streamed in, knowing how important it is to get people to the infirmary. That was exactly where Amaran was headed too.

When he came there, an old man was sitting at a desk and reading something. Hearing somebody come it, he raised his head slightly.

“How serious?”

“Just a knock out.”

“Go to one’f the free rooms and let’er rest there. I will give’er something later.”

Carrying the girl to an empty room, he sets her on the bed and sits beside her. Right now he needs to talk to the girl to learn about her situation and he hasn’t got anything better to do at the moment. Looking at the unconscious girl, he began to study her closely. She was rather young, only twenty at most and very pleasant looking. She looked human, but Amaran couldn’t sure.

She had a slight aura of nobility around her, her hands not having calluses or cuts and her attire looking pretty expensive, although tattered after spending a night in prison.

Somebody didn’t like her and reported her for a crime, then sent her to the pits as repayment. Right now she was a slave to the arena master and her debt could be bought, which was what Amaran wanted to do. By becoming her master, he would be the one to choose where she would fight and to oversee her training.

It puzzled Amaran, who would do this to such a pretty girl. She had smooth and silky skin. Her face, although it was covered in blood now, was still very alluring. Big eyes, puffy lips, the girl was very cute. She had shiny pink hair which were put together in a ponytail. Amaran liked looking at the girl.

While he sat there, there were many footsteps of people being brought in to the infirmary. At some point, there were loud footsteps on the stone until the came to the door with the girl and barged in. There was a pompous man of barrel shape. He had a beard and a mustache that obscured his mouth, but his eyes showed a clear expression that said ’You are below me’.

With him was a thin girl in glasses, a representative of the arena master. Amaran seen her around, but never really spoke to her.

When the man came in, he looked at the girl and then at the troll.

“You, what are you doing here? Begone filthy slave.”

Amaran looked at the man, slightly amused, and replied with a smirk.

“This filthy slave wishes to buy out the girls debt.”

“Ha? You think you can buy her debt? I am here to take her back.”

“I am afraid, that this kind sir can’t have the girl back, no matter who she is, until her debt is paid. How much does she owe?”

The girl with glasses looked at him and thought about something then replied.

“As of right now, she owes ninety five silvers, which is nineteen more battles. Until the debt is cleared, she can’t leave.”

“So, I am going to buy that debt.”

“What? You dare speak like that? I will buy the debt since I was the one who made her come here. I wanted her to learn a lesson and I am sure she learned it by now.”

“Oh, I am sure she did.” Amaran replied with as much poison as he could. “But I am afraid that laws against forced slavery decree that not you, nor anybody affiliated by you can pay for the girl. So, since I am already here and ready to buy, I am afraid there won’t be enough time for you to find some third party to take possession of the girl.”

“What!? You, lowly filthy slave, going to buy my stepdaughter!? How dare you, I am her father! What is the meaning of this?”

“Sir, I am afraid this man is right. Since you were the one who put the girl in prison, you cannot be the one to buy her debt as it would make her your slave. There is nothing for you to do.”

The man was looking at the two people before him with wide eyes, furious and fuming with anger. He wanted to break the little people in front of him, but seeing how Amaran casually played with his swords, he decided to retreat.

“Fine, do what you will, but if you touch my daughter, I will buy you from your master and torture you until you beg for mercy! Don’t forget me you filth!”

With that, he stormed away. The half-breed just looked at his back with a smile, knowing full well that the noble was full of shit. Needed be, the half-troll could challenge him for a fuel, being free man and all.

“So, would you pay for the debt now or later?”

“Ah, I would do it once the girl would wake up, but it seems she is ready to speak.”

The girl woke up from the loud shouts of her step-father, but remained quiet, hoping nobody would notice.

“Would it be ok if we speak with the girl first?”

“No problem at all. Should I leave or…”

“I think it’s ok if you stay. So, what’s your name?” Amaran turns to the girl who was still pretending to be asleep. Seeing as she has been discovered, she raises up and looks at her company. Seeing the bloody troll, she looks at him with fear but still replies.

“Iris… Iris Delaveur. The daughter of recently deceased Lord Marcius Delaveur and Lady Cassandra Delaveur.”

“Iris, why are you here?”

The girl looked at the two people in front of her, not knowing what to say. Her reason for being here was something embarrassing for sure and she didn’t want to say it.

“Don’t worry, we are not here to judge. I am a gladiator and she is a slave.” Amaran pointed towards the girl with glasses, who showed off her collar.

“Don’t be scared girl, this man may look scary, but he is a sweet little troll. He doesn’t eat children, not during the week at the very least.”

“During the we-e-e-ek?”

“Aha, the girl here is joking, don’t worry. I won’t harm you. Since you are here, you have a debt to be paid, which I want to help you with, but firstly I need to know what happened. If you won’t speak, I can’t help you and next time I may not be there to save you.”

The girl looked at the bloody man with a difficult expression. He saved her, but was he really a good person? He killed the other guy in cold blood. Was it normal amongst gladiators. But what did she have to loose? She decided to open up a little.

“Well, you see, my father died recently, leaving me and mother alone. Mother, not wishing to loose her fortune and noble status, she married the man you saw before, Frederic Viertig. He is a wealthy merchant. For a while everything was ok, until… Until our visit here. Mother was left at home and I came here for ’bonding’, but… But the man wanted something else…”

The girl stutters through her story and clutches her fists to her chest. She was somewhat mortified by whatever happened and Amaran understood what it was. The representative girl tried calming her down.

“Girl, be calm, we understand your story, that man treated you unfairly, but don’t worry, you are safe now. I won’t let you get hurt.”

Iris looked at the girl with a thankful expression but than had turned to the troll with a wary expression.

“I can’t claim to have noble intentions, in fact, I am here precisely in hope of having a young pretty girl all to myself. But you can be sure, I don’t force girls against their will. I guess that’s what happened to you?”

“Uh, yes. That man, he tried bedding me, locking the house up and forcing himself on me. I was scared, so I broke a window and ran away. I was hoping of get onto a carriage and go home, but before that, I was arrested with an accusation of stealing from him. Since we are not really related, I couldn’t prove to be his stepdaughter. So he took everything I had and then threw me into the pits. I think he was hoping I would be killed or very hurt…”

The girl started to cry a little, so the other girl approached her and gave her a hug. She rubbed her back and tried speaking to her in a soothing voice.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. We will try and help you.”

“Help me?”

“Iris, I won’t lie to you and say that I am a hero who came here to set you free. I have only few things I want in life and right now you are one of them. Now, today, you are not noble girl, but a slave who has to pay her debt. Your debt will have you fight nineteen more fights like the one you fought today. You remember how hard it was right?”

Through her tears, the girl looks at Amaran and nods.

“Now, there are a few choices for you. You can try to fight on your own and either die or live long enough for that man to buy your debt and make you into his slave. It won’t be immediate, but it will happen soon. Or there is another choice.”

The girl looked at the half-breed, who paused in the middle of his speech.

“What choice?”

“I can buy out your debt. I have ninety five silvers, which I will pay and you will become my slave instead of his. This will however leave you at my mercy. I am not a rich or a good person, I will not set you free like that. However, I can teach you to fight, so that you can fight and pay me back. Besides, what is waiting for you out there?”

“Huh? What?”

“Him. He is waiting for you. You think he will let you simply go home and reunite with mother so you can tell her how despicable he is? No, he will find you and do what he intended to do in the first place, then he will either kill you or lock you up somewhere. would you want that?”


“So, I ask you. What is your choice? Would you rather wait until eventual death or would you instead stay with me. If even by some chance you survive nineteen more battles and go free, he will still be there. But if you were to be under my protection, he won’t be able to touch you, because he will first have to go through me.”

“But, how can you afford it? Aren’t you a slave?”

“A slave or not, I can have money, which is all I need.”

“And… Would I have to… You know…”

“Aha, well, I can’t deny that I like what I see.” Amaran eyed the girl up and down. She had a gorgeous figure, her bosom full and ready to be picked, like a juicy fruit. She had pink eyes, like her hair and her voice was sweet. “But as I said, I don’t force the girls into liking me. If we get close enough, I won’t hold back, but otherwise I will put my frustrations into your training. A-ha-ha.”

The half-troll openly admitted that he wanted to sleep with the girl and what’s more, he would punish her during training if she didn’t.

“Girl, don’t mind the stupid man, his reputation is good. I heard about him, he is trustworthy, so don’t worry.”

“Um, ok. I think I am ok with this. But… How long will I have to stay a slave?”

“Well, that I cannot say. Out there, there is nothing for you now. Unless I am set free or the threat of your father is gone, you will have to stay close.”

“I see. I guess this is the best option for me now. I thank you for your kind offer and I would like to accept it.”

Jumping out of bed, the girl stands up next to Amaran and slightly bows her head. Without her shoes, she stands slightly lower than a pretty short half-troll. Well, short by human standards, many other races are actually shorter.

“Girl you are very cute and beautiful for a human.”

“Uhm, I am sorry I don’t know your name, but I am not human. I come from the sky kingdom to the northeast. I am a cherub.”

“Eh? Well my name is Amaran, but a cherub? Is that like angel version of a succubus? You don’t seem to have any wings.”

The girl puts her hands together like in a prayer and closes her eyes. After a moment, she shines with a pink glow, behind her back appear two spectral wings and above her head appears a halo with a hollow heart at the front.

“Girl, I am liking you more and more.”

“Thank you sir Amaran. I am in your care.” The girl humbly bows her head.

“Ah, don’t need to call me sir, just Amaran is fine. Shall we go, you seem well enough, you only need a bath now.”

Looking at herself, the girl sees how dirty she is and blushes. She nods silently and follows behind Amaran who begins to talk with the girl with glasses. The two work out the details and when they get to the Amaran’s room, he comes out with the money and hands it to her.

After the other girl leaves, Amaran brings Iris towards another purple skinned girl.

“Jaina, hey.”

“Hey there Amaran. You need something?”

“Yes yes. This is Iris, another addition to our little family. She will stay with me for the foreseeable future, so I would like you to show her the ropes. I would do it myself, but the girl is shy and innocent, I would be a poor guide through baths and changing rooms. Would you kindly?”

The girl shakes her head slightly in disbelief.

“You seem to be picking up every stray cat around here. Fine, I will do it. But you, sir, should go and wash yourself as well. You should go first, while I show the girl around.”

“Very well, I will see you around. Take care.”

“Bye Amaran.”

The half-troll waves his hands at the two girls and goes off to take a bath. It is more like sauna with some small pools and it is not separated into boy-girl baths, but some people who are too shy, they prefer to bath separately, so if somebody requests, for an hour the bath can be free from boys or girls. Eventually everybody get’s used to it, but first times are allowed to have some resemblance of privacy. Besides, the girl will be in enough shock when she will have to choose whom to sleep with, the mana consuming demon or a man.

After the bath, Amaran had some dinner and then walked around. Closer to the evening, the girls came and he led the cherub inside his room.

“Now, we have an important matter to settle.”

“Amaran, you are not going to make her do this now are you? She is still pure an innocent…”

“Jaina, of course not, who do you think I am? A troll? No, the matter is simple, who sleeps where. There are two beds and three of us.”


“Yes Iris, this girl here is Zyte, she is a mana fiend. As you know, she feeds on mana and right now she is unrestrained. She shouldn’t, but she can try to feed on either of us. Now we have to decide where are you sleeping.”

“Uh. I don’t know.”

“I am not going to sleep with Zyte, as her dislike of men makes me a target for her wrath. But you can probably take the risk and be fine with it. Alternatively you can sleep in my bed.” Amaran shows a wide green to the girl.

“Um, I don’t really like those options. I am sorry.”

“Damn it, Amaran, stop teasing the girl, let her get used to this first.. Iris, tonight you sleep in his bed, he will be away. You will have to think about it later, but tonight you are ok.”

With that Jaina drags Amaran away. Iris is left in the room with her blue haired neighbor, who looks at her with indifference.

That night Amaran was rather happy. When he saw the cherub reveal her power, he felt the loving aura, but what’s more he felt himself resonate with it, as if inside him something answered. His whole being felt charged with that love power that cherub gave off and it made him all soft and giddy. He couldn’t wait to share it with Jaina.

The demi-elf also enjoyed the night, gladly spending it with the half-troll. She didn’t understand why he was so happy, she attributed it to him having the first fight in a while, which was a good feeling known to many pit fighters. Neither of them knew that it was Amaran’s crystal body that was resonating to the cherub’s mana, absorbing and growing thanks to the mana. The crystals imbued into the half-breeds flesh were growing slowly, making him stronger. Each time he was exposed to a source of mana and each time he felt a surge of emotions or climax, the power that went through him made him stronger.

The cherub was lying down, thinking about the changes in her life. It seemed unfair, as that man was evil and vile, but now it seemed something good has happened. At first the girl was afraid of the troll man, but when she saw him clean and tidy, his figure seemed to glow. She was mesmerized by him, even if she didn’t know what changed. She didn’t understand her feelings but she seemed to like the man. She went to sleep confused, but somewhat happy as her life was not in total mess like it way a day before.

The other girl in the room also thought of that man, but she despised him. Why would he buy her and make her stay with him? She was laying down, thinking of her plans of escape. Perhaps if she drained him, she could runaway? If her master is dead, she will be free. Playing with such ideas, she slowly fell asleep.

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  1. First of all i’m enjoying the story so far. But I have to say i’m rather confused on her turning down his offer to buy her. It’s clear they care about eachother whether or not they “love” eachother. I also see him giving her, her freedom and I don’t see her leaving him. She really enjoys being with him and like him doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

    Also no longer a risk of death and never seeing eachother again. Or some f’d up incident forcing them to fight eachother happening because some noble forced it to make him suffer or some shit.

    1. While Jaina enjoys her time with Amaran, she doesn’t love him nor will she stay with him if she were granted freedom. Plus, it would be awkward to have her around as a slave.

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