Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 5

The next week was like Hell for Iris. Physical training in the morning and then pouring your soul into some magic, emptying your mana reserves each day only for them to recharge each time with a slight boost. Amaran didn’t kid when he said that he would pour his frustrations into her training. He made her do exercise when she woke up, running around, doing push ups and sit ups.

When she wasn’t exercising, she was getting a beating from Amaran, blocking and dodging his strikes. With each day the force of his swings grew, making Iris flinch in pain more and more. But, she hated to admit it, but she quickly felt herself becoming fitter, faster. Even if changes were slight, each day she could push herself just a tiny bit further, resist just a tiny bit more.

The body of the cherub was changing to accommodate her new lifestyle, her muscles growing in density and her skin becoming elastic and flexible, able to withstand more punishment. This would be too fast for a normal reality, but in the world where magic is abundant, mana facilitated these changes, allowing Iris to adapt quicker. This was especially true since she was doing her aura exercises as well.

She didn’t think about it at first, but casting spells on herself was a valid option. She first did it just to elevate some of her pain, mending the tears in her muscles but when Amaran saw her do it, his face showed a wide joyous grin. Iris knew she messed up. She shouldn’t have shown Amaran this trick.

Now, she had to cast spells on herself while trying to defend or attack Amaran. He didn’t break her bones or dislocated her shoulders, her magic wasn’t powerful enough for that. But there were now a lot of bruises and cuts appearing on her pristine skin, making her look like a leopard. Amaran would be beating her and not letting her rest, until she uses some spells on herself, at which point the beating would continue. This allowed them a few extra hours of training, until Iris was exhausted, her mana running out. Only after that would the half-breed let her rest and regenerate mana, while manifesting her aura.

Hell on earth. Why would the loveliest angel of them all, a cherub, get into such a situation was unknown to Iris, but she knew that it was for the best. When she thought nobody was looking, she would quietly cry, letting out her frustrations. Her pain because of the betrayal by her stepfather and ignorance of her mother, her anger at the stupid troll man who beat her senseless and the indifference of the blue haired girl who looked after her. But when the tears would end, she would be thankful that the green-skinned man gave her an opportunity to defend herself and to become stronger.

The half troll himself was positively giddy each morning. It seemed that he was recuperating from training and from fights very quickly. In the very first week he had four fights, which is twice the normal amount of battles per week. Both his bloodlust and his love for fornication grown considerably. Firstly, he hadn’t spent a single night in his room, each day having a new woman to take him in. Iris was a little sad by the fact, she began to enjoy his stupid gestures of affection and his silly faces he made at her. His grin was dumb, but it made her laugh each time unless it made her very embarrassed, which also made her feel good.

But secondly, he seemed to not care about any injuries at all. Once he fought so reckless, he broke both his arms and had to strangle the monster he was up against with his legs. It was dumb and dangerous, but when he came back from the pit, he only asked Jaina to set the bones in place and told Iris to repeatedly cast magic on him until her mana pool was empty. She was sure it was insufficient, but the combination of her magic and his superior regeneration did the trick. About half way through exhausting all of her mana she saw that he was already fine, but she didn’t say anything and Amaran didn’t stop her from casting. She enjoyed being in close proximity with him, touching his toned body and feeling his gaze on her body.

Iris learned to enjoy her time with him, watching him in baths, his nude figure being embodiment of manliness, both muscly and powerful but agile and dexterous. She would sneak a peek at him, hoping to not get noticed. The innocent little angel was getting corrupted by the half troll, her thoughts becoming impure. Four days into her confinement she allowed herself to think, what it would feel like to be with a man like Amaran?

Regardless of such ideas, she knew what kind of man he was, a promiscuous and unfaithful kind. He slept around more than the whores in the whore house. His lust was unmatched by anybody since he woke up, sometimes approaching numerous women during the same day. It was a bizarre display of sexuality from a man and even more bizarre the fact that women went along with it.

After a week, Iris began to think, perhaps it is no so bad that he sleeps around. She allowed herself to imagine the scene where he makes love to her and she didn’t know if she could satiate such a beast. However, as quickly as the image came, it was dispelled, lady could not let a monster lay his hands on her…

Iris was curious where he got all the energy from. Surely, even if her aura of a cherub affected him slightly, it couldn’t give him so much strength and stamina. She was even drained every night by Zyte, which was a mystery in of itself. A grown man would need a couple of days to recharge and he would be bedridden for the whole time, but Amaran got better after a couple of spells from Iris. It was like he directly absorbed the mana from her spells, which was somewhat ridiculous of a notion.

In fact, lacking a magic core, Amaran should’t feel any effects at all, his body being capable of only storing ambient mana from the environment, but he clearly showed discomfort after being drained. If this was true, Zyte wouldn’t be able to gather any mana at all after the first drain until weeks later. It was as if Amaran stored every bit of mana Iris poured into him, only to let Zyte drain most of it.

What’s more, Zyte was becoming stronger at a very rapid pace, both her magic and her strength growing rapidly. Such growth required a lot of mana, meaning that she drained a lot from Amaran each day, which simply shouldn’t be happening. She was even reluctant to do it last couple of days, it seemed her body and her core couldn’t accommodate such amounts of mana, even with a mana fiend traits, her core was not limitless, still needing time to form more crystals around it.

Many pieces of a puzzle that she couldn’t solve. Iris was toying with this information but kept it to herself, not wanting to give the half-breed any more ’genius’ ideas. He would come up with some new way to make the training harder and faster by using some unorthodox idea. Which, in truth, is exactly what happened by the end of the week.

After the week ended, Amaran said that he is taking a two day rest, making all three of them pack up and leave to the mansion in the city. It was a three story house, where Amaran lived with another ex gladiator, Hamorok.

Iris didn’t know much about the crippled fighter, only hearing rumors about him before. She was surprised to see a man without arms or legs, being tended by a half feline girl. She seemed to like the wolf man, trying to make his life easier. He had sadness in his eyes, missing the fights and being incapable of lifting the sword. But seeing his friend and the girls with him, he smiles trying to act friendly.

The girl were each given a room at the top floor, while Amaran took one on the second. Hamorok lived on the first floor, so he wouldn’t need to go up and down the stairs.

A little surprise for the half troll was the presence of another girl in his house. A half nymph was cleaning the house, the same one which was present when Amaran woke up. He was pleasantly surprised at this development.

The princess, while allowing him to do whatever he wanted, still wanted to keep tabs on Amaran, so instead of sending guards or butlers, she sent a maid. And which maid would do the best job, other than the one who already knew the half-breed.

The girl had a red flush on her face, indicating that she had some sort of experience with Amaran, making Iris envious of her. What was more surprising, the troll man didn’t know her name!

The girl introduced herself as Rose Mary Lightbud, a member of the servant family to the royal family. The half troll only snickered at the girl and told her to get comfortable around the house. He wanted to go for a walk, so he gave the two slave girls a free time and let them do whatever they wished and promptly ran outside.

Iris having nothing better to do, decided to talk with the two servant girls. Tirit turned out to be an ex fighter who fought in the pits with Amaran and Hamorok, and who admired the wolf man greatly. When he was crippled she asked Amaran to purchase her to tend to her favorite wolf. So, she has been staying with him, helping him with his daily life.

Rose on the other hand has been princess’s maid since her childhood, along many others. She also accompanied her to this city, when princess visited the arena a month ago. She was there when Amaran woke up and they had a ’situation’, memory of which made the girl turn bright red. No matter how much Iris pressed on about the situation, Rose never gave her any details. Zyte just scoffed at it, calling her master a pig.

The girls bonded, talking about their lives. Zyte talked very little, still refraining from getting too close to anybody, but others were glad to share their stories.

Tirit’s mother was from a tribe of desert cats, felines living alongside Dune’eld, the sand elves. They were a small tribe, living together until the goblins attacked them. Her mother was taken and she was given to one of the warriors of the goblins, who had many children with her. Tirit was one of them, until she was taken as a slave at the age of four. She eventually found her way to the pits, where her former master bought her and trained her. She knew Amaran and Hamorok well, so she was like a friend with them. She was glad to be out of the pits and helping Hamorok.

Rose on the other hand was rather fortune, ’until now’ as Iris thought, throughout her life. She is from a lower noble servant family who tend to the royals. They have privileges, but all children apart from first born are turned into maids and servants. This is apparently a great honor to serve under the king and queen, so there is a whole big process into training and preparing them as well as a large pool of candidates to choose from. Rose was fortunate to work for princess Floria, it was said her brothers were something else entirely and the king was the worst. Not that she complained, that would be treasonous thoughts.

The girls talked about their stories until the began to talk about the recent events. Zyte who stayed quiet until now, showed her displeasure on the revelation her master given her. And he was telling the truth too, Zyte wouldn’t have escaped if she killed any of her previous masters.

“But it’s logical if you think about it. Wouldn’t killing your master be the best option otherwise? I heard that in foreign countries slaves are branded to their face, so once you are marked, your freedom is forfeit forever and you have no right until you die.” Rose as a noble was aware of the problem, but she believed it to be fair.

“I think Zyte is mostly displeased that all her efforts until now were for naught. She tried killing so many masters before that her price dropped a lot, moving from hand to hand. She always thought she was close to freedom which made her keep going, but she was wrong.” Iris couldn’t help but add a little poison to her words.

“I don’t care what you people think, at least I have my dignity. I am not drooling over that bastard of a master.”

“Please, Zyte, you are jumping on every opportunity to drain the man. I saw how uncomfortable you look with all the excess mana you have. You are forcing yourself to kiss him each time.”

“Oh, fuck off. I am doing this to get stronger. One day I will be strong enough to defeat the man so I can go free.”

“Uh-uh. You won’t be strong if you die from mana poisoning.”

“Wait, what do you mean you drain him? Amaran doesn’t have a core, how can you get anything out of him?” Rose was curious now. She had some basic magic skills and she knew that whatever the girls talked about should not be possible.

“I don’t know. Master has a lot of mana inside, even I can’t drain all of it. I tried doing it each day for a week, but he doesn’t seem bothered at all. Just a couple heal spells and he is fine.”

“I don’t know how, but I think he absorbs the mana from my spells and then gives it to her.”

“Yes, each time Iris heals the master, he immediately gets better.”

“What do you mean, he gets better?”

“I should be able to drain him of ambient mana his body collects, seeing he doesn’t has a core now, which is a tiny amount but won’t have any effect on him. However, instead I gain a huge amount of energy and master gets uncomfortable all over the body.”

“Yeah, I noticed that too. It feels like Amaran replenishes his mana from the spell I cast at him. I mean, in theory without a core the mana from my spells can just stay in his body instead of being repelled by the aura, but it would be a small amount.”

The girls fell silent, each thinking about the puzzle they have before them. They understood that this was all unnatural, something out of the norm, bit each had too little to understand the truth of the situation.

“But it kinda gets annoying how you train to drain Amaran of all his energy. You are going to get mana poisoning soon.”

“It’s none of your business. You are just jealous that you can’t suck his face like that. I am doing this out of necessity.”

Iris went red at her words, embarrassed and angry.

“No, what I am jealous is of your massive amount of mana, I have to be training, casting spells each day until I run dry, while you just kiss him and wave your hands around.”

“Hey, why don’t you kiss her instead and let her have some of your mana, since you are so uncomfortable with all you get from me?” A male voice joined the discussion.

Everybody freezes at the appearance of the new person who shamelessly joined the girl talk. Amaran has found his way home a while ago and was walking around the house until he stumbled onto the girls talking about him and magic. While he barely understood anything about himself, magic talk was interesting and made him come up with a new idea.

“What?” Both, Iris and Zyte were surprised by the idea and the other two girls just looked at the half-breed curiously.

“Well, I mean mana is like water. Iris collects it form the environment, gives it to me, I give it to Zyte. Now she has too much of it, so much in fact that her reservoir is full and can’t grow quickly enough to accommodate such amount. So why don’t she give some of it back?”

“I heard you right the first time. But what?”

“You get bigger capacity for mana by emptying and refilling it all the time. Why don’t you two constantly pass mana around between you two? This will be much easier than casting spells every day and waiting for mana to regenerate.”

“This actually makes sense.” Rose, who understood magic rather well was somewhat impressed by Amaran, who came up with the idea having only basic knowledge on magic. It was a simple idea and wouldn’t work otherwise, but here they had a missing key to this problem. “Cam mana fiends even give mana back to the victims?”

“I don’t see why not. Mana drain is a simple manipulation of mana, a basic skill for us. But… I don’t like the underlying premise for it.” Zyte looked at Amaran who had a shameless smile on his face. She knew exactly what Amaran wanted.

Iris also looked at the troll man and she turned red seeing his expression. He wanted them to kiss, there was nothing else. Mana sharing was just an excuse to see tho beautiful girls kiss. To Iris this was clear, it was the only reason Amaran could think of this. Yes.

Although… The cherub didn’t hate it. In fact, being an angel of love, something inside her trembled at the though of kissing another, even if it was a girl. It wouldn’t be a man, so her honor would remain untouched. Surely that’s how it works.

Iris tried justifying to herself the possibility of going through with this idea. And it worked, she was not opposed to ’sharing mana’. It would also give her a power boost if it worked.

“I would do it.”

Amaran smiled at the cherub even wider.

“I knew you would. A wise choice. And you Zyte?”

The blue haired girl looked at the man with anger, but it was clear she was contemplating it. Even though she tried draining him a lot, he was fine as usual, but she was full of mana, so full, it made it almost painful. She couldn’t even sleep properly at the moment. Getting rid of some would be good for her.

“Fine, I’ll do it. But this is just for training and not for your pig urges.”

“Aha, I don’t have pig urges, only normal male sexy desires.”

The reply to Amaran’s quip was a silent “tsk” and a turning of the head. Zyte disliked man still, even if the one she had as master one was semi-decent. He was still her master and she his slave.

“Let me guess, ’master’ wants to watch his two little slaves kiss so he can get off?”

“No, your master wants to see if this works and if there are any other ways to use this. So, would you please?”

Zyte looks at Amaran with anger in her eyes, but sighs and closes her eyes. Even if he is perverted pig of a man, whatever he proposes has some merit for her. This could do good to both Iris and her.

The mana fiend turns her head to the cherub and looks at her. The pink haired girl is red in the face and has a complicated expression of both shyness and excitement. Zyte sighs once again and comes close to her. Taking her face on her hands, she locks their lips together and begins to feel their mana.

Iris doesn’t know what she is supposed to feel, but she is very hot and begins to sweat quickly. This new and foreign feeling feels good, but it seems a little wrong. Something is not exactly there, like a small part missing. She wondered if she was just kissing the wrong person or if it is because there are no feelings involved…

The mana fiend on the was focused on the task at hand. This wasn’t her first time kissing another girl, masters in her life tried different things before she got a chance to drain them. Now, it didn’t bother her, this was her trying to cultivate her unique talent, to use it for her benefit and the benefit of her current teammate.

Feeling the mana, Zyte begins trying to move it around. Usually she takes mana from people, this will be the first time she will be willingly giving it. Finding the core of the other person, she tries to move the excess mana inside her into Iris. The process is slow at first, but then the flow begins, the mana going into the girl Zyte kisses.

Iris felt when the mana began flowing into her. If she felt hot before, now she was in a volcano, her blood turning into molten lava, carrying massive amounts of life essence. Her body quickly gets covered in sweat, water escaping the molten prison of cherub’s body.

The core inside Iris vibrates, greedily absorbing all the mana it receives. Unknown to the people present, the cherub has a rather large core, the size of a big strawberry, but it was unused for the longest time, girl only barely casting magic, making her crystal fragile and hollow.

Amaran had a large crystal in his heart and it was powerful, filled to the brim. Every time Amaran fought, every time he got injured, every time he healed, mana would be there, pushing him on. Even if it was unknown to him, each of his feats made his mana core stronger, resulting in a great amount of mana accumulating.

But Iris, she was a noble daughter, protected and cares for, she didn’t need to struggle or to work, her hands soft and frail. Her core was large ever since birth, but because her life was easy, the core grew thin, the crystals withering away, leaving only the overall shape. Even though she was trying to use magic, her crystal allowed her minimal control over mana, making her weak.

But now, Zyte pushed mana into Iris. Inside the mana fiend, mana was of such concentration, it almost began to liquefy, forming a noxious poison. Instead of that, the mana was now flowing to the cherub, letting her core absorb it. Having mana pumped into it, the core reforms itself, quickly turning immaterial energy into crystals. This is not a natural occurrence, people don’t just get juiced up by mana to improve their magic quickly.

Both girls feel what’s happening, Iris absorbing a lot of mana. Her center is hot, her core radiating energy into the body, having been restored to its full potential. Zyte actually had to put a little more mana than she wanted at first, letting go of her own energy. She was not only free of excess mana she began feeling the hunger that mana fiends get when they are capable of draining.

When the girls part their lips, a trickle of spit remains between them. Zyte is captivated by the process that happened, charging another person like a battery. Not that she knew what a battery was, but this was fascinating. Over the duration of fifteen minutes, Zyte was able to greatly increase the magical capabilities of another, by allowing her reform her crystal core like is should be.

Iris is now wet, in more ways than one. Having her core stimulated like that, it sent pulses all the way through her body. Saying that this wasn’t pleasurable would be a lie. She felt energized, her body full of magical energy, ready to be used for anything. She felt her core influencing the flow of mana around her, the aura of the cherub becoming denser and more powerful.

With a slight thought her aura manifests. Her spectral wings are larger than before and her whole aura is brighter than what it used to be. The power behind her can be felt now. Without thinking, Iris casts a spell at Amaran. And which spell would she cast in this situation other than her charm spell.

Having her control over mana improved, the spell is created quickly, the lines of the floating symbol clearer and brighter than usual, packed with more energy. It transforms into a symmetrical heart shape and flies towards the half-breed.

Amaran was smiling throughout the whole time, seeing two beautiful girls kissing was a pretty picture. He had an idea what to do next, but before he could say anything, he was assaulted by the image of the cherub. His senses exploded, making him focus entirely on the pink haired girl.

He could smell her arousing aroma, her skin, wet from sweat carrying her womanly smell across. He smelt her smell of arousal, the girl have been plenty stimulated by the experience, both the novelty of kissing a girl and having her core charged up. He sees how the girl has her eyes half closed, slightly exhausted by the experience, a dreamy look on her face.

He doesn’t think, just comes over and kisses her while pushing her down to the floor. They both end up lying down on the wooden floor, him holding her neck with his left hand and kissing her, while his right hand reaches the girl’s nether region. She is too excited too resist and too envious to pass up such chance. Wrapping her arms around him, she invited him in.

Two fingers enter the girl and she moans sweetly into the mouth of the troll man. His fingers assaulting her from below, his tongue assaulting her from above, her body is being taken by storm. At this moment she doesn’t care that she was a noble or that this was a forbidden topic, all she wanted was to enjoy the touch of this man.

For fifteen seconds they indulge into their bonding session, him stimulating her lower lips and the little button that turns women on while moving his left hand moving down from the neck to her breasts, bypassing the shirt and the bra, reaching the girl’s nipple.

Suddenly the half-breed stops for a moment, trying to move away, but Iris follows after him with her own lips, trying to bring him back. Her hand stops his from withdrawing and before she knows what is happening, she herself is trying to make him continue.

“Iris, if this is how you really feel, I will gladly continue with you later tonight, but now we have some more things to do.”

The girl stops, realizing exactly what she was trying to do and what is happening, she quickly pulls away from the man, jumps up and runs out of the room, crying the tears of embarrassment. Throughout the whole thing, her aura never stopped shining, reflecting her inner joy of the occasion and still shining while she retreated.

Tirit looks at the two with a smile, not seeing anything particularly wrong. Zyte looks at the man with disgust, seeing his true nature and how he attacked the poor cherub, it’s obvious just how despicable the man is. And the maid is red, having seen such an unsightly display right in front of her, the shameless actions that were done.

Amaran gets up and wipes his hand on a cloth that was lying around. It is a waste, but he wants his hands clean, and licking them would seem like a wrong move right now.

“Zyte, I want you to drain these two and then give everything you get from them to me.” Amaran points at the two other girls in the room.

“Hey, wait, how can you tell her to do this? I didn’t agree to this!”

“You are a maid, working here by the order of the princess. You don’t need your magic now, neither does Tirit. And I want to know if I can really absorb the magic others give me.”

Girls don’t have anything to reply with, other than a “pig” from Zyte. But she complies with his command after a slight breather, still riding the wave which compelled her to start this mess.

Interlocking her lips with Rose, she drains her for five minutes, gently sucking up as much mana as the girl can afford to live without. Once she is practically empty, when drawing out would damage the structure of her core, Zyte stops and moves on to Tirit. Kissing the feline girl, she once again drains her, although the furry one has much less mana than the fruity girl.

After she is done draining them, Zyte once again feels slight discomfort at having too much mana in her body. It’s not quiet as much as before when she drained Amaran for a week straight, but it’s a considerable amount.

Mana fiend walks over to the half-breed and kisses him, sending all the excess mana into his body. To her surprise, all of it is absorbed immediately, leaving nothing behind. If she didn’t control the process, she would have been emptied completely, the body of the half troll would have sucked up every bit of energy Zyte had.

For a moment his body shone, the crystals in his flesh absorbing the magical energy. For a slight fraction of a second, there was a fluctuation, a manifestation of what could be an aura. This fluctuation shocks everyone present, making them look at the half troll with wide eyes. If his aura manifests, it will be massive. Nobody knows what happened, but it is huge. Something big has happened.

The troll felt amazing. His whole body buzzing with energy, his muscles and his skin feeling like they are tougher and stronger than they just were. This feels surreal, his senses improving quickly, allowing him to perceive more. He understands that if he absorbs mana, he will become stronger like Zyte. Now he needs to find a large source of mana to do it to complete whatever was happening to him.

Seeing as it is already becoming night, the sun has set a while ago, Amaran decided to depart.

“Well, I am going to bed. If anybody needs me, I will be in my room.” He throws a quick glance at the maid, but realized that she is too exhausted for what he has in mind.

“Hey, you won’t talk about what happened just now?” Zyte is the only one who still has energy to talk.

“Nope.” With a short reply, he walks out of the door and moves upstairs, leaving the three girls dumbfounded.

“I guess we will learn about this later. He can’t keep this a secret for ever.” Rose feels like she needs to fall asleep right now. She yawns and walks off towards her bed.

Tirit also feels pretty tired, but she has to go see how Hamorok is doing, she was absent for a while now.


Only Zyte is angry, but she doesn’t seem to be able to do anything now. No point getting works up over something she can’t change. She leaves for her own room, thinking of training some magic before going to sleep. She won’t be wasting her time thinking of useless things, that pig of a man can burn as far she knows.

Amaran went into his room and closed the door. He feels electric, his body full of energy, he feels how something is happening inside him. He doesn’t know that with the inflow of mana, the crystals in his flesh are growing and getting assimilated. Soon, his whole body will be an amalgam of crystals and organics, being stronger and tougher than normal body and capable of conducting mana through his entire being.

He gets undressed, thinking about what to do the next day. He needs to find a large source of mana to improve the rate of his transformation. Whatever is happening, it makes him feel good and he likes it. He want this to be complete, to see what he will become, because whatever he feels now, it is nothing compared to what he will feel then. Perhaps buying a monster mana core so Zyte could drain it for him would be a good idea…

His thoughts are cut short. The door opens with a slight creak, revealing a pink aura behind it.

“Come in Iris.”

The girl is unsure of herself, but she follows the command of the troll man. Running away, she tried acting like nothing had happened, but in the short time that they were separated, she couldn’t stop thinking about how good she felt, how amazing to feel him inside her, down there. This is what was missing when Zyte kissed her. Each time Amaran did it previously, it was there, but she didn’t realize it until it was missing.

With small steps she comes inside. Her body only had a silk nightgown, barely covering anything. Moving her shoulders slightly, she slips out of the strips that hold the cloth up and reveals her nude body. Her breasts are size three or just under, big enough to fill a hand. They are perky and firm, not sagging at all. Her pink nipples are hard, showing her excitement.

Amaran comes closer, understanding full well why she is in his room. He doesn’t bother talking, immediately kissing her and putting his arms around her. They are almost the same height, so they don’t need to do anything to be able to kiss.

His hands wonder to the cherubs ass, grabbing it unceremoniously, making her moan slightly. The cherub girl is inexperienced so she doesn’t do anything, but Amaran takes one of her hands in his and guides it to his shirt, making her undress him. She undoes the buttons on hos shirt and takes it off, not stopping the kiss. Then she proceeds to unbuckle his pants and lets them drop on the floor. Amaran is revealed naked, which Iris doesn’t realise so she tries to remove his underpants only to grab his erect penis.

Her eyes grow wide at this and she parts from him momentarily, trying to see what she took. She saw it before, but it wasn’t primed and ready usually. Amaran was good at controlling his body and he wouldn’t get aroused needlessly. Now, his erection was in full view on the girl. She never saw one before, so now she was a little scared, seeing how this was her first time.

Using slight force, Amaran pushes the girl towards the bed and onto it. He tries being gentle, but he knows the girl is ready. To ease up the tension, he kisses the girl, making her stop looking at his manhood. He massages her breasts for a moment, making the girl moan once again.

Then, he props himself up on his hands and positions himself to enter. Slowly, he begins sliding into the girl, her wet entrance inviting him inside. The girl gasp at the new sensation, feeling the hot rod move inside her just a bit. Amaran was hot, hotter than usual, his perfect body radiating energy and heat.

He goes deeper, bit by bit, until he meets resistance. He knows a few trick, so he stimulates the clitoris of the cherub, making her moan in pleasure. At the same time, he begins stretching the wall that stands between the girl and him being united as one. It’s not a whole lot of stretching, just a slight movement back and forth, but after a minute of such activity, the wall seems to loosen up a bit. When he knows that it’s time, he does another slow prod, but doesn’t stop and moves all the way in.

Iris winces in slight pain, having her virtue taken, little of blood comes out. She grabs the troll man and holds onto him. For a moment he comes to a stop at the deepest part of the girl, waiting for her to get used to this. She feels his heartbeat, both through their chests touching and through his rod pulsing inside her. His heart is strong, each beat radiating power through his body and now, when they are joined, through her. It is powerful and steady, unlike hers quick and restless beating.

After ten seconds she relaxes considerably, most of her pain fading away. Amaran begins moving, inside her, back and forth, little at first but building up pace with each thrust. Few minutes in and they are going at good speed, their bodies moving in unison. The girl is moaning, her body experiencing pleasure she hasn’t felt before.

Amaran is overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation. His improved senses allow him to feel more than before. The buzzing of the energy inside him, the thrusting inside the girl, the movement of the two bodies, the smell and touch and sound of the two making love… All of it comes together to create a symphony of joy and desire. He loves every bit of it.

The two move together, Amaran doing his best to make them both feel good. It doesn’t take a long time for the girl to start shuddering from waves traveling through her body, her climax washing over her. The waves come and go, increasing with each thrust and last for about a minute. Feeling her climax, half-breed slows for a moment, allowing her to take a small rest.

Then, they continue again. Their bodies sweating, covered in their fluids. The smell of sex is overwhelming. At some point Amaran flips them over, making the girl be on top. She moves, assisted by his hands and his slight movements underneath her. Everything is so knew to her and all of it overheats her. Throughout the night she climaxes multiple times, unable to resist the mastery of a half troll, who has been doing this for years.

During one of her climaxes, Amaran allows himself to drown in the sensation of the girl tightening around him and released every bring he had inside her. She felt hot liquid filling her up and the new feeling made her feel even better. This climax lasted longer than others.

They take a short break, change position and continue. The girl feels just as good as her partner, both of them having been charged by magical energy, giving them a boost to their stamina. They keep going for a couple of hours, longer than what you would expect from the first timer. Her training has surely paid off, her stamina being more than what you’d expect.

BY the end, Iris climaxed many times and Amaran thrice. Exhausted by the end, they both drop onto his bed and embrace one another tightly. Too tired to do anything, they quickly fall asleep like that, both of them naked, covered in fluids and not even covered by a blanket. Their dreams are magical, reflecting on whatever happened before. Until dawn, not for a moment had her aura stopped shining, enveloping the two in a soft and warm glow.

Others are somewhat more tame. Rose has fallen asleep hours before, drained of her energy she was powerless to resist. Tirit tended to Hamorok and fell asleep embracing her favorite wold. Only Zyte was still awake and grumbling about the pig and the slut. Her complaint for the night was the fact that he didn’t even let her drain him before bed that night.

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  1. You should probably put this on royalroad, if you worried about haters spouting nonsense, you should just ignore them. This story is pretty good in my opnion, is lighter than greyskin and more enjoayble to read, you are missing some opnions that could help you make this story even better!

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