Promiscuous half-breed. Chapter 6

Waking up in the morning was icky. You should always have a quick wash after sex, because if you don’t everything will dry out while you sleep. This could have been an important life lesson for Iris, but Amaran spared her such knowledge, waking up earlier than her and carefully carrying her to bath. She was still glowing with her pink aura, a halo with a heart above her head and a pair of wings behind her. Whatever she did with Zyte, it kicked her magic core into gear. Angels who practice magic can become powerful enough that their aura is always active. This is along the lines of what happened to Iris.

She woke up, submerged into warm water, Amaran hugging her from behind and washing her slowly. It felt nice, unlike she imagined. She thought that she would wake up alone, having to have a walk of shame or something along those lines. The poor girl didn’t really have a good idea about relationships and about men in general.

Amaran was trying to soothe the first experience for the girl, doing the right things to make it better for her. His first time wasn’t so romantic, it was mostly some panting and grunting and then awkward talking about it being good and awesome. In truth it was the opposite. He didn’t know, but the girl treasured the memory of their first time, him being her one and only lover. It would probably devastate him to know of the girl’s true feelings from back then. Good thing he doesn’t.

Iris felt something inside her stirring at the touch of the man who was now her master. His hands were strong, the power within them could be witnessed by her everyday, through training and through his fight. But now, there was tenderness, his fingers gently tracing the curves of her body, him slowly washing the girl.

In truth, the aura of the girl was giving Amaran a lot of love to share, the romantic and emotional kind. He felt good when he was touched by it before, but using the effects on some other women didn’t felt as good as it felt now. He wasn’t going to go monogamous any time soon and then both knew it, but for now they both indulged into that little fantasy.

Amaran kissed the back of the cherub’s neck, bit her ear gently, touched her breasts. He was getting her excited, hoping to have another go before they joined the others. She wasn’t opposed to the idea, but being inexperienced, she didn’t know if it was a good idea to answer him or not. She was a lady, ladies don’t do those things. Ladies are pure and innocent and…

“Iris, if you like it, you don’t have to hold back. If you are afraid I will judge you, don’t be. I am the last person to judge an angel like you.”


With a turn of her head she asks him a question, looking into his eyes for a smirk or contempt, but his just shine with joy, having experienced an amazing night and giving the best fight night a girl could have to the cherub. She liked it and she wanted to return the favor. Turning to him, she puts her hands on his face gently and comes close for a kiss. First, it’s just the light touch of the lips. The innocent kiss of the first time lovers.

While she explores this side of sexuality, the half-breed explores the curves of his partner’s body, moving his hands down her back and grabbing the firm cheeks of her butt. She likes the sensation, feeling strong yet tender hands on herself, she moans. The way he tries to limit his power when his grip grabs her flesh, it’s both cute and loving.

She parts for just a second, taking a shallow breath and then resumes the kissing, but this time trying to do what Amaran did last night, using her tongue. An inexperienced little attack by the cherub. She tries imitating him and he replies, readily counter-attacking her. His tongue wrestles with hers, their saliva mixing. This is more erotic than their previous kiss.

His hand slowly descends down to her lower lips, beginning to slowly massage them, arousing the girl. The sensation is still new to her, being sexually active for just one day, she enjoyed the sensation. When he touches her little bud, it sends electricity up her spine, making her moan into his mouth.

Cherub appreciated everything that the troll man does to her. He priorities her pleasure over his desire, taking it slow. Their play is deliberately slow.

When he thinks that the girl is ready, he lifts her up and positions himself near the entrance to her slit. She is ready, slightly afraid that the pain from before will appear, but also wishing to feel everything she felt last night. When he lowers her onto himself, she assists slightly with her own movement. Feeling the man inside her feels amazing. The shy girl doesn’t realize that her moans can be heard.

As they begin to move together, their bodies cling to one another, her arms around his neck and his around her waist. They want to be close, they move in unison and they kiss in unison, their tongues and their hips moving to some unseen rhythm known to only them. Through their bodies wave after wave of pleasures surges, reaching the very top of their heads.

Iris felt extremely good, but Amaran felt better. His while being has absorbed vast amount of mana in the last two days, plus the girls aura and amazing stimulation he had with her, it all makes crystals in his body grow and improve it. In his brain and in his spine, the neurons have been transforming, becoming better at conducting electricity and other kinds of energy. The thickness of neural pathways also improves, allowing him to both feel more and deeper sensations.

And now, he feels deeply, the pleasure ripping him apart, making him want to loose control. But he resists, wanting to pleasure his partner. This is what making love is, it is not wild fucking for your own sake, it is sharing of mutual desire and enjoyment. The girl deserves this much.

Their movements are not swift, more like waves going up and down, but they are enough to make them both feel good.

The two move in unison, until the girl reaches the peak and shock runs through her body, making her shudder in orgasm. She tightens around Amaran and this time, he doesn’t resist and let’s go of himself, jumping into the sea of pleasure he was experiencing, drowning in the feeling.

They both arrive at their destination and stop for a moment, catching their breaths. After a minute, they both want to continue, so Iris, trying to be assertive, she begins moving again. Amaran would usually need another minute or too, but his new and improved body is ready quickly for another round.

The two change position, the girl now out of the tub and Amaran only having his legs in there, they continue their bonding. She wraps her legs around him, hoping to invite him in further. He pushes on further, reaching deepest parts of her. They continue going in the new position until she receives another few climaxes. After Amaran feels that the girl starts slipping, he catches another wave of pleasure sweeping through her body and dives along with it, releasing himself inside her.

Now relaxed and slightly tired, they both slide back into the tub, still embracing one another. They can’t move much, but they can kiss.

After few minutes, their strength returns and they start washing one another, trying to wash away the smell of sex that clung to their bodies. Touching one another, they showed their appreciation towards each other.

After fifteen minutes in the cooling water, they get out, him carrying the little pink cherub out. He places her feet on the floor and let’s her stand, then he takes a towel and dries her off, making sure to work on every inch of her body. Once she gets dry, she picks up another towel and does the same for Amaran. The two do things for one another as continuation of their shoe of affection.

Once they are both dry, they get out of the bathroom and enter the bedroom, where their clothes are. But the half-breed wants her to wear something else, something nicer. He calls for Rose and asks her to bring a dress amongst the ones he purchased yesterday which all were downstairs. He did it on a whim, just deciding that it might have been a good idea to buy something for her. And turns out it was.

The dress was a perfect fit. Amaran’s senses were true, he easily remembered all the dimensions of the girls body. Now, on her skin was a pink dress, making the girl look like a noble. The skirt of the dress was white and pink, while the corset was white, with pink cloth covering the girls bosom. It made her remember how she was in her past life, before all this. She shed a lone tear in remembrance of her past, but she wiped it away and smiled at Amaran, her master and her lover. She might have lost something, but she also gained good things.

“I thought it would look good on you. You do have an aura of a noble woman.”

Iris smiled at his words, but it didn’t last long. She looked at him and replied to his words.

“I am not a noble now. What am I? Master, what am I to you?”

“Master? You never called me that, why don’t you just call me Amaran?” To that question girl gained a slight blush, showing her shame. “Ok, what do you call me in your head?”

“A troll man?”

Amaran smiled at her reply.

“Aha, not the worst I heard. You can call me whatever you like, troll man, master or Amaran, I don’t mind. Nothing bad though, I beg of you. And as for your question, you are a woman. My woman to be exact. I won’t let that pigheaded man hurt you as long as you stay by my side.”

The girl felt good at his words, but the shade of uncertainty remained.

“Am I your only woman?”

“That I cannot promise. I don’t know what you feel for me, but I tell you that I don’t feel the same for you. I like you, you are a pretty girl and I appreciate our companionship. I promise that I will car for you and protect you, but I can’t give all of myself to you.”

Hearing those words girl gets saddened and pouts. Seeing this, the half-breed comes closer, places his hand on her cheek and kisses her.

“I doubt you would be able to handle me by yourself anyway. But if you ever want me to be close, just come and find me. You are my first priority as I am responsible for you.”

He gives her a reassuring hug, trying to show his support. The girl felt bad by such reply, she felt something beautiful blooming for the man, but she couldn’t fault anyone but herself. The man never promised her anything that he wasn’t willing to give. Thoughts of love? Only the girl had them and she wanted to believe them, but it was foolish. Knowing that Amaran did nothing wrong, she affirms his gesture and hugs him back.

“Ok. Amaran.”

“Good. I am looking after you, Iris.”

With that the two part and head out of the room. The half troll had simple trousers and shirt on, but the girl looked magnificent. Rose complimented her and Tirit has a slight look of envy, but it was mostly showing her admiration on how good the dress looked on her. She didn’t have any bad thoughts on the part.

Zyte however was sleeping with poison.

“So, when does master wants it to be my turn? It’s good fucking your slaves who can’t resist. And here you were talking about how you don’t force girls into doing things for you.”

“Hey, Amaran didn’t force me to do anything. I came to him…”

“Ah, so you are the whore and not him? I thought that nobles had honor and self-respect, but turns out you are nothing but a filthy slut. God, nobody here had any dignity.”

Amaran looked at the display of defiance with slight anger. Zyte was confused by her feelings, but she didn’t want to show that she had admiration for the troll man, so she showed the opposite.

“Zyte, if you have any problems with me, tell me. Don’t involve the others in your personal little drama.”

“Ok, problems? I have a problem with my master pretending to be a decent man, while in reality he fucks everything that moves. Why don’t you fuck me already and let me go? That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

The girl sounded bitter, more bitter than she should have. Amaran was a womanizer, but he wasn’t an expert on female psyche, he didn’t know what bothered her exactly. Behind all that poison she spewed, he couldn’t see the real reason, the fear of trusting another man.

He had two choices, to forcefully take her and make her obey or to free her and let her go. Neither of those choices was good for him or the mana fiend, so he decided to compromise.

“Fine Zyte, if you hate me so much, you don’t have go anywhere near me. Don’t speak to me, don’t look at me don’t think about me. You are a maid, do your duty and if you want to fight, see the boss when we are back. And if you need somebody to drain, find them yourself. Are you happy now? The pig of a man won’t be near you at all.”

At these words Zyte should have felt happy, but she only felt bitter. Her lips distorted in a painful expression, showing her displeasure.

“If you want, call me what you want, pig, filth, whatever makes you feel better. But don’t you call any of them anything vile again. I hear you do that, I will beat you.”

Amaran showed his displeasure at hearing the blue haired girl call others some bad names. It made him feel uneasy. He won’t let the defiant little girl spout her bile at them.

Amaran decided that he had enough of the girl and turned away, going to the bottom floor. Rose had prepared breakfast for all of them, which would be a good continuation of his good morning, if not for the blue haired bitchy girl. The morning was ruined and everyone knew it.

The half-breed quickly swallowed his share of food and left for the day, leaving the girls free to do whatever they wanted for the day. Zyte was pissed from their exchanged, so she stayed in her room, practicing magic. Iris walked around with Rose, trying to help her. She was bad at doing the chores, but with the help of the maid she was able to do some good. Tirit tended to her master, looking after Hamorok.

The day before, Amaran spoke with Hamorok before spying on the girls. They spoke about how he was doing, how Tirit was nice to him, about manly things. One thing they talked about was their get-rich scheme they came up while they were slaves. Right now it seemed that they can do it, since Amaran is still a gladiator. All he needs to do now is convince the arena master to let him fight.

Now, Amaran was going to speak with his boss and the arena master, hoping to entice the old man into allowing the fights with big monsters using magic. He quickly made his way to a grand mansion, much bigger than his own house. At the entrance to the area his old master was waiting for him, dressed in some fancy clothes. Seeing the half troll, he sighed at his simple attire.

The two of them made their way inside, guards not stopping them at any point. When they got to the door, a maid opened it and invited them inside. She took the boss’s coat and then led them in. They walked through the exquisitely furnished house until they reached a dining room. There, at the head of the table sat an old man. He was the owner of the arena and the uncle of the boss.


“Nephew! How have you been?”

“Splendid uncle, some minor hiccups here and there, but otherwise it is great working in your arena. This here is the man I was talking to you about.”

The old man turned and studied the green-skinned man who was near his nephew. The arena master was wrinkly man with grey hair, dressed in very good quality clothes. He seemed ancient, but his demeanor was lighthearted and fun. He wore a bright smile on his face, although his eye showed his suspicion of the half troll.

“So, you are the young man who has been freed recently? I can’t remember the last time a man survived the fight with one of the royal champion. You must be a rather lucky fella.”

“Oh, sir, believe I am. My name is Amaran.”

He extended his hand and shook the frail old hand.

“Ah, nice to meet you. I’ve been told you have an idea that could bring more money to my enterprise. Why don’t we discuss it over the meal?”

With a gesture, the old man invited the two others to join him at the table. His nephew say on his right hand side and the half-breed sat on the left hand side. When they were sat, arena master clapped his hands and the servants began bringing in some dishes. There were about a dozen of different things to eat, each one smelling better than the last. The servants began tending to the guests, giving them whatever they wanted. Using such opportunity, Amaran decided to try a bit of everything.

For a few minutes they ate, enjoying the tastes of exotic cuisine and then the old man began.

“So, young fella, what is your idea that you told my nephew about. Something about fighting large monsters?”

“Yes. I’ve heard from other slaves and adventurers, that in foreign arenas there are new types of battles. Strong men and women all come together and fight against huge monsters. And not the weak ones like giant crabs or spiders, but the real monsters, chimeras, basilisks and the such.”

“Ho ho, but young man, we have such battles. One of the men has fought a baby basilisk just two days ago. It was a good show.”

“Yes, I saw that. But the man was a monster in his own right. He is twice as big as any normal man, has only one eye and a huge horn on his head. Even civilized, the cyclops don’t seem like a normal person and his win isn’t as exciting as say mine. But what if I were to fight against a full grown basilisk? What if a woman of my size was right beside me, battling against the monster many times her size, only to come out unscathed? I would imagine that the crowd would love to see some more ordinary people fight, instead of the giant muscle heads that they usually see.”

“You, against a full grown basilisk? You know that catching one is hard, killing one is almost impossible. We would need at least one dragon slayer to kill a full grown basilisk.”

“But imagine, that instead of a dragon slayer it is me killing such beast. Wouldn’t it excite many people and make them pay gold to watch such a show. I don’t believe I have enough strength to kill basilisk with a well placed hit like those people, but what if over a period of time I was able to kill it. Say over the length of an hour, I constantly put myself in danger, trying to dodge the tail and the claws of the beast, only to come close enough for a fatal strike. Wouldn’t you imagine it to be exciting to watch.”

“Yeah, I can imagine it to be somewhat interesting. But why would you be stupid enough to risk your life like that?”

“Well, what if I had something that can tip the odds in my favor? Something that could improve my chances and help me fight such a beast?”

“What would that something be, boy?” The old man looked at the half-breed with a squint in his eye.


“Oh, get outta here boy! Magic is for pansies and little girls! Are you either one?”

“No sir, I am not. But, I do have two very pretty girls who are able to wield magic. I would imagine seeing them in combat would be very enticing. The pink haired girl, in right uniform, glowing pink and throwing around pink colored magic would be very alluring to many men.”

“Boy, just get them to fight with their hands, not with their frilly tricks. Magic is for show only.”

“One of them trains with me and she will be able to fight one on one with others, but the other… She is a cherub. I think you should know that angels don’t have too strong of bodies? They specialty is magic. I am afraid I will have to be fighting alongside her to keep her safe and then people would be looking at me and not at her. This is not good, seeing how there are many more men in the audience.”

The old man nods in understanding, but he still doesn’t like the idea.

“Let me put it this way. Many other arenas have allowed the use of magic long ago. Their battles became more fun to watch, seeing the fire and lighting clash against one another, seeing how mages fight with swordsman. Of course there is some disparity in power and mages mostly win, because of their cheap tricks. But we don’t have to pit the against our fighters, let them fight monsters.

What’s more, don’t you think fighting deserves a little feminine beauty? All the fighters, both men and women fight using swords and fists. But isn’t that the way of the brawn, pushing on until your opponent he falls over and dies, it’s manly and powerful, but it’s not all that good looking. You get blood and gore, but that’s about it. Magic though, well magic has beauty. The feminine beauty that only the prettiest of men and women deserve.

Wouldn’t you give the chance to pansies? They also want to fight, but they are weak in the body. Why can’t they also risk their lives and be slaughtered for not being good enough? Why must it always be us, the fighters laying down our lives for the entertainment of others, while so called pansies, whom you despise all go on and have grand old time at home and drink some tea while hugging a woman, that could have gone to a fighter instead?”

The old man listened whatever the half-breed had to say with a slight smile. He didn’t like magic and he didn’t like those who use it.

“Boy, do you know why I hate magic?”

“No sir, I do not.”

“My sister, this one’s mother, she was a rare beauty. One day she met a promising wizard who promised her the stars, the moon the fucking bollocks of the unicorn… I will spare you the details, splint story short, the wizard disappears, flying off into sunset and leaves my sister with this bastard. I hate mages and I hate their magics, it is unnatural and ungodly.”

Amaran felt that he failed, his heart stopping for a moment. If personal affairs are involved, no amount of logics can persuade the other party. This was all a bust.

“But, I hear what you have to say. I wanted to deny those pansies the chance to get glory, but you say, let them get gored and bled to death, let them taste their blood on their teeth and their shit in their pants. I like the idea.”

And with that, Amaran felt that he hit the jackpot. Perhaps that was exactly what he needed to hear, how the mages will suffer if this was allowed.

“You saying that the fights will be hard. How hard?”

“As hard as can be. We start with something small, say a swamp wyvern or dead wood treant. Big but slow. After that the power ramps up each time. I think defeating a basilisk or a drake will be an almost certain death.”

“Yes, that’s good. How do you propose, mixed teams, maximum limit for the members and such?”

“I think leave that to the team. If teams are too large, crowds won’t pay much and the team will have to divide the winnings, leaving them with less. It should get them to cut down on members quickly. What I was thinking, make bets on what team composition survives the encounter. The money of the people who lost is divided between the winners and the arena evenly. Should make a pretty coin from that.”

“Aye, I like the idea boy.”

The old man fell silent for a moment, deep in thought. The nephew, who didn’t speak at all, was looking at the half-breed with a little surprise, seeing how he was able to convince him to allow magic. This was a premise to allow mages to fight and get killed, without showing how they can triumph over fighters easily. Just the perfect use for them.

“Say boy, your girls. Are you fucking them?”

Amaran wasn’t totally expecting such a question, but it didn’t phase him much.

“One of them sir. The cherub. Her pink aura just makes it so much better.”

“What about the other one?”

“She is a snake who hates men. She is on her last strike, one more mistake and she gets a beating.”

“Yes, I see. You treat them how they deserve, I like you boy. Tell you what, next week we will have a trial battle using magic. How does a fight against a giant snake sounds?”

“Little easy, but considering I have a team of newbies, should be just hard enough. We got little magic for now, but we will get better once the fighting begins.”

“Great. That’s settled then.”

Amaran’s plan paid off. He got himself a trial battle against a big monster. Further details will be announced later, but for now, he can spend time training. Dealing with Zyte will be a problem, but he will think about it when the time comes.

For the rest of the day, the men talked about various topics. Amaran shared his experiences in the arena, prompting the others to give their feedback. His experience with Minas, the half feline who rendered him coreless made the old man feel some familiarity. Both of them were hurt by the mages, so they were kindred spirits.

The men has some drinks, laughed at the anecdotes and sang a song or two. Amaran wasn’t too drunk, his new bodies seemed to metabolize alcohol quickly, but he didn’t show it. He went along with the antics of the tow other men and had some fun.

Closer to the evening he departed, leaving nephew with his uncle. He didn’t go straight home, instead making his way to a certain shop, which contained certain items to enhance the experiences of lovers. He had an idea he wanted to make a reality. Thankfully, whatever he wanted, he was able to find it there.

When he came home, he was greeted with a glowing cherub and a three coarse meal. Iris was happy that she helped Rose make some of the food. Sot of the helping was in form of encouragement, but that was still good.

During the day, Rose asked Iris to stop her glow, as the newly reformed core gave off a very strong aura, capable of affecting even her. So, while Amaran wasn’t present, the cherub turned off her aura, but once he appeared, she turned pink again. Rose sighed slightly and smiled at that. She knew a girl in love when she saw one.

Zyte was quiet and didn’t speak, so while she was present, Amaran told Iris to pass onto the mana fiend his command to train her drain through touch, not kiss. This angered the blue haired girl, but she said nothing, only walked away. She was furious, but there was really nothing she could do but curse at the man. And she didn’t want to be the one to start the conversation.

When it was time to go to bed, Amaran was about to go to his room, when he was approached by Iris. She had a shy look, but asked to joined him quietly, fighting the shame she felt. He would have said yes immediately, but he turned Iris towards Rose, who had a frown on her face. The plant girl wanted to continue what she and the half-breed starting a week prior.

Iris was a little confused, not knowing what Rose wanted. Amaran understood that she was still inexperienced, so he helped her out just a bit.

“Iris, are you willing to trust me and do what I say?”

“Yes.” The cherub was even more confused.

“This girl doesn’t want to sleep alone. You don’t want to sleep alone. I don’t want to sleep alone. What do you say we all stay together for tonight?”

The girl blushed when the realization hit her. Rose wanted to spend time with the troll man the same way she wanted. And Amaran wanted to spend time with them both. This was something she didn’t expect at all. Ashamed, she shook her head, not wanting to be facing this situation.

“So, you want to stay with just me tonight?”

Knowing what he meant, she wanted to nod, but she felt bad for Rose. The maid has helped her throughout the day and she seemed eager to be with Amaran, looking at cherub with hopeful eyes. She shook her head once again.

“Are you just ashamed of this situation?”

Iris nodded her head quickly. She was very-very ashamed.

“Ok let’s do this. Rose, you go to your room and prepare. We will be with you soon.”

Rose went to her room. When she was gone, Amaran dragged Iris into her own room and gave her a package.

“Put this on.”

The cherub unfolded the package and in there was a mask, two fluffy long fingerless gloves, two fluffy braces for ankles and a pink silk cape. Looking at the items, she first studied each one closely and then looked at the troll man with questioning gaze.

“Iris, tonight you will be transforming. This is half of your battle attire, but it is all you need for tonight. Now, you will put these items on and you will stop being Iris Delaveur and instead you will be Cupid, the warrior of Love and Passion.”

The girl still looked at the insane man, who had a wide grin on his face.

“Oh come on, just try it. This will help you get over your shame. It won’t be you who will be doing any of those things. You said you were gonna do what I tell you?”

Still unsure, the girl takes the mask and puts it on. It is pink, silky looking and covers half of her face. With her pink aura it makes her look different somehow. Iris didn’t recognize herself in the mirror. Trying to be Cupid, she made a battle pose which was more cute than ferocious. Amaran laughed at the girl lightheartedly and kissed her neck. She closed her eyes and gave in to his demand. Perhaps this could work, she thought.

Amaran undressed the girl, taking off her pink dress and her undergarments. Once she had nothing but a mask on, he put a short cape on her, it barely reaching the top of girls butt. The braces and gloves were all put in place as well. With all the gear in place, Iris looked very funny, but in this context she also looked very sexy. Having her breasts grabbed, it didn’t make her want to laugh, but moan instead. She turned around and kisses Amaran. She wanted to keep going, but he stopped her and pulled her with him out of the room.

The corridors were all dark, sun was long gone, leaving no light in the world. Tirit has retired with Hamorok and Zyte was angry in her room. Nobody to disturb them. They walked to Rose’s room and entered. In there the maid was undressed, only her corset and her fishnet stockings remaining. She wanted to impress him and unknowingly she wore something that contrasted whatever the angel was wearing. The cute sexy pink against the lustful sexy green.

The girls looked at one another and smiled. For some reason it was easier for Iris once she was looking at the world through her mask, like it really wasn’t her anymore. She came closer to Rose and tried kissing her, like she did with Zyte. But if with Zyte it was only lips, in order to transfer mana, now she used her tongue like with Amaran. The two girls kissed much to the pleasant surprise of the half troll.

He grinned at them and once they parted their lips, they also smiled at him, inviting him in. He didn’t hesitate, quickly taking his clothes off, he joined the girls. Firstly he took Iris, whom Rose helped to feel better. Witnessing all the nymph did, Iris was red, but it felt so good. Then they switched. Iris tried copying Rose and she did spectacularly. Both girls were eager to make each other feel good. But they also wanted to pleasure the man who was with them, sharing him together, kissing him and making love to him.

That night the cherub was corrupted further. She learned the meaning of fellatio, cunnilingus, pose sixty nine and some knowledge that accompanied these terms. The angel was like putty in the half-breeds hands and she loved it. Her aura shone brighter that night, affecting both her partners. Having twice the girls to please, Amaran worked twice as hard and made sure to give them his all. In the two days that he absorbed a lot of mana, his stamina, speed, strength, all grew considerably, which was good in situation like this. His skin seemed to glow just a tiny bit, but the girls were too lost in their passion to notice.

The trio didn’t hold anything back. They left their insecurities and inhibitions behind the doors that night, being loud and passionate. Zyte was angry, but she remained silent. Tirit had her own little thing with Hamorok, which couldn’t be called passionate, but it was something.

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